Box Score Recap – 7/12/2017

Clearwater hit three home runs and Cesar Hernandez made a rehab start.

Lakewood won behind Sixto Sanchez’ pitching and Henri Lartigue’s three RBI.

The GCL Phillies were drubbed in Tampa, Quincy Neiporte was the batting star.

Williamsport tried to play two.  Game one was suspended, game two was postponed.

Lehigh Valley and Reading are on their All Star breaks.

Lehigh Valley (55-35)  All Star game v. PCL All Stars on Wednesday, schedule resumes on Thursday, July 13th.

Reading (51-36)  All Star game on Wednesday, schedule resumes on Thursday, July 13th.

Clearwater (48-40)  beat Bradenton, 7-4.

Jake Waguespack (6-3, 2.88) gave up 4 runs on 6 hits and a walk in six innings.  He struck out three.  Blake Quinn (4.31) struck out 2 in two, one-hit innings.  Tyler Gilbert (2.41) earned his third save.  Starling Marte led off on a rehab start and was held to 1-4 with a SB.

Here’s an article on Waguespack from the Threshers’ web page.

Cesar Hernandez played second, led off , and went 0-1 in 3 at bats, He walked, was hit by a pitch, and scored a run.

The Threshers scored 2 runs in the first on Wilson garcia’s RBI double and Cornelius Randolph’s RBI single.  They tied the game with a run in the second on Jose Pujols’ lead off HR (4). They retook the lead with 2 runs in the fourth  on Emmanuel Marrero’s 2-run HR (4). They tacked on single runs in the fifth and sixth on Jan Hernandez’ solo HR (10) and Marrero’s RBI single.

Randolph (.250) went 3-4 with an RBI.  Marrero (.270) went 2-4 with a HR (4) and 3 RBI. Garcia and Hernandez had 2 hits and an RBI each.

Here’s a good article on Randolph from the Threshers’ web page.

Carlos Duran had an outfield assist (first base).

Lakewood (49-41)  beat Rome, 6-1.

Sixto Sanchez (4-3, 2.53) pitched six innings and allowed a run on 3 hits and a walk.  He threw just 62 pitches (45 strikes, 72.6%) to 22 batters (2.82/AB).  Jonathan Hennigan (4.91) struck out 3 in two innings.  Will Hibbs (0.96) struck out the side in his first inning back from Clearwater.

The BlueClaws took the lead in the second on Juan Luis’ RBI single.  The scored 3 runs in the third on Darick Hall’s SF and Henri Lartigue’s 3-run HR (6).  They added single runs in the sixth and seventh on another Luis’ RBI single and Lartigue’s RBI double.

Lartigue (.275) went 2-3 with 2 runs scored, a double, HR (6), 3 RBI (36), and a walk. Arquimedes Gamboa (.235) went 3-4 with 2 runs scored.  Luke Williams (.233) went 2-4 with a stolen base (18) that led to a run scored.  Juan Luis (.200) went 2-4 with 2 RBI and a SB.

Darick Hall’s SF raised his RBI total to 68.  Mickey Moniak was not in the line up.

Williamsport (11-9)  game one suspended with Williamsport leading 1-0 in the fourth inning, game two postponed.

The Crosscutters scored a run in the first inning without a hit.  Nick Maton walked and stole second.  He took third on Jake Scheiner’s ground out, and scored on Adam Haseley’s sacrifice fly.  Scheiner had the Crosscutters’ only hit, a single leading off the fourth.

Julian Garcia (1.29) pitched three shutout innings.  He allowed 2 hits and walked two. Garcia struck out six.  One of his base runners was eliminated by catcher Rodolfo Duran who picked one off first base.

While Joe Jordan was visiting Williamsport, Mitch Rupert was able to sit with him and ask a lot of questions.  He got some interesting responses about players through out the system, not just Crosscutters.  If you missed it, here’s the link.

GCL Phillies (8-6) lost to the GCL Yankees West, 8-5.

Francisco Morales (1-1, 3.55) lacked control in 2.2 innings.  He was fortunate that the 4 runs he gave up were unearned, and he did strike out 4 batters.  But, 3 hits, 4 walks, a hit batter, 2 balks, and a wild pitch provided the Yankees with a lot of opportunities.  Three of the four error committed by the Phillies came with Morales on the mound, one was his.

