PhuturePhillies Reader Top 30 Poll for #26

Ricardo Pinto takes the 25th prospect position with less than 20% of the 223 votes cast.  He received 38 votes (17%).  Luis Encarnacion (23 votes), Cameron Perkins (23 votes), and Nefi Ogando (22 votes) were closely bunched for second place.  Pinto’s 38 votes and 17% are the lowest scores to win a ranking so far.

I closed the poll on how to proceed after we complete the Reader Top 30.  The results were very close –

  • Stop at 30:          38 votes – 23%
  • Go to 40:              34 votes – 21%
  • Go to 50:              37 votes – 23%
  • Rank all:               12 votes –   7%
  • Sleeper picks:    42 votes – 26%

So, you’ll pick a pitcher and a position player who you think will make a big move and either play his way to the majors, or make a big jump into legitimate prospect status by the end of the season.  I guess the best way to do this is a short article so that everyone can voice their selections in the comments section and everyone can see and comment on each other’s ridiculous expectations.  (jk)  I’m open to other suggestions to gather and display the sleeper picks.

Since 50% responded with a wish to extend the polling process in some fashion, I think a compromise of a continuance to 40 is reasonable.  If a person was willing to go to 50, I assume 40 would have been a second choice.

So, I’ll continue with the polls for an added two weeks.  Sometime after #30, I’ll canvass for sleeper picks.  During the season, the sleeper discussion will be a recurring subject (as often as relevant) to fan the flames of discussion as we marvel/ridicule each other’s selections. (still jk, I hope)

The current poll’s selections so far are listed below.

  1. J.P. Crawford
  2. Aaron Nola
  3. Maikel Franco
  4. Roman Quinn
  5. Zach Eflin
  6. Ben Lively
  7. Jesse Biddle
  8. Kelly Dugan
  9. Tom Windle
  10. Yoel Mecias
  11. Deivi Grullon
  12. Matt Imhof
  13. Dylan Cozens
  14. Carlos Tocci
  15. Odubel Herrera
  16. Aaron Altherr
  17. Aaron Brown
  18. Franklyn Kilome
  19. Victor Arano
  20. Andrew Knapp
  21. Zach Green
  22. Severino Gonzalez
  23. Cord Sandberg
  24. Jesmuel Valentin
  25. Ricardo Pinto

The poll for #26 is up next.





45 thoughts on “PhuturePhillies Reader Top 30 Poll for #26

  1. Going to 40 seems reasonable. The problem with going farther is that the votes will get so scattered that there will barely be any consensus in a given round. If the last round is any indication, that might already be happening.

    Anyway, I’m glad Pinto finally got on the list. Personally, I have him 16th. Next up for me is Joely Rodriguez. Close proximity and a pretty good fastball from the left side. He may be a good sleeper pick if what he showed in the AFL is for real.

    1. Should have stopped at 20. This organization doesn’t have more than 10 prospects. They have missed on so many draft picks it is almost comical. Where do we find these guys. After JPC and Nola what do we have to look forward to. No great power arms in the system, no power to speak of and still no one has taught Quinn how to steal first base cause he is a .250 hitter on a good day and that my friends won’t get it done.

  2. Does anybody else feel ToJo is getting dissed? Yes, injury prone. But in terms of pedigree, he is only behind JP and Nola. Do you realize ToJo was a 20 year old catcher in Double A. If C. Rupp makes the bogs, ToJo will. Book it, people… Discuss.

    1. Yeah but the only reason he is a prospect is in serious doubt as at nearly anytime he could eat a foul ball off his face mask and be out for the season or end his career or worse permanently damage himself and not only ruin his baseball career but his life as well. If I were him I would have some serious second , third , and fourth opinions or possibly get some kinda Don Beebe looking helmet thing to protect my doom, oh from what Ive read he needs to work on his craft as catcher as well. Im a fan of his and I hope he does make it to the bigs, and think he really could have been pretty good but I have my doubts now and it seems a lot of people on here do to.

    2. Joseph would have been in the bigs already if he could stay on the field. He can’t so he won’t.

  3. Having not been to this site in a while, I can’t believe Ogando and Pujols haven’t cracked the list yet and might not even make it. They might be my two biggest sleeper picks for 2015, with Ogando’s 100 FB and Pujols’s 80 raw power being two of the loudest tools in the org and both possibly on the verge of breakout seasons. Ogando could be closing for the Iron Pigs and is destined to get called up whenever a short-relief spot opens up in the pen. Elniery Garcia probably deserves a spot ahead of both, being a polished, productive lefty starter who is a good bet to crack a MLB roster, if not rotation, in a few years if he stays healthy. I don’t have major issues with the list but these three deserve to be on it.

