Nola’s Numbers Against Bowie; August 19, 2014

I listened to Aaron Nola’s outing on Baysox radio.  Brad was actually there, and posted his observations in the Box Score Recap.  Here’s what I charted during the game.

  • 5 IP, 5 H,  2 R,  2 ER,  2 BB,  2 K
  • 21 batters, 14 first pitch strikes
  • 79 pitches, 50 strikes
  • 5 swinging strikes, 13 called strikes, 15 fouls, 17 balls in play
  • both strike outs were of the swing-and-miss variety
  • 6 ground ball outs, 4 fly ball outs, 2 pop ups, 5 singles
  • 2 line drive singles, 1 ground ball single, 2 bunt singles
  •  2 of the fly ball outs were line drives
  • the radio announcers only mentioned his velo once at 91 mph
  • I saw Twitter reports of 92-93 with spikes to 95 and one at 96
  • he got no decision and left with the score tied 2-2

I would categorize this as another good outing.  These are still uncharted waters for his arm.  Even with inning’s limits and pitch counts, he is continuing a starting pitcher’s workout regimen much further into the summer than he ever has.

9 thoughts on “Nola’s Numbers Against Bowie; August 19, 2014

  1. I think we can consider him a very good prospect, and look forward to a full season next year. He is #3 on my list, after Crawford and Franco.

      1. I didn’t see the play, but you gotta think he rushed it or threw off balance after valentin awkwardly tossed the ball to him and one could also surmise from the story that possibly a better defensive 1st baseman might have dug it out or perhaps acted differently. So nice comment troll I’m sure there is a Mets site missing it’s idiot why don’t you go back there

        1. wasn’t a needed comment,but all your thinking and surmising doesn’t prove your point. and if he was a phillie your point about a better 1st baseman would be for naught

      2. Maybe you actually saw the play and know more about it than I, but hopefully in the future first basemen will be more alert with runners on 3rd. Conceivably the play could have been an opportunity to nail the runner at home, don’t you think?

    1. the problem is that most of the teams that are much better than the philles already have better prospects as well. so you are at best treading water as a last place team

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