Top Prospect Discussion: October 15th

During an Instructional game at Bright House this week, the conversation turned toward the catching situation in the organization.  Of course, as you should expect, there were as many opinions as there were people in the discussion.  This topic has been touched on in several comment threads so far.  So, let’s get the discussion out in the open where we cover all the possibilities.

The above is just a suggestion for this week’s discussion.  This post is reserved for the discussion of the top prospects in the Phillies’ organization. You can tout the merits of your favorite prospects, instruct us on why your ranking is superior, talk about a prospect who intrigues/worries you, ask about prospects you haven’t seen and don’t know much about, or anything at all as long as it is about the top prospects.

We can’t start the discussion on where the prospects are assigned without discussing the parent club.  The Phillies finished the season with three catchers on their roster.  Carlos Ruiz (81) and Cameron Rupp (79) split most of the starts this season.  Eric Kratz (2) was called up in September.  Kratz has since been outrighted to Lehigh Valley and opted for free agency.

Ruiz is under contract for another year and is not likely to attract interest in a trade, coming off the worst season of his career.  Behind the plate, Rupp posted a higher FPCT (.993 v. .984) and a better CS rate (37.7 v. 19.3).  Offensively, Rupp had 9 HR to Ruiz’ two.  Rupp’s slash (.233/.301/.374/.675) was poor but better than Ruiz” slash (.211/.290/.285/.575).  I wouldn’t be surprised to see Ruiz as the starter in April, but a slow transition to Rupp as the starter and Ruiz as the back up as the season progresses.

The affiliates finished with the following catchers on their rosters.

  • AAA – Gabriel Lino,Logan Moore
  • AA – Rene Garcia, Andrew Knapp
  • A+ – Willians Astudillo, Wilson Garcia, Chace Numata
  • A – Joel Fisher, Deivi Grullon, Jose Mayorga
  • A- – Austin Bossart,  Greg Brodzinski, Jesus Posso, Gregori Rivero
  • GCL – Edgar Cabral, Rodolfo Duran, Jorge Alfaro
  • DSL – Nerluis Martinez, Luis Liriano, Robert Paulino
  • VSL – Adrian Acosta, Rafael Gamboa, Lenin Rodriguez, Wilman Silva

Knapp and Alfaro are probably the top catching prospects in the organization right now. Their performance in the AFL and winter leagues could determine which level each begins next season.  Rumors of a hamstring injury for Alfaro may already have settled that. Assuming both are healthy next spring, they should get the majority of innings and at bats next season.  So, that they will start at different levels is understood.

Additionally, Joseph’s days as a catcher are probably at an end.  He, Tomassetti, and Posso have been moved to first base.  The organization appears deeper at catcher right now.  FA Rene Garcia is likely to look for greener pastures.  I would think that Lino and Moore would both be able to step in as backups if Rupp or Ruiz suffer an injury, making the signing of some AAAA retread at catcher unnecessary.  (Although, I don’t believe the Phillies think this)  With all that in mind, I think the starters would look like this when the affiliates break camp and move north next spring.

  • Lehigh Valley – Andrew Knapp
  • Reading – Jorge Alfaro
  • Clearwater – Chace Numata
  • Lakewood – Deivi Grullon

I would expect backups to be Lino at AAA, Moore at AA, Astudillo as a third catcher at AA, and Mayorga, Wilson Garcia, Bossart, and Fisher divvied up between Clearwater and Lakewood with some experiencing downward or outward movement after the draft.

I would expect that Nerluis Martinez and maybe Lenin Rodriguez would join Cabral, Rivero, Brodzinski, Posso, Duran, and Rafael Marchan in XST.  When they break camp, the starters might be –

  • Williamsport – Edgar Cabral
  • GCL – Nerluis Martinez

I would expect Rivero back in Williamsport, Duran back in GCL, Marchan assigned to one of the academies and a couple or three drafted catchers to fill out the rosters.  If Brodzinski sticks, it would be Williamsport or Lakewood as a third catcher.  I wouldn’t be surprised if Lenin Rodriguez ended up back in the VSL in 2016.

