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Winter Ball Round Up; Feb. 2 – Fini

Australian Baseball League – A couple of quick observations.  First, the announcers remarked that the Perth  Heat roster contains 4 members (3 active for the playoffs) of the the first family of baseball in Western Australia, the Kennelly family.  You may remember that Tim Kennelly was in the Phillies system for 8 years (2005-12).  The Phillies tried him at every position but shortstop.  He’s currently playing right field and DH for the Heat.

And second, the venue for the championship series is Adelaide’s Norwood Oval.  It has dirt cutouts like any artificial surface for the mound, catcher’s/batter’s boxes, and the bases.  One of the announcers remarked about the condition of the “grass”.  This piqued my interest and I had to google the Oval.  It is also known as Coopers Stadium (Coopers Brewery sponsership) and is rented to the Norwood Football Club.  It’s primary use is for Australian rules football, but is also use for a variety of other sporting events including soccer, rugby, American football, and baseball.  it has a grass surface.  An interesting twist for infielders – less certain bounces off grass but maybe a little less velocity on some ground balls. Continue reading Winter Ball Round Up; Feb. 2 – Fini

PhuturePhillies Reader Top 30 (40) Poll for #34

Joely Rodriguez takes the 33rd prospect slot in our poll.  He received 36 of 162 votes (22%).  Rhys Hoskins finished a close second with 30 votes.

Maikel Franco had started off slowly in the Caribbean Series.  He had 1 hit in 15 at bats and stranded 18 base runners through the first 3 games.  He had struck out 6 times and looked overmatched against a steady diet of curve balls and change ups with the occasional well-placed fastball.  Friday night, he exorcised his demons with a solo home run in his second at bat that broke up a no-no in the 4th inning and gave Dominicana the early lead.  Later he drove in a game-tying run with two out in the ninth inning on a single to left-centerfield.  HIs team lost in the bottom of the inning, but advanced to the semifinals tomorrow.  I watched the game on ESPN Desportes.  The announcers provide the same enthusiasm on a home run as they provide on a goal in futbol.

The current poll’s selections so far are listed below.  I’ll start the sleeper pick column sometime in the next week or so. Continue reading PhuturePhillies Reader Top 30 (40) Poll for #34