Box Score Recap – 8/1/2014

LV reliever Hector Neris hasn’t allowed a run since July 8. He’s pitched 13 scoreless since then, allowing just six hits, two walks and struck out eight. Impressive run. Kelly Dugan was 2-6 with two doubles in Reading’s double header. Brian Pointer hit his second home run of the week, and his 11th on the year. Roman Quinn’s nine-game hit streak was ended, but he did manage a walk and his 20th steal.

Sam Hiciano (9) and Mitch Walding (4) went deep for Lakewood. Hiciano also had a double and drew a walk in his four trips to the plate. Dylan Cozens has two hits, including a double. He’s had two hits in six of his last ten games. Real nice. WIL managed just three hits.

ICYMI – I wrote up a handful of guys who had good numbers in July over at Franco, Nola, Quinn, Tocci, MAG, Mecias, Cozens and Encarnacion. I hope you’ll check it out.

Also, this is not my work, but here’s an article from on Matt Imhof.

Here’s the affiliate Scoreboard from MiLB.

8-1-14 boxscores

17 thoughts on “Box Score Recap – 8/1/2014

  1. Wasn’t Sam Hiciano the player that Mitch Ruppert liked with tremendous wrist/arm strength for a guy his size, to power the ball?

    1. Yup, but Brad has taken over the real Hiciano love. Raked me over the coals for putting him at 29 on my mid-season top 30 list. Hiciano’s always going to strike out a ton, but he had impressive power for a 19-year old in Williamsport last year. He was right there on par with Cozens and Green as far as raw power, but I don’t know that he had as good a hit tool. Definitely a guy to pique my interest, though.

        1. I thought so, too. Brad was just having some fun with me. But I’ll get him back by going to see Nola pitch on Wednesday while he’s busy worshipping at his shrine of Hiciano.

  2. I hope Neris gets a shot at the show sooner or later. He’s the nicest guy you’ll meet in the team’s farm system. Great clubhouse character and a big help to the DR & Venezuelan players especially.

  3. Last I heard (in June), they were saying Morgan would be getting back at some point in August… Well, its August. Anyone heard anything?

    1. Haven’t heard anything on Morgan other than being told that they expected him to make a few starts by years end. Watson on the other hand, won’t pitch this year.

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