Box Score Recap – 8/25/2014

Maikel Franco hit his 15th home run of the year off a good prospect in A.J. Cole Hmm…been starting a lot of posts with “Maikel Franco” lately. That’s a good sign. Kelly Dugan’s been out two days in a row now. That’s the opposite of a good sign. Haven’t heard about it, hopefully he’s just dinged up and will be back shortly.

Three hits and three strikeouts in three innings for Edubray Ramos for WIL. His ERA is sliding down to near 1.00. And GCL lost to the rival Yankees to fall two games back of the Bombers’ affiliate in the playoff hunt. The 7-2 score could have been worse, but the Phils managed two double plays and three pick-offs. Three games left in their regular season. Not looking good for a playoff berth there.

Just FYI – there’s a good conversation about historically lousy Phillies pitchers going in the General Discussion thread. Head on over there to join in.

Here’s the affiliate Scoreboard from MiLB.

8-25-14 boxscores

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  1. Franco is having a very impressive year. His numbers don’t jump out but in the end his numbers will be solid. Especially, when you consider 6 weeks ago he was hovering around . 220. Considering he just turned 22 and moved up 4 levels in less than 2 years Im very impressed. Hopefully, team is smart enough to give him a look in Sept.

    1. I would brig him up for a variety of reasons. First off, since July 1 he has been on fire, he hit 313 in July and 343 so far in August as a 22 year old in aaa. His double numbers I believe stand above 30 and his hr total have begun to creep up. I think it would be a
      Good idea to bring him up for last 4 weeks. The phillies need to stop winning, I’m not sure who they think they are now by winning series. If Franco comes up and crushes it or atleast puts up respectable numbers you can get an idea of what you have before hand. If he falters,
      Which he might, you give h insight on what he must work on. It’s a win-win situation to me. If he crushes it great and if he falters you don’t have to demote him and crush his confidence since season is over.
      On another note I’m pretty impressed with JPC to state the obvious, as I read the milb article posted about him yesterday. I think he had potential to hit 20 he’s a year. He has hit 8 in two months at high a as a 19 year.

        1. He has hit 8 in 212 pas, would take about 500 pas to hit 20 in clearwater. My impression is that it is tough to hit hrs at clw, where 7 of his 8 have come from. He has only been hitting the weights seriously for two months, imagine how he could be next year after an offseason dedicated to weight training.

        2. Agreed, if he hits 20 homers a year, he’s Barry Larkin or Derek Jeter. Aside from the power (which is developing, and quickly at that), Crawford already has pretty much all the tools at his disposal. Fabulous fielding and throwing ability combined with a fine hit tool and outstanding plate disciplined sprinkled with what appears to be a really high baseball I.Q. and approach (his comments online are always so positive and mature). Yeah, he’s got it going on.

          1. Yeah. I find it increasingly harder to temper my enthusiasm and find myself breaking my personal prospect rule of not getting too excited until they have success in AA

            1. For hitters, my lithmus test is AAA – it’s a pretty tough hitting environment in the IL and in Allentown especially. That said, I’m pretty much throwing out all of my rules and assumptions for Crawford – he’s so young, advanced and multi-talented that, to me, the real question is only how good will he become in the majors and how long will it take before he starts to fulfill his potential. I think he makes the majors next September as a 20 year old and is a serious ROY candidate in 2016.

            2. Maybe his mold is more of a Troy Tulowitzki type mold, Tulo is listed at 6’3 215 JP is listed at 6’2 180. Granted there is a little bit of a body difference, but JP is young, still growing, and just beginning to work out. I think his skill set might fit Tulos instead of rollins or jeter. Coule be a superstar.

          2. Wouldn’t that make him more Jimmy Rollins than Derek Jeter? Which is no slight in any ways regardless. Just that Jeter was bat-first with a career OPS+ of 115 (which has been dragged down by a not-insignificant amount by the past 5 years). The power would be similar is Crawford hits 20ish a year, and I guess speed, but other than that Jeter would be better across the board from my understanding of JPC’s tools. Most significantly in his ability to hit for average. While possible, it’s hard to imagine a .293 low-minors hitter not only translating, but improving to the majors to the tune of a .310 career average. Likewise his OBP would have to translate almost exactly.

            Anyways, it’s not a serious gripe and really the only reason I’m interested is to gain a more complete understanding of his tools.

            1. Just for fun, in Jeter’s age 19 year in the Sally league he hit .295/.376/.394 with a BB% of 10% and a K% of 16%. Crawford this year across two levels so far has hit .287/.377/.412 with a BB% of 12% and a K% of 13.5%. JP IS BETTER THAN JETER! Just kidding.

              In his age 20 season, across three levels, Jeter hit .344/.410/.463 with a BB% of 9% and a K% of 10%. So he cut down on Ks, got more hits, and hit for more power. Whaaaaat? No wonder he is an all-time great.

              I’m not trying to make fun of anyone. Crawford looks great but this is one season. Let’s be happy with his promise and see how he develops.

        1. I hope you were on the bus! If texting while driving is illegal, I imagine that commenting on Phuture Phillies while driving is probably frowned upon by the authorities.

  2. Any reports on De Gruy from GCL? I broadcasted one of his games for Furman this year and he pitched surprisingly well out of the pen despite not having great stuff

    1. Have not heard anything about him yet. For a low round pick, there’s not going to be a lot of expectation or attention paid by scouts until he performs at higher levels or one of his tools jumps out at someone who’s evaluating another player.

  3. Bring up Franco and MAG and include Dugan, if he is healthy. Sizemore, Brown, Mayberry, and Byrd are not the future of the Phillies outfield.