  • DSL – Luis Liriano, Robert Paulino
  • VSL – Lenin Rodriguez, Adrian Acosta, Rafael Gamboa, Wilman Silva 

As I started thinking about the locations of the backup catchers, I remembered Gregg included possible assignments in his catchers’ report card.  Too late to scrap the idea.  So, I just finished up quickly. If this is too soon to talk about this again, just take the comments in whichever direction you want.

83 thoughts on “Top Prospect Discussion: October 15th

  1. Knapp and Alfaro are the Phils best catching prospects. That’s a foregone conclusion. They are both pretty close to being ready to take over the starting catching role. But neither is a very good defensive catcher and they’ve both lost development time. 2016 will be a year for one or the other or both to show they can handle the catching duties. If one of them jumps to the top, the other may have to find another position. The bats are very different with these two guys. Knapp is more about contact and Alfaro has a very loud bat. Alfaro has the arm to play the OF so if both bats progress and they want and need both of them in the lineup, Alfaro would more likely be moved from catcher. Ruiz is done and Rupp looks like an adequate long term backup, so there isn’t much resistance above for either. There are some decent catching prospects lower in the organization who might just knock on the door in a few years. Catching used to be a weak spot in the prospect department for the Phils with a few guys like Valle and Marson who looked good for a while and then collapsed. Now the organization has a pipeline of prospects. Let’s keep them coming and moving up the organization.

    1. if Knapp or Alfaro will be moved – how do you think about trading Alfaro + Eflin + Lively for Carlos Rodon and 2 lower minors? CWS current have 4 LHP (Sale, Quintana, Rodon and Danks) in the starting rotation. Eflin and Lively will be ready next year to join Fulmer.

      With depth in C and RHP, the Phils can cover for those positions.

      Any thoughts about this proposed trade?

        1. @v1 – buddy of mine have this discussion. i personally think that a MLB player need to be added – with Nola and Eikhoff comes to mind and I added Ken Giles too.

          For me, i’ll keep both Nola and Eikhoff but I can let go of Giles if that sweetens the pot. But it’s worth a shot to look into the CWS LHP heavy rotation and see if Phils can snatch Rodon.

          1. KuKo….one team that is woefully thin in their farm system at catching is the Indians. And they have already been rumored in kicking the tires with Asche as a left handed hitting third baseman. Not sure what a package of Alfaro, Asche and maybe one of the new pitchers that the Phillies got this past summer ( Tirado, Pivetta, Jim Cor., or Richey) would bring back from them. The player I would want but would take a major selling job by MacPhail and the new GM to get would be -OFer Clint Frazier. But that is pie in the sky stuff.

            1. @romus – if i will be talking to the Indians, i’ll start to make a play for Kaminsky or Aiken. i will double up the C if they want (Alfaro + Rupp or any C except Grullon) + Asche + RHP that you mentioned (although I will try to hold Tirado as much as possible).

              The Indians might ask at least 2-3 of the Phils Top 10 if they will ask for Frazier, which is too steep of a price IMO.

            2. I can only assume Chris Antonetti would also ask for a pitcher like Thompson or Eflin in a deal like that.
              Though, Kaminsky or a healthy Aiken would really help the LHP depth in the system for sure.

      1. If the Phillies had Carlos Rondon, would an offer of that package of players be enough for you to give him up?

        1. i think it will all depends on how high you view Alfaro as a prospect – power at premium position with plus arm and the position of need. i view Alfaro as high risk so I might ask for a Nola or Thompson (RHP and position of need for CWS) to mitigate the risk – that’s if it is me.

          1. No offense, but that is nowhere near a realistic offer for Carlos Rodon. Ben Lively has no value. Alfaro isn’t enough to get a cost-controlled future ace Pitcher, who is already performing in the majors.

            1. No worries. It is just a thought. It’s really hard if we flip the situation since we follow the Phillies farm more than the CWS farm. But it is just a thought that the Phils can pursue and do a better job in selling some of our prospects for a player they want.

