Daily Archives: February 28, 2015

Observations on the 2015 Reader Top 30

This year, we extended the Reader Top 30 out to 50 positions.  There has been some discussion among commenters whether the organization was strong enough to provide 50 prospects to such a list.  I would suggest that even though some of the players who made the top 50 are at best questionable that there are some talented, young players who didn’t make the list because we just aren’t familiar enough with the lowest levels within the organization.  I would further suggest that an older player designated a prospect in the 30-50 range is less of a prospect than a considerably younger player who didn’t make the list.  Players in their age 25 or age 26 season are really at the outer edge of being a prospect.  They should be much higher on the list to be considered a true prospect. That said, here are some observations about the Reader Top 30 (and, in keeping with previous year’s,  I’m only going to consider the Top 30). Continue reading Observations on the 2015 Reader Top 30