    1. I voted for Garcia again since I think he’s better than Pinto. As for Ogando, he throws hard, I’ll give him that. Unfortunately, his results to date have been terrible. I do agree that if he figures it out he could be in Philly sometime this summer. There’s also the chance that he never gets there if he doesn’t improve his control. As for Pujols, he’s the ultimate lottery ticket. He looks great in batting practice… he needs to show a little more this season and he’ll jump up boards but he hasn’t shown much yet.

    2. Ogando is probably hurt by his pedestrian performance in Reading this season. We know that he put up some nice numbers in a SSS in both the AFL and DWL. But unless a person knows to look up his AFL and DWL stats, they probably wonder what Ogando has done to merit being in this discussion.

      I have to admit, I haven’t been able to understand the love affair with Pujols. I was surprised to see that he was rated with 80 power. But he flashed some power as an 18-year old in the GCL. And he was 3 years younger than the average age at Williamsport. I’m starting to come around.

      I like Garcia, too. But that’s a pretty bold prediction based on 90 innings over 3 seasons.

    1. Cumana was an error machine in GCL, although his speed and hitting are valuable. I picked him for the 29th spot in the top thirty. He can work on his fielding, but he is a natural hitter. His partner in middle infield, William Cuicas, was actually better than Cumana last year, but I think Cumana has more upside.

      1. Cumana may have been an error machine but I also saw him make some MLB level plays (SC Top 10 quality) in the GCL. He is so young and it was his first experience stateside. SS is the toughest position to play, and he was only 18 during the season. Not sure what he will be offensively, but I think he’ll be fine defensively.

        1. I think he’s one of the top 5 candidates for the “man, did we have him ranked too low” award by the end of the year.

          1. Who ever wins this award each year gives us a big lift. Unfortunately, there’s also the 5 guys where we say what were we thinking (think LGJ).

          2. The more I look at him, the more I like what I see. A guy with a 60 arm and 70 speed, with good contact skills who should stick at SS – he could rocket up the list. I don’t think the Altuve comp is ridiculous, and he’s a SS rather than a second baseman.

            1. He might have to fight for playing time at SS with the 3 young kids signed last year. He certainly played well initially this past year and he does have some skills, although in a tiny package. As you know, most small guys are not Altuve, he’s an absolute freak.

            2. True enough. But we’re in the 30s now after all. The defense looks solid or plus, plus speed – he wouldn’t have to hit much to be a decent regular at SS.

  4. Elvis Araujo could be in the mix for a big league bullpen spot… this year. He’s not getting many votes at this point. I know “bullpen guy” but he could be useful to the Phils… and soon.

    With that said, I haven’t found a spot in my top 37 for Araujo. #38 looks like where he’ll end up on my poll but after Ogando, he’s the most likely guy to end up in the Phil’s bullpen this year — who is still unpicked in our top 30.

    1. I agree that, generally, bullpen guys are undervalued here. The year Jake Diekman made the majors he wasn’t even on the top 30 list even though word of his then-97 MPH fastball were well known and he had dominated in the AFL. I think, generally (and rightfully so), the statistical community has been working to downplay the value of relief pitchers, because they throw so few innings and the same is true of relief prospects. That said, a really good reliever definitely has value (in 46 innings Ken Giles was close to a 2 WAR last year – Diekman will probably pitch to a 1-2 WAR this year) and, as a group, I think we’ve undervalued them by a good amount here. A very good reliever has the value of a solid #4 starter (1.5 WAR) and a great reliever (around 3 WAR) has the value of solid starting position player – that’s not nothing.

  5. I went for Hector Neris here. I had him higher, but he is a bullpen guy. He has been outstanding since he recovered from his injury. He has a great chance to either start the season or come up a bit later, as he did last year. I also like Pullin, but I don’t share the love for Encarnacion. I hope he shows something this year. He was on the bench for the playoffs in GCL last year. He has plenty of upside, but limited to first base he needs to show something this year with his hitting, which was not good last year. I know he is sixteen years old, but not top thirty material at this point.

  6. I agree there are a lot of guys who should be somewhere on this list – Ogando, ToJo, Garcia, Pujols, Encarnacion, Joely…a good problem to have. I voted for Tromp here, thanks to some comments from yesterday. He is on the young side, has solid upside, and has displayed some ability to hit. My main reasons for not ranking him higher are contact issues and his ISO jumping so much. Hopefully this year he can cut his Ks and keep his ISO high, wouldn’t that be perfect?

  7. If we go to 40, the sleepers are gonna have to be Deeeeeep, or can the sleepers be someone in the top 40? Will the fans at CBP be sleepers this year as the team will lull them to sleep?

