Box Score Recap – 8/3/2014

Zach Collier hit his third home run in two days. Roman Quinn was 1-3 with a walk and a steal.  His OPS is above .700. Boss. A fine line from Colin Kleven – 4H 3BB and 7K in 6 scoreless IP. Three hits for Zach Green, Dylan Cozens stole his 19th base, and Carlos Tocci hit his second professional home run. Matt Imhof went six, allowing three runs on six hits, no walks, and struck out seven.

Jia Tromp hit his 11th home run of the year, and second in as many days. He’s two shy of the WIL team record, and tied with Hunter Lockwood for second in the league – the leader Rowan Wick (14) was promoted a couple weeks ago. Mitch Gueller threw five scoreless innings for the Cutters, allowing just three hits, no walks, and striking out four. Nice work.

Here’s the affiliate Scoreboard from MiLB.


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    1. The best thing to do is look at fangraphs or hope Mitch Ruppert/ jimmypton(?) has seen him play. Those two seem to know what they are talking about as far as in person and a few others of course.

      The stats sure are intriguing and he bats right! Looks like he got demoted this year. Im guessing only cuz of playing time though. His iso is 262 which is great and k rate isnt
      horrible. Would be interesting to see if his k rate would stay high at A over a bigger sample. A 31% k rate would be considered a red flag.

      1. Mitch covers the Cutters so he would be the one to chime in here.

        Looks like contact might be his only possible issue at this point. If I remember correctly people have said hes pretty good in the field

      2. Tromp hit .224 / .287 / .329 in Lakewood before being demoted to Williamsport. This suggests he might not be ready for A-ball despite good numbers in Williamsport. It also suggests that the Phillies don’t consider him a significant prospect, or else have identified some major flaw they want him to work on in Williamsport.

        1. If I recall mitch had said that he was being used more as a spot starter at LWD but has shown that he needs a run of games to be effective. He’ll get his chance there next year.

    2. I know nothing about his story.. But he is almost 21 doing well in split season A ball. with 2 attempts at low A ball where he didn’t thrive. I think he is nothing to get excited about

    3. Mitch is da man to talk about Tromp but he is one of the best baseball players to ever come out of Aruba. That makes it very hard to gauge. He has been a very good fielder with OF 8 assists this year. He has a power bat but as someone else said, it’s hard to know how much contact he can make. Not being from a baseball hotbed, I’d say he needs time to know for sure. I’ll possibly find room for him in my top 30 but I might pick Larry Greene over him (just kidding folks).

    4. The cliff notes version: He’s very good. Quick hands, incredibly strong. Had one coordinator put his defense just a tick below Tocci’s, and that’s a very accurate assessment. Can play all three corner outfield spots at an above average level. He might be a better pure center fielder than Aaron Brown right now, but I think Brown is on a fast track.

      He’s got quick hands to the baseball, which tends to get him in trouble because he’s so good at trying to pull the ball. Just talked with Shawn Williams last night, and the next step in his development is to use the opposite field more. That’ll make him a more complete hitter. When he does go the other way, he can hit it with authority, but right now he’s trying to pull almost everything. So you see a low BA because he swings and misses and pops up quite a bit. He’s not afraid to hit a breaking ball, and is more than capable. Last night he got a change-up off the end of the bat and muscled it out probably some 390 feet away.

      He’s really good. But he’ll have to use right field to be a complete hitter going up through the system.

  1. Anybody know what kinda velocity Gueller has been sporting lately, and Roman Quinn is en Fuego on the base paths. The end of the season has definitely been on the upswing with a lot of prospects really beginning to hit there stride

  2. Larry Greene 2-4…I had to do a look again because I thought my eyes were deceiving me. Quinn causing trouble on the base paths once more. I hope as he makes his way up the system he can get on base enough to use that speed of his. Guys who can steal as often as he has been are a really pain for pitchers. I wonder if Tocci goes superman and smacks a few more home runs before the season is over. Maybe he read all the jokes on here about how he only hits singles and is built like a string bean. It would be nice to see I’m smack some more XBH but if you get on base consistently I’ll take singles I guess. Anxious to see who gets called up in september. That’s about all thats left to look forward to on the big club.

  3. How about matt imhof!! 0 walks and 7 k’s he did look very good last night. He struggled one inning but kept on going. Fast ball was hitting 91mph

  4. I have to admit I wasn’t high on Tocci going into the season. He is really starting to sway me, though. He seems to be getting an extra base hit every game. It seems to be coming together for him. It’s pretty clear hell be at CWater next year.

