XST at the Complex; April 18th, 2016

I felt well enough today to venture over to the Carpenter Complex for a few innings of live baseball.  I was rewarded with 5 innings of Bailey Falter and Nick Fanti for my effort.

The XST groups have been working out for almost two weeks now.  They began playing games last Monday.  Today was the first time I was able to make it to the Complex since ST broke around April 1st.

I picked up a 2016 XST Roster.

I’ll add the additional names for the players from the Dominican Academy to the organization rosters.

I arrived late and only saw two of Falter’s innings.  He was 87-89 mph.  Fanti came in at 87-89, T90 mph.  Both looked sharp, I only remember a few base runners.  One batter looked like he was struck out by Fanti on 3 consecutive pitches.  The umpire squeezed him and the batter walked.  Coach de Armas rolled the inning before the batter reached first.

Drew Anderson threw on the other field.  He was finished before I arrived and reached his allotted pitch count before recording three outs.  No runs, only one base runner, must have been a low pitch count.

I found out about the Cuban outfielder the Phillies signed last month.  Osmel Aguila is at the Phillies’ Baseball Academy in the Dominican Republic.  He’ll continue to work out there while the Phillies take him through the tangled process to get him assigned stateside (visa, etc.).

I saw gkit at the Complex today.  He has a nasty bruise where the foul ball that destroyed his camera hit him.  You can actually see the threads from his shirt and the stitching from the ball.  If you’ve been to the Complex, you are aware of the unprotected areas behind the cage.  He was caught in that limbo and lost the ball as it cleared the cage above him.  Real nasty bruise.



15 thoughts on “XST at the Complex; April 18th, 2016

  1. I hope Gkit all right might have pad the new Camera . He might go to a safer location .

  2. Thanks Jim I do have a Question does anyone know the Canadian kid we drafted last yr they signed him but he’s like 16 .

      1. He was here for two weeks during spring training, on his spring break. He is still in the Canadian equivalent of high school. He’ll return to Clearwater this summer after graduation.

        1. I thought he was 17 last yr but was 16 which your right puts in ex in Clearwater. Did you get a chance to see him.

        2. I thought he had turned down an offer from South Florida to sign. How is a 16 year old HS jr eligible for the draft?

  3. Same Canada scout signed rhp Dygestile-Therrien who’s coming along well in lower minors. This kid has power potential but needs time and pounds to find out.

  4. Anything on Ranger Suarez? He had decent numbers in GCL last year, but it seems I lost track of him. Is he in XST?

  5. Nice having Drew Anderson back out on the mound after having Tommy John, Kid still might have a bright future,

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