Justin Miller (7.50) stranded the 3 runners he inherited when he entered the game.  However, the next inning he gave up 4 runs on 4 hits and 2 walks.  Denny Martinez and Oscar Marcelino threw 2 scoreless/hitless innings each with the game no longer on the line.  Martinez struck out three.

Quincy Nieporte (.474) went 3-4 with his third home run that actually gave the Phillies an early lead.  He also hit 2 doubles.  Kevin Markham had 2 RBI, both on ground outs.  Danny Mayer picked up an RBI on a ground out.  The Phillies other run scored on the third of three errors the Yankees committed in the seventh.  Gunnar Buhner had a hit and stolen base.  Kipp Moore (.263) went 1-1.

Here’s the affiliate scoreboard from MiLB.

I’m going to forgo reading the Comments in the Recap and Open discussion for a while.  If any one wants to contact me with questions or wants to call an error to my attention, please e-mail me.  Put something in the subject line that will induce me to open the e-mail, I routinely delete e-mail from correspondents that I don’t recognize, especially the ones with the “spammy” subject lines.

Transactions (and paper moves):

  • 7/12 – Philadelphia Phillies sent 2B Cesar Hernandez on a rehab assignment to Clearwater Threshers
  • 7/12 – RHP Trevor Bettencourt assigned to Clearwater Threshers from Lakewood BlueClaws
  • 7/12 – RHP Will Hibbs assigned to Lakewood BlueClaws from Clearwater Threshers
  • 7/12 – LHP Ethan Lindow assigned to GCL Phillies
  • 7/12 – RHP Ben Brown assigned to GCL Phillies
  • 7/11 – C Gregori Rivero assigned to Lakewood BlueClaws from Williamsport Crosscutters
  • 7/11 –  Sent RHP Seranthony Dominguez on a rehab assignment to GCL Phillies
  • 7/11 – Nerluis Martinez assigned to Williamsport Crosscutters from GCL Phillies
  • 7/10 – Phillies activated RHP Jerad Eickhoff from the 10-day disabled list
  • 7/10 – Lehigh Valley IronPigs activated RHP Zach Eflin from the 7-day disabled list.
  • 7/10 – Phillies transferred RHP Casey Fien from the 10-day disabled list to the 60-day disabled list. Shoulder impingement
  • 7/10 – Lehigh Valley IronPigs released RHP Mark Peterson
  • 7/10 – Reading Fightin Phils released RHP John Richy
  • The organization’s rosters are up to date.

126 thoughts on “Box Score Recap – 7/12/2017

  1. Wanted to make sure everyone saw this…”The slugger [Hoskins] also registered the fastest bat speed amongst all competitors at 76.6 MPH with his line out in the first inning.”

    Think about that for a second. Among the elite of the elite, the best of the best, Rhys Hoskins had the fastest bat speed. Now it is indisputable that he has an elite eye and very good contact ability. But a report that he has ELITE bat speed should make everyone over the top excited about him. IMO, he is an elite prospect who will be a top 5 MLB first baseman. IMO, Anthony Rizzo is a good comp.

    1. why not Paul Goldschimd comp.?
      …I remember I mentioned this two years ago when he got promoted to CLW, and got trashed like a ‘miniature figurine bobblehead rocco’ for it ..

      1. He’s not quite in Goldschmidt’s classification for athleticism (he fields first base very gracefully and can steal 20 bases a year!) and hit tool (he seems to always be hitting above .300) – Goldschmidt has a very unusual combination of talents that Hoskins cannot quite replicate, which of course is taking nothing away from Hoskins who has turned himself into quite a prospect.

        It’s hard to compare a righty (Hoskins) to a lefty (Rizzo) in terms of the swing and how they play, but in terms of stats, yes, if Hoskins hits his peak, he could put up numbers like Rizzo – I think that’s accurate.

