Box Score Recap – 4/18/2016

Lehigh Valley (5-5) Beat Syracuse 5-1.  Mark Appel went 6.0 innings and gave up one run while striking out six.  Luis Garcia stranded two inherited runners in the seventh.  Andrew Knapp and Darnell Sweeney hit home runs.

  • Appel – 6.0 IP, 5 H, 1 R, 1 ER, 2 BB, 6 K.
  • Sweeney went 2-3 with a HR (1), RBI, and BB.
  • Featherston went 2-4 with a 2B.
  • Knapp went 2-4 with a HR (2) and 2 RBI.
  • Stassi went 1-4 with a 2B.
  • Perkins went 2-3 with a 2B.
  • Venable and Sweeney each stole their first base.
  • Sweeney was CS for the second time.
  • Featherston committed his first error.
  • The ‘Pigs turned 3 DP.

Reading (8-4) Beat Reading 6-2.  Ben Lively pitched 7.0, 2-hit innings, and drove in two runs.  Ulises Joaquin gave up 2 runs in 0.1 inning.  Jeremy Bleich came in to strand two inherited runners.

  • Crawford went 0-3 with 2 BB.
  • Angelo Mora went 2-5 with a 2B.
  • Cozens went 1-4 with a BB and RBI.
  • Hoskins went 1-4 with a 2B, BB, and 2 RBI.
  • Valentin went 2-4 with a BB and RBI.
  • Lively went 2-3 with a BB and 2 RBI.
  • Cozens stole his second base, Mora his first.
  • Crawford committed a throwing error, his third.
  • Lively picked a runner off first.
  • Lively/Moore racked up a CS.

Clearwater (7-5) Lost to Jupiter 5-0.  Will Morris gave up 3 ER in 4.2 innings.  Three Threshers accounted for all 6 of their hits, all singles.

  • Sandberg went 2-4.
  • Tocci went 2-4.
  • Martin went 2-4.
  • Sandberg committed a throwing (1) that led to 2 unearned runs.
  • Walding committed a fielding error (2).  The runner was erased on a pick off.
  • Munoz and DeNato each picked runners off first.
  • Kingery cut down a runner at the plate on a FC.

Lakewood (2-10)  Lost to Hagerstown 4-3.  Mitch Gueller gave up 3 runs in 5.0 innings. Jose Pujols hit his second home run.

  • Coppola (.405) went 2-4 with a 2B and BB.
  • Wilson Garcia went 1-4 with a 2B.
  • Pujols went 2-4 with a HR (2) and 2 RBI.
  • Bossart went 1-4 with a 2B and RBI.
  • Coppola stole his third base.
  • Marrero was caught for the second time.
  • The Suns had a runner CS by Guelelr/Bossart.
  • And a SB against Tirado/Bossart.
  • Tirado committed a throwing error on a sacrifice bunt that loaded the bases with nobody out.  He got 2 strike outs and a line out to escape with no runs scored.

Here’s the affiliate scoreboard from MiLB.

Extra Innings – 

  • 4/18 – Philadelphia Phillies selected the contract of David Lough from Lehigh Valley IronPigs.
  • 4/18 – Philadelphia Phillies optioned LF Cedric Hunter to Lehigh Valley IronPigs.
  • 4/18 – Baltimore Orioles traded LF Alfredo Marte to Philadelphia Phillies for Player To Be Named Later.

136 thoughts on “Box Score Recap – 4/18/2016

  1. So do the Fightin’s trade Howard & call up Knapp or release Chooch & call him up? The Great Dongini needs an answer!

    1. Whatever happens with Knapp, the Phillies won’t start his clock early so he won’t be up until mid-May at the earliest.

          1. And re: runs created, he’s below league average for his position. Let’s stop the BS train here, acting like he’s producing anything – he isn’t.

            1. Actually you can pretty easily figure that out by track records. And a 36 year old 1B who can’t play defense, is going to OBP under .300 and can’t hit LHP has no value.

          2. Ugh…I wish more Phillies had non valuable metrics cause maybe Eickhoff wouldn’t be 1-2 with a 1.89 era

      1. What’s the rush with Knapp. He’s one year removed from his breakout year. Why not allow him a season of ABs in AAA?

        1. Because the MLB team’s offense is so putrid, fans want to see a prospect come up who can hit somewhat.

          1. Yeah that’s fantastic, however its not at all how you make decisions on what level a prospect plays. Knapp needs to be at AAA for his own development, not in the majors b/c fans want to see a prospect.

