2018 Post Draft Discussion; June 9th

***UPDATE***  I have updated the 2018 Draft Tracker.  While I have no confirmed signings, I have uncovered 22 “signings” and 2 declines.  Still don’t have any particulars on the Bohm signing reported by Jon Heyman.  Most of the “signings” will be confirmed when I see them at a “mini-camp” in Clearwater this week.

June 9th – As we did last year, Phuture Phillies will continue posting a 2018 First Year Player Draft thread so we can keep all our draft talk in one place.  This is where I will look for any information on signings you uncover and post in the Comments Section.  If you hear one of our new prospects has signed, please share the link here.

So far, I have heard/read the following –

  • #1 – Alec Bohm was reported to have reached agreement by Jon Heyman
  • #14 – Jesse Wilkening appears to have decided to sign per social media
  • #18 – Matt Kroon appears to have decided to sign per social media
  • #19 – Mark Potter appears to have decided to sign per social media
  • #26 – Eric White appears to have decided to sign per social media
  • #29 – Jaylen Smith appears to have decided to sign per social media
  • #33 – Jack Kinney has decided to attend FSU
  • #35 – Austin Ross appears to have decided to sign per social media
  • #36 – Trent Bowles appears to have decided to sign per social media
  • #39 – Matheu Nelson has decided to attend FSU
  • #40 – Waylon Richardson appears to have decided to sign per social media

The Phillies draft signings are being tracked on our 2018 Draft Tracker. As signings are officially announced, the tracker will be updated.  Be sure to share any information and I will incorporate it into the tracker.

Of course, all draft talk is encouraged here.  I will start new threads if/when the number of comments becomes too unwieldy.

I should be able to confirm a lot of signings before they are announced.  I expect some players to start reporting to the Carpenter Complex next week.



133 thoughts on “2018 Post Draft Discussion; June 9th

  1. Just out of curiousity, there were a lot of people against signing Santana and Arrieta because of our loss of draft picks. Looking at everything today, are you ok with it now?

    1. Andrew … I was initially puzzled by the Santana signing. The Phillies needed a veteran Latin presence in the clubhouse to replace Galvis, and he provides good example at the plate with his ability to work counts. However, it put Rhys in a tough spot, and created an outfield log jam. I need to wait a while longer to judge this trade.
      Arrieta was a no brainer. Despite today’s game, he was the best pitcher available (I never liked Darvish). He’s a #2 starter, but is buying valuable development time for the starters in the minors. I’d do this deal again (it’s not my money).

      1. I wanted Santana and Darvish this off season. Seeing us get Santana and Arrieta, both on 3-year deals, was quite a shock. With Arrieta out-pitching Darvish, it looks like the Phillies made he right call.

        Hoskins in leftfield, for only three years, doesn’t bother me. Between Luzinski, Incaveglia, Burrell, Ibanez, Delmon young, I think Hoskins will be ok out there. Williams and Altherr have not consistently hit for me to be mad at this move.

        Like you said, having Arrieta is allowing younger guys to develop. Lively doesn’t do well, send him down. We don’t have to stick it out. Velasquez isn’t doing well? Well, we have de los Santos chomping at the bit. It has really worked out quite well.

        1. Hoskins appears to be a bit more athletic than Luzinski, Incaveglia, Burrell, Ibanez, & Delmon young etc…

    2. i feel better now after seeing the draft- with the savings on Bohm, apparently able to sign a couple upside high school guys. obviously could have done more with the picks and larger pool, but say they picked OF Griffin Conine of Duke in round 2 and P Blaine Knight of Arkansas in round 3. can i say i wouldnt trade them for Arrietta and Santana? of course not.
      i still don’t like Hoskins in left, though I’m fine with Williams/Altherr as outfielders 3 and 4 instead of 2 and 3.