        1. Granted…..Hoskins does not have close Goldey’s run tool….however, Hoskins has an adequate enough field tool for first base.
          But when it comes to the two best tools that define first basemen…hit and power…Hoskins may be as close as any right handed 1st base bat in the game to Goldey.
          Even KLaw has come around now….referring to him as ‘Goldey lite’

          1. well “Goldy lite” isn’t the same as comparing him to Goldy. I would agree with the “lite” disclaimer added

          1. rocco…not Hoskins but Goldey he is referring to yuo as fielding gracefully…Hoskins is kind of robotic but he gets the job done.

            1. Romus I have seen him field. He isn’t that good, from the times I have seen him play first. Only maybe 5 times,, short sample

            2. rocco – you also have said on this blog that you have seen Nola pitch and he is not that good, among other crazy things you have said.

      2. Goldschmidt’s minor league OPS are 100 points higher than Hoskins’ OPS. PG is another level higher. I also don’t think that Rhys will have the BA% of PG. I love Rhys, but do not think he can come close to Paul Goldshmidt.

        1. I stand by what I said I don’t like nola. Three good starts and I am wrong???? You think I say crazy things fine. I think all you do is go by what you read not by seeing the guy, So you do it your way and I will mine. If nola is anything better than 500 pitcher or a 4 or 5 I will admit I was wrong. Cause that’s what I said. Imo he is afraid to pitch inside and doesn’t have great velocity, has to have pinpoint control to win, I Admit I don’t know stats like a lot of guys on here in three years nola has a whip of 1.24. is that great ? he is one game over five hundred. His career era is 4.06 is that good. The league is hitting 251 against him is that good??

          1. C’mon Mijo there is a lot to like about Nola. Allow me to cheery pick a few stats ( I typed cheery on purpose because you always seem so grumpy)

            2015/13 Starts/1.197 WHIP/7.9K/9
            2017/13 Starts/1.183 WHIP/9.1K/9

            2016 by Month
            April-.879 WHIP Outstanding
            May-.974 WHIP Still outstanding
            June-2.579 WHIP Something happened bone spurs maybe

          2. Yeh I’m not with all the negative, these are our players and i m pulling for them. Hey if you don’t like them fine but Nola is good and if he stays healthy will be a solid ML starter. Experience comes with time, he is learning in ML and I refuse to be too hard on a young pitcher playing on an awful team. Especially one holding his own. Hoskins will be a run producer at 1b, and his defense is fine.

          3. I believe over his last 7 his era is just about 2.50 SP it’s more than just 3 starts. He’ll be a solid 2-3 for us.

          4. I know what isn’t good, your attitude. Always so negative your comments seem to bring the overall comment section down a few notches.

    2. Blast was the app that the Bat speed was taken from there’s alot of questions on it’s out comes. I mean Correa had a bat Speed of 86 mph on the commerical. them there’s a player with 56.8 at the game . Plus most factor in denfensive value which Hoskins is very poor as is his speed which a 30 .

    3. v1, I know you know this but when Rizzo was Rhys’s age, he was putting up a 5 WAR year with the Cubs. I think Rizzo is on different plane from Rhys as well.

  2. Guzman his 103 once and 102 maybe a couple of times last night, at least according to the scoreboard radar gun. Consistently throwing in the very high 90’s. He is death when getting his curve over because nobody is expecting it.

      1. Wait a minute – Sixto Sanchez was hitting 102 and 103 last night? Do I read that correctly? Please let me know because if he is, that’s about as hard as I’ve seen any righty, including relief pitchers, throw a fastball, which is mind boggling for an 18 year old who seems to have plus control.

        1. Catch, that is what the scoreboard gun posted. Believe or not believe that reading at your own risk. I prefer to gauge a kids speed more at his consistency than at an outlier number and Sanchez is consistently high 90’s. Seems like ealy in the game he can throw 100 when he feels like it.

            1. What negative can we drum up about sixto? Or can we actually admit we might have a good one?

  3. ‘C’ at .250 @ 20 yo in A+. Especially since he had a disastrous April and a May that wasn’t too much better. June heated up a little for him and he’s been on fire in July. In his last 10 games, he’s raised his average 18 points from .232. His BBs are coming at a much better clip (10 in his last 10 games). His Ks have increased dramatically but Kirsten’s piece shows why. I read on this site, a while back, that someone was hammering him for being a dead pull hitter this year but the organization is trying to enhance his profile. He said in Kirsten’s write-up on him that the team thinks he needs to get more of a plan when he goes up to the plate. Rob Ducey, the Threshers hitting coach said, “I want them to be able to say ‘Ok, this (pitcher’s) tendencies are away, I’m going to drive a ball the other way. Or this guy’s tendencies are in, I’m going to get the (bat) head out and pull the ball.” Randolph is learning this. His stock is up and the trend is up for him.

