49 thoughts on “General Discussion – Week of 3-24-2014 – MRSAdition

  1. Not to be rushing things….but are you still going to do the minor league box scores as you did them in the past?

  2. I know it’s easy to make light of these things, but MRSA really isn’t anything to joke about. It’s a flesh-eating bacteria and can be fatal. I work in a hospital and have seen people lose limbs because of MRSA. Maybe we should take it a little more seriously. After all, we wouldn’t joke if it were cancer or another serious disease.

    1. Agreed. This is serious. He got it as a result of an abrasion caused by a slide on the field. Anybody can get this, especially in a locker room atmosphere. My father died from a staph infection so excuse me if I’m not chuckling at home while folks make MRSA jokes.

        1. No problem – it’s been a long time, but those staph infections scare the living hell out of me. Word to the wise, treat infections immediately with antibiotic soaps and ointment. If the infection hurts at all or even gets a little worse, go to a doctor and get it taken care of right away. Once the infection gets past a certain point, it goes into your bloodstream, at that point you are in serious trouble – and it can happen very quickly.

    2. i had to take anti bod. Because before they operated, they qtip my nose, and told me I had chance for mrsa, first time I really heard of it, so they made me use a gel type medicine in tube for 5 days before operation, scary what it could do to you,

  3. The Phillies will probably need to make space on the 40-man roster before opening day. Who is most likely to be cut? Can fringe roster players like Collier, Gillies, and Luis Garcia be out-righted to the minor leagues? What would be the the risk? Could the players refuse the assignment? I know they would have to pass through waivers. If a team were to claim them would that team have to put them on their 40-man roster, but not the 25-man active roster (unlike a rule 5 player)? Would it matter if the cut were made before or after the Sunday 25-man roster deadline?

    1. In order of least likely to be lost would be Garcia, Collier, Gillies, Horst. Yes they must go on the 40 Man and no I don’t believe the date matters. But as Matt says with 3 open slots I’m guessing Buchannon, Manship, Gwynn take those.

      Possible Freddy gets a 60 Day DL MRSA is no joke.

      1. Boy, I hope he’s not down 60 days. Unless it has compromised his entire immune system or he was incredibly weakened by it, I would think it would be no more than about 2-3 weeks.

  4. They could also gain an extra spot by putting someone on the 60 day DL. I don’t know if anyone is actually expected to be out that long but Phils may put one of their injured players on it to buy time on the 40.

      1. From: Salisbury, James (NBCUniversal)
        Sent: Wednesday, March 26, 2014 4:58 PM
        Subject:: Ethan Martin

        Yes. He is throwing again on flat ground. Starting to build up again.

  5. I Really don’t like Amaro, but twins trade for revere looks like a steal, the twins just sold, Worley to pirates.

  6. Last night was the first time I saw Manship pitch live and nice that it was at Steinbrenner field where they have a radar gun. Results wise (0 Runs) was nice. Not much on his FB but it does run. His curve and change were just average in my opinion. Second and third times through a line-up he is going to struggle.

    Overall opinion not more than a #5. The type of guy that would have a hard time sustaining success. Might fit in a BP somewhere as a long man but not worth the 40 Man Roster spot.

    Abreu may have the best eye I ever saw. Never seen anyone work a count like he can even at age 40.

  7. It will be very interesting to see who gets the 25th spot for 2 weeks. It has to be someone on the 40 man because they won’t risk losing someone for just 2 weeks. Brignac will use Frandsen’s spot and there are 2 other spots for Gwynn and Camp. If they decide to add an extra bat, it would have to be Gillies or Collier which seem like a waste so I’m guessing they’ll add Aumont and just stick with the 5 man bench. My early prediction of Gwynn and Ruf making the bench almost came true…

  8. One book in Vegas has Phillies over/under at 78 wins.
    Nats – 90.5
    Braves – 86.5
    Mets – 71.5
    Marlins – 66.5

    1. NLEast remains weak, but this seems a few games on the optimistic side. I guess it really depends upon how healthy the current injured pitchers are for the bulk of the season and whether our older starters hold up. I’m with RAJ in thinking the lineup is weak.

      1. The Braves’ total dropped a little due to Medlen and Beachy issues..Have to assume the Santana signing has kept their total stable.
        Concerning Phillies, Howards’ over/under for HRs is right now at 26.5 and RBIs at 79

    2. I personally would do under. for Phillies, over for mets, and braves, and nats a lock to go over. nat,first, braves second mets third marlins and phils tied for last,

  9. Manaure Martinez added to the 40-man. Anybody hear anything about this? He only pitched one inning as high as Clearwater last season and walked three. Mistake on the Phillies site?