              We don’t know how the CWS scouts view the Phillies prospects. Do they rave about some of our prospects that we can discard, we don’t know.

              Romus mentioned about CLE and MIA as potential targets to swap prospects. It’s not common, but no harm in trying. I’m still thinking of how ATL got away with Toussant. It’s a Hinke-like move. It’s not common, but ATL gave it a shot.

            2. @romus – i see that rumor floating around too. but i hope $$ talks. now that McPhail is fully in charge, i hope the Phils try to see if they can outbid ATL. i have a feeling that the IFA will be changed so Phils need to make the splurge while the other big markets are out of it.

            3. KuKo….ATL also has plenty of money allocated….they finished 3rd so they will have enough to sign top LA talent. Phillie could sign one of the older Cubans like a guy like Diaz who will be available on 2 July. Also, there should be plenty of Cuban talent available down the road. due to registration rules, outfielder Yusnier Diaz, lefthander Cionel Perez and righthander Ronald Bolanos have to wait until July 2, 2016 before they can sign. If Cuban players are 20 years old or younger they would also have to wait until 2016 before signing. Players like—outfielders Jorge Ona, Julio Pablo Martinez and Luis Robert—would all fit into that category. Any Cubans who leave the country this winter or later should be available.
              So the Phillies may not lean to sign a 16-year old with their money but possibly go for an older more advanced and closer to the majors, Cuban.

            4. Toussant is not Rodon. Not even close. You may be able to get a Toussant level pitcher with Alfaro, but outside of JP Crawford and Nola, you’re not getting the White Sox to pick up a phone for Rodon.

      2. This site doesn’t seem to welcome trade proposals. They can be interesting for offering insight into how established players and prospects are evaluated by knowledgeable people here. I see trades at this point as a preferred alternative to signing a bunch of expensive free agents to long term deals or dumpster diving for rehab projects.

        I think Carlos Rodon is basically untouchable for the Phils as the conversation would likely start with Franco and might well go up from there.

        Any team intent on acquiring a lefty starter from the Chisox might want to look at John Danks, who is the most expensive player on their roster. Personally I’d rather sign Scott Kazmir in free agency.I wouldn’t trade either Alfaro or Knapp in a deal involving Danks, unless there was a great prospect coming to Philly in a White Sox salary-shedding move.

        If the White Sox wanted a young catcher for Rodon, I think they would look at good old Blake Swihart in Boston. Rodon for Swihart with perhaps some additional pieces is a deal that has a chance. (I hope this has enough prospect content for this OP).

  2. The big difference between Jim’s piece and Gregg’s involves Numata. Jim really likes the guy and thinks he should stay in the organization. Gregg thinks the Phils see too much talent in front of him and may offer to release him so he can catch on (no pun intended) with another organization. Numata, who I’ve never seen in person but through Jim’s first hand reports, seems to be the better defensive catcher in relation to Knapp and Alfaro. If he is that and his bat continues to develop like it has, the Phils would be insane to let him go. I wouldn’t stash him on the 40 man roster and take your chances on the Rule 5 draft but I wouldn’t release him until they have to.

    1. Lino and Moore are defensively plus also…and closer to the majors for Rupp’s back-up for 2016 and possibly 2017.
      If Rupp BA/OBPs – 250/335 with 12-15HRs in 2016 from the 7th/8th hole he probably stays for 2017 to compete with Alfaro or Knapp..

      1. @ romus – i agree with Lino and Moore as backups in 2016/2017 but knapp will be 24 this november. If he continues to rake in AAA he needs to come up in middle of 2016 and should be the starting C (if he continues the trend). Once Knapp comes up, it might be better to move Rupp while he has value. It will be nice if Phils can move Chooch. But it’s also OK if he stays since he can mentor Knapp or Alfaro.

        If Alfaro will not be traded, I’m ok to see both Knapp (need to be added to 40-man next year) and Alfaro (already in 40-man) playing together with the Phils as C/1B/RF combo.

        with depth in C position, I see Rupp as a stop gap – so better to trade him while he has value, if any.

