Daily Archives: April 4, 2013

Depth Chart Brainstorm

For the record, Depth Chart Brainstorm is a fine name for an Emo or Math Rock band.  Anyway, I’m thinking about throwing a couple of these out there during the course of the year, just to give us all a chance to discuss contingency plans for the big club. Some no brainers, and a couple that will likely be fluid as the year and certain prospects progress. But for now, if someone went down with an injury tomorrow, who’d be the man getting the call? Continue reading Depth Chart Brainstorm

2013 Minor League Predictions

I was going to avoid writing a prediction piece on the minor league season but the major league season has gotten off to a depressing enough start that I started writing some predictions for the minor league season.  I will limit these to positive predictions as it is the time of year for optimism.

1.  As the big league club struggles and prospects get more attention, Reading, Lehigh Valley, and Lakewood all continue to see attendance boosts and coverage by mainstream media as casual fans learn more about the farm system.

2.  Shane Watson dominates Lo-A hitters with his curveball but the Phillies leave him in Lakewood all year to work on fastball command and building arm strength. Continue reading 2013 Minor League Predictions