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Top Prospect Discussion: October 22nd

Well, the Mets have defeated the Cubs, and “Back to the Future” was 100% wrong about the 2015 World Series participants.  Instead of discussing individual top prospects, I would like to pose a question.  “Does the overall defensive play of catcher Kyle Schwarber in left field, give anyone pause when we talk about playing Jorge Alfaro in the outfield, or any defensive switch to accommodate getting bats into the line up?”

The above is just a suggestion for this week’s discussion.  This post is reserved for the discussion of the top prospects in the Phillies’ organization. You can tout the merits of your favorite prospects, instruct us on why your ranking is superior, talk about a prospect who intrigues/worries you, ask about prospects you haven’t seen and don’t know much about, or anything at all as long as it is about the top prospects.

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