General Discussion – Week of 8-4-14 – Waivers Edition

I’ll post a bit of news here – Phils have signed Panamanian SS Jonathan Arauz for $600k, per Jim Salisbury and other media reporting. Arauz joins SS Arquimedes Gamboa, ($900k) SS/CF Daniel Brito ($650k) and C Lenin Rodriguez ($300k) as six figure signings from the International Amateur market. Including P Jhon Nunez, who got $90k, the club has now spent $2.54M on five known signings. With a budget of $3.22M, and lots of other guys sure to be signed for dollar amounts over $10k, (under $10k is a freebie, essentially), this is probably the last of the high dollar signings. I was a little surprised to even see this many, but more power to the club for getting some nice looking guys for fairly reasonable dollars. We’ll see how many of them make their way stateside for instructs this fall.

Back home, the first round of revocable waivers were discovered, with Howard, Burnett, Bastardo, Kendrick and Roberto Hernandez reported earlier by Ken Rosenthal. Teams can claim the players and their contracts, or the Phillies can negotiate trades if they don’t want to let the player walk. I would imagine they’d let Howard go if someone wanted him, and insist on a return for the rest, or pull back the waiver. Once cleared, the men in question can be traded just like they would have been in July, with no-trade clauses and options in place.


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  1. Its good to see RAJ spending the international pool for some possible players. Sometimes you get lucky and you have to try. As for the majors. I expect Bastardo to get traded and possibly former Fausto too based on how he’s thrown recently. Its hard to believe that Byrd isn’t on the list. This team doesn’t even have an exciting call up list for Sept 1. The reality is we could be looking at 10 years in a row of losing records again. There’s not a single guy in our system who looks like a future #3 hitter or #1 starter. We can’t even spend free agent money for a few more years because we have so much money tied up.

    1. Concerning Byrd. If in fact Ruben demanded Aaron Judge from the Yankees for Byrd, and Cashman must have laughed at that proposal, why wouldn’t Amaro try to sweeten the pot by adding Bastardo to that deal?
      At this time of the year, most all contenders can use another lefty reliever.

      1. Doesn’t even look close to one for me, but he may be a first division regular b/c of his speed.

  2. According to mlbtraderumors phillies were asking for yankees OF Aaron Judge in exchange for Marlon Byrd. I guess when Ruben said he didn’t ask for teams top prospects he was technically right with this one. Judge ranked #5 prospect for the yankees, but is their top OF prospect. The yankees are not a part of his no trade clause so maybe trade talks could heat back up. As of now the yankees are 5 back in the division, but only 1.5 games back of a wildcard spot. With it being Jeter’s last year maybe the yankees just go for it and trade Judge. Considering how good Byrd has been at driving the ball the other way I’m really surprised the yankees didn’t bite. His bat would play VERY well at yankee stadium. There were reports that there was some sort of issue that the yankees did not know if he would do well in their club house. I do not buy into that because I have never heard anything bad about him in the club house. Maybe the yankees were just trying to knock off some of his value.

    Interested to see if we make some waiver deals. Landing a guy like Judge or even getting rid of Howard would be great moves for this team. Hopefully the second time around we can get something done!

  3. I wonder if the Phillies should make a bid for Christopher Torres, who had, according to him, his ‘verbal agreement’ with the Yankees dissolved.

    1. MLB scouting on Torres:
      Another shortstop.
      Christopher Torres Rank: 18 Santiago, Dominican RepublicHeight: 6’0″, Weight: 170 Position: SS DOB: 2/6/1998 Bats: S, Throws: R Scouting Grades: Hit: 55 | Power: 50 | Run: 60 | Arm: 60 | Field: 65
      The switch-hitting shortstop might be a better left-handed hitter overall and appears to have a better swing from that side of the plate. Torres has shown more power when he bats right-handed, but he’ll need to improve his hit tool from that side of the plate. He likes to drive the ball to the opposite field and has shown plate discipline.Praised for his defense and potential for a plus arm, Torres is also an above-average runner with the potential to become a basestealer. He has average power, but that could increase as he grows and fills out his six-foot frame. Scouts also like Torres’ makeup and leadership abilities.Torres has experience playing in his country’s RBI League, Major League Baseball’s Prospect League and the International Prospect League in the Dominican Republic. He is based in Santiago, Dominican Republic, and is trained by Orlando Mazara. The Yankees have expressed serious interest in the shortstop.

