Open Discussion: Week of April 18th

Here’s the open discussion thread for Phillies’ talk and other topics. 

The Phillies had a 5-5 record going into this weekend’s series against the Washington Nationals.  They had received good starting pitching, improved relief pitching, and some timely if not consistent hitting.  And then reality set in.

The Nationals outscored the Phillies 17-2 in the first two games of the series.  Both runs came on solo home runs.  But Morton pitched well today, and the Phillies’ favorite ex-Phillie blew a save and suffered the loss in ten innings.

  • In spite of Galvis’ game winning double, I read a lot of tweets today that focused on the ineffectiveness of the Phillies’ leadoff batters.  This from Meghan Montemurro, “Phillies’ leadoff hitters are batting .132 with .170 slugging pct. and .299 OPS – worse than any spot in their batting order, including 9th”.
  • The Phillies have the worst average and on base percentage in the NL.
  • The Phillies are the only team with more caught stealings than stolen bases.
  • Phillies batters are among the lowest in walks and creeping toward the top in Ks.
  • They have scored the fewest runs in the NL.
  • The Phillies have turned a league low 4 DPs.
  • Opponents have been successful on 3 of only 4 SB attempts.
  • The pitching has been pretty good.  They are 5th in the NL with a 3.86 ERA.  They are 4th with a .219 BA against and 1.14 WHIP.
  • Their 128 K is tops in the league.  Their 37 BB are 6th fewest..

For those who don’t think it’s to early to worry about this, the Phillies 6-7 record would place them around 13th.  That’s that unenviable spot in the middle ten between protected pick and the playoffs.

Last week I brought up the strike called on Dylan Cozens for stepping out of the batter’s box during a game against Daytona.  A couple readers weren’t aware that the rule was actually being enforced.  Here’s video of a one-pitch strike out from 2013.  And a story about the same incident.  In the video, you can see the umpire begin to point to the batter’s box after the second strike just before the camera cuts to the pitcher.

Organization rosters for all full season teams have been updated from the affiliates’ web sites.  They have been added as a selection on the Rosters selection on the menu.

Prior Week’s Transactions:

  • 4/17 – Severino Gonzalez assigned to Reading Fightin Phils from Lehigh Valley IronPigs.
  • 4/16 – Severino Gonzalez assigned to Lehigh Valley IronPigs from Reading Fightin Phils
  • 4/16 – Lehigh Valley IronPigs placed 2B Carlos Alonso on the 7-day disabled list. fractured jaw
  • 4/15 – RHP Gregory Infante assigned to Lehigh Valley IronPigs.
  • 4/15 – Lakewood BlueClaws placed C Deivi Grullon on the 7-day disabled list retroactive to April 12, 2016.
  • 4/15 – C Wilson Garcia assigned to Lakewood BlueClaws
  • 4/14 – Daniel Stumpf placed on the Restricted List.  He was suspended for 80 games after testing positive for a banned substance (dehydrochlormethyltestosterone).
  • 4/14 – Elvis Araujo recalled from Lehigh Valley.

49 thoughts on “Open Discussion: Week of April 18th

    1. do they need to run him out there maybe 3 straight days just to see if he settles in at all? maybe not bat him 8th? give him some chance to have success?

      1. I agree 100%. But I also understand the adjustment period for the kid has to be a little rough. I’ve come to realize, let him sit on the bench, talk to Bowa and the coaches about what to look for in certain counts and sit there and learn. Then, by mid May, when this Hunter-Burress-Bourjos experiment completely looks like a failure, he gets to play and prove himself over an extended period.

    1. Sam…correct he was 4 hits for 20PAs starting the season last year.
      Then he kind of had a few multi-hit games and started to get a bit more comfortable.

      1. incorrect..regardless of his stats in 20 PAs, Odubel never looked over matched and he always hit the ball hard. Tyler looks lost up there IMO.

        1. I have to go with you on Herrera. I went to ST last year and saw him play 4 games in a row, at the end of which, it was abundantly clear that he was a major league talent and major league ready. The question last year was not whether Herrera was a major leaguer, but whether he would be a starter or role player.

          I’m not trashing Goeddel because he’s more the norm than the exception with Rule 5 picks. I’m fine with keeping him around if he has meager production because I get the end game. With Cedric Hunter and Emmanuel Burris (and, to a lesser extent, Peter Bourjos) there is no end game – if they don’t produce almost immediately, there’s no reason to keep them around, especially with someone Will Venable, who has some track record, around.

          1. MAC is working him in slow…relax on the overmatched…and Herrera clearly looked the same way last year. Stop with the eye saw him hit a ball hard in spring traing so i knew he was a star…you mean maybe when pitchers were just getting their work in? double A to big is a big jump…Goedell hasn’t got his shot yet…they say pinch hitting in mlb is extremely tough because of coming in cold…that’s basically what he is doing now….Mac wanted to give Hunter the first crack…please reserve judgement on TG until he gets his shot…it’s April 18 for crying out loud!