    1. He’s on the 25-man roster also. Either someone misfired when they were moving names around or it’s a procedural thing.

    1. This article stands to prove as does yesterday’s Miggy contract extension that GM’s more times than not are not allowed to do the smart thing. Owners impede progress get emotional and run the franchise off course more so than GM’s in big markets.

      Conversely GM’s in small markets are road blocked in the exact opposite way-David Price.

    2. As big a critic as I am of the organization, there’s nothing objectionable in that article.

      The team IS rebuilding, even if they don’t call it that. One can argue that mistakes have been made in that process, but the basic choice that is being defended here – not doing a complete tear down on the roster – is, as I have argued in the past, the correct choice.

      I won’t repeat those arguments. But just who are the young players who they SHOULD be playing instead of the veterans? I’d argue that there are no prospects in the organization who are:
      (1) Major league ready
      (2) Possible regulars on a contender,, and
      (3) Not getting a shot already.

      There are 4 arguable exceptions:
      (1) Pettibone – who likely will get a shot IMO. If not, that’s an arguable mistake, though not a huge one given his #4 upside.
      (2) Galvis – small chance IMO to become a quality regular IMO but arguably deserves a shot. But the Rollins situation – not IMO anyone’s fault, Rollins or the organization – is blocking that. AND when he is healthy he will set plenty of playing time, spot starts, filling in for the inevitable injuries, etc.
      (3) Hernandez – stated simply, no major league team ever failed to contend for want of a second division starter, Hernandez’ upside. Those kind of players are, almost literally, a dime a dozen. Disagree? Then you should want to see him play full time in AAA and work on the deficiencies in his game so he can become a quality major league regular.
      (4) Ruf – not an outfielder. As a first baseman, his upside is limited. Still arguably a guy who should be given a shot when the alternative is Howard. But Howard is untradeable, and Ruf not good enough or young enough to justify the firestorm that would erupt if Howard was simply released, the only viable way to give Ruf the regular job. AND, like Galvis, when healthy he is likely to get playing time.

      These are essentially (with the exception of Pettibone in a 4th/5th starter role) the kind of players that second division teams trot out.l

      The Phillies organization’s under 25 talent is bottom 5 in baseball, AND the best of those players are either already regulars on the team, or not major league ready. Playing AAA and AAAA players won’t help the team return to contention. I understand some people have an aesthetic preference for playing younger players regardless of ability, but please don’t confuse an aesthetic preference with a strategy for a return to contention.

    3. In fact, I’d go a step farther – it may be damning with faint praise, but that article contains some of the smartest quotes I’ve seen from Montgomery and Amaro.

  10. Well Phillies fans can forget about local guy Mike Trout coming to Philadelphia anytime soon. Angels have him now for awhile.

    1. Does this surprise anybody? He’s the Angels’ golden boy and will likely become the singular player in franchise history and he’s in the pleasant weather and huge media market of Los Angeles. Why on earth would he want to leave at this stage of his career? He gave up two years of free agency but has set himself up for life. Smart young man.

  11. A bit trivial, but … it occurred to me that, with Asche winning the opening day nod at third and Byrd returning to man RF, seven of the eight position players on the Phils opening day roster are products of the system (only Revere played his minor league ball elsewhere). I went all the way back to the 1970s and could not find a single Phillies team that could make this claim. Of course, this could be the worst nine in years at CBP, so this may not exactly be a ringing endorsement of the pharm …

    1. I lived thru some lean years in the 60s and early 70s and they had their own farm hands and….well.
      But then again before you knew it….you had the era of the Bull, Michael Jack, Bowa, Boone et al with Rose added later, so hope still endures.

  12. Donnie Downer is back in the house… The last 3 games, as the club prepares for the new season, 2 hits, 1 hit & 3 hits. Zero runs. The pitching staff won’t matter here. No hits, no runs and no wins. Blech!

    1. Lets put it another way…he was not on the plane yesterday…but he still could be there at game time.
      As one writer said as he is going to call it…..the baby will pop out on the first delivery!

  13. Sorry not to post sooner but things to do, etc. Was at ST from 18th through 25th. Saw every main game and many workouts. Abreu cut not surprising. The Cedeno cut was, but it turned out it was just a money move as they re-signed him to a minor contract. Cedeno and Brignac should be used like Pete Orr. Tony Gwynn impressed favorably, John Mayberry did not. Buchanan and Rupp good, Hernandez and Nieves bad. Guess which ones made the team? Progress from Aumont, but given his past I doubt it will last. Didn’t see as many popups from Rollins or strikeouts from Howard, so hope is there. Asche starting to hit, has the home run trot down. We were shocked to hear the news about Galvis. Get well Freddy!

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