      1. I think they should sign him unless they have other players they are trying to sign. You can never have too many young, athletic kids in the system. Often these young SS are excellent fielders and can stick at the position, but can learn other positions fairly easily if need be. You can end up with bench players like Galvis, Hernandez etc. if they don’t quite live up to their scouting grades. Plus if we could get him away from the yankees that’d be cool.

        1. He had agreed to >$2 million from the Yankees. Phils have <1 million to offer. Aint happening.

          1. I think that is the contention of his agent…..the Yankees waited so long to resind their agreement, most clubs do not have the bonus allocation left in their disposal this year to meet his $2M plus demand.
            Up to him, he could wait another year until next July and garnish the money, or sign for something less and start his professional career this year.

  4. Utley, Rollins, Pap, Hamels, Ruiz, Byrd hit waiver wire today. I think the others were Saturday and the time to claim them, which is in the 48 hr neighborhood, is up today. Would the Phils claim anyone, does someone think?

  5. I think the only player the Phils will potentially get something back on out of those players is Bastardo. He’s a left handed RP which teams are always looking for. He’s very inconsistent but has been very good at times as well. Plus he’s under control for another couple if years.
    As for the others I think the Phils would just let em walk. Howard’s the obvious one but lets look at the other 3.
    Burnett- From what I understand he had a 12.5 mill option that triggers after 32 starts. I’m not sure the team really wants to do that. Then there’s the 7.5 mill buyout. That essentially makes him worth 5 mill for the Phils. At that rate he’s probably worth keeping around. The Phils prob prefer to let another team have that decision.
    As for KK and Hernandez, the Phils may just look at them as saving some coin over the final 7 weeks of the season. Neither are likely to be back and obviously won’t be tendered. I could see just letting them go.

  6. i was thinking the same thing romus. The BA article said that since he thought he was in the fold he hasn’t done anything i think since january or february except watch TV. he is out of shape and apparently has a shoulder injury. if he was a decent prospect before, would he be worth the balance of the phils international pool money?

  7. We were all killing Amaro at the trade deadline and he’s asking for the #5 prospect in a weak system for Marlon Byrd, and he got turned down? That’s our basis for being upset with him? I’m glad we didn’t trade Byrd, who’s been a legitimately above average OF, for something worse than Judge.

    1. 1. The contract for Byrd; which is horrible for someone his age. No team wants that contract.
      2. You are not getting last years first round draft pick for a 35+ year old player. Not happening. Judge has a .293 BA, .423 OBP, and .879 OPS in A ball. He is probably better than OF prospect in our system.

      1. Yeah maybe if he was like two years younger or had a better contract they would be willing to give up Judge for him. I think if I was a yankees fan I wouldn’t be too pleased with that deal. Judge is scouted to have a 50 hit tool and 60 power. I do not think the yankees want to give up their best outfield prospect who could have above average power (which is super above average power at yankee stadium) for an 35yo with a good amount of time left on his deal. With that being said I would not take much less than Judge. So I am actually going to give Ruben some credit here, get the man a sticker and a cookie! I would have to check their prospect list, but maybe they have 2 top 10 prospects behind Judge that they would be willing to deal. If they are even good enough to be desired by the phillies.

        1. And there’s the rub. Byrd can effectively have an excellent contract. RAJ just needs to send enough money along with him and buy out the option to make his contract a good one.

          1. Ruben said that all along that they would cough up monies , I assume min of 50%, of the remaining contract allocation on deals.

          2. My guess is he would have done that for Judge but I can’t blame the Yankees for not wanting to move Judge. The Yankee’s have been the worst offenders of depleting their farm over the years in favor of throwing money at FA’s.

            At some point they will have to make the transition from veteran overpaid players to a more youthful and under paid roster.

            The Pirates may again come calling for Byrd now that McCutchen is down for at least 3 weeks. Another team poised to go backwards from their prior season by about 8 wins.

            1. DMAR, this is something that I wanted to ask as well. Does anyone think that the Pirates would be willing to move a decent prospect for Byrd in order to keep afloat while McCutchen is on the DL??

            2. Possibly if you eat a big chunk of what he has left the Pirates deal you either a Harold Ramirez or a Jacoby Jones but if really lucky you can get Willy Garcia. The Bucko’s are pretty set with their OF so they may be willing to deal from a position of strength.

              None of those guys are blue chip prospects but all have some tools to like.

