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Reader Top 30 #11

With Yoel Mecias’ victory, the top 10 is completed. Mecias accrued 79 of 306 votes and won with 26% of the vote. He fell just short of doubling runner-up Dylan Cozens’ total of 40 votes.

Here’s how our top ten compares to some others –

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  1. Crawford  Crawford  Crawford   Crawford  Crawford   Crawford  Crawford    Crawford
  2. Nola            Nola            Nola             Nola           Nola             Franco       Franco        Franco
  3. Franco       Franco       Franco         Franco      Franco        Nola            Eflin             Nola
  4. Quinn         Quinn         Quinn          Quinn        Mecias         Imhof         Nola            Quinn
  5. Eflin            Eflin            Eflin              Tocci          Biddle         Biddle        Windle        Eflin
  6. Lively         Biddle        Windle         A.Brown    Grullon       Mecias       Tocci           Levely
  7. Biddle        Mecias       Biddle           Imhof         Dugan        Grullon     Cozens       Biddle
  8. Dugan        Dugan        Lively            Valentin    Tocci           Quinn         Imhof         Windle
  9. Windle       Imhof         Altherr          Mecias       E.Garcia     Cozens       Quinn         Grullon
  10. Mecias      Windle       S.Gonzalez   Kilome      Cozens       Dugan         Biddle        Mecias

Some came out before recent moves and haven’t been updated,

It was nice to see Venn Biter and Joel Fisher in the Other vote. They won’t be added to a later poll. No additions to poll #11. Continue reading Reader Top 30 #11