        1. KuKo……makes sense…however,Phillies do move slowly with catchers it seems… cheese, they seem to like their catchers aged alittle longer then normal.

        2. @romus – i love my cheese so i give you 5 stars for that. hahaha…. i just think that with JPC, williams and possibly cozens coming up in late 2016, I want Knapp to join them to form the new “core” and continue the growth they did in REA since they played really well together. and if hoskins can be on fast track, these young guys can develop together with herrera and franco.

    2. It’s not that I like Numata. It’s that I know some of the coaches like Numata. And, he was reported to have the best pop time in the organization. I don’t know if that translates to anything more than a ceiling of major league backup. I agree, I wouldn’t invest a 40-man spot. But I wouldn’t just release him either.

    1. Segura:
      I assume you mean defensively?
      Arm yes.
      In 2014, PBs were astronomical and CS% was not plus for an 80 arm catcher.
      Not sure what his pop-up times were in 2014.
      Also pitchers may have been a little wild, so PB% may be skewed.
      Pitchers though like throwing to him from what I read, same as Knapp.
      Have not seen Alfaro catch….seen Knapp.
      Both can use more experience.

  3. I know a reader had advised me Jake Sweaney was injured and out for 2015. Does he fit somewhere in the overall scheme ? Or has his injury put him so far down the list he is released ?

    1. I think Sweaney was moved from the catcher’s position to the OF before he got hurt.
      Don’t think he will be released….he will be 21-years old for next season and is not Rule 5 until 2017. So he does have two more full seasons to play in the organization before a decision is required.

    2. Jake had TJ surgery. Prior to that he had played the field in 23 games in 2014, all in the outfield (mostly in LF).

      A decision won’t be made until he is given an opportunity to rehab in Clearwater, hopefully during ST and/or XST.

      Personally, I agree with Romus. But, I’ve seen them release guys once they proved they were healthy, e.g. Jiwan James (Although, James was in the org much longer. He was released after 9 games in Reading and hitting .333.).

  4. I need to see Knapp have another big year with the bat and show his improvement defensively. Alfaro needs to show he can stay healthy. Now it is a Hamstring. I agree with Bellman that Alfaro can possibly move to the OF, and this is a year for one, or both, to really step up. It may be a little ambitious, but 2 top Catching prospects would be a very nice thing to have. Also, what does everyone think about Pat Gillick going to be concentrating on scouting duties? His first assignment is to scout Puk in Florida.

    1. If Alfaro moves to the OF, you remove all of his value. He has a below avg hit tool. He’s a bigger, slower Jeff Francouer if you put him in the OF. That would provide minimal value to the team.

      1. He probably is about as fast as Francoeur actually. Francoeur had average speed when young, stealing a max of 14 bases in the minors. Alfaro has already stolen 18 in a season and is a 45-50 runner (close to major league average for all players). He certainly could slow down faster as he is 20 pounds heavier. Hit tool is very raw of course. He probably has more power than Francoeur though. While his value as an outfielder is certainly less than behind the plate, it is also possible it could unlock more power (like the Bryce Harper move). I could see him being a 30-35 HR .250 hitter in the outfield which has some value if coupled with decent defense (and by all reports he does have the tools to be a plus RF defender if he were ever moved).

        1. 35 homers seems like a lot, but even at 25 homers he would bring value. I think, as an OF, a best-case scenario would be something like late-career Marlon Byrd, which wouldn’t be a bad outcome.

        2. But the point is that those numbers for a cather are all-star caliber, as a corner OF, he’s everyday regular.

          You don’t move a player from a premium position to a lesser position due to a potential overload at the spot. IF both Knapp and Alfaro become all-star caliber offensive catchers, teams will be beating down the Phillies’ door begging to trade for one of them.

          1. Bryce Harper, Craig Biggio, Jayson Werth. Sometimes you can move a catcher that is athletic and get more offense out of them.

            This is not to say he should not be given every chance to stay at catcher. But his athletic tools are not that different than Harper’s. He does not have the same hit tool and nobody has quite as much power, but there are some similarities. Agree on not moving him because of overload, but his athleticism is a plus and makes different reasons to move him potentially come into play.