      1. Over the last few years, we drafted Randolph and Moniak. I can’t help but feel like those picks were wastes. Hasely has not impressed me quite yet, but he looks like he’s starting to figure it out. Anyway, with us basically throwing away a couple of first rounders and still having a highly touted farm system, I really wasn’t worried about losing a second, and third round pick. Yes, I think Bohm was a solid choice. I wish we had Bohm AND Senzel in the system, but whatever.

        Santana and Arrieta have brought quite a bit of stability to this team. I just hope we are going through a rough patch now, and not playing down to where our potential should be.

    3. I was against signing anyone as I didn’t think this was the year to lose the draft picks. I thought we needed one more year of not being very good, having the young players show what they can do and then hoping they could make a trade in the off-season with a number of our prospects in a quantity vs quality type of deal.

      But I didn’t take into consideration the impact that having the two vets would have on the young guys. It’s a great chance for Nola, Pivetta, VV, Eflin to learn from such an intense leader that’s a proven winner. I’ve been really disappointed in Santana, especially his play in the field for a gold glover. But they are showing Free Agents that they will spend money and are an up and coming team that hopefully will attract a few big name players in the next few years.

    4. Was puzzled by the Santana signing at the time and am even moreso now. Not sure what long term value it has to force Hoskins into LF, even for only 3 years.

      The logjam that now exists in the OF and the limited ABs for the players on the 40-man just doesn’t point to this deal making a whole lot of sense.

      However the Arrieta deal was/ is a no brainer.

  2. Thanks in advance for the tracking and documentating, Jim. You are the best.

  3. Phillies to save close to $1M on the Bohm signing…great news.
    I believed he would be under-slotted and that savings would be directed to both Pipkin and Cotto. And assume Simmons would also benefit from it.

    1. I have no info to support this, but I don’t think Cotto is going to be an over-sign. In fact, like Jhordany Mezquitta last year, Cotto could even be a below slot guy.

      1. Cotto is PR and Mezquita was American via DR.
        Whether or not that makes a difference i do not know.
        Further, Cotto probably doesn’t hold a college commit from what i understand, so therein could be the difference maker in him signing at slot or below.

        1. Yes Roccum Simmons is going to move to 3rd . He more strong then fast really strong Arm .

  4. I can’t say I’m a huge Johnny Almaraz fan based on his first 3 drafts (though I’m starting to think more of our problems are development rather than identification). So in that regard, I completely supported signing Santana and Arrieta as a better use of resources than those 2nd and 3rd round picks. I’d also add that at first glance, I like this draft very much and am not convinced we got any less talent this year than last year even without the 2nd and 3rd rounders. I think the Braves had the best draft in the division but that we were next. Of course, Bohm is like 65 percent of this whole draft.

    1. It’s all about Bohm. If we fail on the first pick like we did last year, it’s going to be a bad draft.

      1. “if we fail on the first pick like we did last year’….just when Haseley has been surging and on the cusp of promotion to Reading, and he is a failure?
        I do not get it.

        1. Yeah, Haseley is developing so we just have to wait that out. He’s not a failed draft pick yet.

      2. You need some patience. You need to give it at least 3 years, and as long as SOMEBODY makes it from the draft, it’s a success. Look at the Red Sox who drafted Matt Barnes and Blake Swihart in the first round in 2011. It doesn’t look that great, but they got Mookie Betts in the 5th.

    2. Do the Braves have any future draft penalties based on their past law breaking in both drafts?

    1. I do like the Lancaster (as a senior sign) pick. He apparently had LASIK surgery to correct his vision after his junior season. As a result, his senior season numbers (.305/.454/.646, 20 HR’s, 65 BB&HBP/55K) took a big jump.
      Lancaster also seems like a natural team leader who really loves having a good time on the field.

      1. Hinkie 305 average with power. I don’t follow college baseball. isn’t that a low average for a hitter n college

      2. He had a great Sr. and strong Sophmore seasons with a lousy Junior one so hard to judge a guy like this. I don’t know if the conference he played in is a good one but the numbers are good and I love his enthusiasm also. Outside Bohm, he’s the one I’m most interested in following for now.