    1. Whenever a young prospect moves up a level, I completely ignore his first half stats. I give him time to adjust to a level.

        1. Hate is such a strong word. I don’t think anyone hates these players. They might hate management, but that is a different story. People are reactionary, They are irrationally exuberant when a player starts out on fire and the opposite when they start out in the dumpster. For example, to follow your logic, the Alfaro “Lovers” have also gone quiet.
          I think people are actually just voicing concern when a first round draft pick is hitting .220 or below with little power. I personally don’t see any problem with that. I am sure they want Randolph and Crawford to do well, but they are wondering if these are additional missed picks by the Phillies who have had a few over the years. Where else do you want them to go to vent? This seems like a good place considering most other people in the real world would not even know what they were talking about. In fact, if they told most people that they were upset because “‘C’ is hitting .220 with no power” they would get blank stares or crazy looks.
          I have no problem with people voicing their opinions. I do have a problem with people who make others feel concerned about voicing their opinions for fear that they will be called “haters” or idiots. How these guys end up will all play out, but I like to have a forum where we can share our reasonable opinions, right or wrong.

          1. I agree, everyone is entitled to their own opinion , and also the word “haters ” is tossed around quite a bit and has become common place, I would not get to riled up about it one way or another .
            And I’m all for venting and I’m quick to admit I was wrong about a prospect, normally because I think all are great and then they are not.

          2. The mlb draft is saturated with misses over the years, no matter the organization.

        2. Honestly I’m not the high man on C even though he’s played better. He’s a left fielder, a below average one at that, so he’s really got to hit.

          1. Yes, you nailed the problem. If he doesn’t hit and get on base a ton, he is not going to justify his existence. Think about it conceptually – does it make sense to take a marginally athletic left-fielder without power as the 10th pick in the draft? I think the answer is clearly no unless you really believe he’s going to become one of the best hitters in baseball, which is pretty tough to project for any HS player.

  4. Who is this guy, Quincy Nieporte? I guess we should call him ‘Q’. I get it. He’s played 5 games and he’s a 22 yo 1B taken in the 26th round as a College Senior. He should be beating up on the young guys in the GCL but .474/.575/1.211. A 1.211 SLG%? Another first baseman taking a page from Hoskin’s book. I like it so far. I’m not penciling him into the Philles starting lineup in 2021 but I had to mention the impressive start.

  5. Every time I see references to Gunnar Buhner, I think of the Seinfeld episode where Frank Costanza chews out George Steinbrenner for trading Jay Buhner for Ken Phelps.

  6. Mark Appel isn’t listed as starting Thursday thru Monday. Either they are going with a six man rotation and he starts Tuesday, or they are moving him to the pen.

    1. According to Matt Province via twitter, Appel will go on the disabled list with a strained right shoulder.

  7. LHV rotation out of the break:

    Thu: Lively (vs Bartolo Colon)
    Fri: Eflin
    Sat: Thompson
    Sun: Leibrandt
    Mon: Eshelman (in Gwinnett)

    Have to assume LHP Cesar Ramos back to the pen, but conspicuous by his absence is RHP Mark Appel. Will be interested to hear today from the beats if the bullpen conversion is starting of if he’ll slot back in for Eflin or Lively when/if they go back up.

    I think Velasquez still needs to be reactivated for Phillies if he’s ready. But that might result in a reliever move for the IronPigs (speculating: Leiter to the pen, reliever back to Pigs)

    REA returns, also at home this weekend, with:

    Thu: Viza
    Fri: Casimiro
    Sat: Irvin
    Sun: Bergjans
    Mon: Anderson (at NH)

    Expecting we might see some position player shuffling this weekend as both teams are at home and they reset for the rest of July. We’ll see.