            1. His tools are a lot different than Harper’s. He’s isn’t close to the hitter and he isn’t close in speed.

            2. The athletic tools ARE close. Alfaro is as fast if not faster. Arm is similar and they are both big guys. I never claimed his hit tool was as good, though the power tool is close.

            3. All three of those players were moved because their skill-sets didn’t translate to being catcher’s long-term for various reasons. Biggio was consider too small to remain as a catcher, Werth didn’t have the defensive skills, and Harper’s bat was so good that the Nationals didn’t want him spending the time in the minors waiting for the defense to catch-up. They signed him to a major league contract which forced them to get him to the majors as quickly as possible.

              Alfaro doesn’t fit into any of those categories. The only scenario I see would be if he becomes a Buster Posey/Joe Mauer type of offensive player to where the team eventually looks for ways to keep his bat in the line-up by playing him at other positions but the Phillies are a long way from that point.

          2. I agree on the value of Alfaro and Knapp as catching prospects. I think Tommy Joseph provides the example of how long the Phils will go in keeping a prospect behind the plate. The only thing that could change that is if either Alfaro or Knapp really blossoms to the point of being called up sometime in 2016 and flourishes at the MLB level. If you had either Alfaro or Knapp killing it as a big league starter with Rupp as a capable back-up, then you think about a trade or change of position for the other leading catching prospect. This is a problem the team would love to have.

    2. Matt, I like the idea of Pat Gillick still remaining with the Phillies in a advisory/scouting area. However, Pat Gillick deserves as much blame as Amaro with the Phillies decline and he left the Mariners and Orioles farm system in messes.

    1. That will depend on the number of catchers in XST. I think he will be stateside for ST and XST, but if they don’t feel he will get enough innings in the GCL, I think they’ll send him to one of their two academies (DSL or VSL). The more catchers they draft and sign, the more likely Marchan summers in the Caribbean.

  5. Also Romus, that site had a story which showed that, after BA ranked the Top 20 in each league throughout the minors, the Phils have 17, which leads all teams. When it breaks it down by position, you see a cluster at SS and RHP, and a glaring 0 in LHP, Still very early and a season of College and HS still to paly, but will that factor into the Groome/Puk vs others decision in June?

    1. @matt – agree about the lack of top LHP in the farm that’s why is started a conversation about trying to get Rodon from CWS if possible. I can see them drafting Puk unless his stock went down the drain (for whatever reason).

      not considering any FA signing, the 2016/2017 rotation will probably be Nola-Thompson-Eikhoff-Eflin-Pinto (Morgan might get the last spot being the lone lefty). It’s RHP heavy but not I’m not concerned yet since I can see that the young pitchers will continue to develop their pitches. Unless the Phils will get into the play offs, this can be a concern if the opponent team will stack a LH heavy line up.

      Nola and Eikhoff can dominate RH bats but not LH. I can see both throwing more CH or breaking balls next year. Thompson should be alright for both RH and LH hitters.

      I think the key is a plus CH to neutralized the lefties. if our young pitchers can develop that pitch, Phils should be ok.

    2. Yes matt…..starting LHP in the system is ‘thin’…I think that was what MacPhail was alluding to in his initial press conference with Middleton next to him. He said pitching ……but why point the finger at the lefties already in the system. Puk or Groome helps alleviate that weakness right away.
      But check out MattWink’s interview with Mitch Rupert and ian Catherine on the Crosscutters prospects.
      LHOP Tyler gilbert interests me….he wil try to get velo up to 92-94 this off-season and that could be a real shot in the arm for the sytem. Seems many of their lefties throw in the high 80s and touch 90, which probably does not generate much fear in the eyes of the batters.

