Box Score Recap – 8/2/2014

Hector Neris was added to the Phillies active roster this morning. As I mentioned yesterday, he’s been on a pretty nice streak since early/mid-July. He would have needed to be added to the 40-man this off-season to protect him from the Rule 5 Draft in December, so this will be a nice tryout. If he succeeds, great, if not, he has options, or he can be waived and every team will have a shot at him that way instead of via Rule 5.

MAG earned his first AAA save in LV’s win. Cam Perkins had two hits there – he’s hit safely in five straight, including two multi-hit games. Maybe he’s turning the corner. Kelly Dugan 1-3 plus two walks and scored three times. Zach Collier was 3-5 with two home runs (4) and Jake Fox was 2-4 with a walk, a double and a homer (15). Roman Quinn 2-4 plus a walk and a steal (21) and JPC was 3-5 with a double and a steal (4). Quinn’s recent base-stealing is super encouraging.

Jia Tromp with his tenth home run of the year, and David Whitehead pitched well for WIL – 1R 0ER 4H 0BB 5K in 6IP. And 21-year-old RHP Edubray Ramos, a Cardinals signee in 2010, who started the year in the VSL after a three year layoff from MLB affiliated pro ball, has worked 7.2 nearly perfect innings for Williamsport thus far – he’s hit one man and struck out seven. That’s it.

Nice game from Julsan Kamara out in the Dom Rep – 2-3 with a double a triple and a walk. And Ranger Suarez put up another gem, going eight scoreless innings and allowing no walks, just three hits and striking out four. 78:1 K:BB on the year now.

Here’s the affiliate Scoreboard from MiLB.

8-2-14 boxscores

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  1. I like Neris’ promotion…hell i like anything that keeps Aumont off the field. What a joke that guy is. If it werent for RAJ’s stubbornness about the Lee trade, hed have been let go of awhile ago. This is what the team should do for the last two months: just audition guys who may or may not have a future with the organization. I’d rather see guys like Neris and Castro in the majors than guys like Franco and MAG, since we know the latter will be here next year.

    1. So is what you are saying is that he will fit in well with the rest of the Geriatrics playings for the Phillies already

  2. I’m struggling to understand why Dugan is not playing in AAA as opposed to AB’s going to Clete Thomas and Tyler Henson.

  3. I watch some of lhv last night. Perkins looked really good , as hiiter, outfield and running the bases, franco still swining at bad pitches, Hope its something he learns not to do. He looks like he has a gun for a arm from third. He must improve his obp to get a call up imo.

  4. Jiandido Tromp has really come on this season. All of a sudden the power is there. He still Ks way too often, but has a nice BB rate for a young Latin American player. His ISO is like .260. That’s just about exactly twice what it was last season. Either time to get really excited or to start worrying about the impending PED suspension.

    1. He’s from North Orange State, Curacao and speaks Dutch , does that still make him a Latin American player, Im wonder what he thinks about that designation. He is having a decent year for sure a little old considering he is two years older than Z green or a year older than D cozens and is a league under them but none the less a good year

        1. I think “Caribbean” would the right geographical term. That said, is there any evidence that Latin players (let alone Dutch speaking Caribbeans) have worse walk rates than American ones? I mean, Latin players like Albert Pujols and Bobby Abreu certainly know how to take a walk. Growing up you always heard that line about free-swinging Dominicans (“walks don’t get you of the island”) but that seems like it’s maybe outdated, if it was ever true.

        2. Caribbean is a reasonable catch-all for the islands, I think. It’s certainly not South America. “Latin America” is a generic term I think gets misused a lot in the US. Dutch is not a Latin-derived language, and that is where “Latin America” comes from. I looked that last part up.

  5. Is that guys name really Seranthony , as if he has already been knighted by the Queen, I wonder if his parcel of land included the pitchers mound

  6. JPC must really be getting comfortable in CW. He stole 0 bases in his first 31 games, but 4 in his last 8! Also see that Ranger Suarez didn’t walk anyone again. Doesn’t turn 19 until late this month- he certainly has me intrigued (Can’t imagine anyone has a better K-BB ratio). Hope we don’t lose him to Texas.

    1. Interestingly,, the bulk of Quinn’s steals have come more recently as well. I think you’re right about comfort level (and the two of them getting on base more often), but I wonder if there might also be something on a coaching level that’s contributing.

    1. pretty sure it is a joke , The Texas team is called the Rangers and one more tid bit so are some of there law enforcement officers

  7. Tommy Joseph having wrist surgery and will miss the rest of the season. Wasn’t sure if that had already been reported here.

    Was definitely hoping to see him get some at-bats in august.

  8. We seem to have more talent coming up from the VSL and DSL. In the GLC Cumana and E. Garcia look good. Suarez should be there next year. Frank Rivas has already advanced to Williamsport. It is exciting.

  9. Tocci with his 2nd hr. Looks like hes starting to put everything together. Can’t wait to see what the future holds.

  10. Could Alastre surpass Tocci as a prospect, love his .400+ OBP. Collier making a last ditch effort to salvage career.

    1. Maybe he could down the road, because who knows how they’ll develop. But not this year, no. When Tocci was Alastre’s age he was already in Lakewood, since that was just last year.

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