      3. Hinkie, I posted about Seth Lancaster after he was drafted, living in Myrtle Beach and having seen him a few times. You are spot on in your assessment, as always.

  5. I live in San Antonio, my friend’s son goes to UTSA and knows Trent Bowles (says he’s a real nice kid, FWIW).

    I received text today from my friend, who knows I am a big Phils fan, telling me Bowles is catching a flight to Tampa today.

    Take that info for what it’s worth- which isn’t much!

    I did see Bowles play a couple of games- UTSA field is about two miles from our house. Solid, line drive hitter that didn’t show too much power. Worth a shot that late in the draft- I’m pulling for him!

  6. Here is Keith Law’s opinion of the Phillies Day one and two picks:

    “The Phillies picked third overall and didn’t pick again until the fourth round, pick 107, as a result of signing free agents Jake Arrieta and Carlos Santana. Alec Bohm (1) is a big (6-foot-5, 225), fairly athletic third baseman who projects to hit for average and power, with the arm for third base or right field but a body that might eventually push him to first. He has shown that he can drive the ball to all fields and recognizes off-speed stuff well. He moves better than you’d expect for his size.

    Colton Eastman (4) pitches in the upper 80s with tremendous deception in his delivery, and in his two healthy seasons as a starter for Fullerton, he walked 46 total in 204 innings. I think he’s a back-end starter because of the command and the plus changeup, even with below-average velocity. Notre Dame center fielder Matt Vierling (5) has a little pop, a little speed and a decent eye, and he doesn’t strike out too often. He has really quick hands at the plate, and I think he’s the sleeper of the Phillies’ crop this year, with everyday player upside if he stays in center. Georgia prep shortstop Logan Simmons (6) probably moves to third base or second, but there’s everyday upside in his power if he hits enough to get to it. He’ll have to work on his approach and maybe make a swing adjustment or two to get there.

    Dominic Pipkin (9) was a two-way player in high school, but his future is on the mound. He’s been up to 97 with promising spin on the breaking ball, and I know scouts who think he could hit 100 mph when he fills out, though that would probably be in a relief role.”

    1. Hinkie I know I will never understand the phillies drafts. To take a guy with the 4th pick who cant throw 90 and is a college guy is so dumb imo. I rather take a hard throwing guy with just a fastball and hope to teach him the other pitches. then a non prospect like Eastman.

      1. @roccom – don’t worry about the Eastman pick as 4th rounders are not normally considered as high picks. High velocity arms that slides after Rd 3 are either: a) tough signs that requires big overslot signing; b) have control and mechanics issue; c) high injury risk; or d) almost certain bullpen arm.

        If Eastman is a Rd 1 tp 3 pick, then, that’s a head scratching move. But being considered as a Top 100 draft prospect, Eastman at pick 4.107 is not a bad pick at all especially if he will sign underslot (which I don’t think he will not).

  7. Among the Day 3 HS/JuCo draftees, Logan O’Hoope is the one I like the most. Similar to Mezquita, O’Hoope is considered domestic but actually a Sal A. find. He’s going to be a tough sign, but with relationship with Sal. A and unexpected big savings from Bohm signing, the Phils can probably offer at least $200K to lure O’Hoope to forego college and sign.

    I still love Libby as 1.3, but the Dominic Pipkin pick is another pick I love. Not sure if Mark Potter will pitch as starter or pen, but he can be a good find. And also, good to know that Jaylen Smith will sign.

    1. I have read a lot on the drafted kids. I love pipkin for his upside.. based on what I have read. he could be a steal.

      1. rocco…outside of Bohm,
        IMO, Pipkin and Cotto will be the best out of the bonus pool rounds.