      1. Gilbert looked real good at Instructs. In the three outings I saw, his combined line was 7.0 IP, 1 H, 1 R, 1 ER, 0 BB, 8 K. The one hit was a HR on the first pitch of his second start. Seven of his 8 Ks came on CB. One on an 88 FB. All swinging. His FB was upper 80s, T90-91. He throws strikes. The one game where I charted strikes/balls, he was 24/10 in 3.0 innings. He seems to throws strikes. An increase in his velo by 2-4 mph would certainly help. I would surmise that his CB might not be as effective in AA or AAA as it was in Instructs and low A.

        1. If what Gilbert says is doable…..more training, weights or whatever he has in mind, in the off-season to increase his velo, then he will certainly go up in the prospect ranking. Right now, the system is practically devoid of any starting LHP, other then just operated on Jesse Biddle,who can maintain 92/93.on the gun, and maybe Garcia.
          Plus if Gilbert can throw strikes like you say, certainly a plus.
          That really is sad when you think about it that the entire Phillies system does not have more LHPs who can bring more heat..

        2. jim – who do you think is a better prospect – gilbert or falter? i don’t have the chance to see either one of them but i see reports that falter has good control for his age.

          and who do you think is a good comparison for gilbert or falter?

  6. What do people think about Rupp? I know he’s lost prospect eligibility, but, since we’re discussing catchers, I thought of him. Not really a big sample size to go on but I thought he showed some solid stuff this year.

    Seems like he can survive as an adequate to low-end back-up.

    Looks like he’ll split time maybe 60/40 with Ruiz in 2016.

    1. Catchers develop late. Realistic chance that Rupp is a respectable MLB catcher. Which would provide good value to us to flip him when better prospects come up.

    2. A Miguel Olivo light type career? Always has a job in the league, and starts/platoons for bad teams.

  7. He played better last year than I thought, and seems to work well with the young Pitchers. I don’t see him as a front line option, but as someone with a pretty good career as a back up. Having said that, I catch him more next year than Chooch, who looks very close to being done. 2017 will hopefully be a Knapp/Alfaro with Rupp backing up the starter.

    1. In a post-season interview with CSN before the players headed home, Rupp told the interviewer this off-season, jokingly, he was going to chill and do ‘nothing’ and watch his Dallas Cowboys. I sure hope he isn’t sitting on the couch, eating a mitt full of chips and drinking Texas Lone Star watching them.
      If he dropped 20 lbs or so from his listed 260lbs it may benefit his around game in the long run.

    2. I would consider Rupp their full time starter in 2016 waiting for a long-term replacement to come from the system. To me, Chooch is already past being done.

        1. Outside of one (1) week in August, Cameron Rupp was just as bad as Ruiz.
          Even with that big week, Rupp had a 291 wOBA and wRC+ or 81. That’s terrible.

          1. But for the season Ruiz was a lot worse (a 59 wRC+). It’s fair to point out that Rupp’s wRC+ was 24th among catchers with at least 250 PAs. Some of the guys ahead of him are part-time catchers; Posey and Schwarber leading the pack. That says a lot about the kind of offense teams are getting from their catchers.

            Not to say that Rupp’s offense was good, but he’s probably good enough to be a stopgap and eventual backup. And he might improve a bit- he cut down on his strikeouts significantly in the last couple months.

            1. Outside of the last week in August when he hit 4 HRs, Rupp was horrible. He hit .186 in September and .209 in July. Rupp wasn’t good.

            2. I never said he was good. But he was respectable as an all-around player if you buy his WAR.

              If you take away Rupp’s last 7 games in August, when he hit those 4 HRs, and just look at his stats for the rest of the month he still hit .324/.350/.595. His numbers in May and June are pretty close to the line he finished the season with. It’s not fair to discount his best stretch of the season and just focus on his worst.

    1. Hopefully it’s nothing serious with Cozens, but I think Brown might be able to benefit from the experience more. He’s older and probably hasn’t seen pitching at that level before, while Cozens at least got some experience in Reading.

