Phillies Announce Deals for Kendrick, Hellickson

The Phillies announced the long- awaited trades of two of the trade chips they signed during the off season.  Friday evening, they traded Howie Kendrick plus cash considerations to the Washington Nationals for McKenzie Mills and international amateur signing bonus pool space.  (story here.)

And later, they announced the trade of Jeremy hellickson and cash considerations to Baltimore for OF Hyun Soo Kim, AA LHP Garrett Cleavinger, and international amateur signing bonus pool space.  (story here.)

Mills is a 6’4, LHP who was an All Star in the South Atlantic League.  He was originally signed after the June 2014 Amateur Draft out of high school.  He does not need Rule 5 protection until after the 2018 season.

Mills has an impressive line this season.  In 18 starts, he has a 12-2 record and a 3.01 ERA. He has struck out 118 and walked 22 in 104.2 innings pitched.

Mills is not the only SAL All Star that the Phillies added to the organization this week.

Earlier in the week, the Phillies traded Pat Neshek to the Colorado Rockies for minor league infielder Jose Gomez and minor league right-handers J.D. Hammer and Alejandro Requena.  (story here.)  Gomez and Requena were both on the SAL  South squad.  Gomez and Hammer will report to the Clearwater Threshers.  Requena will report to Lakewood.

When I first heard that the Phillies were contemplating a deal with Baltimore, my reaction was, “Oh no! Not Baltimore!”.  My fear now is that after the deadline passes, Hellickson fails one of the Orioles medical exams and is returned to compete the season with the Phillies, and we’ll have to return the international dollars.  It’s not like players haven’t failed the Orioles medical exams in the past, right?

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  1. I was hoping they would trade him to the Marlins for G Stanton, but I guess this is a fair return

    1. Was holding out for Trout myself but then I guess they wouldn’t have gotten the international pool money…

  2. Hellickson traded to the O’s as well for Hyun Soo Kim, Garrett Cleavinger and international money . . . . interesting.

  3. I like Mills. He’s probably our #15 or so prospect. I like Gomez as well. He’s probably somewhere around 20. Apparently we’ve received $1M in slot money as well as a result of the deadline deals, so that’s also significant.

    1. Mills wasn’t a top 30 prospect in the Nats system which in my opinion is behind ours . . . I don’t think he slides into our top 30, with that being said I like the return for Kendrick considering his health issues.

      1. actually he was ranked in the top 20 by, I believe #19, but I don’t remember. They already have him ranked in the Phillies system at #24.

        1. Damn they move that quick. I looked right when I heard the trade went thru and he wasn’t in their top 30 and not in ours. Guess I was checking as they were changing it, Back end of the top 30 would have made sense for me but they obviously know a hell of a lot more than I do.

          1. Pismo – Yeah was the 18th ranked in the Nats org before the trade. Interesting upside in his arm.

    2. The slot money is big – it means they could sign a serious overslot second round pick next year or spread it around and entice some players who were off many teams boards due to college commitments – and I love the prospect they got. The Nats trade was really good.

  4. I posted this in the Open Thread as this thread was being published, so I’ll repost it here since this seems like the right place for it …

    This has been a good night for Klentak.
    Getting two LHP’s with some promise, and who don’t have to be 40-man protected is as good as it gets for Hellickson and Kendrick. The international bonus money is encouraging because it could mean the Phillies are going to make a run at Shoei Otani. Otani has to be paid with J2 international pool cash. It seems most of the big market teams who aren’t in the penalty box have blown through their J2 money already.

    The only thing I lament is that Klentak couldn’t have shipped Hellboy to the O’s six weeks ago for their comp B draft choice. That 2-74 pick was used on Zac Lowther (a favorite of mine and Romus). Lowther is thriving (SSS) in the NYPL.

  5. That’s nice. Like the arm they got for Kendrick.

    Klentak says he’s acquired an extra million international pool money. BA has the August guys linked to other teams, so…Salinas?

