Box Score Recap – 8/5/2014

Holy Zachamole! Collier hit his fifth home run in four games. That’s pretty remarkable. Kely Dugan drew two walks in that one – he’s got five walks in his last four games. Not quite as impressive, and certainly not worthy of a “Holy Kellymole” or a “Kelly Guacamole”. Freddy Galvis hit his first of the year for LV, as Maikel Franco had two hits, including a double. MAG did not fair well in his third AAA outing. Roman Quinn on base again, as Jim pointed out in his write-up, for the 20th game in a row. Be sure to read Jim’s report for a nice write-up on Miguel Nunez’ start, plus a nugget about Jesse Biddle.

For Lakewood, Willians Astudillo had two hits – his fourth multi-hit game in a row and he’s OPSing .858 over his last ten games, and I can’t believe I missed that he struck out twice in the same game on July 30. That’s craziness. Especially considering that was his entire strikeout total for the month of July. Two. In a month where he took ~85 PAs. Yes, he also only drew two walks, but still. Otherwise, this year’s 8th overall pick, Rockies prospect Kyle Freeland, pretty well shut down the Blueclaws in his SAL debut – he struck out six and allowed two hits and nothing else in five innings. It is nice to see that Dylan Cozens had one of the hits off Freeland – a double. Proves very little in the grand scheme, but nice to see our questionably good guy can sometimes hit their probably good guy.

Hmm…kinda regretting saying “Holy Zachamole” earlier. Oh well, no turning back now.

And finally, Victor Delgado and closer Alejandro Garcia shut out Detroit in Game One of a three-game VSL championship series. I talked about the prospects for the series yesterday. Delgado allowed three hits over eight innings. Luis Mendoza and Jesus Alastre each pushed runs across, and 17 yr-old 2B Daniel Romero had two hits and scored twice. Game two today could be the clincher. Watch out for updates from me early-mid afternoon as the 11:30 EST start time should have me posting a result sometime around 2-3pm, time permitting.

**Update** VSL lost 4-2 today. Jesus Alastre and Joseph Miranda were both 2-4 with a double, and Carlos Indriago had a fair start in the loss. He allowed eight hits and a walk in five + innings and Sergio Velis couldn’t keep those inherited guys from scoring. It all comes down to Thursday’s game three. We’ll see if they throw Ranger Suarez or not.

Here’s the affiliate Scoreboard from MiLB. 8-5-14 boxscores

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  1. I don’t have a calculator in front of me, but I’m going to guess that Collier is OPSing infinity for August. He’s my candidate for the Tyson Gillies Memorial Centerfielder With Tools Who Puts It All Together For A Short Period In Reading And Sets Mike Honcho Up For Eventual Heartbreak award.

    (Incidentally, he will be the first player not named Tyson Gillies to take the title.)

    1. His August OPS is 1.713.

      Incidentally, combining his stats over the last 4 years, his August OPS is almost exactly 100 points higher than his overall OPS.

    1. Do you have a mic handy, ramsey? Good, now do the following:

      1.) Hold it out in front of you.
      2.) Drop it.

      Well done.

  2. Will be interesting to see who (Collier, Altherr, Lavin) if anyone the Phillies send to LHV next year. Not sure that any of them have done anything to warrant it, but don’t think another year at reading will do much for them either.

  3. I think Altherr will get promoted even though he hasn’t exactly torn up AA. Collier was in AA last year. Maybe he goes as a 4th OF or if there’s an opening in Reading they keep him there. I’m not sure what the org thinks of Lavin. Prob just an Organization filler.
    I see the OF in LHV as Dugan, Altherr and Perkins as OF/1B/ DH.

    1. I think Altherr repeats AA. As you said he hasn’t shown much, and there should be a spot open in their OF assuming Quinn and Pointer both graduate to AA.

  4. “Proves very little in the grand scheme, but nice to see our questionably good guy can sometimes hit their probably good guy.”

    awesome quote

  5. Larry Greene is at the point where he couldn’t get a hit with a cricket bat. Send him to Clearwater to it with Biddle for a few weeks.

    1. Better yet…let Biddle pitch simulated game against Larry Greene to get Biddle’s confidence up

  6. Galvis is starting to get hot at lehigh valley. I wouldn’t be surprised to see him get get up soon, I’m sure Sandberg is wanting his energy in the clubhouse. Glad to see Franco pick up two more hits. I am curious to see if he gets called up in september. His power would be a lot more fun to watch than Howard’s. That home run last night was such a joke, barely cleared the fence. I’ll give him credit for being strong enough to get it out, but he doesn’t square up balls and drive them anymore. Watching video of Franco hitting is pretty exciting when he makes contact. Some of his recent home runs are jumping off the bat and clearing the fence easily. IF things pan out with some of our top prospects it will be fun seeing guys like Quinn and JPC get on base and Franco and/or Cozens driving them home.

