Box Score Recap – 7/11/2017

The GCL Phillies were unable to hold on to a seventh inning lead.

Williamsport was postponed.

Lehigh Valley and Reading are on their All Star breaks.

Clearwater and Lakewood were scheduled off.

Lehigh Valley (55-35)  All Star game v. PCL All Stars on Wednesday, schedule resumes on Thursday, July 13th.

Reading (51-36)  All Star game on Wednesday, schedule resumes on Thursday, July 13th.

Clearwater (47-40)  no game scheduled.

Lakewood (48-41)  no game scheduled.

Williamsport (11-9)  postponed, wet grounds.

GCL Phillies (8-5) lost to the GCL Tigers, 6-4.

Manuel Silva (5.79) gave up 3 runs in 4.0 innings on 6 hits and 2 walks.  Jesus De Los Santos followed with two, one-run innings.  Sati Santa Cruz (1-1, 11.57) entered with a one run lead and blew his second save, giving up 3 runs on 3 hits and a walk.  Jakob Hernandez pitched the eighth inning and struck out the side.

The Phillies scored their 4 runs on 7 hits including one XBH.  They drew no walks but struck out only 4 times.  They scored in the first on Damek Tomscha’s RBI ground out following Simon Muzziotti’s lead off single and stolen base.  They plated 2 more runs in the third to retake the lead on Tomscha’s RBI force out and Edwin Rodriguez’ RBI ground out.  They took their final lead in the fifth on Jonathan Guzman’s RBI double.

Muzziotti (.333) went 2-4 with 2 runs scored and a stolen base.  Guzman (.318) went 2-4 with a double and RBI.  Tomscha (.286) went 0-3 with a HBP and 2 RBI.  Jake Holmes (.300) went 2-4.  Lenin Rodriguez (.250) went 1-3 with 2 runs scored.

The Phillies garnered 3 outfield assists – RF Kevin Markham threw out runners at home and third base.  LF Ben Pelletier threw out a runner at third.

Here’s the affiliate scoreboard from MiLB.

I’m going to forgo reading the Comments in the Recap and Open discussion for a while.  If any one wants to contact me with questions or wants to call an error to my attention, please e-mail me.  Put something in the subject line that will induce me to open the e-mail, I routinely delete e-mail from correspondents that I don’t recognize, especially the ones with the “spammy” subject lines.

Transactions (and paper moves):

  • 7/11 – C Gregori Rivero assigned to Lakewood BlueClaws from Williamsport Crosscutters
  • 7/10 – Phillies transferred RHP Casey Fien from the 10-day disabled list to the 60-day disabled list. Shoulder impingement
  • 7/10 – Lehigh Valley IronPigs released RHP Mark Peterson
  • 7/10 – Reading Fightin Phils released RHP John Richy
  • 7/11 –  Sent RHP Seranthony Dominguez on a rehab assignment to GCL Phillies
  • 7/11 – Nerluis Martinez assigned to Williamsport Crosscutters from GCL Phillies
  • 7/10 – Phillies activated RHP Jerad Eickhoff from the 10-day disabled list.
  • 7/10 – Lehigh Valley IronPigs activated RHP Zach Eflin from the 7-day disabled list.
  • The organization’s rosters are up to date.

49 thoughts on “Box Score Recap – 7/11/2017

  1. Greg,
    I received your email. You’re right, the line item updates were a little tedious. Most of the mistakes I made were on the updates. I always wondered if anyone understood the bolding. It started out as a tool for me to make sure I was updating all the players who had played. I skipped them one night when I was running late. When the omission seemed to go unnoticed, I figured I would forgo them until the mid-season lists were released. The updates should return soon.

  2. Simon Muzziotti is bucking for promotion. He plays CF, which is fast becoming the strength of the organization. If he were to go to Wmsprt, Haseley has to be moved to LKW. I know they want both Moniak and Haseley to play CF but sometime in mid-July, they will both have played enough games in CF so they can split the CF reps for the rest of the year. One could play RF and the other CF in one game and then switch them up the next game. They both play every day and they each get their OF reps.

    In the GCL, Muzziotti is hitting .333/.347/.521 and seems to have multi-hit games all the time. He also played a couple of games in CLW as an emergency replacement. He held his own there. He’s 18 yo and has shown himself to be worth every penny the Phils paid for him. You might remember that the Phils signed him after the Red Sox violated the international bonus pool system via package signings.

    1. No need to promote any 18-year-old no matter how well they are doing (which is still SSS). Remember last year Muzziotti struggled. Matos deserves to play in Williamsport also. If there are opportunities in the last week or two of the year after GCL finishes that is different, but there is no more reason now than with Moniak last year.