      1. @Bob – i’ve checked Logan’s IG account too although it did said “Professional Baseball Player with the Philadelphia Phillies” and his current location as Philadelphia, PA — I haven’t seen any confirmation of signing/agreement yet.

        There’s actually a comment in one of Logan O’Hoope’s IG post back in September 2017 asking if “Sal” called him yet? Looks to me that the Phillies team are really looking at Logan and possibility planting the seeds to sign him.

    2. KuKo …what’s the story with Logan O’Hoppe? How is he a Sal A find? As far as I know he’s a NY kid from Long Island, and committed to East Carolina. What am I missing?

      The other interesting HS catcher is 39th rounder Mat Nelson. He plays at Calvary Christian HS in Clearwater. That’s the school Roy Halladay helped coach and where his oldest son pitches. I read Nelson is committed to FSU. Not sure he’ll be easy to sign. Maybe Jim knows more about him.

      1. In addition to his work with the Phillies, Sal Agostinelli runs a baseball training camp located on Long Island, NY. per his wikipedia page

      2. @hinkie – Sal A. He runs a series of camps, tournaments and elite trips every year to gain exposure for players in the northeast (Long Island in particular).


        Logan O’Hoppe also attended Sal A.’s baseball camp in DR last Feb 2017 where Logan got one of the best reviews during the camp where 3 (of the top 5) ranking scouts from the Phils were there. Reviews are saying that Logan was one of the best receiving catchers.


        I also read a report that no players like to run (or wonder away from 1B) against Logan because he, most of the time, can get them. Sounds like a canon arm to me. I think the concern is Logan ability to carry the hit tool all the way up the major league level.

        1. Sal A. for GM! Seriously, he should be considered for a big promotion or another team will sign him from us.

      3. After Logan O’Hoppe was drafted, Axcess Baseball interviewed him and Logan mentioned that Long Island’s guys like Kyle Young, Nick Fanti and Ben Brown were all selected (and not playing for) by Phillies so he expected that the Phillies is a possibility when the draft comes.

  8. Ok Ryan Rijo can Hit has a nice swing . Jose Mercado he looks like JP at SS long arms very good body control. He’s also a pitcher.

  9. Jon Heyman is reporting that Bohm signing is expected to be finalized today said to be in $5.8M-$5.9M range.

    1. That probably solidifies Pipkin’s de-commit from Cal and his signing with the Phillies.

        1. If the Phillies drafted him in the first 10 rounds (they did), he’s as good as signed. They wouldn’t have drafted Pipkin if they didn’t know what his signing demand was.

          1. Hinkie …agree.
            The bonus pool round HS draftees are usually pre-programed to get over-slot monies.
            Now Cotto, from what I understand has a commit to Broward County JUCO,…..I would think he will be signing shortly also.

  10. Based on Jim P.’s updated tracker, Logan O’Hoppe is seen at the Carpenter Complex in CLW!! He’s a Phillie now — he will be my top catching prospect once he played in GCL. I also like Connot Litton who appeared signed and I want to hear from more Jose Mercado.

  11. As per Sal A. – what scouts are looking for a pitching prospect:

    1) Good size
    2) Good arm action
    3) Good strength

    Kyle Young (6’10”), Nick Fanti (6’2″) and Ben Brown (6’6″), are pitching prospects with good size, easy delivery and products of Long Island Baseball!! And now Logan O’Hoppe C prospect with good arm, quick feet and agile. Looks to me that these prospects are all Sal A. find.

    While not Top HS prospects, they are solid bets Day 3 lottery picks. Sal A. has proven that he can get a gem out of small signings. Maybe he can find one in Long Island area.

  12. I just wish Fanti had more velocity. I don’t see him as a prospect throwing 88mph,

    1. rocco….I hope there is a little of Dallas Keuchel in Fanti’s future.
      Keuchel was not even a Astro Top Ten prospect in 2011…and then had a few mediocre seasons as an Astro pitcher until he put it all together at age 26…and he rarely breaks 90 on the speed gun.
      Fanti has some of the same characteristic….good control and command on both FBs and breaking stuff.

