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Box Score Recap – 4/26/2013

Maikel Franco hit 2 HR and a 2B, (just a single short of The Big Wheel), and drove in 7 runs. SEVEN. If you’re curious, that’s a lot. Also for Clearwater, Aaron Altherr hit one out also, plus a double, a fine line from Hoby Milner, (1R, 3H, 1BB and 5K in 5IP), Kelly Dugan made his season debut, and Kyrell Hudson returned from XST.

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Box Score Recap – 4/25/2013

Well, I’ve been ignoring it for a while and hoping it would go away, but it hasn’t. Roman Quinn is in a funk. A real, James-Brown-counting-to-eight-but-replacing-the-last-couple-numbers-with-grunting-noises-and-maybe-a-screeching-“woo” funk. He should probably try to get up off of that thing. Perhaps dance ’til he hits better. Ok, now, if you would, please allow me to take it to the bridge. Can I take it to the bridge? Continue reading Box Score Recap – 4/25/2013