    1. They certainly haven’t been shy about saying moves are coming. It really does sound like as an org they want Hoskins up…

  8. John Y got to take in Sixto’s start last night . . . Got a few texts from him saying some of the following

    “Stadium radar gun had Sixto at 103 MPH to end the 2nd inning. Keith Law had him at 101. The kid is sick”

    “This kid is a freak. He reminds me of Carlos Martinez. His delivery is repeatable as all hell. It’s fun to watch. He’s averaging 99 MPH. It’s disgusting lol”

    I’m sure he could elaborate but who needs to elaborate on those texts haha.

    1. There are several candidates for #1 prospect this year. I think I’m leaning Kingery over Sixto, but I haven’t thought about it in depth yet.

  9. Loved the Article on Randolph and Mitch’s sit down with JJ. Mitch is such a terrific asset to those of us who love baseball. (and so is Jimmy)

    I mean who else would you find to do what these guys do. Me perhaps if one day I decide I’m done paying the bills.

    1. DMAR…buy both Powerball and Mega this week…both big jackpots….bills paid! 🙂

    1. Yeah I don’t get these articles and I really don’t understand what purpose they serve.

      It’s why you have what 5 Levels of MiLB baseball. What you want to discredit everything this kid before reaching AAA. What you don’t want to acknowledge his age level Diff

      If JP gives me his 5 season slash in the bigs today I will take it with the defense he plays. Cheese and Crackers the kid is 22

        1. If he needed that for motivation than the kid def won’t make it. I think the BA guy was right . . . And Galvis is and will continue to be the better player.

          1. EricD…….IMO, JPC will be just as efficient and productive as JRoll….if you go by their respective minor league metrics.
            268 .365 .378 .744…JPC….2147PAs
            261 .328 .383 .711 …JRoll..2541PAs
            ….now that is not a steadfast accurate predication of future projections….but it is something that has a positive ring to it.

            1. Rollins is a boarder line HOFer . . You think JPC has that in him? I really hope you are correct. I’ve just never been sold on him being much more than an average reg at best (which there is nothing wrong w that) however now (and good thing there aren’t 👎🏼👍🏼 anymore) I don’t think he’ll ever hit over .250 in the rest of his career (at any level).

              I was just saying that he should have been motivated wayyyyyyyyy before someone writes an article about him and you know what? This is one part of his issues. By all accounts he’s a heavy reader of his own material and bought into his top prospect in the game (just about) hook line and sinker . . . And now someone writes a beg article and he comments. Stop reading what people are saying about you and figure out how to right the ship!

            2. Why is that how you read JP’s comment? He is obviously treating it as ADDITIONAL motivation.

          2. Overanalyzing his comments. How many interviews have you seen where an athlete is asked about some negative comment or article and gives the old “Just adds to my motivation”.

            This is nothing more than the scene in Bull Durham where Crash Davis is teaching proper clichés. His response is standard fare..

            1. How does that discredit the above comment? Maybe Judge is also spouting the cliché..

              One of the things that make elite athlete elite is that they are able to convince themselves that they’ve been slighted, disrespected, or somehow wronged as a way to push themselves..

              Tom Brady still points to being drafted after QB so-and-so as motivation even after multiple super bowls..

          3. No where did JPC say that was his only motivation or needed that for motivation but all that is is motivation.
            Can you find WAldo there ?
            Can you see the difference ?

          4. Jordan called out his high school coach at his HOF speech for cutting him
            Motivation ?

        2. Romus you ever remember scouts turning on a guy like they are on Crawford? I cant think of any right now.

          1. It is rather striking.
            Perhaps a little of a Dom Brown post-traumatic affect going on.
            Who knows.
            Oddly the only player taken after JPC in that first round thru the first 33 picks (or 16 thru 33) who has any success is Aaron Judge and he made it big at 25 years old .

            1. Yes and after Judge’s ML ab’s last year he was pushing up daisies! There’s always hope, the guy is 22! I am surprised to hear some rumblings about the defense, can anyone expand?

          2. I love how scouts raves about his ability to walk and nothing has changed still walks a ton but no one seems to mention that, just he isn’t good and now there is nothing to see here

    2. Didn’t say he’s not a prospect, said they don’t look at him as an impact player. This is the quote:

      “We don’t see him as an impact player anymore,” Manuel said. “Just more of a high-floor, solid regular than a guy who could be a building block. I think that’s fair.”

