Jesmuel Valentin announced as first PTBNL from Dodgers

The Phils announced this evening that they have added 20 year old Jesmuel Valentin as the first of the two “players to be named later” in the Roberto Hernandez deal.  Valentin had been the Dodgers 1st round pick (51 overall) in the 2012 draft and is a Puerto Rico native.  He is currently ranked anywhere between #12 and #18 among Dodgers prospects.

In 2014, Valentin is hitting .282/.352/.433 for Class A Great Lakes, with 7HR 47RBI and 24 SB, to go along with a .976 fielding percentage in 104 games at 2B.  Valentin, the son of former major leaguer Jose Valentin, is likely to report to High A Clearwater, unless the Phils decide to bump up Andrew Pullin (a worthy candidate for promotion) for the final two weeks of the season.  Originally a shortstop, Valentin is considered a plus defender who has swung a good bat this year and shown a good deal of speed.

47 thoughts on “Jesmuel Valentin announced as first PTBNL from Dodgers

  1. So yeah I like this. Wonder what the 2nd PTBNL would be but probably not on the same level.

  2. Definately a nice pickup. It’ll be interesting to see where they place him with Pullin around. This could give Phils 2 legit 2nd base prospects now.

    1. i wouldn’t complain about getting valentin,but he seems to me to be a cesar hernandez type if he’s even that. a 4A kinda player. just because a guy was a 1St round pick doesn’t mean he’s a good prospect. phillies have picked more than their share of busts in the 1st round

      1. Hey, even adrian cardeñas had a pretty good minor league career that never really came about. Just too soon to tell.

      2. you are basing that comp on what?
        – by most accounts, Valentin seems to be a great defender
        – Looking at his stats, Valentin seems to have a much better eye at the plate and more pop in his bat.

        My excitement isn’t solely because he was a 1st rounder. It is because he is a first rounder (read he has elite raw skills) AND he has produced quality stats to back up his scouting report. That is the key difference.

  3. Sounds better than the bag of balls I was expecting. Domingo Santana returns in the form of ptbnl Jesmuel Valentin.

  4. wow. I was expecting Low level relievers with potentially 1 viable pitch. but this is a great grab. I hope they save the best for last and snag another potential top 30 younger. What grabs me the most is that hes only 20, its unlike rube to value youth, even if that’s the smart play in a situation like this.

  5. So this is what it feels like to be on the right side of a lopsided trade. I don’t know how to react to be honest.

    1. In fairness to the Dodgers, Carmona has been pitching well lately and has very live stuff. He could help them in the post season

  6. Have to say this looks like a nice pick up! I was thinking at least top 12 in System for Phils. Very pleasantly surprised

  7. Aw man, people have to say something nice about Ruben now.

    Even if the other PTBNL isn’t anyone of note, I like this. Turns out you can get legitimate prospects in trades after all.

    1. Ok, Here’s the nicest thing I can say about him:

      I think he would be very good at retirement. He could sit around getting fatter and puffier and make thousands of miscalculated and nonsensical decisions every day and no one would even notice. Yup, he’d be very good at that

    1. From MLB:
      Scouting Grades: Hit: 45 | Power: 30 | Run: 45 | Arm: 55 | Field: 50 | Overall: 45
      “A teammate of Carlos Correa at the Puerto Rico Baseball Academy, Valentin signed for $984,700 as a supplemental first-round pick in 2012, the same year that the Astros made Correa the No. 1 overall choice. Valentin hasn’t progressed as rapidly as Correa, and he struggled in his first shot at low Class A in ’13. But the game seems to have slowed down for Valentin, and he fared well in a return to that level after moving to second base.
      The son of 16-year big league shortstop Jose Valentin, Jesmuel developed tremendous instincts while growing up around the game. A natural right-handed hitter, he began switch-hitting late in his high school career. Valentin won’t be much of a power threat, but he controls the strike zone well, and he could develop into a No. 2 hitter.
      Valentin has solid arm strength, but his fringy speed and quickness make him a better fit at second base than as a shortstop. If he doesn’t hit enough to become a regular, he’s capable of playing on the left side of the infield and serving as a utilityman.”

      1. Frankly, not getting these MLB numerical scouting grades with the season

        Valentin is having now. Power they have as a low 30, and Run as a pedestrian 45 and Hit as 45….he has good power this season and substantial SBs with a good OBP and decent BA.