      1. id say no matter what age you promote as they deserve it 18 is an arbitrary number , is it the same for a 19 year old or is it only 18 year olds

        1. The older the prospect is relative to the level, the more one would push for the promotion if their performance deserved it. Haseley is 21 for example. I’d push him as far up the ladder as one could assuming his performance continues to be good. I would have no problem sending him to Clearwater.

          18 is really young though. HS players are adjusting to wood bats and pro ball. Latin American players are adjusting to the US in addition to that. For those reasons Muzziotti would have to be extraordinary to get a promotion. If you want to skip him to Lakewood next year that is fine but no need to push him now.

          1. Fare enough
            I’m not sure I’d promote him either I was just curious to your criteria

  3. I live about 25 miles from Dodd Stadium where the Tigers are hosting the Crosscutters in a three game set. Drove out there last night. It was a beautiful night for baseball. Except…there was no baseball.

    It rained here yesterday in the morning and from what I heard, the infield wasn’t covered and the playing surface took on a lot of water. Those of us who showed up for the game were turned away with apologies.

    Dodd Stadium used to have the AA Navigators (Yankees, then Giants) but left for Richmond a few years ago. I got to see Pat Burrell, Nick Johnson, Alfonso Soriano, Pablo Sandaval and Madison Bumgarner play there.

    When the franchise left, they were able to get a team in the short season NYPenn league. Problem is, now they are working with a bare bones crew just trying to keep the franchise alive. It’s frustrating but it is what it is.

    I’ll go back this evening for the DH and again tomorrow morning for the getaway game. It’s the only opportunity to see Haseley and the rest of the mostly college kids play. Minor league baseball is important to a lot of small towns.

    1. Ciada, sorry you couldn’t watch a game last night. Enjoy the DH tonight. Minor League baseball doesn’t seem to be all that important to the people of Williamsport. Management here would love to have Connecticut’s attendance figures. The Tigers average about 600 per game more than the Cutters. After $4 million in stadium improvements we still get the same attendance, about 1,750, as the last 5 years. Even in 2015 with the best record in the league and and making the playoffs, attendance stayed the same. Hard to believe we used to have AA ball here also.

  4. Researching my little post above on Muzziotti, I alluded to CF being a position of strength in the organization. I thought I’d take a little look at how CF is shaping up for the Phil’s minor leagues.

    Roman Quinn: LHV: .274/.344/.389 Without his continuous injuries, this guy is in the MLs right now. The injuries are slowing his development significantly. He can’t have an OF spot in Philly unless there’s someone ready to take his spot at any moment. If he’s only good for 80 games a season, they need someone for the other 80 games.

    Carlos Tocci Reading: .308/.373/.410 If he could add weight — a lot of it — people would be screaming for him to be called up to LHV or even Phiily. Without more pop in that bat, he’s a 4th or 5th OF’er at best.

    Zack Coppola Reading: .281/.365/.313 Coppola can play all 3 OF positions but could use a lot more pop before he’s anything more than a 4th or 5th OF’er or AAAA guy. With Tocci already looking like a possible 4th or 5th OF’er, Coppola is redundant. Can’t have Tocci and Coppola on the same team except in AA.

    Mark Laird CLW: .281/.326/.352 Laird is another guy with not much power. Take your pick: Tocci, Coppola or Laird or someone else not currently in the organization.

    Mickey Moniak LKW: .267/.317/.386 Moniak is penciled in as the CF’er of the future. He’s very young for LKW and he takes a lump or two there but it’s easy to see there is a future here.

    Adam Haseley Wmsprt: .395/.489/.526: Haseley is mature enough to be starting in LKW and if you want to push him hard, CLW. He’s probably penciled in as an OF’er in Philly in a few years. He probably won’t be in CF but he can play the position.

    Simon Muzziotti GCL: .333/.347/.521 Muzziotti is another solid CF’er in the organization. He’s 18 yo and is screaming for a call up. Because of all the other CF’ers ahead of him, he has to play well enough for the organization to say he has to be moved up.

    Julio Francisco: DSL White: .347/.406/.430: He’s 19 yo and is a late bloomer so until they get him state-side he’s a light mist on the horizon.

  5. There is a lot of season left Bellman so I wouldn’t get too wound up about promotions. They will happen…

    1. DMAR…. Joe Jordan has given indication that Haseley will have one more move coming up this season……my guess in a few weeks.