      And I would agree with that assessment although I think he has shown more power lately..

      1. Sounds like John Manuel is covering all his hedges……’high-floor. solid regular”….that covers a whole lot of shortstop ground…maybe not Derek Jeter type but maybe more JRoll? Or somewhere in between.
        They had him pegged at top ten for almost two years and now they feel they must eat crow, since they feel they missed on him.
        They missed on so many in the past it really is ridiculous.

        1. Well yea, if the John Manuel’s of the world were such great evaluators of talent, I would expect some major league team would be paying them to be in their FO…

  10. rocco….this has to go into the general discussion thread…non-baseball link
    But, nevertheless, thats sports business nowadays.

  11. 1. Kingery
    2. Sixto
    3. Romus
    4. Hoskins
    5. Kilome
    6. Haseley
    7. Randolph
    8. Moniak
    9. JPC
    10. Alfaro

    My new top ten

    1. Here’s the problem with these lists. Romus is #1 in everyone’s book. You also ranked the OF’ers Haseley, Randolph and then Moniak. Haseley has 59 PAs and all of them are in levels well below his ability. If they started him in LKW and he was hitting what he is now, I’d be a little supportive. I’d definitely rank Moniak above him and Randolph is making the case to be above him also.

      ** I realize your list might have been tongue in cheek but I had to respond.

      1. Put Haseley a bit higher because he’s a recent draft pick. Moniak was pretty high up there after last year’s draft. Really those OF’ers probably can be interchanged

  12. If Sixto is as legit as we all think and has the command to go with his stuff do we accelerate him a bit so as to not waste bullets? I’m not saying jump him to the bigs or anything but start jumping him to face better comp?

    1. I would think their biggest concern with him this season is innings and pitch counts. The temptation is to move him quickly due to the stuff but he’s also an 18 year old getting familiar with being in a different country.

      Maybe I give him a couple of starts in Clearwater at the end of the season but there’s not reason to rush…

    2. I’d like to hear more reports on his secondary stuff before we get too far ahead of ourselves with Sanchez. I read the Rupert article where he said Sanchez is giving up runs and not striking so many people out because he is working on his secondary pitches.

    3. Get some use out of his arm before the inevitable TJ operation.
      No im kidding but seriously if he isn’t up to the bigs at 21, barring injury of course then this org has not only let him down but all the fans aswell
      You can allow a guy to learn at the MLB rather than the never will be guys in AAA

  13. Great read

    One scout wrote, “no-no,” above his typical notes in the third inning — less a prediction and more a matter of fact. The stuff was that good. Sanchez hit 100 mph with at least one pitch in each of his six innings.

    “Jose Fernandez,” one scout said.

    “Pedro Martinez,” a second said.

    “The best arm I’ve seen in the minors this year,” another said.

    “Jesus,” a fourth scout said, not as a comparison, but to express disbelief.

    1. Man, now that the Sixto awareness has gone mainstream we’re never going to hear the end of the “call him up”, “we won’t see him in Philly until he’s 27” crowd.

      I think he’s established himself as the #1 guy in the system. If Kingery’s numbers seemed translatable to the majors then he would have a claim, but scouts still think the power is not for real.

      1. I have Sixto at #2 behind Kingery even if Sixto has the higher ceiling. There is just so much that can go wrong with a young pitcher. That said, he’s on a fast track to being our top prospect within the next year.

      2. What’s hilarious is some of the best prospect of the Phillies in recent memories have toiled in minors for too long, I only need to point out Howard and Utley
        That being said I am in no way advocating bringing him up now
        But as I stated before at 21 if he is not up something is wrong

        1. The Howard and Utley argument is the laziest argument that posters on other sites take. They were in the minors for 2 years….how is that “too long” LOL

          1. How old was Howard ?
            And it is an example lazy or not it happened non the less

            1. They were drafted out of college and spent two full seasons in the minors, happens all the time. Guess what? It happens to other teams besides the Phillies!!!