            If you want to see a prospect who can hit, drive to Lehigh Valley this weekend.

            1. And I said Front Offices don’t make decisions on prospects based on wants of the fan base. Knapp should get called up when he’s ready, not to satisfy fans who want to watch someone other than their current roster.

            2. Didn’t say FOs make decisions based on fans. Knapp will force a move by the MLB team if he keeps hitting like he has.

        2. Because Knapp is already 24 and in his 4th year in the system. If he has a .900OPS in mid-may, what’s the point of leaving him down there? Clearly he’s not struggling.

  2. Great to see Pujols hit his second HR.
    Lively should be at AAA, if not for that stacked LHV rotation.

  3. Anything going on with “C”? This makes two days in a row sitting out, hopefully it’s just a rest.

  4. Lively was chosen as the breakout or in better regard from last season…including myself. Before his time at Reading in ’15, he was the Reds favorite pitching prospect…with many Ks because of his variety of pitches. But when he came over, he demonstrated a lack of command. Apparently, they’ve tightened his motion or somehow got his “aim” more on target. With his (hopefully) gain in command, he could end up as a #3 or #4 in a good rotation for the Phils. And he’d probably make it to LV sometime mid-season if he keeps this up. And, maybe to Philly in Sept along with a few others…Eflin is also doing swell! Thompson has not gained his mojo from last season…but should straighten out soon. Could be working on his CU.

    About Knapp—>hitting like we saw last year in Reading. Question is still about his defense…as to whether he can learn it better given some time at AAA. Many see him playing 1st base…but he is still at catcher at LV. Can Alfaro make enough progress to be realistically a candidate for cather in ’17??…or possibility of Knapp moving up and Alfaro going to LV in a few months.

    All speculation this early in the season…but baseball is chock full of hope and a better day tomorrow!

    1. So just because Lively won pitcher of the year for the reds , he was always seen as a middling prospect, Stephenson was much higher rated prospect with vastly superior stuff. No way a team trades away their best starting pitching prospect for 39 year old one year rental

    1. Nothing. Absolutely nothing is the problem with a young player adjusting to AAA. He will figure it out. Just give him a little time.

      Does anyone remember Franco’s stats when he moved up a level? Just relax. Guy has elite tools.

      1. Williams isn’t have the same problem as Franco . Williams right now from what I have seen wasn’t getting around on 91-92 fastballs. Franco never had that problem. The common problem they have is, recognizing breaking balls. Williams was chasing bad ones like franco. What worried me was he not getting around on fastballs.

        1. If that worries you then you are dramatically over reacting and misdiagnosing the cause. Williams has elite bat speed. When a player with elite bat speed has trouble with low 90s fastballs its because he is thinking too much. The game hasn’t slowed down for him yet. This is a very normal action in any sport when you move up a level of play. Ignore the first 100 ABs. Give him time to adjust to the level.

  5. AAA pitching maybe alot of breaking balls and pitcher’s that have experience. Maybe too pressure on himself ,He has the talent just needs to settle in . How about Appel too .077 Era nice to see him doing well. All Knapp has to is improve his D and keep giving good at bats. There’s a minor league baseball team named Nuts why would you name a team that. Do you work with a bunch of nuts ? Yes I do . Geez at lease put beer in front of Nuts.

    1. Tim,

      It reminds me of the girls softball team I ran across in a newspaper: The Ball Busters.

      For real.

  6. enjoy moment. We are seeing some dynamic pitching right now by phils system. Hitting will get better and I expect pitching to level off somewhat. Any velocity on Appel?

    1. Appel was throwing mid 90’s through the first 3 innings. He threw one that clocked 98 in the first inning. 3 of his 6 K’s were in the 1st, 1 more in the second and 2 in the 3rd. He rarely clocked above 92 after the first 3 innings but still got lots of ground ball outs. 3 of the 6 hits he allowed were ground ball singles. There is video of the first 3 batters he faced on youtube.. You should find it if you go to youtube and search on Mark Appel Lehigh Valley.