  8. I don’t get the justification for votes going to Pujols over Encarncion. Pujols essentially failed GCL two years in a row, and the younger Encarncion is already a better hitter than him.

    1. Because overall upside favors Pujols. He has as much or more raw power than Encarnacion and enough talent to improve his contact, plus greater defensive value.

      1. “He has as much or more raw”

        Says who? I agree with defensive value but I’d like to see know how this was determined. I think people read too much into what “winks” says based on his observations in watching batting practice swings.

        This is a quote from Badler’s scouting report on Encarnacion when he signed:

        “Enarnacion has a track record of hitting in games with plus raw power from the right side”

        Does that mean Pujols has plus plus power?

        1. Matt is more plugged in to what scouts are saying about these players than we (PP commenters) are. He’s not only scouting guys himself, he’s hearing from other writers and scouts.

          Here’s something Ben Badler wrote about Pujols in 2013:

          “Dominican outfielder Jose Pujols (video) might have had the best raw power of any player who became eligible to sign last year on July 2, which is when he signed with the Phillies for $540,000. Pujols, a 17-year-old from Santo Domingo who also played in the DPL and trained with Pedro Nivar (known as “Nube”), is 6-foot-4, 175 pounds with excellent bat speed and explosive power from the right side. With his long, lanky build, he has room to add at least another 30 pounds and develop even more juice.”

          1. He has very good bat speed but his swing had some big holes. The phillies help him a lot with the swing last yr he also had a more patient at bats. He used to pull everything now he more patient. Pujols also has plus arm .8

          2. How is he more plugged in? Does he have access to twitter accounts that the rest of the PP commentators do not have? Winks is just an aggregator of opinions like the rest of us. So when he puts tool grades out there I take it with a grain of salt.

    2. “Encarncion is already a better hitter than him”
      On what are you basing this statement? If you compare their first seasons in the GCL, they are similar, with Encarnacion batting about 40 points higher but with Pujols slugging 20 points higher and OPSing 10 points higher. Pujols hit 6 HR in 181 AB while Encarnacion hit 2 in 154.

      Pujols raised his BA 44 points and hit 5 HR in 166 AB before going up to Williamsport. Pujols clearly demonstrated a better approach at the plate this season than he had in 2013.

  9. Amazing how Hector Neris is not even being considered. Especially after dominating in winter ball. Outside the top 6 or 7 . He would have the most value in a trade. Smh

  10. My vote would have put Perkins in tie for first, but I realized that Joely Rodriguez is yet to make the list. I had to take him. Back to Perkins after Joely makes it.

  11. Encarnacion for me, with Pujols right behind. They were my #21-22. I did have 23-25 exactly with the poll, just I am down on Herrera and Severino Gonzalez compared to the poll. I’ve had just 6 picks with the poll thus far, JPC, Quinn and Altherr, plus Sandberg/Valentin/Pinto. My biggest overvalue compared to the poll is Andy Knapp at #14 versus the poll’s #20. My biggest undervalue is Herrera at #28 vs the Poll’s #15. Herrera has the problem that an injury or a bad spring and he’s no longer our prospect. We’d love to think they will keep him, but there’s plenty of roster-related risk.

    I personally don’t think our polls/discussions have properly accounted for that in the past, either. We had Ender Inciarte in the conversation on the back end of the Top 30 a couple years ago (he ultimately didn’t win a Top 30 spot, IIRC), when I had him something like 45 or so based on the likelihood that he ever helped the Phils being very slim. I fear the same for Herrera. The hit tool is there, but we’ve yet to see if he can do anything worthwhile in the OF. He has a plus over where Inciarte was in that he could be a backup IF as a fallback, specifically, someone to replace Cesar Hernandez if he’s down with an injury or just bad in spring training, or someone to step into a backup role if Chase Utley is hurt, which I know I am not supposed to say. But the OF glove is a big question, where Inciarte’s was not.

    Either way, I think I’m late in defending the position that we shouldn’t vote for Herrera at #15.

    1. brad…the one differing circumstance between Inciarte and Herrera is the stage at which the team currently sits. Back a few years ago, the team and OF was pretty much set, as for today, the team is in the rebuild mode. may be a factor favoring Herrera staying for the season..

      1. That 2013 OF was also devoid of a real backup CF, but they had Mayberry, who the club trusted to a certain degree for some reason, and a bad backup plan in Tyson Gillies. 2015 has Sizemore (oof) and Altherr who is certainly less ready with the bat than Herrera, (though a better option than Gillies was at the same point). So yes, I guess points for Herrera there.

        I absolutely agree Herrera stands a much greater chance than Inciarte did. He’s my #28 in a stronger system than Inciarte was when I put him in the mid-40s.

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