      1. Keuchel is a sinkerballer who gets lots of ground balls. Fanti is rocking a 34.8% GB percentage this year, so I don’t think the profiles match.

        When he was drafted the Phillies probably saw a guy who had the makings of at least decent offspeed/breaking stuff and good command, and were hoping his fastball would tick up to the low-90s over time. It’s probably not going to happen at this point but we’ll see how he develops over the years. I think he’ll end up moving to the bullpen in double or triple A.

        1. Fanti’s career GB% is above this year’s current 35%…..and this year is really an anomaly since he was injured with the back early on and did not get out of the blocks right away with any effectiveness…the prior years is what would be a more valiid reading on this particular metric…and it would reflect something close to 40%
          But granted…not close to Keuchel’s hi-a GB4 of over 60%.
          As for age appropriateness…Fanti’s peripherals, however, across the board, compare favorably to Keuchel’s when he was at Arkansas…..but could be comparing apples to oranges from A ball pro to college SEC.

    2. @roccom – I know that velocity is a big thing for you and catch, but Nick Fanti is really a project/lottery than a true prospect so you get what you can extract from him. You don’t expect a flame thrower in the late Day 3 pick especially the ones who didn’t sign for significant bonus.

      Fanti can control his 3 pitches and can throw a good change up. He might end end up being a better player than Leibrandt and Milner and a move to the pen can increase the velocity up to carve up a potential lefty bullpen arm or LOOGY.

      1. Jamie Moyer won 269 games as a soft tossing lefty. Give me a guy who knows how to pitch, because they can be more successful than guys who can throw lights out and can’t win a game.

        1. Jamie Moyer was not drafted as a soft tossing lefty. He did not rise through the Cubs system as a soft tossing lefty. He did not win 269 games as a soft tossing lefty. Jamie Moyer had two plus pitches coming out of Saint Joe’s. As his stuff declined over time, he adapted. He wasn’t drafted sitting in the low 80’s with pinpoint command.

          1. And you just made my point. Moyer never had premium stuff, yet knew how to pitch. He won 269 games, and a majority of them came after he turned 30.

            1. Moyer is an outlier to end all outliers – this is a once or twice in a generation phenomenon. You draft guys with good stuff and it’s fine to have a guy or two low in the system who are crafty long shots, but the odds are crazy against that and you don’t build a system that way.

            2. Jamie Moyer and Warren Spahn were truly amazing…they won most of their games after 30 years old.
              Jamie won over 225 games after he turned 30.
              Thats ridiculous.

      2. I have no beef with Fanti or his being picked where he was picked – he was a 31st round draft pick – if he can progress, more power to him. I just want people to understand what a long shot a soft tosser is – even a lefty.

  13. No official signing yet, but Dominic Pipkin’s “private” IG account says: “Pitcher in the Philadelphia Phillies organization” with profile picture of him with a Phillies logo in the background.

    Pipkin is probably at least a $700K signee. Thanks Alec Bohm!

    1. I don’t understand how this kid Who throw 95 plus lasted that long. I rather take a chance on him then Eastman. I Saw video on Pipkin,. smooth delivery. I don’t know about his secondary pitches, but with good coaching he could learn them.

      1. He started poorly this year but did well as his season progressed.
        From MLB.com who ranked him at 92.
        “The biggest question mark around Pipkin is with his command and control, which can be shaky at times. There’s reason to hope that his athleticism and delivery will lend itself to harnessing his stuff, especially as he matures. His ceiling could be entice a team to draft him early enough to not head down the road to California for college ball.”

      2. I love all the comments! The draft is an odd thing, but be happy and hope this Pipkin kid reaches his ceiling! As for Eastman, Eshelman and seabold threw no harder and it sounds like Eastman is bigger and has better off speed so why all the negativity? His career numbers are solid other than last year and it’s reasonable to think he may add a tick or two. I like this draft quite a bit, seems like a nice mix.