  7. Reading’s top hitter is… wait for it… Ben Lively. He’s not only pitching well but you can’t get him out with a bat in his hand. The “real” hitters aren’t hitting very much. Mora is over .300 and Crawford is getting on base at a pretty good clip but Quinn and most of the other guys aren’t even hitting their weight.

    Alfredo Marte has played a few games in the big leagues with Arizona and LAA. He’s a career .283 hitter in his 11 year minor league career. He looks like a 4A player who could fit very nicely in the Phillies OF. Since most of the OF’ers on the big club are 4A types. He’s another guy to to try as the the others continue to implode.

  8. It’s fun these days tapping minor league apps on my home page to check live box scores, especially Lehigh and Reading. Seems like there’s always several prospects having big games. “Pudge” Alfaro could turn out to be a beast. And Knapp is creating a great problem with a bat that they’re gonna have to find a position for. (By the way, let’s turn the page on Howard, please!) Lively, Eflin, Appel, Thompson, Morgan….who am I leaving out?

    1. I share your frustration with Ryan Howard. However, as bad as the Phillies lineup is, he has been one of the top run producers this season.

      1. Congrats to Ryan Howard for being the tallest midget in the circus.

        Actually stating that he’s leading this team in HRs and RBIs as if that’s a commendable trait is simply mind boggling. He’s below replacement player production at this point. No matter how you paint his production, it’s awful.

          1. Actually I love Ryan Howard, however his useful life as a player ended in 2011. I think you’re missing the broader point here, but that’s fine.

            1. No I’m not missing any point. Howard has zero to little value. I get that. However, if a team comes calling because they want Howard on their bench as a power bat for a postseason run, THIS IS A GOOD THING. This isn’t hard to understand.

            2. Rick – I respect and agree with your opinion 100%. I don’t think Ryan Howard is producing now either. I wish we had a prospect ready for the big leagues like Franco was last year at this time. But we don’t. I’m not a Ruf fan either. If we have to pay Ryan Howard all of this money, let him play. My problem is if we cut him loose, who replaces him? I don’t see anyone in the system who is ready to step in and replace him. So let him play. I know his WAR is the worst at his position. But who replaces him with a better WAR?

            3. Ryan Howard has become the major league version of a veteran minor leaguer added to the middle of the lineup to offer some protection for the rest of the lineup. Often times, when a minor league team is chock full of prospects, a team will take the pressure off of the prospects by putting a big bat in the middle of the lineup to make sure the other guys get strikes. Howard isn’t exactly that as I wouldn’t call him a big bat anymore, but with nobody else around to replace him, he does serve to take the brunt of the fans’ displeasure which puts less pressure on younger players like Odubel, Franco, Cesar, Rupp, and others. I think he serves a purpose on this team as minor and trivial as it might be.

        1. There’s obviously a different opinion on what “production” means. RBI’s shouldn’t even be a stat… production should be defined more closely as WAR and Howard has negative production right now…

          1. That’s your opinion. RBIs are never going away as much as it pains certain people. If an AL club who needs a platoon bat comes calling, that would be great for Howard and the Phillies.

            1. You are simply not be intellectually honest at this point. No AL club is going to look at a slash line of .200/ .260/ .500 and say, “well he’s got a decent amount of RBIs, let’s go get him to face RHP”.

              Front offices are smarter than that now. RBIs aren’t valued as a “production” stat, nor should they be.

            2. I’m not picking up for Ryan Howard. I am as frustrated as any other fan. But I don’t see a viable replacement currently. And I am against rushing a good prospect to the big leagues before his time. I would not just “fire” Howard two weeks into the season. Hopefully by June or July he has some value to an American League team and we can get some sort of marginal value if anything. As for now, who can replace him? Ruf? I’m not so sure about him either.

            3. @ JerryC – you’re not “firing” Howard 2 weeks into the season, you’re finally cutting bait 3 years after the fact. Big difference.

              If they had an asset @ the AAA level who was ready to play, he’d already be gone. Pretending he’s showcasing his skills for an AL club is a fantasy.

            4. I’m sure if the Phillies pay 100% of his salary and ask for a C level prospect, they might find someone. Won’t that be great.

        2. Rick,

          It reminds me of Richie Ashburn saying it wasn’t much of an honor to be named MVP on the 1962 Mets.

  9. Early returns are in, and it looks like Tocci will be a Reading call up in June….hopefully pushing Quinn up to LHV.

    1. It’s funny how people, even those who understand baseball like yourself, still put a lot of weight on batting average. It is such a poor way to judge a prospect, especially with a really small sample size.