  6. No complains from me since Klentak did what he needs to do. The moves are addition by subtraction – I like the international pool $$, which can be used to sign more LA guys or potentially Otani. I don’t expect too much from the 2 LHPs acquired – both might vanished like John Richy did. Mills is having a good year, but appears to have issues with his control. But as a 6’4″ lefty…might get something there. I would love to see some scouting report about his stuff. Cleavinger also appears to have control issues, but showing some swing and miss ability. I don’t expect too much from both Howie and Hellboy so I consider this a win for Klentak.

  7. It’s nice to see Therrien up waiting on Rios . I guess Soo Kim takes Kendricks spot.

  8. Soo had a good rookie season in ’16, struggling this yr. Could be a change of scenery candidate, maybe decent 4th or 5th OF. Precursor to another trade involving an OF?

    Love the bonus pool $$$ – let’s sign Darvish this off season and lure Otani.

    Overall a good week for Klentak if I’m reading the tea leaves correctly.

    1. I agree I like the returns, as good as could be hoped for. Really am surprised Balt was buying instead of selling. They have no chance of playoffs.

    2. Agree with your comment on Klentak’s good week and maybe he learned something from the Astros rebuild. I understand the Kendrick trade to Washington but not the Hellickson trade to Baltimore.

  9. Perhaps OFer Raimfer Salinas or catcher Antonio Cabello will now be signings with the added international money…both Ven kids also.

  10. interesting night. orioles picking Hellickson up seems strange but they just need innings to get through the season i guess and they werent going to use the INTL dollars.. HSK just a salary dump. Looking at Cleavinger game logs, he seems to either be on, or get crushed. 27 er in 27 appearances, but 23 of those runs in just 6 of those appearances totaling 7 innings.

    Mills is definitely intriguing, with his walk rate dropping dramatically. After walking 74 in his first 110 pro innings, just 22 in 104 this year against the 118k’s, albeit as a 21 year old in low a.

      1. Romus, Oriole fans overall hate this trade as they view it will lengthen their rebuild by many years. Even if the Orioles make the Wild Card spot they will probably not go far. What irks them the most is the selling of the International Slot signing bonus which delays their inevitable rebuild.

        1. philabalt……Duquette must have a plan at the lower end of the pipeline. The rule 4 gets you pretty far, but IMO you have to do all alternative roads to talent acquisition.
          This deal makes no sense…..they lose Hellickson in two months without compensation I believe he also canot be QO again. Go figure.
          I think he could sell off Machado to the highest bidder in December, which will really cause an upheaval among the Harbor fans.I am sure they will make a high offer but not even get to the max for a 25career WAR , 26-year old player.
          And I hope him and MacPhail/Klentak are close buddies with Duquette when it all happens.

  11. I think the Phillies plan of getting the added dollars from the last two trades and the one in early July is to adhere strictly by the new CBA International Signing Rules and have the slot money in hand, without any any prior arrangements that would appear to circumvent the new CBA regulations.
    The GM said they plan on making more signings over the next 11 months.

  12. Otani? Whats the deal with him? Does this years international money affect him? Will he have to be posted by Japanese team?

  13. I don’t think he has decided yet. There were rumors that he wanted to wait and not be subject to a restraint on what he can be paid, if I remember correctly. But, there is also the issue of wanting to play in the field when he is not Pitching. I don’t know if we are really a front runner for him.

  14. OK. So now does Thompson continue as a starter, or call up another guy (who?) and send Jake to the bullpen, or does he get sent down and both a starter and reliever called up?

    I’m in favor of giving either Lively or Eflin another shot in the rotation, and let’s see what Pedro Beato can do as a closer. (The latter probably won’t happen because of 40-man considerations but I’d like to see if he’s better than Neris).

      1. Let’s hope that start is the beginning of turning his season around. I hate seeing a young guy with so much potential having a season as bad as his has been.