  4. I’d like to see Franco and Dugan called up but I’m not sure how much they’d play. It would be easy to put Franco at 1B and give Howard some time off but I can’t see the team doing that.

    I love what Crawford is doing as much as anybody, but I still think we should observe the “rule” about not comparing prospects to HOFers. He’s not a sure thing, no matter how safe he seems right now.

    1. Agreed. He’s very exciting, but it’s simply too early to start down that road. Leave the man room to grow into a Jeter comp. If he’s like Jeter now, who’s he like if he improves next year? Ripken, I guess. Then Honus Wagner after that. Kid’s got some career ahead of him.

          1. They played in way different eras but Jeter has more Hits and HR , Wagner, deadball and the era so that takes some power away but starters threw there arms off, with no specialized anything and im not saying those old guys werent any good but after you pitch 400 some odd innings and I get the fealing your gonna be having some dead arm issues and serving up some taters. other players showing up drunk and all kinda of crap, and not being able to dedicate the time the players do now a days has to affect overall quality of the league. There were great players back in the day and for sure Honus Wagner is one of them but there was a lot crap back then too, heck who was the team that played a midget, to get a guy on base we just had the anniversary of, and dont forget the biggest difference , only part of the population (segregation) was allowed to play further watering down the talent and the how many people were in the US then < 90 million I just dont buy all of those old tymey guys being the greatest of all time

            1. Anonymous everyone has a right to a opinion. I Personally think now the talent is water down, even though its a bigger pool, too many teams. The white sox I believe had the midget you mention. who’s name I forget. I know baseball was better before all these expansion, imo. I would love to see baseball elimate the marlins. who don’t draw and suck up revenue from other teams, the rays, kc also should go. but only my opinion which doesn’t count

  5. I am so confused by the dugan talk, I must admit never seen him play. But his injury history makes it hard to think this kid can give us anymore then brown who I don’t like or sizemore over the course of a season.

    1. I think his 2013 really got me excited. He was healthy most of the year and hit 20 HR at age 22 across A+ and AA. And this year he’s taking walks again at over 10%, albeit with less home run power at the moment, which may be attributed to his working on using the opposite field.

      The injury situation is difficult to assess. 2012 and 2013 he was down for only short stints on the DL to the point where he took over 450 PAs each year. At least one of the injuries he sustained that I can recall was off of a turned ankle, which is not likely to recur on its own, as opposed to a muscle injury or a pitcher’s arm which can come back just with repetition. I guess it’s a bit worrisome, but if it was something recurring like Tyson Gillies having hamstring problems for two years in a row, I might be more concerned about it. He doesn’t strike me as physically fragile – his lower legs are kind of skinny, I suppose, but I don’t feel like his body looks like it’s going to give up at the end of a long season.

      He’s got to stay off the DL, of course, but when he has been on the field, he doesn’t seem to be lacking for progress. He’ll start next year at AAA, and I would guess he’s competing all season long with Aaron Altherr as the first call-up for an injury/trade in the outfield and ready to play everyday if there’s room for him in 2016. Whether he performs enough to become an average regular is up in the air, (that’s his ceiling, IMO), but I have little doubt he could be a second division regular in right field or left if his health is solid. Being that the Phils may very well still be a second division team in 2016, he may fit right in.

      (I’ll update this comment, as I did a little searching after I hit post – Dugan’s 2014 injury was an oblique, and Jim Peyton commented on the site at that point that he felt like it might be the same thing Dugan was down with the year before – whether it turned out to be the exact same, I wouldn’t guess, but a recurrence is a little more worrisome if that’s what it was.)

      1. I’m guessing you wrote this before it was announced that Dugan broke his foot this week. Man, he’s either fragile or cursed, but either way, not good.

    1. as in 20+ I don’t think so more like 8-15 a year. We’ll have to wait and see at 6’1″ 222 LBS he is a thick solid kid. Right now adjusting to the wood bat probably tempers leave the yard type power.

      1. has him at 40 Power…rather pedestrian.

        Scouting grades: Hit: 50 – Power: 40 – Run: 30 – Arm: 55 – Field: 50 ….. Overall: 45

          1. That was the question when Brown played CF.
            How can I so slow be able to cover the ground a centerfielder neede to cover.
            But i guess when they got the stop-watch out on him he registered below average.

        1. Seeing some of their tools ratings, I wonder if we should put any stock at all in’s tools.

    2. Yes, it is plus raw power. The question will be whether the hit tool gets him to it consistently. He has a very aggressive approach at the plate and the Phillies will need to direct that aggression to be more productive (same they will need to do with Franco).

    1. As much negative as there is surrounding the Phils org, I personally think the scouting staff has done well. Aside from the aforementioned crawford, Franco, Nola, cozens, knapp, Imhoff, brown, even Biddle, and pointer and altherr have a chance. There are 8 or 9 former drafts playing in the ml for other clubs. After seeing cozart deal last night I started to look at it more closely. Any org would take a hit when losing singleton, d’arnaud, cozart, happ, may, etc but ins look to be on the improve? Any thoughts, opinions?

      1. Scouting ok to good depending on area. Development staff is just bad. Free swinging, no discipline hitting instruction. Pitchers breaking down, etc.

  6. Colton Murray, Nefi Ogando, Ryan O’Sullivan, Ethan Stewart, Logan Moore, and Roman Quinn to play in Arizona Fall League

  7. It looks like Franco is pounding on the door after tonight.

    A few days ago someone mentioned that the Phillies may leave him in the minors until after his Super Two status (?) expires next year. Can anyone shed some light on that for me? I should have copied the post and did not.

    If he comes up where do you play him in the field and more importantly where does he hit?

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