      Tocci has 14 hits this season. 1 was a hard hit double to center. 13 were singles. Of the singles, 5 were infield hits and 8 were ground balls that got through the infield. besides the double, he has yet to hit a line drive base hit.

      batting average on ground balls was .239 in 2014

      But Tocci is probably just better at hitting ground balls (including those that don’t leave the infield) than anyone else in the world, so let’s move him up!

      1. It all about progression.
        Plus it is still early in the season, and when it warms up more he may hit a few squared up.
        And they will more then likely, want to see how he does vs AA pitching.


        1. so cold weather affects hitting a baseball on the sweet spot? you are reaching. there is no way you actually believe that.

          and i agree it is all about progression. but what progression are you seeing that i am not? kid is hitting a lot of ground balls. if you really think that is projectable then i got nothing for you.

          1. I like a ton of what you post, but man, Tocci really sticks in your craw. There was nothing objectionable to what Romus posted. Tocci may end up just being a 4/5th OF, that’s not a bad thing. He’s only 20 so time is still on his side.

            1. Not at all. I am more positive on Tocci than I have ever been. I actually think he can be a MLB player.

              What sticks in my craw is when people don’t objectively analyze a prospect and just rely on window dressing. Especially people who should know better.

          2. I’d add that the probability of a hit on a ground ball is lower then any other type of contact you can make. It’s literally the worst place to hit a ball. Until his LD% goes up, he doesn’t deserve a promotion.

            1. When evaluating a players batting average looking at BABIP and the ratio of LD/FB/GB’s the player is hitting is extremely important. The other thing you can probably add in there if you can get the stat is the average exit velocity of the ball upon making contact with his bat.

              The short of the story is, BA is an imperfect stat for the above reasons. Sometimes it can be indicative of real talent but to know if that’s the case or not you have to look at supporting information.

        1. right, because he knew the second baseman was covering…so not only is he the best ground ball hitter of all time, but he also can read minds.

          call this kid up.

          in all seriousness, we know that batted ball speed impacts batting average. we also know that line drives impact batting average. so when you see a guy with no power and a high ground ball frequency, you have to take any inflated batting average as luck. it is certainly not projectable to higher levels.

  10. First time poster….I am really encouraged with how Mark Appel has handled AAA thus far. I am out of town with work, has anyone seen him pitch yesterday? How did he look? I noticed he struck out the side in the first inning. Is he maybe more suited to be a power reliever (closer) or is it too early to tell as he will get stronger as the season goes along?

    1. He’s actually been my biggest surprise so far. I haven’t caught the video of the game but yeah… Kid has always had the stuff, it’s just been a problem of command/control + being a head case. I’m going to give him another 5-6 starts before I “believe”.

    2. His stuff would definitely play up over 1-2 innings. Being a starter is much more valuable though.

  11. Mitch Walding is right @ league average age in A+, however this is his 3rd go there. Any chance he gets bumped to AA mid-summer?

      1. Until this season. Hoping that the early season returns are indeed a result from the off season adjustments he made with minor league coaches and he’s ready to start moving up the ladder.

        1. Yeah 3B is pretty bare throughout the system. Would be awesome if he’s a late bloomer. Those offensive numbers would blossom in the EL.

            1. And correct me if I’m wrong, but the FSL is pretty power neutral or suppresses power. So him doing it in Clearwater is a great sign. Hope he can keep it up.

            2. Yup. From

              At one end of the spectrum is the Florida State League, a 12-team circuit where run rates and homer totals are consistently among the lowest in any domestic full-season league.

      2. I see Walding and I see Jeremy Hazelbaker who is all the rage for the Cardinals right now. Getting his shot at age 28 and making the most of it with a 1.011 OPS through 43 PA’s.

    1. easily the top sleeper prospect on the phillies farm and maybe all mlb dude hits for mad power and average yet no love

      1. LOL – he’s interesting, but he’s not the top sleeper prospect in MLB. You crack me up, Sandusky. Just bask in his glory – you don’t need to say anything right now.

    2. missed most of one year with a broken rib, then surgery, so technically its only his 2nd year, hopefully AA by mid-year

  12. Clearwater has been a pretty good home run park the last few years. The league tends to favor pitching a little though it is more balanced today than in the past. The big outlier in High A leagues is still the California League where there are multiple parks that favor offense.