      2. David its not a bad contract, if your trying to win now and you feel byrd can help you get there. Look at his power numbers. and judge is a prospect, nothing more, The Yankees want a power bat, you must pay for it. if byrd gets you to the playoffs, isn’t it worth 16 million in revenue. I only say if you really think he is a answer to your power shortrage.

        1. Yankees do indeed want the playoffs this year with it being Jeter’s last in the Bronx

          On a side note I wonder if the Yankees are out of it by the last week in September, will Jeter make that last trip to Boston to play his last games, or end his career at Yankee Stadium the series prior, rather then go to Boston and end it at Fenway?

            1. That would be great. Though Ted Williams skipped coming to Yankee Stadium for that last series when he retired in ’60.

          1. If Ruben had some moxie , he could have added value to the Byrd proposal to the Yankees, maybe add Bastardo to the mix. And also, take on a high percentage of Byrd’s remaining contract. If he wanted Judge that may have persuaded Cashman.

          2. But we’re talking about a prospect that is essentially Kelly Dugan. He’s highly rated in relation to the Yankees system, but it’s not like he’s a top 100 prospect. He was a 22 year old in the SALLY half the year.

            I’m not overvaluing Byrd. Last year was an outlier, but he’s had 6 seasons of 3+ WAR seasons and we’re paying him like a 1-2 win player. He’s had plenty of years like the one he’s having this season.

          3. There’s a reasong the last two seasons are against the grain. Byrd completely changed his swing prior to the start of last year, essentially selling out for more power. It’s also the reason his K% is up. It’s been talked about over at Fangraphs on more than one occassion. This year has only shown that last year was not an outlier year in that respect. He’s still striking out more, and his power is still there. He also still plays a respectable right field. So far, he’s outplaying his contract.

            1. I think Amaro has done a very poor job, but I have not seen 1 report of any kind of an offer for Byrd. Just dumping him for nothing helps no one. If Phils send $ along, that minimizes the impact of that 2016 year. But, all of the media reports blasting the Phils fail to name 1 guy who was offered, but Amaro said no. And, taking some Zach Collier type is the same as just releasing him.

            2. He was overvalued along with every Phillies player by Amaro. If there was fair value in the eyes of the league he would have made a trade.

              But I guess everyone including Jason Stark and other national writers are wrong.

  8. Between my two fantasy baseball leagues closing in on the playoffs, and the possibility of an August move, I still am invested in the 2014 MLB season……and of course seeing what our prospects do on a nightly basis, and the cherry on top is when RAJ gets canned…….just look at the stats Pence is putting up right now with the Giants, and realize we will have gotten LESS for him than we got for Lee to Seattle……….

  9. How about some World Series Trivia.

    In the last 10 seasons (2004-2013) how many different teams have appeared in the WS out of a possible 20?

    How many have made multiple Appearances?

    Of those that made more than 1 which one(s) are undefeated?

    Of those that made more than 1 which one(s) did not at least win 1?

    and finally who were the one and done losers meaning they appeared lost and haven’t been back since?

    1. AL – Red Sox(2), White Sox(1). Yankees(1). Tampa Bay(1). Rangers(2). Tigers(2)

      NL – Phillies(2), Cardinals(3), Giants(2), Rockies(1), Astros(1). Can’t get the last one.

      Undefeated – Red Sox, Giants.

      No wins – Rangers, Tigers

    2. 11 Different Teams appeared in a WS from 04-13. 6 Appeared in more than 1. Red Sox are 3-0 and Giants 2-0 for undefeated teams and Texas and the Tigers are the correct answer for having appeared more than once but came away with zilch.

      The one and dones were the Rays, Rockies and Astro’s.

  10. Jacob Turner (RHSP) of the Marlins was just DFA’d and I would like the Phillies to check on him. Maybe a change of scenery can help him.

    1. Can’t hurt and with Lee on the DL we could use a little depth, especially if Ruben is trying to get rid of Burnett, Hernandez, or Kendrick.

    2. He seems like a good candidate to take a chance on. Wasn’t he the center piece in the Sanchez trade a couple of years ago?

      1. Unless a team like the Rockies have a deal in place for him. Turner is subject to waivers and they the first chance to grab him.

  11. Any thoughts about getting Rusney Castillo the 27 year old OF from Cuba?
    I think it would be a good move. Clearly our OF is a mess besides Byrd and Sizemore. It is a bit of a risk and will cost a good amount of years and money, but at this point take a chance. We may not be good again for 3-4-5 years anyway so even if he turns out to be worse than expected his deal will be over or almost over by the time we are good again.