        1. The negativity has to do with his draft position, although, frankly, 4th round picks are not high picks in an MLB draft – but it’s not a big deal – I like the overall top 10.

      3. roccom – you are obsessed with Eastman. He is a 4th round pick. If he ends up making the majors, that is a huge win.

      4. rocco … Pipkin probably had a higher signing number earlier in the draft. Most likely, that signing demand dropped as he fell. The Phillies, I’m sure, remained in contact with him (his representative). When Pipkin’s signing number got low enough for the Phillies to meet, they drafted him.

    1. Nice – $1.1 million of savings for other picks. After factoring in some Senior signing savings and the 5% overage, that should result in around $1.8 million total for overslots.

  14. Any thoughts on when and where Bohm will begin play? Looking forward to following him.

    1. Williamsport and if he does well could be promoted to Lakewood for end of the season. Next year Clearwater to start the year most likely. If you are in in mid atlantic prob only chance to see him up here is the next few months.

      If he does well in Clearwater next year he could be at Reading in July tho.

        1. Yeah, probably in terms of progression, but he’s a better prospect than Haseley.

          1. Bohm > Haseley…..power tool for sure.
            Haseley > Bohm ….field, arm and run.
            Bohm —Haseley….hit tool????

    1. Great news on Cotto’s signing.
      He could be a gem based on reports out of the PR.

      1. Nah i just noticed it on the tracker. Not that i follow other teams but official signings for Phillies seem harder to find. I see Callis posting and its rare to see a Phillies one. Probably not true just im biased.

    1. kk can you help me ,I Found cotto. but it says 399999 Pecos. How much is that in our money?

        1. KuKo…I got you now.
          You are a phraud…you ain’t from Philly.
          Its TastyKakes…not tastycakes….with a “K”

          1. hahahaha….you got my phone’s auto correct really good. i cannot even type it as one word,.

  15. from jim callis: Kendall Logan Simmons signs w/@Phillies for $750k (pick 167 value = $292,700). Georgia HS SS, raw power & plus arm are his best tools, Georgia Tech recruit. @MLBDraft

      1. So the 1.1 million saved on Bohm goes to Simmons and Pipkin. Good job by Johnny Almaraz and his staff. I guess the 440 thousand dollars in 5% overage and the savings (~300 thousand dollars) on the senior signs (Lancaster & Stokes) will be used on day 3 HS and JUCO players.

        1. I’m very good with the top 10 – was worried after round 4 but it all makes sense now.

        2. 11th round pick Jack Perkins will probably get slightly above slot. Maybe 150 thousand (slot is 125 thousand). 12th and 13th rounders could also get 150 thousand dollars.

      2. So the money we saved on bohm, help us go over for pigkin and simmons , little over a million if my math is right.

    1. Or they picked for need in a power hitting hit tool player that may be able to play thir for awhile

      1. Agreed, Romus, Agreed.

        Does the whole top 10 sign for the Phillies? I noticed Stokes is still unsigned? Rounds 16-40 there are 6 that haven’t been noted as signed, signing, or declined. I am wondering how many of those won’t sign. My guess is Jones & Smith won’t sign.

        1. as a senior Stokes will sign, to a low number. delay could be as South Carolina was in the CWS until the other day.

    2. with Bohm’s perceived solid hit tool – the power potential is really enticing for the Phils. With Bohm’s projection of hitting for power and average, Bohm can make a case to be the BPA at 1.3.

      I always prefer a power arm at Rd 1 pick, but Bohm is a good combination of BPA vs Need vs Value Slot so it might end up as a triple win for the Phils. There’s a reason why most mock drafts have Bohm as 1.3 pick. I will not sweat who should be the BPA pick at 1.3.