            2. Troll , I never said it didn’t happen to other teams, but thanks I enjoy knowing other fail to capitalize on talent
              And Howard age 21 drafted
              Full time MLB 25

            3. Drafted at 21…his bday is in November, so end of season, so we will call it 22.
              He moved through their system rather quickly and he was blocked by Jim Thome….he got his cup of tea when the spot opened for him

  14. You want to be a season ticket holder for the Sixers?? No wonder you’re so cranky :)..

  15. “I just think he’s a special talent,” Borders said. “He’s a guy who can put the barrel on the ball all over the place. Balls up, down, in and out, he barrels them and you just don’t see that quality in every hitter. Plus, he’s athletic. He’s 6-foot-4 and 250 pounds, and he can run pretty good. There’s not a negative quality on that kid. He’s smart, he works hard, and his teammates love him. I don’t talk that highly about anybody, but he deserves it.”

    1. Now that is a very good commentary on Ortiz.
      Two 18-year olds….Ortiz and Sixto.. with such high upsides in the system.

  16. Guys,

    Really great interview by Mitch Rupert of Joe Jordan that Jim linked above. Among the interesting points:

    Sixto is giving up some hits and runs because he’s being asked to develop more pitches.

    Rhys is ready

    Quinn could be leading off for the Phillies right now if he could stay healthy.

    Darick Hall will be promoted soon Jordan strongly hinted.

    1. According to posters on other Philly sites, Sixto isn’t anything special because other pitchers can strike out more guys with lesser stuff LOL

      1. No….you are misreading that.
        There are posters on this site…..not to mention any names…..who will not consider a pitcher as TOR/ACE worthy unless they have a whiff ratio factor of at least 8.5 or higher per 9. No matter if the pitcher’s BB/9 was plus or WHIP/H/9 were also plus.
        Sixto’s whiff factor has been elevated at each level….also maintaining all the low peripherals of BB/9 abd H/9 included.

        1. Romus is the voice of reason. Also others saying he shouldn’t waste his arm in A and should be called up to AA or AAA if he has “it” lol

          1. Would you agree?
            …..Sixto is a cross between Pedro and Johnny.
            I’m not rushing things, am I? 🙂

            1. ha not at all…but I dont think they should rush him especially because he is at his career high in IP

            1. The Braves sent two pitchers from the SAL to AA in there age 19 season. Soroka and Allard. Both have had pretty good success. To me it all depends on the quality of the off speed stuff at this point as far as whether Sanchez can be TOR. Allard is rated as having better off-speed stuff. Soroka’s are rated about the same as Sanchez.

  17. Damek Tomscha now on the Reading roster with Harold Martinez “temporarily inactive.” This may clear the way for a Darrick Hall promotion to Clearwater. Bret Barbier has been waived from Lakewood.

      1. why let him us up his bullets in AAA?? Just DFA Hellickson and get him to the show today….

  18. Keith Law comments today regarding Phillies prospects:

    Keith Law: Saw [Sixto] last night and tweeted about him several times. Not top 50, somewhere in the next tier.

    Keith Law: Hoskins is 1b only and there’s still a lot of doubt about whether it’s going to be more than just average power in the majors. I think he’s at least an everyday player, but I think Kingery is at least an above-average everyday player.

    Keith Law: I got nothing but negative reports on [JP Crawford] from scouts and execs this month. I heard unanimous downgrades on his defense at short, and multiple scouts say he’s swinging for the fences too much and becoming much less disciplined at the plate. I’m alarmed, and I’ve been a big fan of his since high school. I don’t know if he’s sulking, or if he thinks hitting bombs will get him promoted, or maybe I was just wrong about his ability, but this doesn’t sound like the guy I’ve seen every year for the past four or five years.

    Keith Law: [regarding Sixto] It’s an 80 fastball and it’s very easy. The rest is a work in progress.

    Keith Law: [regarding Kingery} All-Star ceiling. 70 glove, 70 run, at least 55 power now. Wish he’d show more patience – he is up there to hit, and if he gets a pitch, especially a fastball in the zone, he thinks he can drive, he’s after it, which is fine until he faces pitchers who can avoid those areas in the strike zone. But I’m buying.

    Keith Law: I would have Hoskins up in the majors already.

    Keith Law: Sixto probably has a top three fastball in all of the minors. He hit 100 six times in 46 or 47 fastballs last night, and it’s got a little life to it.