  13. Tocci, Bourjos, Goeddel, DiMaggio……

    All kidding aside, the kid is smooth in the outfield but I planted a Tocci tree in my backyard the other day.

    1. That’s a silly comment. Fan is short for fanatic, and obsessively analyzing every aspect of something is exactly what a fanatic would do.

      Maybe you want to argue that they’re not enjoying the sport which is a key part of fanaticism, but I’d counter that no one spends so much (free) time investigating these sorts of things if they don’t enjoy it. If anything these people “over-analyzing” are much more passionate than those casual observers who simply watch the game.

      Anyways, we’re off topic.

      Early results on Knapp and Alfaro are encouraging. Gotta figure at their current pace and projections Alfaro is the one to stick behind the dish, so I wonder what we do with Knapp. On the one hand, his bat looks like it’d play just about anywhere. On the other, he doesn’t have the arm for 3B, the speed/range for SS, and our OF situation will be getting very crowded soon. Is it worth putting him in a corner OF spot until someone else forces the decision on who we move? Do we put him at 1B, the one spot his bat might not play well at? I guess I’d lean LF and wait until someone comes up that forces a decision. But maybe we’d be better served using him in a deal to someone that can still imagine him as a catcher.

      Still a little early to be thinking about this, but it’s an interesting dilemma.

      1. Agree. I’m confident in the brain trust in place now, but not sure why Knapp hasn’t been getting game reps at 1b or lf. If Stassi (who I like even if he’s no longer considered a prospect) isn’t in their plans, what would keep them from doing that?

        Another thought regarding analytics – JP Crawford is a guy I believe who might not wow people with his numbers but will make a huge difference with his intangibles, game changing defensive play, a great at bat, leadership…..certain things you can’t quantify.

    1. Utility player. Versatile. He’ll replace a guy like Burriss. Like him a lot but don’t think he’s an everyday player IMO.

    2. I know one reason. he stinks. other than that cant figure out why we don’t have a non hitting utility guy like sweeney

      1. rocco……I think I will make a list of ‘rocco stinkers’.
        So far this year…I got….Goeddel, Asche, Sweeney, Galvis, Ruf, Venable, and Lough, And lest I forget Howard.
        Is that about right so far?
        I will work on the pitchers later.

          1. for what its worth, i agree with all of the guys you mentioned. i dont use the word stink bc i remember a few yrs back it was asked that we not say that about a player, but those are all guys who i consider AAAA players or maybe Major Leauge reserves. Goeddel could be more, for the love of god, let him play every day.

        1. LMAO I wish I understood why we need Sweeney. It just puzzles me. I Guess its only me. I Want to build a good young team. and Sweeney and Ruf wouldn’t be part of it. Venable has seen his time. But I don’t know anything about Lough. Goeddel looks overmatched . But what do I know.

        2. Romus you have wrong , it’s easier to make a list on who Roccom doesn’t think stinks Franco, Herrera, Viza. See much shorter, you could throw in Schmidt, the bull , lefty , Boone just for good

          1. Funny tim. Viza is mystery guy for me. Yes I love Franco and Herrera. Falling in love with Knapp. On the fence on cozens. need to see more. Romus lets work on pitchers. But remember only people I have seen. I am not in love with your guy Nola you know that. Still think he is a homerun machine.

            1. rocco…he does have a rather high HR/FB of 15%……if he can get it down to the 10/11% mark that would be ideal for him and he truly can be ‘da man’.
              I do not expect him to get it down to the 6/7% mark like Matt Harvey….since his 4seamer is not that electric.

    3. Yes he had a horrid ST and keep in mind who the Klentak guys are (cough cough Lough, Hunter Goeddel, featherson, franklin, bourjos) that could be an underlying issue.

      Never underestimate a man’s need to prove he is smarter than the rest of his peers.

      1. i mean, he is paying these guys nothing. its not like he signed these guys to come over and be starters. they are organization depth and if any of them steps up and plays well at the ML level that is gravy. but i highly bouth any of those guy were brought in witht eh expectation that they perform at a high level, only bourjous was expected to play every day, and goeddel is a guy who could improve. lets go easy on the guy.