        1. He has some ability, but he got lucky last night. Kemp pulled up lame on the double and Inciarte missed a HR by 2 feet tops. He’s working at around 90-91 and he definitely has more swing and miss stuff than Lively, but he can get wild.

  15. And let’s hope Klentak can make another deal for Benoit. I’d suggest throwing Adam Morgan in on the deal. A lottery ticket would be a decent return. A Powerball lottery ticket.

    1. And Joseph…maybe Galvis…maybe Hernandez. If they think Hoskins JP and Kingery are next then time to move is now or off season!

      1. Joseph and Hernandez, yes I agree, to make room for Hoskins and Kingery. At this point however, Galvis is significantly better than Crawford. Even if JP was ready, Galvis should be kept in a Super Sub role. Which reminds me, time to release Kelly and Blanco as well. Pedro Florimon looks like he could be a productive infield bench guy like Blanco once was. And it shouldn’t be hard to replace Kelly. There’s any number of cast-offs being released all the time.

      2. I don’t move Galvis unless there’s a terrific offer that’s too good to pass. I’d keep Galvis through next season when he will become a FA and JPC should be truly ready.

        I don’t want to start 2018 with him at SS but would let him know that he will be called up to take over the job in a couple of months if his performance warrants it. Galvis can then be moved..

          1. His agent needs to force a trade this off-season if a long term extension isn’t offered.

            He wants to & should play everyday with back to back 20 HR seasons.

            1. His agent can’t force anything. He’s be offered arbitration and he will play under the arbitration deal.

              If he refuses to play or plays with an attitude, how’s that going to help his FA status the next season?

          2. 3up3kkk – Freddy is making $4.35M this year as a starter. His arbitration number will be $5-6M. That is too much to pay for a utility player.

            Salary, Playing Expectation, & JP performance in September will warrant an off-season trade of Freddy.

            Him sitting won’t help either party involved in terms of value.

            1. John maybe its me .Romus is he saying a top fielding shortstop who hits 20 hr, a year is a utility playerrrrr. I am losing my mind he really said that I am going nuts. John he is either the top fielding shortstop or at least the third best fielder at his postion. A team leader. terrible obp but still is a very decent offensive player who fields great. What is your definition of a utility player.

            2. roccm – That is my point. He is not a utility player by his play & arbitration salary. If JP is the guy next year, the team needs to trade Freddy to where he can play everyday. His agent will surely demand it.

            3. Who’s talking about sitting him? What I said was that Freddy would start 2018 as the starter and then once Crawford has shown he’s truly ready, you then look to move Galvis in a deal..

              I’m not ready to just hand the job to Crawford just yet. IF they get a good offer for Galvis during the off-season then fine, but they don’t need to move him…

            4. maybe it’s just you roccm, because last year you were losing your mind over the idea of Franco being a 5th/6th hole hitter.

  16. Aaron Nola is KILLING IT!!!!! Eat it doubters… LOL
    Loving the Altherr/ Dooby/Williams outfield ..

    Like the trade returns, future trade material..

    There is light at the end of the tunnel!!

    1. Steve 6 games don’t make a career. omg people see 5 or 6 good starts and he is the next Maddox. funny

    2. Yes I still don’t think he is a 6th hitter. He has more ablility then anyone on that team or in our minor legues system. He is the closest thing to a stud we have. if he does one thing, lays off the outside pitch. its killing him.

  17. The team will ride out the next two months with Blanco and Kelly. The Phils are loyal to Whitey and what he has done for the team so they won’t embarrass him by DFAing him. They just won’t resign him for next year.

    He is not making that much and in another month, their roster could number forty players. Kelly is at the minimum so it’s no big deal if they keep him till season’s end. When the September call-ups get there, Kelly will just fade to black.

    1. There is some sense to what you say regarding Blanco. However it makes no sense, minimum or not, to keep Kelly. Let’s see now if Florimon can come off the bench and hit like Blanco used to do. He will make minimum also. No reason to wait til Sept to release Kelly.

