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PhuturePhillies Reader Top 30 Poll for #26

Ricardo Pinto takes the 25th prospect position with less than 20% of the 223 votes cast.  He received 38 votes (17%).  Luis Encarnacion (23 votes), Cameron Perkins (23 votes), and Nefi Ogando (22 votes) were closely bunched for second place.  Pinto’s 38 votes and 17% are the lowest scores to win a ranking so far.

I closed the poll on how to proceed after we complete the Reader Top 30.  The results were very close –

  • Stop at 30:          38 votes – 23%
  • Go to 40:              34 votes – 21%
  • Go to 50:              37 votes – 23%
  • Rank all:               12 votes –   7%
  • Sleeper picks:    42 votes – 26%

So, you’ll pick a pitcher and a position player who you think will make a big move and either play his way to the majors, or make a big jump into legitimate prospect status by the end of the season.  I guess the best way to do this is a short article so that everyone can voice their selections in the comments section and everyone can see and comment on each other’s ridiculous expectations.  (jk)  I’m open to other suggestions to gather and display the sleeper picks.

Since 50% responded with a wish to extend the polling process in some fashion, I think a compromise of a continuance to 40 is reasonable.  If a person was willing to go to 50, I assume 40 would have been a second choice.

So, I’ll continue with the polls for an added two weeks.  Sometime after #30, I’ll canvass for sleeper picks.  During the season, the sleeper discussion will be a recurring subject (as often as relevant) to fan the flames of discussion as we marvel/ridicule each other’s selections. (still jk, I hope)

The current poll’s selections so far are listed below. Continue reading PhuturePhillies Reader Top 30 Poll for #26

Open Discussion: Week of January 26th

Starting Pitcher Edition

I wrote this up early in the week as a lead into this week’s open discussion. Sure enough, another site posted a similar story. Oh well, here’s the list of the starting pitchers in the organization and the highest level attained in the minors during the 2014 season (except for Garcia and Pinto, whose games at Williamsport and Lakewood respectively are too small a sample). There are certainly more pitchers than there are starting spots.  But that’s a good thing.  They are listed with my best guess for opening day. What’s yours? Have at it. Continue reading Open Discussion: Week of January 26th