Box Score Recap – 7/31/2014

David Buchanan with a strong outing in what’s likely to be his last before a recall to Philly to take over Cliff Lee’s spot in the rotation – he went 7.1 innings, allowing one run on seven hits, one walk, and striking out five. Aaron Altherr was 2-4 with his ninth home run of the year, and MAG worked a clean ninth, including two Ks, for his fifth save of the year. Roman Quinn and Brian Pointer were each 2-4 with a walk. Quinn’s two hits were a double and his fourth home run. Andy Knapp had four hits, Willians Astudillo three, and Cozens and Canelo two a piece, as Yacksel Rios threw about 65% of his pitches for strikes en route to another good start – 2R 1ER 6H 2BB 4K in 5IP.

WIL was swept in a double header – they managed just one hit in the seven-inning opener, then lost in 13 in the nightcap. Drew Anderson continues to rehab in the GCL – a fair but not great outing there. Five DSL guys had multi-hit games, including Edwin Rodriguez, and every VSL starter had at least one hit, including three from our man Jesus Alastre.

Hmm…little dry today. Light on the jokes. I blame flexor pronator strains. Jerks.

Here’s the affiliate Scoreboard from MiLB.

7-31-14 boxscores

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  1. It looks like Andrew Knapp can hit and Gabe Lino, who was supposed to be a good catch/poor hit C, is hitting ok. Are either of these guys a legit prospect?

    1. Knapp has a bigger upside for sure but his D needs work. I went to the LWood game on Sat. and he wasn’t sharp at all. I know he had at least 1 passed ball and prob could’ve had a few more. Maybe after a full year after his TJ surgery he’ll be better next year.

      1. I wouldn’t say Knapp has the bigger upside. I’d say he’s more likely to reach his ceiling, though. Lino has a lot to dream on if he can put it together. I’m just not that confident that he can.

      2. It often seems its easier learning how to field than it is how to hit, but I dont have any proof of that

  2. Quinn has been on fire. That Clearwater boxscore is the first one I go to now between him, JPC and my main man Nola.

    1. It really is gratifying to see Quinn perform like this. Until very recently, Quinn has really been up against it his entire time in the minors.

      Think about it. He was drafted in 2011, following which they immediately transformed him from an outfielder to a shorstop and taught him how to switch hit for the first time in professional ball (I don’t even begin to know how one does that against such advanced pitching). He only played about 65 games in 2012 at Williamsport and showed himself to be a quick study. In 2013, he also only played about 65 games but did so at a higher level (Lakewood), but then he was hurt most of the season with a wrist injury and then suffered a torn achillies tendon in the fall which, for most players, would have put him out for all of 2014. In 2014, however, he rehabbed himself in record time (rivaling Adrian Pederson), delayed the start of his season for a little more than a month, advanced yet another level, where he continued to switch hit, played shortstop to begin, and then was switched back to the outfield. Now, after three years of trying circumstances, injuries and multiple adjustments and re-adjustments, he’s getting an opporutnity to really dig in and establish himself. He’s a hell of a prospect and both he and Crawford could have huge years in Reading next year. Help should soon be on the way.

      1. We should have a lot to like about in Reading next year. Nola will be there, as well. We could use a little luck.

      2. If Quinn can develop into the type of player he is capable of we may have a very nice top of the order for years to come with him and JPC. Its common knowledge that the majority of our good prospects are in the lower levels of the system. If they keep their draft approach similar to this past year maybe some college guys will be able to make it to the bigs about the same time as JPC and Quinn. It is so important to have a good core of guys to build a team around and hopefully these two guys will be a big part of that. The draft is so important for the phillies in regards to rebuilding this team. We have the money to get free agents to help contribute, but you can’t build your whole roster through free agency. If we brought up players like the braves do we would still be winning the division every year. It seems like they bat their eyes and another prospect finds their way to the majors and produces. We haven’t had any reinforcements from the minors besides some guys in the pen and asche, who is pretty good but not a star by any means. I think its time to realize long term deals to older players generally doesn’t work. The cardinals let albert walk a won a world series without him because their farm is producing quality players. Let guys like Howard walk at age 32 instead of giving him a 5 year extension beyond that and take the comp pick!

      3. I’m also very excited about Quinn. Right now I have him at #5, but I think you can make a very strong case that he’s ahead of Biddle right now.

