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Box Score Recap – 4/29/2013

Shane Watson hit around pretty badly in his start – 7R (6 earned) on 6hits, (four of them Homeruns), no walks and 2Ks in 3IP; Kelly Dugan goes yard to continue his good start back from injury; and Cesar Hernandez with another 3 hits to lift his AVG to .380. His BABIP is .443 – unsustainable, even with line drives ticking up a little over last year. He has had several seasons around .350-.360 BABIP, so while 2013 will come back to earth, (at least 80 points or so, most likely), he has played full years getting balls through or beating them out with his legs at an above average rate.

It doesn’t appear here, but Asheville stole 9 bases on Chace Numata and Kevin Brady/Jeb Stefan, which included a couple double steals and a throwing error by Numata. Anyway – not good.

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