    1. Ruben will need to cough up a lot of money to outbid the likes of the Yankees and others.
      Probably minimum of 5 years /40 or 45M.
      Will he be up to the challenge

    2. If you expect not to be good for the next 3-4 years than why waste the money on a unknown outfielder that might be good or might not be. Let the cheap young guys play till you find the jewel that this team needs.

      1. How stupid is amaro. I think he got himself fired, You don’t say it will be 2-3 yr to contend. not with this ownership. Why in gods name would you want them to bid on a 27 yr old outfield when they have to chance to win. After amaro Locked us into these bad contracts, just makes no sense to me.

      2. Because they’ll control the guy for 6 seasons and he can be a part of their next contender. One has to gradually add players who will be contributors 5-6 years from now — from the farm, from Cubans, from trades. Add 2-3 pieces each year. You can’t just wait through the worst of the bad years, without putting in place younger contributors from outside the organization, because you can’t just decide 4 years from now that you’re going to add 4-5 young contributors via FA, trades, Cubans/Japanese. The contending roster must be built piece by piece.

        1. A lot of people do not get that. The Phillies panel was laughable on CSNPhilly. They tried to make it sound like the Phillies would tear the team down to $30 million in payroll.

          You don’t do that but you do have to give yourself salary flexibility going into the rebuild so that you can make moves.

          Maybe you add the Cuban player, and pencil in Crawford two years from now with another piece. Or you hold that spot open to make a big splash in free agency.

          You do what the Red Sox did, decide on your core, sell the pieces that do not fit, target some guys in free agency, and bring up a couple of young guys.

          A rebuild is not an either or. You take a step back next year to move forward in two years. You have a one, two, three year plan.

          You promote and nurture young talent in the minors. You try to extract every ounce of talent from guys in the minors and give them the best option to succeed.

          You make smart free agency acquisitions and you keep salary open for a move that may come along.

          A perfect example is Kimmo and the Flyers. Hextall kept some roster spots open (5 on the 50 man roster) and some salary cap space. An unexpected injury happens and you make a move for a backstop to Kimmo.

          People act like it is either or and it is not. You have to have flexibility and space to make a smart move. Not toss option years at Burnett who was essentially retired when they signed him.

          1. The Phillies are doing that but there is no one in AA or AAA busting the door down to come up to MLB without rushing prospects which can be counterproductive. The main problem is that there is no competent replacements in AA or AAA so why trade unless you get a possible one?

          2. Burnett was very good in 2013 so was worth the gamble and he may be back with us next year. Burnett injury free can be a very good pitcher and again no one is pushing him in the high minors.

            1. You get your replacement in free agency. When the Red Sox sold do you think they were concerned with tomorrow’s game or next season?

              If Burnett was so good then why was he on the street so late? He was basically retired and got coaxed into a three year deal when you only needed him for one.

              If he pitched well you talk extension or you trade him to a contender.

      3. I think you take the chance because if he is the next Puig or Cespedes or Abreu we will have quite the player on our hands. He would bring people to the park and be someone to possibly build around. I would hate to see him become a star and us miss out on him. I know there are others like MAG who haven’t panned out yet, but he seems to be turning the corner. If he is really good and we sign him we could always trade him if the team is still bad in 4-5 years.

        1. David,why go down the Free Agency road again when the Cardinals don’t and the Red Sox got extremely lucky in 2013 like the 1993 Phiiles? Better to develop your own talent and just fill in the holes until you fill them internally.

  12. How about keeping Sizemore around? I like the way he plays and if he can stay healthy (a big if) he can be a solid hitter and defender in the OF. I mean I don’t expect to see him keep up where he is now but could he do a .280/.350/.450 15-20HR 15-20SB type year? What do we think he is worth going into FA? 1yr 1.5m?

      1. Sizemore might be someone that we could benefit from by giving an option year. If it’s a vesting option where he has to have a certain number of PA, that could work. He’s someone with injury issues therefore if it’s say 500 PA and he hits that mark well then he was obviously fairly healthy. When he’s played he’s always been productive. I wouldnt be opposed to a 1 year deal at 1.5m with an option for a 2nd year with 500 PA at 2.5m. I believe he’s 32 so you are only paying for age seasons where players are still productive.