      1. It’s possible the Phillies believed Bohm WAS the BPA at 1-3. And since many people had him ranked between 6-10 among draft prospects, why not take advantage of that and offer him the underslot? (That’s a rhetorical question)

      2. If you look at the Phillies sys .the major need is a power bat that doesn’t K alot. Even the parent club is void of that . The have the LhP both SP and relieve in the system. Bohm makes alot of sense .

        1. Tim…….’power bat that doesn’t K alot.’….may be hard to find that player anymore.
          Times have changed as Kruk said last night after the game
          The greatest hitter of out time, Mike Trout, even hovers around 20% with a career 21% K rate.
          So look for a lot of power bats, ISO >..200, to have their fair share of Ks.

          1. I’ll take a 21% k rate in a NY min.
            Alfaro 4 hr 40 % k rate.
            Hoskins 7 hr 27.2 k rate
            Cehe 7 hr 22.6 k rate
            Santana 10 yr 13.9 k rate
            Franco 8 hr 15.1 k rate
            Kingery 3 hr 23.7 k rate
            JP Crawford 2 hr 28.9 k rate
            Nick Williams 7 hr 26.3 k rate
            Altherr 6 hr 30.2 k rate
            Herrera 7 hr 20.1 k rate
            So a 21% k Rate with 35 to 40 hr would be welcome.

            1. You can k 200 times a yr . However 35 to 40 hr are needed as Matt Stairs once said.

            2. I believe Hoskins, JPC and Kingery will come down…their entire minor league metrics reveals that they wee not kigh K rate guys.
              As for these five….Alfaro, Williams, Altherr and even Cozens and Knapp…their minor league K rate metrics all were mid-20s or higher.
              Franco’s K rate is good….but his hit approach is not.
              I can live with Cesar because of his overall hit tool.
              Herrera…i guess him to
              But the others ….well a zebra does not change its stripes and it probably is better some of them are moved.

            3. Herrera ,Santana , and Franco are in line with there power per. K rate. Nick Williams has been better this yr by 2 % . He’s even walking more. You can’t always go by the minor league stats. Mlb has a way of finding weaknesses the minors can’t. I mean Kingery ,JP have more time . That’s why Bohm was drafted pure power .

    3. If you had to ask me, I think they thought it was a toss-up between Bohm and Madrigal and went for the player they needed. If it’s a toss-up, I think that approach makes sense. This is not like the Moniak pick where I’m pretty sure they intentionally failed to select the BPA – which still irks me.

      1. People will say the same thing about this pick if it doesn’t work out and Madrigal turns into a stud prospect.

        1. Sure – but at the time they picked Moniak it sure seemed like they were not picking the BPA – I don’t feel that about Bohm – I think he was one of two guys they wanted and the guy they definitely needed.

          1. Yep which was the reason for my question.

            I keep hearing the same claim about Moniak all the time without any evidence other than he signed for under slot. Bohm wasn’t my choice but I’m not going to claim he wasn’t picked because they though he was the best player at that spot. Saving money is just a bonus..

            You may think that Moniak wasn’t the Team’s BPA but there’s not more evidence of that than there is with the Bohm pick..

            1. I remember there was much debate on BPA in Moniak draft.
              Arguments for Puk, Groome, Lewis, Pint, Senzel continued to draft day. Considering how low some of those guys went, there was certainly little consensus.

  16. Everything I saw (5-6 variations of the draft) generally had him at # 3 or # 4 pick (depending upon Madrigal). Law had him as 7th pick at the very end but had him consistently taken by the Phillies at # 3 in the various early iterations of his forecasted drafts. Whether he was bpa was/is debatable because I suppose Phillies may have not wanted another 2b by taking Madrigal despite his “high floor hit tool” and certain ability to make it to the bigs. In the end, some source downgraded Phils for not taking Madrigal – rather than taking Bohm. I guess the power bat with walk taking ability swung the day.

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