  7. Galvis getting 4 hits makes me wonder if he found a new stance that suddenly worked for him. We’ll see if he can come back today and get a few more hits. He’ll be called up Sept 1 but I see no reason to bring him up before that. The decision on calling up Franco Sept 1 will be interesting to follow. I was trying to pick the guys who will go to Arizona and only have Dugan and Colton Murray (yes I’m rooting for him) and probably Quinn from A ball. Who else will they send? Biddle if he comes back by then is a possibility.
    Go VSL Phillies! How do you say that in Spanish?

    1. Normally teams do not send their best starting pitchers to the AFL, since they want to control their innings/PCs.
      But in Biddle’s case, with his extended abscence this season, he could be a good candidate to go..

      1. Agreed. His mental state might be suited for some time off at home with his family rather than two time zones away, but that’s nothing we can judge from a distance. If he’s “fixed”, the innings might do him some good.

        Happened with Jarred Cosart a couple years back when he was in AA (I think) with Houston. Sat out a good bit of the year injured and they sent him and let him start. Can’t recall a Phillies pitcher who was sent to start who was actually a starter. Kyle Simon took on a starter’s role in AFL the year the club picked him up, but he was a bullpen arm the whole way, IMO – just that the club was willing to let him stretch out in the fall since he had worked the previous off-season and much of 2012 as a starter – his arm was in a position to do it and the league needs innings wherever they can get them.

        1. Wonder about Adam Morgan? If he’s back from the shoulder injury wouldn’t they want to get a good look at him before 40-man decisions have to be made for the Rule 5 draft. Hard to imagine someone taking him, but he is a lefthanded pitcher. I guess maybe the best way to assure he’s not taken would be not to pitch him in the AFL. Maybe I’ve answered my own question there.

          1. Not sure Morgan is eligible to participate.
            See the last rule on the 45 days activation period.
            Eligibility Rules
            The eligibility rules to play in the AFL are simple.

            The roster size is 30 players per team.

            Each Major League organization is required to provide six players subject to the following requirements:

            All Triple-A and Double-A players are eligible, provided the players are on at least a Double-A level roster no later than Aug. 1.
            One player below the Double-A level is allowed per Major League team.
            One foreign player is allowed, as long as the player does not reside in a country that participates in winter ball, as part of the Caribbean Confederation or the Australian winter league.
            No players with more than one year of credited Major League service as of August 31 are eligible, except a team may select one player picked in the most recently concluded Major League Rule 5 Draft.
            To be eligible, players on Minor League disabled lists must be activated at least 45 days before the conclusion of their respective seasons.

            1. Yeah, that’s true. Morgan’s ineligible. Leaves me pretty sure Perci Garner would be as well. Biddle was on the inactive list, so he could go.

              Also, they changed the “one player below AA” rule last year, I was told. Giles and Altherr both went from A+ and I asked the Twitter account and they responded it was two.

              And yeah, Roc, Howard I think doesn’t quite fit the criteria.

        2. Remember that the players will go to Instructionals if not to Arizona, they won’t really get to go home until later in the fall.

  8. Is Gabriel Lino a prospect? Is that why Astudillo hasn’t been promoted? The guy gets 2 hits before he gets out of bed on most days

      1. So dangerous, especially if you have a companion. Reckless, really.

        And yeah, Gabriel Lino is a little bit of a prospect, still, I would say. Part of the problem Astudillo will face going forward is that not only is Lino sort of a prospect, but Andy Knapp will be ahead of him blocking his path, and so will Tommy Joseph, (theoretically), and to a lesser extent, Logan Moore – not sure how the club feels about Moore’s total game, and if they like him enough to keep him on the field over Astudillo – maybe not.

        If Astudillo’s going to get back to catching, even as a backup, which he needs to do in order to have any kind of chance at the big leagues, he needs to be somewhere catching enough times a week to work on his skills. With Lino up there, CLR right now probably would not be a great place, and Lakewood was kind of nice for him since Knapp wasn’t catching every day and still is on a lower workload behind the plate.

        Next spring will tell the tale. If Lino goes to AA with Moore as his backup, if Joseph is healthy they almost have to send him to AAA. Valle will quite possibly be gone as a MiLB free agent, and IMO it’s time for that to happen. Rupp should be the big league backup next year, sink or swim. That leaves a backup spot in AAA that will be filled by someone like Koyie Hill – a former big leaguer who would handle himself in a short stint in the bigs as the backup. Then you need someone backing up Knapp in CLR, which I think would still be Astudillo. That’s going to harm his workload, but being in CLR, he’ll have lots of chances to get in extra work on the side to help him stay sharp, so I’m not sure that’s a huge problem. And they’ll continue to find him PAs as the DH or at first.

        1. Astudillo, with his solid contact hit tool in play, would seem to be the type of guy the Phillies will let develop for awhile in the minors, at a position that he is competent defensively, like they did with Ruiz. They probably will not push or rush him thru their system..The age-appro to level would appear not to be too much of a concern with Astudillo.

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