    1. Funny Roccum, but probably unrealistic. I suspect more like 3 yrs / 27 million

  13. We want to apologize to Ruben and the rest of the Phillies management for our lack of aggressiveness in trade talks regarding your fine players. To the Phillies fans out there it’s our fault no trades were made. Please keep Ruben as your GM better days are soon to come.

  14. Murphy now suggests Castillo, in a bidding war with the Yankees and Red Sox, could command, at a minimum, $12M per annum.
    If money is no factor to Rube and the Phillies, then 5 @ 65M may get the Cuban player.

  15. Corey Seidman,, on the $100M Club:
    “$100-plus million contracts in recent years: Prince Fielder, Joey Votto, Matt Cain, Justin Verlander, Alex Rodriguez, CC Sabathia, Albert Pujols, Mark Teixeira, Joe Mauer, Matt Kemp, Adrian Gonzalez, Carl Crawford, Johan Santana, Jayson Werth, Alfonso Soriano, Shin-Soo Choo, Vernon Wells, Barry Zito, Josh Hamilton, Elvis Andrus, Cliff Lee, Ryan Howard”……….cannot account for injuries, but thought there would be more success stories.

    1. Pitchers with $100 million contracts seem to have more success than the hitters, but are still far from sure things.

      1. And with an early sign, we almost certainly could have extended him for less than that.

  16. Attached is a very interesting report about Nola from last night’s Reading game.

    There is something in that report that is extremely significant. Apparently, Nola was throwing 95-97 in the first inning. After that, he sat 91-93, which is perfectly fine.

    But the report on his first inning velocity is huge (although it is consistent with some of the pre-draft reports). This tells us, for sure, that he has top end velocity in that arm – it’s not a matter of projecting it – it’s there.

    Now, what’s unclear is whether, as he fills out, matures and improves his strength and conditioning over the next few years, whether he can maintain that velocity later into starts, or use it on occasion throughout his starts to get outs. I was also impressed that Nola was said to throw a plus curve during his start.

    On the whole, I love what I’m seeing in Nola. For a large revenue team like the Phillies, a cheap mid-rotation pitcher (with possible front end upside), is a critical asset. If Biddle can come back and achieve his potential, it could make things interesting. A rotation of Hamels, Nola, Lee (hopefully), Burnett (after surgery to fix his hernia) and Buchanan, with Biddle and Pettibone in the minors pushing for the #5 spot, certainly would be intriguing at some point next year.

    1. I was at the game. The stadium gone had him topping out at 97 and sitting between 92-95. According to Philly paper, scouts had him sitting 92,93 topping at 95. Nola has great control and likes to throw the fb at the knees on the outside corner. The most impressive thing is that the fifth inning was one of his best with the batters not getting good swings at him and he k’d one batter on a 4 seamer at 94.

  17. Don’t see the need to trade Cole. Cole/Nola/AJ/?/Lee is a decent starting 5. obviously holes abound elsewhere… But significant improvement in 2 years is not improbable. In 2 years, Franco, Quinn, and Crawford may all be up. We’ll have a lot of $ to throw at free agents, with Lee, Papelbon, Rollins, etc off the books.

  18. Did not know where to post it, but Roberto Hernandez, the former Fausto Carmona, was traded to the Dodgers per MLB Trade Rumors. 2 PTBNL, maybe one is as good as Domingo Santana!

    1. According to the Phillies website he is still scheduled to pitch for the Phils tonight. Sometimes the Publicity people are the last to know, I guess.

  19. So I have heard rumors about possibly trading Hamels to the cubs…here would be my trade proposal:

    1.) Addison Russell or Jorge Soler (#3 or #6)
    2.) Pierce Johnson (#11)
    3.) Dan Vogelbach (#12)
    4.) Paul Blackburn (#18)
    5.) Corey Black or another pitching prospect just outside their top 20 (#20 or +)

    All of these guys are top 20 guys so it would be a big return in prospects, but they aren’t their best. Cubs are very deep in their farm so they have depth to trade from. What do you think too much? too little? or is this the porridge that is just right. Let me know what you guys think.

    1. I guess if Lester resigns with the Sox, at that point, a Hamels deal will be a slim undertaking with Boston
      But if Lester doesn’t resign with them, and Hamels does go to Boston, I would assume Owens and Renaudo would be two pieces in the transactions, along with a prospect position player or two.
      Maybe include Dom Brown in exchange for the struggling Bradley or Bogaerts.

      BTW….I find it interesting how so many scouts dump on Ruben’s overvaluation of his personnel. In this case Papelbon.

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