        1. Right, his K to BB ratio is Crawford-like. That’s got to count for better than 45 hit tool.

  8. The real question becomes what do they do with him and Pullin next year? Considering this is Valentin’s 2 nd year in low A , I’d imagine he would get promoted to CWater next year. That’s the spot Pullin should be at. Is it possible they let Pullin finish out this year at CWater and have him start next year in Reading? That’s probably a little aggressive but the only other option would be to have one of them repeat Low A next year. Based off their years this year neither should be repeating.

    1. IMO, I’d start Pullin at CLW and have Valentin start at Lakewood as new to the Phillies system.
      Then cross my fingers and hope Pullin can be promoted to Reading in June of next season, with a good start at CLW, and the same with Valentin with a promo from LKW to CLW.

      1. Valentin is younger and has outperformed Pullin in Low A. Why would the Phillies make the better hitter stay in Low A, and promote the lesser hitter to High A?
        It won’t be catastrophic for Pullin to play another half season in Low A. He didn’t ‘tear it up’ or anything.

        1. I was just going by seniority with the company..Pullin’s numbers are not that much lower then Valentin’s…actually they are pretty close .
          I think Pullin is deserving of the promotion.
          Valentin , based on his numbers at Great Lakes is also deserving.
          The small age differnce, IMO would have no bearing, in fact it would favor Pullin to get the advancement and keep him on age-approriate status.

          1. Promotion based on “seniority”? This isn’t the Post office, or the Sanitation department. Sports is supposed to be a meritocracy.

    2. I guess Valentin can get some time at short. He hasn’t played there this season but did last year for 30 games including 28 starts. His fielding % at short left a lot to be desired, hovering around .900 while. He’s a much better .974 at 2b

  9. Did Ruben really pull this off??? I am curious who will be the second PTBN. Very pleased with Ruben on this one. He got a pretty good infield prospect for a guy we signed as a number five to hold down the fort for a while. I think Valentin has more value at second, but we will see what happens. While he may only reach the majors as utility guy he adds a little more depth to our prospect list. That always opens the door for a team to be a little more flexible in trades. This rebuild (retool) has been very slow, but maybe they will get things moving this off season. Good move here Ruben! Keep them coming!

  10. I think Romus mentioned the Cuban LH Garcia. He sounds like a good pick up. They also have a god A level OF whose name I forget.

    1. To the Clearwater Threshers or to the minor league hdqrs complex for newby evals and/or reassignment?

      1. Anthony Phillips went on the 7-day DL after Sunday’s game. He had been platooning at second with Angelo Mora. Welcome to Clearwater, Jesmuel Valentin.

  11. Pool of 3 players remain for the 2nd PTBNL. Phillies getting medical records on a pitcher they like according to Ruben. They have a month to choose the next guy. Onelki Garcia?

    1. Onelki Garcia is another Cuban -25-years old- I would take a chance on…..maybe another MAG, in that he needs to brought along carefully..
      Currently he has not played yet this season, I guess the club, like you said are getting the medical evals in order.
      He could be a mid-to back-end of a rotation guy once he is ready to play.
      Perhaps one more reason to select him, is his friendship with Castillo the OFer currently marketing himself to the highest bidder.
      Ruben said he is satisfied with the Valentin selection if it were the only one available….so my guess he will take a chance on the health of a Garcia..

    2. MLB has now slotted Valentin as 16th in the Phillies system.

      And Onelki Garcia they listed as a reliever with velo in the 92-95 range.

  12. Yeah, Jesmuel, I didn’t think they could pull that high a player. I actually made a study of PHILA team needs and A and A(A) level players to guess who might be sent, and thought that if they took a Middle Infield type it would be Dillon Moyer. I also was also thinking an OF but now it seems it will be a pitcher to be chosen shortly. Ruben says they are checking out some medicals and will likely pick soon. Given that, my guess is now Victor Arano , 19, from Mexico. RHP.

    As far as the placement of Valentin, apparently he goes to A(A) to play 2B. I hope they move Angelo Mora to LF to replace the minor league veteran Brandon Short as a starter. Then Mora can keep up with some hitting and be placed in AA as a 2B next season, with Crawford as AA SS. A(A) next season can be Pullin at 2B and Valentin at SS. They say he plays SS and 3B, but was put at 2B because of Dodger surfeit of good MI prospects.

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