      1. WPT never made sense to me. I know I said several times if Kingery started in LKW why would they do anything less with Haseley a much higher pick.

        But whatever they did what they did and here we are.

  6. Haseley has really opened my eyes, and I see him ready for Clearwater to start next year. I don’t know how they view their promotion schedule, but the Phils seem to move a little slowly. I think Moniak has held his own, and I am still very happy with him.

    1. I think Haseley will probably get bumped to Clearwater this season. He’s 2 years older than Moniak so it’s shouldn’t be surprising that’s he’s ahead of him right now.

      In 2018 then can then start the season with Haseley in Clearwater and Moniak in Lakewood. Hopefully both will be ready for a jump in levels sometime in May…

      1. I don’t know if that is what they do 3UP but it is what they should do…I agree!

      2. So, you’re saying Moniak will repeat Lakewood? Based on what they did with Randolph, i’d say Moniak gets moved up to Clearwater as both he and Randolph had similar results at Lakewood.

        Maybe Haseley does to moved to Clearwater this year and starts next year in Reading???

        1. I think he should start in Lakewood with Haseley starting in Clearwater. Within a couple of months, they both would then get moved up a level…

  7. Question for Hinkie and others……Bosox very motivated to get Neshek as are Yankees. Who might the Phillies get from either of those trade partners ?

    1. I’m looking for somebody in the lower levels with some upside. Phillies are in a 40 man crunch already, no need to add to that.

    2. The good new for the Phillies is … Neshek is drawing interest from multiple teams. This is going to drive up his price. The Nationals, Yankees, and Red Sox have all been mentioned so far. Let’s hope the Dodgers and Brewers enter the mix, as well. Those two clubs (as well as the Yankees) are deep in prospects. My trade targets for each team:
      Nationals … Jesus Luzardo. He could have been a late first round draft pick last year if not for TJ in his senior of HS. He’s made a few starts in the GCL this year and looks good (13.2 IP, 14 H, 0 BB, 15 K)
      Red Sox … Their system has really thinned out. I guess you could pick your favorite 3B prospect. Michael Chavis is a former first round pick who hasn’t done much until this year. Bobby Dalbec was widely thought to be a future first round pick after his soph year at U of Arizona. His senior year was a disaster, and he dropped to the 4th round last year. He was very good in 34 games in the GCL. To be honest, the Red Sox are the least appealing team on this list.
      Yankees … They have a lot of inventory. I have read all kinds of scenarios involving the Phillies and Yankees: Neshek, Neshek/Joseph, Neshek/Franco. Neshek/Joseph/Franco. If it’s a Neshek only deal, Jorge Guzman, Freicer Perez, and Dermis Garcia are all guys who make sense. The first two are hard throwing, 21 YO RH starting pitchers who may end up as relievers if they don’t improve their control. Guzman came to the Yankees from the Astros in the Brian McCann trade. He’s hit 103 MPH, and he has shown improved numbers in the NYPL this season (22.2 IP, 13 H, 4 BB, 26 K). Garcia is very interesting. He was the #1 ranked J2 player in the 2014 class. He is a 19 YO third baseman, and has had a slow start to his young career.
      Dodgers … AJ Alexy is a guy I was touting months before last year’s draft. He wasn’t a kid that was ranked all that high on most draft lists, but I had heard a lot of positive things about him. The Dodgers picked him in the 11th round, and he has been dynamite for them as a 19 YO at full season A ball (63,1 IP, 33 H, 29 BB, 69 K, .153 OBA) this year. He’s a local kid (Twin Valley HS). He wouldn’t be in this discussion if it wasn’t for the fact that Dodgers are absolutely loaded in pitching prospects.
      Brewers … Jacob Gatewood had Joey Gallo-esque power in HS. He won the HS HR derby in 2013 (IIRC). He also had Joey Gallo-esqu swing and miss issues. He’s now 21 YO and is having his best season as a pro in A+ (.278/.348/.465, 29 doubles, 1 triple, 10 HR)

      1. Now that is what I like to see realistic trade proposals and actual targets to think about, well done sir.
        However some snark merchant might tell you this is the wrong section for that but whatever I enjoyed the read.

      2. Marvelous job, Hinkie !!! Thank you for the input. I did a quick review of the Yankees and I agree with you on Guzman. Partly because he was traded once and could likely be traded again without injuring “yankee” farmhands they drafted and be accused of selling off the farm. Thanks much !!

  8. On the “open discussion” thread, Tim mentioned Nogosek and Chavis as possible trade pieces from the BoSox and Romus talked about Mata. I’d love to see any one of them in the trade, especially Chavis, but I don’t think that Boston will offer any of them. Hope I’m wrong.

