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Observations on the 2015 Reader Top 30

This year, we extended the Reader Top 30 out to 50 positions.  There has been some discussion among commenters whether the organization was strong enough to provide 50 prospects to such a list.  I would suggest that even though some of the players who made the top 50 are at best questionable that there are some talented, young players who didn’t make the list because we just aren’t familiar enough with the lowest levels within the organization.  I would further suggest that an older player designated a prospect in the 30-50 range is less of a prospect than a considerably younger player who didn’t make the list.  Players in their age 25 or age 26 season are really at the outer edge of being a prospect.  They should be much higher on the list to be considered a true prospect. That said, here are some observations about the Reader Top 30 (and, in keeping with previous year’s,  I’m only going to consider the Top 30). Continue reading Observations on the 2015 Reader Top 30

Full Squad, Day Four

The number of people attending spring training is much lower this year than in any of the three previous years that I’ve been here.  In the past, the bleachers were full, people were two, three deep around the fences, and the pathways around the complex were crowded.  This year, I can walk unimpeded from one field to another, get a prime spot along the fences surrounding the fields, and rarely have to worry about blocking the view of fans seated on the bleachers. Continue reading Full Squad, Day Four

Full Squad, Day Three

I didn’t go to the Carpenter Complex this morning for the Phillies spring training session.  Instead, I waited for the afternoon minor league session.  So, here’s some pictures and a video from the first two days that I haven’t posted yet.

Video of two Cliff Lee pitches – a soft line drive to short and a single up the middle. Continue reading Full Squad, Day Three

Full Squad, Day Two

Day two started the same as day one – meeting at the mound, pitchers and catchers stretching in one outfield, position players stretching in another.  Once loose, the position players split up between Schmidt and Ashburn infields and began base running drills.  When completed, they completed long toss to warm up their arms.  The groups then came together on the two infields to practice pickoffs and rundowns.

Continue reading Full Squad, Day Two

Phuture Phillies Reader Top 30 (50) Completed

Mark Leiter takes the 50th prospect slot in our poll.  He received 39 of 157 votes (25%).   Jesus Alastre finished second with 20 votes.

The final poll is listed below.  It will be added to the Prospect Ranking menu option above by week’s end.  I’ll also post some observations on the poll and share my Top 30 when I have time.

Don’t forget to post your sleeper and breakout prospects here.

Continue reading Phuture Phillies Reader Top 30 (50) Completed

Full Squad, First Practice

Shortly before 10:00AM this morning, 58 roster and non-roster players as well as 30 coaches, instructors and guest instructors gathered around Ryne Sandberg at the mound on Mike Schmidt Field.  After addressing the team, he dispersed them to their stations on the various fields and Spring Training 2015 was on.

The pitchers and catchers gathered in right field on Schmidt Field to do their stretching exercises.  The position players did their own stretches in left field on Ashburn Field.  While his team mates went through their exercises, Kelly Dugan limped between the fields in his walking boot, stooped over to retrieve his glove, and continued alone into the Bright House Field clubhouse. Continue reading Full Squad, First Practice

Open Discussion: Week of February 23rd

Pitchers and catchers reported Wednesday and took to the field Thursday  for their first official practice.  Position players are scheduled to report Monday and the first full practice will be Tuesday.  A week later the Grapefruit League season begins at home against the Yankees.

Cole Hamels answered honestly that he hopes to play for a team that has a chance to win, and that (as already admitted by upper management) winning wasn’t going to happen here.  This, of course, pissed off Phillies fans.

The rotation is set thru #4 – Hamels, Lee, Harang, Williams – only #5 appears to be up for grabs with Gonzalez, Billingsley, and Buchanan vying for that spot.

Have a go at these or anything else that interests you.