      1. Every year we have this conversation that we should start replacing bench guys. The time to replace bench guys is during ST not now.

        1. Why not? A Kelly adds nothing at this point. He is also a recent addition, so you could say he is a “now” guy that shouldn’t have been added until next ST. You could have an extended look at a AAA guy instead – or several. No good reason to wait until spring.

          1. Kelly just produced the game-winning hit. Even a blind squirrel occasionally finds a nut.

          2. It’s close to August. You add Florimon, and at most he’ll get 40 ABs as a pinch hitter, and it may even be less than that once the September call ups arrive. So you think after a limited ABs, you can gauge whether or not Florimon is going to be good?

            In any given year, you won’t know which pinch hitter is going to be good. He could be Greg Dobbs, good one year, terrible the next. Ty Kelly is here, he knows his role, and it’s not like replacing Kelly is going to change our WL record.

            In ST, you get an extended look at them in the field, and you decide then (much like how we decided on Nava).

    2. I think there will be some designations by the time September rolls around. By my count, and this is keeping Casey Fien on the DL, the Phils have one roster slot and Crawford, Hoskins and perhaps Yacksel Rios to promote — Hoskins hopefully soon.

      1. Hoskins is pretty much a lock for September, they need to reward him for his performance.

  18. I was critical of Klentak, so have to say I am pleasantly surprised with the return. Really like Mills for Howie and would have taken just the International bonus pool money for Hellickson. 3 trades that I am pleased with, and get to see Williams/Doobie/Altherr for the rest of the year.

    1. Spot on. We get a mid to late-teen rated young SS, a mid-20’s rated young LHP with some more upside and at least $1 million in additional International bonus money ( 2 outstanding LA are still waiting for their birthday before they can sign). Both are Rule 5 protected for at least another year. I am happy just with that. The others are welcome lottery tickets. Plus we are at the beginning stages of making room on the 40 man roster.

      Fangraphs is currently projecting White Sox as having worst record 61-101 with Phillies second at 62-100. Let the race begin.

      1. I’m on the record right now, I think the Phillies will play much better in the second half, to the point where they’ll pick 4th or 5th.

  19. I am a big Aaron Nola fan so this is for Steve (up above). Comparing Nola to ? over both their first 49 games. I’m hoping that Nola can even come close to this guy’s career.


    Nola 20-17 288 276 125 78 296 31 3.90

    ??? 21-20 324 330 149 132 201 26 3.66

    The pitcher in question is Greg Maddux. His third year was the season that he really turned it on. This is basically Nola’s third season. Keep your finger’s crossed.

  20. Sorry how the lines came out. They were perfect when I typed them in. Also, sorry for the apostrophe in “fingers”. My bad on that one.

  21. I want them to shop Rupp, too. Red Sox and Nats both have black holes at catcher, and it would let us audition Knapp with as much playing time as he can earn.

  22. There are always teams at the deadline that need catchers, LH relievers, closers and starting pitching. I agree with Snood. Let’s shop Quinn too. He’s never gonna be more than a 4th outfielder who will be on the DL 80 games per year.

    1. There are two in the top ten left to be signed….both Ven kids also and the Phillies sign more Ven kids at high bonuses, than DR kids for some reason.
      A. OFer Raimfer Salinas
      B. catcher Antonio Cabello

      1. That would be nice…but i doubt 1 mil get them both. Mlb doesnt have them linked to any team. Is it an age thing right now?

  23. great trades, especially the J2 money, Mills looks like he turned the corner and a lefty that hits 95 is nice to have. MK did great on these trades.

  24. The trade was Friday night and this is Tuesday afternoon and Mills is still not listed on a roster. Anybody with any idea why?

    1. Way too early to shut him down though he has pitched more inning there ever before in one season at 105…I would at least think they would get him to 135/140 innings this year, maybe 5/6 more starts.
      Probably just some administrative action.

    1. And hopefully could get his first start tomorrow against Palm Beach…has not pitched in 10 days.

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