        1. Sure do. But then I have respect for wishes of the person who does all the work on this site. The speed limit…. not so much…

    1. see a couple of major leaguers are playing in that game. Marte for the Pirates and Hernandez for the Phillies…

    2. There were a lot of people on here calling him a bust…..they have gone quiet..probably hanging with the JPC haters 🙂

      1. the people who called him a bust didn’t realize how young he was for the league. Or they read it somewhere. he turned 20 on june 6 so he is young for Clearwater imo .

  9. C on fire today with two ground ball singles and a fly ball single? Hey,I’ll take it..looks good in the box score.
    He does seem to be hitting much better lately..

    One “Bash brother is ready to be called up and Cozens may be called up in Sept.So better days ahead for us die hard phillie fans!

    1. He went 3 for 4 and yes may only be singles but his first hit was a 2 out single with a RBI. So maybe not on fire to some but being on base 23 straight games is pretty good I don’t care how you got on base

  10. On Haseley

    Another promotion for Haseley will not come this week, but it is unlikely that he will finish his first professional season at Williamsport and entirely possible that he will skip the South Atlantic League and move straight to high-A Clearwater. That would put him on the fast track to the big leagues.

    “I think at some point in time that may be what we do,” director of player development Joe Jordan said. “But right now we want him to get used to a different routine from what he had in college. Obviously he’s not pitching any more, but the amount of throwing and the amount of early work you do in professional baseball is an adjustment. We want him to get integrated into our system.”

  11. Tom B Thanks..I’m glad they were able to get Haseley instead of Pavin Smith.
    Haseley can now focus on getting better on hitting and fielding (since he’s not pitching anymore)…hopefully he’ll be a fast mover and become the star we desperately need!

    1. If nick makes it I will run down broad street naked. I still don’t think he will hit a lot. Hope I am wrong. Romus isn’t Randolph young for the league he is in?

      1. rocco…..yes Randolph is listed as young…almost 3 years young by BR….but IMO as top tier equivalent prospects go in the FSL probably just a year or so.
        Make sure you wear a good pair of Sketchers and your favorite John Kruk Phillies jersey when you run down Broad Street, so we will be able to identify you.

  12. Good test tonight for Crosscutters vs Tigers top prospect and pitcher tall Matt Manning, with velo in mid-90s .

  13. Romus (and others) – Just got back from that game in Norwich. It was suspended after three and a half innings. I haven’t seen rain come down so hard for so long in quite awhile. It poured for thirty straight minutes and the field became saturated..

    You are absolutely correct about Matt Manning. He is probably the best pitcher in the NYPenn league. His fastball was 86-89 and topped off at 90-91. He whiffed 7 or 8 in his four innings and Kd Stobbe, Pickett, and Ortiz consecutively.

    Julian Garcia struck out 5 in his three innings. FB was 84-88 and topped at 89. He has a very good curve ball, not 12-6 but maybe 11-5. He got into trouble walking the lead off batter in the first and third innings but the catcher Duran picked off a runner.

    The Cutters scored in the first. Maton walked, stole second, went to third out on Scheiner’s grounder into the 5-6 hole and scored on a sac fly from Haseley. They got only one hit off of Manning, a Scheiner single but he was later caught stealing.

    Haseley’s sac fly was a foul ball that the LF couldn’t get into position to make the throw. If he could have caught it straight on, the runner would not have scored. Haseley was behind on every pitch from Manning who later struck him out in the fourth.

    Okay, now before you guys jump all over me, IMO Haseley should NOT jump to Clearwater. The pitchers in A+ have to be as good or better than Manning. Haseley was over matched. The perfect spot for him right now would be Lakewood,

    I’ll be going to the completion of the suspended game and the regularly scheduled game tomorrow, weather permitting. Depending on who pitches for the Tigers, I’m sure Haseley will hit much better than against Manning. I’ll keep you posted.

    1. Not sure that seeing anybody for one game can determine if they are overmatched. Baseball is a game of adjustments. It will be interesting to see how he doe against a few more solid arms. Steve Carlton made Dave Parker look like a chump but could not get Joel Youngblood and Hal Breeden out. Go figure 🙂

  14. Mwbbfan I remember carlton and his slider making Parker and Others look slilly. But we are talking about a kid who cant hit a fastball at 90 I wasn’t at game, didn’t see game don’t know this kid at all. But if he cant hit a fastball at that velocity. That is a BIG RED FLAG

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