    1. Please help me understand the excitement. I want to believe. I really do. But I just don’t see it.

      Philsphan is getting excited about his recent numbers. Ok. So I took a look. Ignoring the season numbers (which are much worse), over the past 10 games, Tocci:
      – .200 average
      – .273 OB%
      – 4 xbh (1 homer)
      – 9 Ks (22.5% rate)
      – 4 walks (9% rate)
      – 0 stolen bases

      I see a guy who strikes out a ton, with very limited power, walk rate is decent (although really SSS), but average is poor and he has little speed. What am I missing?

      Make the bull case for him. Convert me. I am ready to have my mind changed. And I already know his age, so no need repeating that he only turns 19 this month.

      1. I’m not going to make the bull case (see here for a nice writeup:

        In short, in his age 18 season an age when even high draft picks start in the GCL, he is sporting a .640 OPS in low A ball while flashing plus defense at a premium position. While always referencing a skinny frame, with limited power potential, the scouting reports have pretty consistently supportive of his potential to be a MLB player. That is a pretty good starting point for reasonable excitement, and insofar as this is a prospect blog, repeatedly asking why we should care about a guy who is clearly a prospect is getting a bit tedious.

        I do wish that his numbers showed more improvement, year over year, but it’s not as if he hasn’t improved. His profile may not be the best, but it is certainly one of the most interesting, and slashing a .339/.448/.787 in July is something to take note of.

        1. You shouldn’t find my challenging questions to be tedious. questioning status quo makes people think more and learn more. for example, i hadn’t seen the crashburn article on tocci that you referenced above. it actually made me feel more bullish on him. i had never heard someone make such a compelling case, albeit with a ton of caveats. maybe we all should play devils advocate on prospects rather than just accept dogma?

      2. As I stated in my post, I was never a big Tocci guy. I saw nothing up until about the past month that suggested otherwise. However, his walk rate has been better. He’s hitting the ball better and has mixed in a decent amount of extra base hits. The 1 thing I did notice at the game I was at last week was Tocci looked a lot more comfortable at the plate than last year. I attended a few LWood games last year and he looked overmatched. Granted, it was only 1 game I saw but he looked like he belonged out there at the game I was at. I guess my eyes may be telling me he looked better than the actual stats but they have improved.

      3. v1again….. making the bull case for Tocci.
        Metrics aside, he started at the same age as Mike Trout did at Cedar Rapids, Angels Low-A, in 2010 at the same age.
        Now I am sure that sold you! 😉

      4. No offense man, but the season numbers are NOT much worse. His OBP on the year is .300 and his average is .248. Forgive me if I am misremembering, but I also think you were the commenter who said earlier this season that you doubted he would ever hit .240. If it wasn’t you personally, it was another one of the vocal Tocci skeptics. So I think he’s already exceeding your previous expectations?

        I think the jury is very much still out on Tocci, but to argue that there’s no reason to be optimistic based on the last couple months’ performance seems to me to suggest your opinion is impervious to new information.

        1. I wrote this before reading your comment that you had revised your opinion based on the Longenhagen post, so sorry for the presumption!

        2. i am not offended. why would i be offended that you disagree with me on a baseball player? isn’t that the point of these blogs? i never take offense on this stuff. it is just a game.

          regarding your above point on his performance, i never said he wouldn’t hit over .240 at low A. i might have said he wouldn’t do that in the majors, but i honestly don’t recall. however, it doesn’t sound like me because a batting average of .240 is not really a benchmark of success. further, if you read my comments, i have openly said that i am open to changing my opinion. and am asking for a strong case to be made. so far, the only compelling argument has come from the crashburn article that put him at a 20 power 30 hit tool right now.

          1. I wasn’t the downvote there!

            Here’s the thing: I realize that you say that we shouldn’t remind you that he’s only 18, but it seems like the most salient thing to remember in this case. Last year, in his age 18 season, Crawford made it to Lakewood for 14 games and slashed .208/.300/.226. Everyone was ecstatic because it was only 14 games and, what the hell, the kid was 18 years old and just out of high school. I think it’s great that Tocci is hitting .248, I think that’s a pretty respectable number at this point, but in reality the exact number is less important than the fact that he’s holding his own in the league as one of its youngest players. I realize you get tired of hearing people repeat that, but people keep repeating it because it’s true. He’s really young. I think it’s going to be a good 2-3 years before we really have a sense of what he’s going to develop into. But on the evidence available now, I think the glass is at least half full.

