Box Score Recap – 8/22/2014

I love that the Red Sox employ a guy at their AAA affiliate called “Steven Wright”.  Any ballplayer out there named “Denis Leary” will always have a home. Nice night from Adam Loewen for Reading – 3R 2ER 3H 4BB 8K in 7.2IP. Colt Murray pitched well in relief again, 1H 1K in 2.1 IP and he stranded Loewen’s last runner. Jason Parks wrote up Murray at recently Baseball Prospectus, in case you missed it. Reading came back in the ninth on a tying homer from Raywilly Gomez, and you know I wasn’t going to miss a chance to mention that name. Pete Lavin walked it off with a single in the 12th.

Art Charles had home runs in both games of CLR’s double header (17,18). He’s got homers in four of his last six games, and four in the last four days, (they’ve had two double headers in four days – poor pitchers). Charles, Roman Quinn, Jessie Valentin and Herlis Rodriguez all had two-hit games in the opener, Chris Serritella followed suit in the night cap. Cody Forsythe has struck out 42 and walked just 9 in 32 A+ innings this year. Impressive numbers for last year’s 25th round pick. Expect him in AA next year.

Lakewood’s Yacksel Rios threw 6.1 shutout IP, allowing 6H 2BB with 4K. He’s worth considering in the back of the Top 30, IMO. Willians Astudillo is now 29-59 on the month. All but two of them have been singles. OPSing 1.042 in August. And Dylan Cozens stole his 21st base. For whatever that’s worth. Ricardo Pinto struck out nine men in six innings of one run ball for WIL. Solid once again. And 21-yr-old UDFA Josh Taylor, a big lefty from Georgia College & State University, which sounds like a collegiate merger gone horribly wrong, pitched really well for the GCL – 2BB and 5K in 4.1 hitless, shutout innings in relief of Sam McWilliams. There seems to have been an uptick in interesting UDFA activity since the draft dropped rounds 41-50 a couple years ago. Maybe those next 300 guys are producing about as many interesting names as they would have otherwise, and it’s just magnified since they stand out as undrafted guys more than they would have as 47th round picks.

Failed to mention this yesterday – Marc Narducci of the Inquirer is reporting that Jesse Biddle is shut down for the rest of the year after his quad injury on Saturday night. Not a real surprise there. Probably not enough time to properly rest and rehab even a middle-of-the-road muscle injury before the end of the season.

Here’s the affiliate Scoreboard from MiLB.

8-22-14 boxscores

25 thoughts on “Box Score Recap – 8/22/2014

    1. Sort of doubt it but if he does the Phillies need to keep an eye on him. It might be better to call it a season, work on his mental health and start him at Allentown next year.

    2. Maybe send him to the Mexican or Dominican summer league or something, somewhere very far from scouts and scrutiny. You know, like Eastbound and Down season 2 without the cocaine and hookers.

      Of course, with Biddle’s luck he’d probably catch Dengue Fever or something.

    1. Zach Green’s K rate is impressive.
      How many times do we see the good young power guys with tremendous HR potential with 30% plus K rates!
      Every one faves about Joey Gallo’s power….which is certainly true….but his K rate is astronomical over 30%

    2. His slugging percentage is way down, though. I’m hoping that’s just an effect of Lakewood’s park and the injury… but there’s also been a lot of talk about his lack of bat speed. Not sure what to make of the K percentage in that context, but players don’t generally develop bat speed, they either have it or they don’t.

  1. Hector Neris with another solid relief appearance. He will probably be called up in a week. Malqin Canelo with a solid season at Lakewood. He has his batting average up at last. He is developing well in the organization..

    1. Do the phillies need a 40-man decision on Hector Neris before the next Rule 5 in December?
      He was signed in 2010 and is finishing up his 5th season in their system.
      And he would be a little older then most first-time Rule 5 eligs…

  2. Ken Rosenthal confirms Phillies and giants are finalists in bidding for Castillo, SF contract reportedly $60 million…

    1. As MLB Trade Rumors points out, this signing means that Mookie Betts is now blocked at both 2B and the outfield. The potential parameters of an offseason Cole Hamels trade are starting to come into focus.

  3. Betts better not be the centerpiece of a Hamels deal. Hes a fine player, not elite prospect. Cherrington is probably salivating at the thought of talking Ruben into a package around Betts

    1. He’s the #13 ranked prospect in all of Baseball According to, which isn’t so shabby I’d say. I don’t think he would be the only good piece the Phillies would get back–the Red Sox are stacked with prospects–but he’s arguably the best prospect in Boston’s system. Some people really like the pitcher, Owens, but he’s not blocked the way Betts is and thus you’re probably not getting him, even for Hamels. If Hamels brough back Betts plus a couple of Boston’s other Top 10 prospects (several of whom are quite close to being major-league ready) I would have to consider that trade a huge coup for the Phillies.

    2. Let me put it another way: if you don’t consider a trade of Cole Hamels for a package headlined by Mookie Betts a good deal, you’re never going to be happy with any return for Cole Hamels. The Top 10 in all of baseball-type guys are seldom touchable under any circumstances, and certainly wouldn’t be for Hamels, a pitcher who–while excellent–is being paid his market value. Not to mention that most of the best prospects are held by teams like the Twins, Astros and Cubs, which aren’t in the market for a 30-something ace at the moment.

      1. I guess if the Sox sign Lester in the off-season, the Hamels trade becomes a moot point.
        But understand Lester’s contract could be more monies and length then Hamel’s.
        That could be a plus for the Phillies if they plan on moving him to the Sox.
        Cherrington may rather go with Hamels at a lower price tag and give up 3 prospects that may not be able to crack the Sox lineup for a few years anyway.

  4. Parks’ Colt Murray report is spot on. Murray has really good stuff and if he isn’t traded I expect him to spend much of next year in the big leagues. I wonder if they could convert him to a starter.

    1. Murray would be another welcome addition to the Phillies youthful bullpen.
      There shouldl be good competition next spring in Clearwater.

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