Florida Instructional League – Game #12; 10/15/2015

Today’s games signaled the end of Instructs.  It was quite a contrast from the 22-hit slug fest  on Monday.  Six Phillies’ pitchers shutout the Yankees on three hits and two walks. They recorded 16 strike outs.  The Yankees’ pitchers were almost as effective holding the Phillies to one run on three hits and three walks.  They also hit two batters.

The Phillies’ Nick Pivetta pitched a rehab inning.  Bradenton’s Cord Sandberg made an appearance and took five at bats as a DH.

Pivetta was selected by the Phillies to participate in the Arizona Fall League, but suffered an oblique strain after four pitches in his last start on September 7th.  Pivetta looked strong in his one inning.  He faced four batters and threw 16 pitches, 8 strikes.  The first batter hit a come backer and the second batter worked a five pitch walk.  Pivetta responded with back-to-back backward Ks.  The first on a 92 mph FB, the second on a 76 mph CB.  I don’t know Pivetta’s normal FB range, but he was 92-93 today.  His one off-speed pitch was 86-87, his CB 76-77.

Felix Paulino pitched two, one-hit innings and struck out three.  He got his first two Ks looking at a 92 mph FBs.  His third K came swinging at a 77 mph CB.  He seemed to be in command today.  His other three outs came on a pop up and two infield ground balls.  The hit was a ground ball double down the right field line that caromed off the stands in foul territory back into right field.  Jhailyn Ortiz covered the play well.

Will Stewart followed with two well-pitched innings of his own.  He one-hit the Yankees and struck out four batters.  He started and ended the fourth inning with strike outs.  One swinging and one looking.  Both were off speed, one at 81 mph, the other at 82 mph.  The second out was a routine fly ball to center.  With two out, the Yankees’ batter lifted a routine fly ball to right that carried to the wall.  Ortiz drifted back but appeared to lose the ball.  It bounced off the bottom of the wall between him and the foul line.  Either he lost it off the bat, or lost it looking back into the sun.  His body alignment indicated he was struggling with the sun.

Stewart was just as dominant in the fifth.  He recorded two more Ks to open the inning, looking at 86 mph and swinging at 81 mph.  He ended the inning with a routine fly ball to left.  Stewart’s FB was upper 80s, T90.

Edgar Garcia came on to pitch the sixth and seventh innings.  He faced six batters and struck out four.  He retired his first batter on a foul pop to first.  The next batter launched a laser back through the middle that Garcia snagged in self defense.  He then retired the next four batters on Ks.  Swinging at 80, 79, and 90; looking at 85 mph.  Stewart’s FB was upper 80s, T90.

Nick Fanti pitched the eighth.  He faced three batters, 2 Ks, a walk, and a caught stealing by Edgar Cabral.  The Ks book ended the walk.  The first came on a 78 mph pitch, the second on an 89 FB.  Fanti’s FB was 88-89, T90.

Skylar Hunter opened the ninth with a swinging strike out on a 92 mph FB.  He got a fly out to shallow right before an infield single to the right side.  The game ended on a soft ground ball to Lucas Williams at third.  He unleashed a strong throw to first to just beat the runner to end the game.  Hunter’ FB  was low 90s in this one-inning outing.

As you would imagine, there’s not much offense when you get three-hit.  Kyle Martin walked in the second and was erased on a 6-4-3 double play by Jan Hernandez.  Arquimedes Gamboa was hit by a pitch in the third and stole third but was stranded.  Scott Kingery got the Phillies’ first hit in the fourth on a two-out, line drive to right field.  He stole second and was stranded.

The Phillies put two men on base in the sixth when Jonathan Arauz and Greg Pickett walked with two out.  A wild pitch moved both runners into scoring position, but Brendon Hayden grounded out to first.

The Phillies finally broke the scoreless tie in the bottom of the seventh.  Juan Luis hit a ground single to right to open the inning.  He moved to second on an errant pick off throw. The Phillies changed their strategy with Bryan Martleo at the plate from swinging away to sacrificing, which he executed properly.  Josh Tobias was hit by a pitch and stole second to remove the double play possibility.  The Yankees brought the infield in and Cord Sandberg chopped a single over the second baseman to score a run.  However, the right fielder charged the ball and threw a strike to nail Tobias at the plate.

For those who are interested, here’s the batting order –

  1. Mark Laird/Bryan Martelo, LF
  2. Cord Sandberg, DH
  3. Mark Kingery/Josh Tobias, 2B
  4. Kyle Martin, 1B
  5. Deivi Grullon/Edgar Cabral, C
  6. Jan Hernandez/Luke Williams, 3B
  7. Jhailyn Ortiz/Gregg Pickett, RF
  8. Arquimedes Gamboa/Jonathan Arauz, SS
  9. Brendon Hayden, DH/1B
  10. Zachary Coppola/Juan Luis, CF