      5. Why dont you look at a bigger sample size like the whole month of July where he had:

        – .293 ba
        – .340 OBP
        – .787 OPS
        – 12 XBHS ( 7 2b, 4 3b, 1 hr)
        – 17.4 k%
        – 6.9 bb%
        – 6 stolen bases.

        This was 28 games. If projected over 162 game schedule he would have
        41 doubles, 23 triples, 6 homeruns, 35 stolen bases, with 114 strike outs and 51 walks and a 293 batting average. While the strikeouts are a little higher than you like, that would be an incredible showing from a “frail 18 year old” in low a who plays above avg defense at a premium position in centerfield.

        Understand why you are so bullish on him, but i think your negativity is a little off base.

        1. That is actually a really small sample. His July should make you raise an eyebrow and wonder if he’s figured it out, but no conclusions should be drawn from it. Let’s be hopeful he learns to control the strikezone, doesn’t get hurt, and develops power someday.

  5. Slowly but surely, unheralded Mitch Gueller is coming back into the prospect legitimacy pitching picture.

    1. Mitch Rupert does a good job of live Tweeting Gueller’s starts (actually all of the WIL games) and he’s been pretty impressed with Gueller’s season to date.

      It is very exciting if he’s back on track as a RHSP.

    2. Thanks to his start yesterday he now has more Ks than BBs on the season. I don’t know what he’s looked like in person but the numbers still kind of stink, despite his ERA looking nice. The in person reports from Mitch Rupert seem to be fairly positive on him though.

      1. anon….was he in your top 30 early this year? If he was, then excuse me, he was heralded in your book.

        1. 1st round picks come with expectations. If you wanna say he was disappointing and now is starting to put things together well then sure but it’s not as if they plucked this kid in the 10 th round and no one ever heard of him. Dude got some serious jack and a college scholarship to come play baseball and yes him and Watson were both still in my top 30 albeit the back end but still a prospect. And I’m not knocking you or him. I hope he does well and lives up to his potential

  6. Collier’s doing his usual late in the season spectacular. It gets us all excited, like he’s turned the corner, then hits .200 for most of the following season. I’m not falling for it… again. Campbell, who was so hot at the start of the season that holy water couldn’t cool him, has hit the artic tundra. In his last 8 games, he’s 2 for 25.

    My favorite stat lines today are about Zach Green. The right-handed hitter hits for average better against lefties (.275 vs .266 against righties). That’s expected but his OBP, Slg% and OPS are much better against righties. All 4 HRs have come off righties. He has 16 Ks and 1 BB against lefties and 31 Ks and 14 BBs against righties. He Ks 23% of the time against lefties but only 18% of the time against righties. He also hits a lot better on the road than at home. I guess that is to be expected since the Lakewood ballpark can sap some guys. Especially a power hitter like Green. Cozens has even more significant differences home vs away. Dylan hits .183 at home and .313 on the road. His Slg% is .323 at home and .516 on the road. It will be interesting to see these guys next year in CLW. CLW has another big park but it didn’t slow Franco down.

  7. when it comes to spending 6 figures on LA teenagers, I am all for it………just like buying multiple lottery tickets, sooner or later you are going to hit on one.

    1. I’m not sure if you’re focusing on the fact that they’re international or SS, but if it’s the latter the reason is simple:

      The best amateur players will almost universally be either SS or C. You’ll notice that, except for college players who are more polished and closer to the bigs, the draft will be almost entirely kids who play SS, C, or pitch. The exceptions tend to come from kids who played with other drafted players. The best athlete will be at the most difficult position, so that’s the reason.

      Of course there are some exceptions; mostly, as I said already, from kids who are playing with other top tier talents, but also from some who have a special bat but aren’t as athletically gifted (read: as fast or as defensively talented as their peers).

      1. Right, if I remember correctly Bryce Harper was a catcher back when he was 15 and on the cover of SI. I don’t know how you look at that guy and think, “he’s a catcher.”

  8. BA’s Ben Badler reports that some scouts considered Arauz to be Panama’s best young player. The switch-hitting Arauz is “better from the left side with gap power,” Badler writes, and the teenager has the strong arm and smooth hands that could allow him to stick at shortstop.

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