Box Score Recap – 8/4/2014

Maikel Franco was 2-4 with a double, and MAG and Luis Garcia worked scoreless innings in relief of a nice start from Greg (not Matt) Smith. Kelly Dugan was 2-3 plus a walk and Zach Collier had two hits, including his sixth home run – that makes four in three days for the Reading centerfielder. It was perfectly reasonable to waive him earlier in the year to make room on the 40-man roster, but I don’t think the club will totally give up on him when he does things like hit four homers in three days. He’s been off the field so much this year, yet he has managed to marginally improve his overall offensive game while repeating AA. Still striking out too much (>25%), and unless he’s really going to hit homers in bunches, that’s not a great profile going forward. Someone close to the club should let him know to keep hitting homers. Thanks.

Nic Hanson was not terribly sharp in his first FSL start of the year, while JP Crawford was 2-3 plus a walk. Roman Quinn was 2-5 with a double and a steal, his 23rd in 30 attempts and has a 19-game on base streak going back to the second game of a double header on July 17. Over that 87 PA span he’s got 8 XBH, 11BB, just 13K and 14 steals in 17 tries. His wRC+ is 152 from July 17 thru Sunday – Fangraphs is a day behind still, and it won’t let me set my arbitrary endpoint between the bad and the good games in the 17th. Bummer.

Andy Knapp, Dylan Cozens, Mitch Walding and Malquin Canelo all with XBH for Lakewood, while Green and Greene both had singles and walked twice. LGj has continued to take his walks, hanging around 10% for the season, and his 28% K Rate is a marked improvement over his 35% last year. He is OPSing 1.271 in August, So that’S Something. Jia Tromp hit his 12th home run, and his third in as many days. One shy of tying the team record of 13, held by Zach Green and Walter Young. Brandon Leibrandt pitched really well over five hitless innings, and then it all went wrong in the sixth – he allowed four doubles and a single in the frame and ended with 4ER, 5H, 10k, 1BB in 6IP.

Look for a brief post from me shortly about the VSL club – they made the playoffs, starting today.

Here’s the affiliate Scoreboard from MiLB.

8-4-14 boxscores

43 thoughts on “Box Score Recap – 8/4/2014

    1. Idk, hes not missing a lot of bats and has had some control issues. I think he gets phillipe aumounted at the big league level

      1. Well he missed some bats last night, he had 4 k’s in seven innings. His fastball though was 89-91 on the stadium gun. On the plus side he seemed to work the outside corner with pitches either just on or off the black. Overall, I thought his performance was good but, not sure about September.

        1. 4 ks in 7 innings against AA players doesnt cut in it in the mlb. Unless he has moyer like command and baseball IQ, he will need to build up more arm strength and work on missing more bats to be considered for a rotation spot.

  1. brad…I am being lazy ooking this up….but Franco has almost 450PAs at LHV this season….what is his metrics for the first 225 PAs vs his last 225PAs this season?

    1. I’ve posted this before, but I went to a Cutters game in Brooklyn a few weeks ago and these guys were hacking the entire game. I don’t think i saw a single three-ball count until the 7th inning. Someone else who posts here went to another Cutters game in that series and reported that they were hacking in that game as well.

      I’m just spitballing here, but I’ve got to believe that a team full of hackers can come out of the gate looking good, but fade quickly once the rep gets around that they will swing at anything. Those guys need some plate discipline, stat.

    2. it’s called baseball. that’s just how it goes. especially with young kids. that’s why you never put too much weight in a good month or a bad month.

      1. Thanks for clarifying. I thought we were talking about tennis.

        My point is that these players are mostly 22/23 years old, from strong college programs, and they aren’t hitting at higher clips like it seems they should be.

