First Workout Groups of the Year

Baseball Betsy posted the first posted workout groups of the year up on her site.


The first thing that jumps out is Yoel Mecias is in Group 3, not with the list of pitchers rehabbing.  Also to answer some questions, no to Kevin Brady and yes to Braden Shull.  Also Larry Greene with the Group 4 outfielders.

Also it is important to remember that these are the first group assignments and that there are a number of players in the majors, including a bunch of outfielders.

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35 thoughts on “First Workout Groups of the Year

      1. What about Cord Sandberg in the 5th group? It looks like heccould be looking at another season in the GCL. Surprising for a top prospect who played a full GCL season and Insructs. Wonder if he really struggling?

          1. They may want to allow him to hit GCL pitching before he tackles the next step. He did not hit last year. They may want to work on some things with him in Florida.

        1. The rib re broke right before Spring Training. He is having surgery next Friday to remove the rib.

    1. I guess “Old Rough and Ready” has hit the lecture circuit to recount tales of the Mexican-American War and his largely unfocused presidency.

  1. Retired? Won the lotto? There have been quite a few lotto winnings in Cali. this year. I would’t think the phils have given up on him. we’ll have to see if betsy can find him.


  2. Thanks for posting this, its always fun to review this. Obviously, lots of guys will be added to this list starting this weekend with guys getting sent down in time for the games that start Tuesday. Its also always tough to realize that lots of these guys will likely be released in a few weeks. I expect quite a few guys we’ve seen play a few years in the system will be cut this year to make room for new guys they signed or drafted. Up or out…. One of the more interesting things to me is to see where the recent draftees get placed in the first spring training groupings. A college guy they like gets pushed up, like Parr into group 2 but, college guys in group 4 or 5 is not good for them.

  3. My fav posts of the year are the over reactions to the work out groups. I am highly disappointed this morning to open it and not see any.

  4. I count about 30 guys in the major league camp who will be sent down at some point, although a few might just get released. The groups will all be different this Monday.
    PS – It looks like Horst is headed towards a release…
    PS2 – Hamels’ injury will cause an additional 40 man problem unless MAG wins that spot.

    1. I believe they should be able to use the 60-day DL for Hamels, saving a second headache from his injury.

  5. Acouple of pitchers could stay at Group 1 after players come down from Phillies camp.. I think Jay Johnson and Greg Smith would be in the AAA, maybe even Austin Wright. I look for Perkins and Serritella being in AA. Jeb Stefan could also wing up in AA. A lot of guys in Group 5 will play in the DSL and VSL this year. Look! There is David Whitehead. He disappeared after the Draft. Nice to see his name.

    1. Yeah, Whitehead had TJ surgery in late April/May last year (I asked him over the summer), so he’ll be doing a little rehab/tuneup in Williamsport due to missed time.

      Rather than post multiple comments: I’ll agree with Sandberg to Williamsport, though the groups are likely not set in stone: Tocci’s in what would appears to be the Clearwater group (3), and a few of last year’s HS kids (other than Crawford) like Biter & Williams are in Lakewood/Group 4.

      How do they determine the catchers? I realize some are just filling in because of the guys in big league camp, but ignoring that, it appears random (for lack of a better word.)

      To end this post: Any guesses on who’s likely to get released? Stumpo (who’s 27 this year) seems likely, but beyond that, I’m drawing a blank.

      1. I assume you’re just referring to the catchers. My guess is that they’ll keep 3 catchers at several levels this year plus keep a few in Florida as depth because catchers always get hurt.
        Rupp and Marson will be in AAA with Dalles either there or waiting in Florida, Joseph and Valle will be in AA probably with a 3rd catcher like Stumpo so Valle can get some at bats in the OF
        I could see Ludy, Moore, and Numata in A+ although Ludy has a chance of being released
        I could see Lino and Bass, plus Knapp DHing, at A and
        I could see Grullon and Sweaney and possibly Astudillo at WPort.
        This would leave Carman waiting in Florida as depth and Mayorga waiting for the GCL.

    2. From the current group 1, I think only Johnson, Neris and Nesseth will stay in group 1 headed to LHV. Most of that staff will come from who’s in major league camp right now and several of the guys in this group now will get released while others will go to AA. No way Stefan goes to AA to start the year, there’s too many guys ahead of him.

  6. I will never understand the fascination with work-out groups. It has zero effect on how a player will turn out.

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