Threshers; June 3, 2014

There were a few more roster moves before tonight’s game.

  • Herlis Rodriguez assigned to XST.
  • Justin Parr assigned to Clearwater from XST.
  • Shawn Camp promoted to Lehigh Valley.
  • Pete Lavin promoted to Reading.
  • Anthony Hewitt assigned to Clearwater from Reading.

I don’t know what is normal for an affiliate, but the Threshers have 86 transactions.  By comparison, the Bradenton Marauders pre-game fact sheet lists 25 as of June 1st.  So, 86 seems a little high to me.  And there should be more in the next couple weeks if signed draft picks are assigned, if anyone is promoted from Lakewood, if anymore are demoted from Reading, and if anyone is released to make room for signed draft picks.

The posted line up showed that Brandon Short moved into Lavin’s third spot in the batting order, Serritella moved into the clean up spot, Hewitt batted 6th, Parr 8th, and Jair Morelos got the start at second base batting 9th.  The new look outfield was comprised of Short – Parr – Hewitt in left – center – right.

Jeb Stefan started and looked to build on the good outing he had last week.  He struck out the first two batters and things were looking good.  Then, seven consecutive batters reached base, the last one with a triple.  Then, as the increasingly pessimistic Threshers’ fans have come to expect, the reliever allowed the inherited runner to score before recording the third out.

Dan Child did pitch well after the first batter singled off him.  In all, he threw 4.1 innings of scoreless relief allowing 3 singles and a walk.  Child struck out 4 batters  He looked every bit a pitcher who deserved the Baseball America top 30 ranking for the organization.

Lino Martinez pitched the final 4 innings giving up 1 hit with 2 strike outs.

Brandon Short stroked a double into the left field corner that didn’t figure into the scoring.  The Thresher’s Lone run came on a Roman Quinn walk, KC Serna single, and 2 ground outs.  Their other 2 hits were a Hewitt infield single and and a Lino Gabriel line drive single.  Gabriel was erased on a double play.  Serritella walked twice, Art Charles once.

The Marauders’ starter, Chad Kuhl, pitched a season high 8 innings, gave up 4 hits, walked 2, and struck out a season high 9 batters.  In all, 10 Threshers struck out, Hewitt 3 times, Charles twice.

Back in first inning, the first hit Stefan allowed was an infield single to Quinn.  He ranged to his left and gloved the ball cleanly.  He planted his right foot on the grass to make the throw, and I saw him slip.  His throw as he slipped had nothing on it and the runner was safe.  The runner might have been safe anyway, but I was more concerned with Quinn.  I watched him after the play.  He flexxed his leg and did some squats.  He seemed okay, but it was a little scary to see.  I’m going to keep an eye on the next couple box scores to see if and how he’s used.

Quinn had another throwing error tonight.  He seems a little tentative on defense.   Sometimes he looks sharp, sometimes not.  I’m more concerned with his offense.  He looks overmatched most nights.  He hasn’t really squared up any balls yet.  Most telling is that in a 5-game stretch, the Threshers faced 5 consecutive left-handed pitchers.  He got to bat from his natural side in the 4 games he played.  In 13 PA, he went 1 for 11.  He was HBP twice and struck out 4 times.  His one hit was a bunt single.  The 6 other times he put the ball in play, he grounded out, once into a 6-4-3 double play.  He didn’t get the ball into the outfield once.  I appreciate that 47 ABs is a small sample size, but his overall average and splits are worrisome at the very least.


5 thoughts on “Threshers; June 3, 2014

  1. Jim, you must be frustrated as hell. CLW might be as bad a s a team can be. If you spotted CLW with 3 runs each game, I don’t think they’d even be to .500. Dom Brown needs a wake up call, maybe he could be sent down; all the way to A+. It might do Brown and CLW some good. At least there are rehabs and XST going on. Those can keep your blood pumping.

    The Hewitt – Lavin switch makes sense. Hewitt will probably be gone by the end of the year. I hope he saved some of that $1M signing bonus.

    1. it’s not unheard of. One year, the Braves sent Ron Gant from the majors to A+ ball and something very similar happened to a guy named Hallday – never heard from him again, eh?

  2. Hewitt by all accounts tried his ass off and found out what many people have told us its really fcking hard to hit a round ball with a round bat , and I wish you well, How can you tell someone who is as physically gifted as Hewitt is to quit something he has always loved. I hope he makes it to the majors with the Phillies but if not us somebody else but none the less thank you for working as hard as you have to try to become great at this sport

    Oh clearwater is looking somewhat bleak at the moment , good on you Jim and your perseverance keep the faith they might be good next year

    1. I’ve heard he is a great guy too. No, of course your can’t tell him to quit, but you can take him into the office, tell him how much you admire him as a person, but let him know it’s not working out and the organization thinks he and it would be best served if he pursued another path. If he wants to hook on with someone else, he can certainly try to do that.

  3. Jim your write-ups are always a good read and a great example of what individuals are doing in their development, and yes the team is not very good but you are able to look beyond that and report what you see. .I’m sure many of these players are working very hard, it’s their dream .It must be difficult having all the negative around them day to day .The draft will not save the team some great coaching will.

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