    Joe: Keith, how concerned are you about the underwhelming seasons of Moniak and Rutherford?
    Keith Law: quite concerned, for different reasons – Rutherford because he’s already 20, Moniak because he really doesn’t like left-handed pitching at all.

    1. Moniak will adjust but yeah the possible 70 hit tool is only when facing righties , his splits are early Cozens like which ain’t pretty !

      1. The difference between high school and College, is he probably saw very few good high school. Lefties. I think it’s too early to say he will be like Cozens, course it may still be too early to say Cozens will be like Cozens

  19. I dunno what’s so shocking about how people see Crawford . . . He won’t and isn’t the first 16th overall pick to be a bust. I’ve had this opinion for awhile now, way before he reached AAA. And I’m sorry but if a player in the minors needed added motivated that says something to me. Living his lifelong dream and the money he signed for should be enough motivation. If you guys think “now he’s motivated, he’s going to rake” you’ll are going to be even more disappointed.

    1. Agree 100%, Eric. So he is hitting okay now. That’s nice. Like the first two and a half months of the season don’t count. Those games count in the standings and on the stat sheets too. At the minimum Crawford needs to turn into a very good major league player to justify the hype. Anything less and he is a major disappointment. Being an “okay” player is fine if people are happy to see the Phillies perennially okay, whatever than really means.

      1. Yes, the first 2 1/2 months of the season mean nothing. We are talking about player development. Who cares what his overall numbers look like in the minor leagues.

        Only think that matters with Crawford or any other minor league player is if they are progressing or regressing. The team’s record is meaningless, year over year stats are meaningless. Once a player gets to the majors, no-one cares what his stats were back in AAA.

        Only matters what he’s doing in the league where the games actually do matter..

        1. Sorry, but you are dead wrong. You evaluate a player’s entire season, not just parts here and there. Seems with certain prospects you want to forget the last parts of their seasons because the are “run down’ and with others you want to ignore the entire first half of their seasons because “they are adjusting.” It doesn’t work that way in sports or real life.

          1. I evaluate a player based on the player’s situation. I expect an 18/19 year old who’s never played a full season will wear down as the season progresses. When I see a player who struggling out of the gate but is now starting to play better I think that just maybe he’s turned a corner or figured something out.

            You can choose to look at their stat sheet at the end of the season and make your determination. I think that makes you dead wrong, but I’m not going to be sorry about it..

            I both sports and in real life, you can only work with things as they are now, not how they were months/years ago.

    2. I agree. He should be saying, I haven’t performed like a top prospect, and I need to figure this thing out. I love the attitudes of Kingery and Hoskins. Just don’t see it in JPC.

  20. Probably a general discussion post but I’m too beyond annoyed to wait. The argument I’ve seen on several sites is Phillies hold their prospects down on the farm for too long. Maybe at times they do, but so do other teams! But what gets me going are the Utley and Howard arguments. They had two full seasons in the minors. How is that classified as too long? They were both blocked anyways.

    1. So you just said they sometimes do , so are you your own devils advocate
      But yeah by the time they were given full time jobs which they deserved both were 25 , which I thought was too late,
      I realize other teams do but other teams don’t so. My opinion is if the guy is ready what are you waiting for and that is it, I’m not on of those guys who says it happens everytime, only that it does happen

    2. I agree completely, In my opinion thats a incorrect argument . . . they don’t hold down players like people tend to make it seem like. It’s just false.

  21. Hey, I finally found a good comp for Tocci. Check this out:

    Age 19 season:

    Tocci: .287/.339/.363; .702 OPS: 5.7% BB rate; 14.8% K rate, .076 ISO; .348 BABIP
    Player B: .267/.317/.386; .702 OPS; 5.9% B rate; 19.7% K rate; .119 ISO; .325 BABIP

    Identical OPS marks! And they even play the same position! And they’re both good defenders.

    Uh, um, well . . . I’m not sure if this is a good sign for Tocci or a really bad sign for Mickey Moniak.

    1. Yes, it’s interesting, but they weren’t both born into the same body, so I expect more power production from Moniak.

      That said, questions and concerns about Moniak are starting to arise and we are not the only ones.

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