    4. He hasn’t shown that he can hit in the big leagues, and they would rather him get a lot of at-bats in AAA than occasional at-bats in the majors.

  14. While at this point I don’t want to anoint VV the Phillies next ace or even #2 or #3, can you imagine if not only he, but Mark Appel, become a rotation regulars? All for Ken Giles?

    1. And, oh yeah, Eshelman and Arauz could also make it and Oberholtzer is useful. The trade could become an all-timer.

  15. KramsKorner on Appel last night :
    “……….he is as fun to watch as Eflin is, and was able to crank it up to 98 at least once, while also featuring a sinking power pitch at 89 which had many batters fooled. Add in the breaking pitch on the corners and he was dominant at the start–even striking out the side in the first inning. Something to watch: A criticism I heard is that he tires in the later innings. What I observed was that he seemed to be less effective out of the stretch later on, and seemed to shy away from his more electric fastball offerings. Was he tired? Does he have trouble with the stretch? Were they just working on breaking pitches in that situation on purpose (there were a couple mound visits)? No matter, it was a fine, fine outing regardless.”

    1. Wait … could that sinking power pitch be the two-seamer we heard so much about Houston taking out of his arsenal? It seems like high velocity for a changeup.

  16. Do we have any legit power hitters projected in our lower levels? I hear names and read box scores but I ask the learned among us…..

    1. At A and below there are the three Latins nig-dollar players…Ortiz, Pujols and Encarnacion..all right handed bats.
      Then there are guys like Kyle Martin, Brendan Hayden, Zach Green and maybe Latin players Hiciano and Tromp.

      1. Romus,

        Slightly off-topic response, but is Tromp Latin? He’s from Aruba, which is part of the Kingdom of the Netherlands. The national language is Dutch, and the population is almost entirely of Dutch-Arawak Indian ancestry.

        Looking at a picture of Tromp, you can see the Indian heritage.

        1. FrankF……good question. I guess he is Dutch-Latin? Is there an animal?
          I guess like Andruw Jones who was from Curacao..which is also Dutch but also in the Caribbean, he may fall outside the typical Latin designation.

    2. Honestly, if there’s one thing this system is a little short on, it’s pure power hitters. Once Maikel Franco was promoted, there was no elite power prospect in the system and, while there are some good hitters in the system with power, there’s no guy who stands out right now as being a sure-fire 30-40 homer a year guy, especially in the lower minors. Encanacion, Ortiz and Pujols are the best bet power prospects in the lower minors and all are pretty much lottery tickets right now. In the mid-to-upper minors, you have Williams, Cozens, Hoskins, Martin, Alfaro and Joseph. Of that group, I think Williams will be the best hitter, but he seems to me more like a 25 homer per year guy. Cozens may have the most pure power, but his hit tool is suspect. Hoskins and Martin are righty first base prospects – I like Hoskins a lot, but I’m not sure he’s a 30 homer a year guy even if he makes it. The one guy who could surprise and be a beast is Alfaro – if things click he could be a big time star.

      1. Also, on the upper minors, I wouldn’t sleep on Knapp – his catching is suspect, but he can flat out hit and the power is developing before our eyes. He positively crushed his home run last night with just a beautiful swing.

      2. I forgot about Green and Walding – they are sleeper prospects, but both have power. But, again, not front line prospects at this point.

  17. I’m surprised I haven’t seen more stuff on Lively. He’s pitched great twice now. I recall reading something on him about a new pitch. Whatever he (and Eflin and Appel) is doing, keep it up. We just need Thompson, Pinto and Kilome to bounce back in their next starts.

        1. Yeah. He got rocked. 3 IP, 7 H, 2 BB, 6 ER, 4 K. His ERA is now almost 16.00.
          On the other hand, “C” back on track. 4 for 5 with his first HR.

    1. Tim,

      But at least they heal so he’s just out of the line up for awhile. Still, we’ll be missing some expected fun for a couple of months.

      1. Who will return sooner? Alfaro or Asche? Can’t believe I am saying this but we could use him in the OF.

  18. We are deep at catcher Moore is the best defensive , the penn catcher I’d like to see more of . C Hernandez benched again wow , Valentin under radar guy 21 in AA.

  19. “C” with a big game tonight! JP 4 BBs and a hit. Williams and Quinn 2 hits each. Eshelman brilliant. Another nice pickup from Giles trade.

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