  8. Its difficult not to see Grullon in Clearwater to start. Age certainly isn’t a concern, but with a full season at Lakewood under his belt I doubt the brass would purposefully flatten his development timeline. I suspect in the end, you’ll see a lot of the catcher options overlapping at the same level. While one might argue that Alfaro and Knapp need as much time as possible behind the plate, I would argue that now is exactly the time to start thinking contingency plan. I can honestly see them both at LV to start the year

    1. Why would Grullon get promoted to Clearwater? His .221 batting average or his .273 OBP? He needs to learn to hit before moving up. He’s supposedly a good defensive catcher but he had 13 errors this year. Or should he be promoted because of intangibles like potential?

  9. Truly the definition of short season stats but Roman Quinn, playing Dominican Winter League ball, goes 3 – 5 with a triple, 3 RBIs and a SB in his 1st game. He also had 2 Ks. He’s a guy I have a hard time slotting in the top 30. He’ll make the top 30 but I’m not sure about top 10. He keeps losing developmental time with injuries. When he plays he plays pretty well and his speed is exceptional. The last two injuries involved the wheels so I’m worried that his speed might take a hit. Without that speed, he’s just another OF’er. I’ll keep my eye on those Winter stats to see if the speed will take a hit.

    1. Bellman. I just don’t understand. He has speed. plays a good centerfield. can hit. imo he is a top ten prospect. The injuries are a concern. but when healthy he is good.

  10. Well DC is in Arizona…not with the Desert Dogs, but yesterday at the Taco.Fest.
    I am wondering if the Phillies will be sending him anywhere for winter ball?

    Dylan Cozens ‏@dylancozens · 9h9 hours ago
    Me and skeenboii just wrastlin at the taco fest @ ARIZONA TACO FESTIVAL

    1. I would hope so Romus. He’s a prospect in every sense of the word. Another 100 ABs wouldn’t be a bad thing. If I recall correctly he was in Australia last year

      1. Steve….he was in Australia…with the Melbourne Aces…their league starts on Friday the 23rd……Joe Vavra is the manager, from the Twins org….not sure if he can make it this year or if eligible again..
        There is also the Ven winter league, with past opening day 10/07/2015. He may still be able to get into that league.
        But JimP said he was running slow last week in the FIL so he may have tweeked a leg issue and the Phillies are holding him out and letting him chill awhile with family at home.
        He could just get into a winter program at the Carpenter Complex also.

  11. I’m curious about the generally good opinions of Franklyn Kilome. How many of you have actually seen him pitch? I saw most of his home starts this past season and frankly 🙂 wasn’t all that impressed. Potential, yes, but top ten? That’s stretching it a bit much IMO. BB vs. K needs work. Based purely on performance, he was only the 5th best starter in the Williamsport rotation this season.

    1. His splits vs RHB was very good.
      His splits vs LHB were not outstanding…..too many BBs for some reason, that really skewed his numbers. Though no HRs or 2b vs him.
      So you are correct in that ne needs to bear down more and rectify that BB to K ratio…especially with LHBs.
      vs LHB–
      PA-111….H-23…HR-0…BB- 14…K-17…..BA/OBP/OPS—.247/.364/.654…BABIP-.303

    2. How many of Williamsport’s other starters would you rather have in the system than Kilome? The guys who were statistically better than him are all older and more experienced.

    3. The Scouts and coaches of the NYPL told Baseball America that Kilome was the 5th best prospect in the entire league. You’re saying he was the 5th best Pitching prospect on the team. Now I’m confused…

    4. Scouts don’t judge short season players by their stat line so based on his potential, he is a borderline top-10 talent

      1. The other day Mitch Rupert said Kilome was the best Pitching prospect at Williamsport in the last 7 years. Nola, Biddle, May and Cosart never pitched there, but the comment still caught my attention.

  12. Brian Bogusevic batting .333 after 1 game in Dominican League. Most players in Venezuela League, Edgar Duran 7 hits in 7 games, Gabriel Lino 8 hits in 7 games, Carlos Tocci 8 hits in 9 games, Miguel Alfredo Gonzalez 2 starts 10 innings 5.40 ERA, Chris Leroux 2 starts 10 innings 4.66 ERA, Stephen Shackleford 4 games 4 innings 9.00 ERA.

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