The pitchers put up the following lines –

  •                            IP     H      R     ER    BB     K
  • Pivetta          1.0     0      0       0       1       2
  • Paulino        2.0     1      0       0       0       3
  • Stewart        2.0     1      0       0       0       4
  • Ed. Garcia   2.0     0      0       0       0       4
  • Fanti              1.0     0      0       0       1       2
  • Hunter         1.0     1      0       0       0       1
  • Batters Faced: Pivetta 4, Paulino 7, Stewart 7, Ed. Garcia 6, Fanti 3, Hunter 4

Extra Innings –

  • I don’t know why Sandberg was in the line up.  He lives in nearby Bradenton, maybe he is just at the Complex working out.  I haven’t been able to find his name on any winter league rosters.  The Mexican and Venezuelan rosters are out and he’s not on them.  He wasn’t among any of the draft lists in the Dominican (and one of their rules is that a player has to have reached full-season ball).  The Puerto Rican league starts at the end of the month, their rosters aren’t current, yet.  And even though the Australian Summer League starts next Friday, they haven’t posted their rosters.  In fact, one of the teams had open tryouts today.  That’s a page out of Dick Vermiel’s play book, remember.
  • Eight players, including Franklyn Kilome, are returning at the end of October to take part in the strength training that Jose Pujols, Malquin Canelo, and Carlos Tocci went through last year.
  • The Phillies’ brass will be down here the week of October 26th for organizational meetings.  Wish I knew how to stalk.
  • I spoke briefly with Bailey Falter before the game.  He was charting pitches.  I asked him how I could see 9 of 12 games and miss him pitching.  Turns out he tweaked his ham string about 2 weeks a o and the coaches decided to “shut him down”.  Although, he did throw a bull pen today, so it appears they were being careful more than treating a full pull.  I asked what pitches he throws – FB, CH, and CB.  He like his CH best.  He doesn’t know the velocity of his off speed pitches.  I can’t wait to see him in the spring.  He’s a 6’3, 175 lb LHP with long arms.  He had 25 K and only 3 BB in 28.2 IP.  I saw him several times in the GCL, but only got velo on him once.  The fifth round pick out of high school had a mid-80s FB (86-87).
  • Clearwater outfielder Aaron Brown was assigned to the Glendale Desert Dogs on 10/14/2015.  Dylan Cozens is no longer on their roster.

Now that Instructs are over, I get a brief respite from covering games.  I’ll provide some sort of winter league coverage.  Probably weekly like last year.  And, I’ll find some other stuff to write about.  My friend, Joe Kuhn, uploaded another 30+ photos, so I’ll look through them and post now that things should slow down.  I’m working on an in depth rundown of the players I saw first-hand on the Threshers and GCL teams.  I have an interview scheduled next week with the Phillies’ Coordinator of International Operations, Ray Robles.  I’m looking forward to sharing that with y’all.


9 thoughts on “Florida Instructional League – Game #12; 10/15/2015

    1. Cozens I believe was playing last week in the FIL, and if was hurt he would not have been sent or would have been removed from the roster prior to the season starting this week, unless they were waiting to see the extent of an injury if there was one…….his home is Scottsdale AZ, so family and friends are there and would have been a nice reunion with also playing against future major leaguers— and now he is removed from the Glendale roster!

      1. I didn’t think much of it at the time, but he did not seem to be running as quickly as during the regular season. I wrote that off as a player just getting his swings in and the running not being all that important, so I didn’t bring it up. He was used as a DH and didn’t play the field.

        1. Thank JP….he did tweet on Wednesday, but it was on Jose Bautista’s bat flipped vs the Rangers after the HR. He hasn’t since the 14th.
          Assuming it could be a leg issue of some sort. If he can’t go this year he is still eligible for next year’s AFL season. The AUBL has not started yet…..so if healthy enough he could also go down under with Melbourne again…..if they have room for him on their roster.

  1. Thanks again Jim. After seeing him in instructs whats your take on J.Ortiz? Based on his potential and what you saw is there enough there to rank him for this year? Will he be in the states this year for rookie ball?

    1. Other than SS Daniel Brito, every player the Phillies have ever signed to a 400K or more bonus, started in the US the following year. Ortiz signed for over 4 million.

      1. Yes, I think Brito was caught in a numbers game. He would get more innings and at bats at one of the academies than he would competing for time with Gamboa, Arauz, and Antequera in the GCL.

    2. VSSS. All the negative comments I read about him up to and after his signing were based on his perceived body/weight “problems” by people who hadn’t seen him but only read about him. I did not allow these comments to sway me. When I finally saw him, I was not concerned by his size. He’s young, the Phillies can work some of the excess weight off him and convert the rest into muscle. They could even surgically remove some of the excess and add it to Tocci (jk). Seriously, there was a time when his body would have been described as still having “baby fat”.

      He appears to have a better, more patient approach at the plate than most of the youngsters who sign international contracts. This surprised and impressed me. But, still a VSSS.

      If I rank him (I will include him as a choice when we do our Reader Top 30), it will be not be based on what I saw during Instructs. But rather, on the expected return on a prospect on whom the Phillies saw fit to invest some serious money.

      I see no reason why he wouldn’t be here for ST and XST. I would fully expect Ortiz to participate in the GCL in 2016.

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