        1. which begs the question of why he wasn’t moved to OF sooner as it was painfully clear last year his offense and defense were suffering because he was playing a position he didn’t like or was good at.

      4. Quinn is an easy guy to pull for b/c of the effort he puts into it AND b/c he’s just flat out exciting with that speed. He’s someone I really hope continues to make strides through the end of the season and into next year.

  3. July is in the books. Here are a few guys who had very good months:

    Franco: .343 / .371 / .596
    Tocci: .293 / .339 / .448
    Cozens: .336 / .364 / .527
    Encarnacion: .275 / .367 / .406

    1. Thanks for the stats I hope they keep it up through the dend of the season. Though I think I’d rather see K%, BABIP, LD% and ISO.

      1. You can look those up and post them, it would be interesting to see how those guys fared on those metrics.

      2. Since you asked (BB% provided gratis):

        .155 ISO, .347 BABIP, 18.4 LD%, 15.9 K%, 6.3 BB%

        .253 ISO, .366 BABIP, 20.9 LD%, 13.3 K%, 4.8 BB%

        .191 ISO, .385 BABIP, 18.0 LD%, 20.2 K%, 5.0 BB%

        .131 ISO, .375 BABIP, 18.4 LD%, 25.3 K%, 8.9 BB%

        1. Awesome, thanks. The high BABIP is a little worrisome but the LD% is very encouraging especially on Tocci and Franco since they were both pretty low earlier in the season.

    2. Great month for these guys indeed. I think I’m most impressed by Tocci’s slash line. He’s finally developing the power to pepper the gaps.

      1. 2B a piece today for our 16 year old wunderkids with no K’s between them…should be interesting to watch them develop

  4. * Nola is exactly who we expected.
    * Quinn confidence is showing now that he is playing position he likes.
    * Cozens has real upside but still really early.
    * Williamsport silent bats have surprised me.
    * Tocci, Cozens, Quinn, Nola, JPC, Encarnacion, Pointer & Dugan are rising on my list.
    * Sandberg, Perkins, Rupp & Trey Williams are falling on my list.

    1. disappointed in Perkins at AAA, but still have high hopes for Sandberg. Hoping they finish strong. Also very pleased with both Leiter and Leibrandt.

    2. Dugan is rising? This is his 6th year in the minors and he’s having an average season in a repeat of AA.

  5. I realize Nola’s on an inning and/or pitch count, but isn’t he really getting stretched out after a full college season?

    1. He threw a high of 126 IP in 2013. In 2014 he threw 119.2, I think. He’s being stretched out now to around 180 IP. That’s why he’s on the innings count, to get his arm ready for full-season baseball next season. They are also acclimating him from being a “Friday Night” pitcher in college to a 6-man rotation in Clearwater. The next step will be a 5-man rotation.

    1. He hasn’t made adjustments to how the pitchers are attacking his weaknesses. Give him time. It is probably the first time he is doing this. I was really impressed by the way he opened the season. He has a chance to be a really good baseball player. Stick with him.

    2. there are some concerns with his swing. But he is very good athlete who shows signs that he can adjust. Long term project.

    1. Maybe Matt Hoffman promoted to AAA as well. Haven’t seen it officailly posted yet though. Maybe just a rumor.

      1. Hoffman was promoted to LHV on 7/31. He was listed on the IronPigs roster this morning. He has since been moved back to Reading and replaced by MAG.

        1. If Buchanan moves up and possibly Loewen replaces him, I think that is the roster spot that will be filled by Nola. Nola will move quickly in that scenario.

          1. No offense, but I always find it commical when folks view the progress of marginal prospects or retreads as affecting the trajectory of top prospects. The entire point of your minor league system is to further the future of top prospects – everyone else moves or is moved out of their way when they are good and ready. And for truly elite prospects, you even move very good prospects out of the way (see what happened with JP Crawford and Roman Quinn). This is a very long way of saying that Buchanan and Loewen have zero, and I mean zero, affect on Aaron Nola’s progress or timing, at least until a spot has to be opened in the major league rotation to accomodate him (assuming there is a logjam at that point), which can sometimes take a short period of time.

            1. sorry for the spelling mistakes, I can never remember which words have one or two “m”s

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