            1. Well, thanks a lot for completely misquoting me and misconstruing what I said. I saw a pretty good sampling last ST and I already knew Herrera was likely going to make the team (whether he deserved that or not). What I SAID about him was that I came away believing it was clear that he was a major leaguer (and it wasn’t just hitting – it was fielding, base running and the quality of his at bats), but I wasn’t sure how good he’d be as a major leaguer – I never said I predicted he would be a star; in fact, I said the opposite.

              And by the way, to the extent you are responding to me, I’ve defended Goeddel (hence, the part about the long-view) so you apparently misunderstood what I said about him too.

            2. 2016 Goeddel vs 2015 Herrera:
              Goeddel has the edge defensively…since Odubel was just learning his craft in CF.
              Offensively….Herrera may have the edge ….he is stronger and he barreled the ball with authority.
              Let it play out……but do not want a similar Featherston situation in 2017 that transpire with the Angels. I do not even remember who the PTBNL was in that February trade.

            3. Catch that was nothing personal…actually I thought somebody else said it…my point is and I hate the phrase SMALL sample size but we are two weeks in and people are writing the kid off…it’s terrible…it’s as impatient as the next guy…this is all for 2018…

  1. I was on board with the not getting a veteran for The OF in FA, so I am not second-guessing, just venting. Not only is leadoff a real problem, but the production from the corner OFs is really horrific. Nick Williams is off to a slow start, but I wouldn’t expect him until late Summer even if he starts to heat up.

    1. Nick Williams still has a chance to get hot and be the first one called up in mid-May, especially with Hunter stinking it up.

  2. Bourjos and Goeddel are virtually the same player only the former has more experience and more speed. What’s unfortunate is Altherr would be your primary rh OF bat right now with much higher ceiling. Hope we see him before end of the summer. Meantime….. the outfield may become a turnstile much like bullpen.

  3. And every time I watch Goeddel hit, I’m thinking that this is what Carlos Tocci must look like.

      1. I love a feel good story, and I hated seeing Hunter struggle. That said, he was brutal and a change had to be made.

  4. Lough batting 6 C Hernandez 7 8 Bourjos 8 Galvis 1 . Few can’t wait until Herrera 1 Knapp 2 3 Nick Williams 4 Franco 5 Howard 6 Rupp 7 Sweeney / C Hernandez 8 Galvis. That’s this yr next yr new SS ,2nd, RF 1st.

    1. does anyone see the purpose of this? If we give cash ok, but a PTBNL no way. He adds nothing that we don’t already have 3x’s over.

  5. Not too worried about the Phils ending up with pick #13. As noted, the Phillies’ offense is positively anemic (could be historically bad), and the good pitching to date won’t last all season. Even with decent pitching the rest of the way, the Phillies will have a top 5 draft pick in 2017.

  6. Not tracking with Mackanin so far this year. Galvis a leadoff man? (yes I know he doubled and scored tonight but really, no BBs at all this year). Plus his in-game decisions. Not talking Ws and Ls since he doesn’t have much to work with but he seems to be sitting on his hands. Hit and run. Double steal. Drag bunts. Something. Anything. Please.

  7. I’m thinking in 2018…….

    1 Crawford SS
    2 McCutchen CF
    3 N Williams LF
    4 Franco 3B
    5 Hosmer 1B
    6 Alfaro RF
    7 Knapp C
    8 Freddy Galvis 2B
    9 Jose Fernandez P

    1. Galvis is below replacement level player. Will be in International League with another org. But the rest is interesting.

  8. I think VV hurt he went to 92,93 then started grabbing under his arm. I hope it’s a cramps, if he is hurt who gets the spot ?

  9. I see issues in Rupp’s game calling last night or the Muts knew what was coming. Some of those blasts off VV were excellent pitches. Camera showed a shot of Chooch on the step with McClure. I wonder if they were discussing either….

    1. DMAR……another poster on another site thought it may have been better if the Ruben and the Phillies had taken Conforto with the 7th pick ilo of Nola. Mets grabbed Conforto at 10, three picks after Nola. Of course that may have changed CRan’s selection last year since Conforto would be penciled in for that OF position.
      What do you think?

      1. Yes in hindsight I would redo that draft as well. I think Nola will be a serviceable starter for us for years but Conforto thus far looks like the real deal. Definitely more of an impact player then I think we will say Nola is 2-3 years from now.

  10. Sorry if this has been covered elsewhere, or I am posting in the wrong spot, but I saw an article on that Groome had his 19SO nohitter removed and is banned for playing for half his team’s games or May 1 due to being a transfer from Florida. So, does this impact whether the Phils pick him?

  11. I Was watching the Florida – Georgia game. The start talking about the Phillies and the first pick. The announcer said. Philly likes college pitchers . Seems to me the words around is they wont go high school. which bothers me.

  12. Tim you cover all the bases. What it says is that they are know to prefer college players. that’s all. Doesn’t mean you don’t scout high school. Just though it was strange they mention it, as other have on here

    1. Puk vs Groome.
      Since we are down to approx. 6 weeks before decision time….would like to see an article of the pluses and minus’ of each candidate.

    1. Agree….Phillies should get better over the next two years, maybe not playoff contender, but good enough to avoid the 1.1 pick.

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