  2. I took in the Blue Claws game last night. I did have my son, my daughter and 3 of her friends with me, so I certainly didn’t track every pitch, but just some observations:
    -Viza didn’t break 88 once, and only had a handful of swinging strikes. He was generally hit hard.
    -JG Jr. If I had never read this sight, I would still have walked away wondering why he his out there. He did have a hit, but it was the only ball he made contact with on the night. It was a broken bat bloop just over the SS’s head. I don’t know if he tries to work counts, or has problem recognizing pitches, but he went to a full count on almost every at bat just taking pitches. He was also involved in the most ridiculous sequence of the night too, on Mayorga’s GW RBI in the eighth. Greene was going first to third and was out, but called safe on a blown call by the ump (The third basemen made a really nice between the legs tag that the Ump missed). Greene promptly got picked off of third by the catcher two pitches later. It was one of those plays where he was caught off guard, slid back, and wound up not even reaching the base. He also had two balls drop in front of him that looked very catchable. If he was recruited as a Linebacker for college, he would have been switched to DE. He is barrel chested/chubby enough to look really slow in his movements.
    -Tocci dropped a fly ball with one out in the ninth. It was a line drive, but hit right at him. He did strike out twice against the starter, who was throwing as hard as Viza,on off speed pitches. In his third at bat he hit a towering fly to left center, about ten feet in front of the track. It was one of those balls, off the bat, that looked like it had a chance. He also ripped a single up the middle.
    -Most of the guys in the lineup have horrible mustaches.
    -Aaron Baker looked great, albeit against younger competition.
    -Knapp’s triple was an absolute rocket to the right center field power alley.
    -Z Geen’s at bats were the opposite of LG Jr. Both walks were the 8-9 pitch, foul off a couple 3-2 pitches type of at bats. Each time up he gave a quality AB. He is a really big, square shoulder guy.
    -Cozen’s doesn’t stand out as a guy that couldn’t stick in the outfield. He has a much better looking body the JG Jr, but outside of a few flyballs that he easily grabbed, it’s hard to see from nine innings how he looks in the OF.
    -Canelo has a great arm
    Again, I’m no scout, just making some observations between ice cream runs.

      1. Who are you the English teacher . It was a great write up and you knew who he was talking about. But don’t forget JG Jr and LG Jr

          1. That’s why I wrote you and he see I was correcting my own post too . Where is my big brother to clarify things, pat

        1. I am going to go out on a limb here but i think he deposits another one in the seats this year. Tocci should be in Clearwater next year. Lets hope he keeps it up

    1. This confirms what I’ve seen personally and believe about Larry Greene – he is a complete non-player and is stealing at bats from better players, like Hiciano (who, IMO, is a MUCH better player). He’s slow, he can’t field, he doesn’t hit for average, he has terrible baseball instincts and, despite his natural (softball player) power, he has effectively no in game power, and he can’t hit breaking pitches so he just sits with the bat on his shoulder until he sees a good fastba all he thinks he can hit. He’s about as useless as a prospect gets – but aside from that he’s a regular Babe Rute.

      1. And shame on the Phillies for trodding him out there and depriving better players of playing time. I see zero chance of him every playing even in Reading – so why the hell is he still there?

        1. Been harping on this for sometime now. He’s just a totally useless one tool player who only displays that tool in BP. Clearly he’s taking ABs from Tromp, among others; furthermore he has zero chance of playing in Clearwater next year.

          Best case scenario, the FO is going to let him finish the season (with a slash line around .190/ .290/ .390) and then cut him in the winter.

      2. The horse is dead,rigamortis set in long ago, its decomposing rapidly. We all know Greene sucks, but nothing will be done about it yet.

        If I were him to be perfectly honest, go back to school, go play football, and let us all forget how horrible of a first round pick he was.

        Also, I’m not sure who sucks more, a nightowl under the tracks in Kensington, or Aumont at the major league level.

        PS-Bootsy Boo’s mom was good last night

    2. “Cozen’s doesn’t stand out as a guy that couldn’t stick in the outfield”

      Huh? Are you saying you think he can stay in the outfield?

      1. Sorry, typed this early in the morning. Take both negatives, which cancel each other out, and it should read:
        Cozens stands out as a guy that could stick in the outfield

  3. Anyone concerned about Dugan’s lack of power on the season? A .125 ISO won’t cut it for a corner OF.

    Any chance this is just due to his time on the DL and he’s still working through the remnants of the injury?

    1. I’m definitely concerned and am also hoping its due to a wrist/hand injury. He gets his hits but he needs to hit 20 homers to stick in RF. He’s not even worthy of a Sept call up. Who is worthy of a call up? Franco with his 240? Rupp with his 137? I can see Cesar, Galvis and MAG plus Garcia and maybe Franco just to take a look. Where are the 300 hitters in our system? Fox and…….?????

      1. They’ll call up Rupp, also, just to get him some time around the pitchers and to have a third catcher, if nothing else. Have to imagine they’ll call up Altherr also, since he’s already been up earlier in the year, but maybe not. And pretty much everyone in the bullpen who’s on the 40-man, also. Last year they left off Gillies and Aumont, and guys who weren’t ready for the bigs like Collier and Valle, (I think he was still on the 40-man last Sept).

        1. I agree Rupp, Altherr and I would include Dugan. Altherr’s clock is ticking already so nothing lost there and both Altherr and Dugan could get some valuable experience up there.

      1. What concerns me about Dugan is not his power drought laelty, but his continued injuries, it seems, every season.
        Would be ideal if he can stay healthy for 135/140 games..

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