Box Score Recap – 8/15/2014

Kelly Dugan stays hot with a 2-5 night, including his fifth home run of the year. He’s got 16 doubles and a triple to go along with a 307/395/452 slash in essentially a half a season’s worth of PAs, with a K Rate around 19% and a BB Rate around 10%, but he hasn’t ISOed as low as his current .145 since 2011. I’d be curious to hear where you all would likely rank Dugan among your Top 30.

Brian Pointer was 2-3 with a double, a walk and a steal. He remains hot. Andy Knapp was 3-4 with two doubles, while Astudillo, Tocci, Brown and Green all had multi-hit games for Lakewood. Matt Imhof with a shaky start there. David Whitehead’s only walked 8 men in 62IP on the year. That’s some serious control. His K Rate remains quite low, so who know what the club has there, but worth watching as he completes his comeback from TJ surgery.

Here’s the affiliate Scoreboard from MiLB.

8-15-14 boxscores

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  1. That’s Imhoff’s first clunker that I remember. Still been good for most part. As far as Dugan goes, I’ll prob. have him in the 8-10 range for prospects. When he’s healthy he seems to produce. I hope they give him a look in Sept. Really have nothing to lose.

    1. I also have Dugan in that same range of 8-10. Next year is his 24-age season so the sooner he can get some more challenged PAs the better, and a September call-up would be the ideal start, along with an AFL tenure this fall.

  2. Did I miss a report on JP Crawford’s health? And, Dugan I have in the Top Ten. Looking forward to him in the AFL

  3. Dugan definitely top 10. Crawford, Nola, Franco, Quinn definitely ahead of him. Then the next tier, which includes Dugan are fairly close: Imhoff, Tocci, Grullon, Biddle, Encarnacion, Tromp, Cozens, Canelo, Perkins, Knapp. It’s really hard to come up with a solid top 10 above GCL who show both good tools and good performance. You stretch it and add guys like Sandberg, Green, Pujols, Pointer, Gueller, Brown. It’s really kind of iffy/thin. I think I probably have to slot Dugan in around number 7 based on proximity/performance/tools. Having said that, I see him as being no better than an average MLB corner OF and probably not that. So very many of our other guys are just all projection at this point or way, way down in the minors, or both.

    1. Why no mention of either Gonzo, MAG or Sev? Sev has proven a lot to me putting up 140+ innings as a 21-year-old in AA. MAG could be in the Phillies rotation next season. But I put Dugan right up there with and perhaps ahead of Franco and Quinn as high as 3rd.

      1. I forgot MAG. He’d be about #6 for me. Sev is in the next grouping for me. He hasn’t really impressed me at Reading. I don’t know why number of IP should be such a huge determinant of quality for you. To me, it is the quality of those innings, which matters more. Yes, he is young for AA, but he doesn’t have a lot of stuff. He got by at the lower levels on pitchability and control. We’ve had quite a few guys like that who don’t make it at the higher levels.

        1. The point about Sev is likely that he’s kind of a small-framed guy and him not breaking down over that number of innings is encouraging. People had a big concern about that coming into the year, and while he clearly needs to continue to work on his command and keeping the ball in the ballpark, he’s at least proven to have good control and that he can hold up over a long season without falling apart.

        1. Has that been confirmed by the Phils or by scouting reports?

          I was just thinking about why the Phils have not tried to stretch MAG out? I think they want to give him September big league innings but to get value out of his contract he needs to be a starter.

            1. Yeah MAG throws a ton of pitches but from the bullpen you normally only focus on 2 with MAYBE a 3rd offering every now and then. Where did someone see only 2? Thought it was known that he came in with what he thinks is 5/6 different offerings.

  4. As far as Dugan is concerned, I could see me rating him as high as 6th, with those players named by A’town (Crawford, Nola, Franco, Quinn) assured to be ranked higher. I’ll probably have Biddle 5th but he’s trending in the wrong direction. The 5 BBs his last time out were quite discouraging. Still, his potential to miss bats gives me confidence that we could still be a solid three, but my confidence is waning. Aside from those 5, who deserves to be ranked higher than Dugan? We’re talking about a potential starting right fielder who hits for average, clear 20+ HR power (despite his HR totals this year) and a competent fielder with an above average arm. He’ll be 24 next month, so hypthetically saying that he’ll play all of next season at AAA he’ll compete for the starting RF gig at age 25. Nothing wrong with that. I’d say his biggest obstacle right now is his ability to stay on the field. I think 6-8 in our off-season rankings is completely reasonable, but I for one will give him strong consideration at no. 6

    1. I pretty much agree with that. Top 4 are pretty set IMO. 5 is where we’ll prob. start to have done debate. Biddle has definately fallen but how far? His stuff still appears to be the same. That tells me it’s almost all upstairs. There’s still enough upside for him to be 5 but I could see him in bottom half of top 10 on many lists. After that I think there will be plenty of debate for the the next 10 spots. I could see somebody’s 12 being someone else’s 6 and vice versa. Will people value upside like Tocci or Sandberg highly? Do people give more value to guys being closer to the majors like Dugan and Althrrr? How about Cozens? Guy has best combination of speed and power in system. At least statically. Then there’s guys like Imhoff and Liebrandt from this years draft class who have been very good but it’s a SSS. As usual it will be an interesting debate.

  5. Like pretty much everyone else, I have Dugan somewhere around 10. He’s in the mix with Tocci, Grullon, Biddle and Imhoff.

  6. i may have missed this on another day, but haven’t seen anything on it … anyone notice Pujols played for Williamsport last night?

  7. 1. JP 2. Franco 3. Nola 4. Biddle 5. Dugan 6. Quinn 7. Altherr 8. Imhoff 9. Liebrandt 10. Cozens

    That’s my take. I don’t think Biddle should fall since there is no change in his stuff. His head can be fixed. I’m not as down on Franco as some bc he seems to have made the adjustment to AAA. Dugan looks like a .280/20 hr hitter in RF to me which is something the Phillies have needed since Werth left. I could be completely wrong about Liebrandt. That ranking is based purely on performance at a level that he is most likely too old for. Also would love to Astudillo challenged by more aggressive assignments. Let’s see if he can use that same “pesky” approach vs. more advanced pitchers.

    It looks to me like we actually have 10 legitimate prospects with a good chance to be decent mlb players whereas this time last year I would not have said the same. Every other prospect seems to have a major flaw that will need to be overcome before I think they have a good chance.

  8. Did I miss that answer to the question about JP? I saw that others asked where he is but have not seen an answer. Maybe he got promoted to philly and J-Stroll got traded?!?!?

    hasbrown wishful thinking

  9. I swear Rosin is throwing a new pitch. Look at Aug #s and just watch the movement. He was 95-97 on the guns too. Not stadium. He looks like he’s got it going.

  10. I know this isn’t the thread but Phils got first player in Hernsndez deal today. It’s Jesmeul Valentin. He Was a supp 1st rounder in 12. Has pretty solid numbers in low A as 2nd baseman. It’ll be interesting to see where Phils place him with Pullin and LWood.

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