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Box Score Recap – 4/24/2013

Adam Morgan and Nick Hernandez come back to earth, and a nice outing from one of my darkhorses in 2013, Colton Murray. 4K in 2 IP. Throws hard, could move fast if he performs, though he hasn’t much so far in 2013. And Larry Greene had 1 hit, 2 walks, and 2 Ks. The man is physically incapable of grounding out.

A note here – looks like they’re stretching out Hector Neris – 5H 2BB 8K and 2ER on 2HR in 5IP. Worth watching. The Phils have used him as a big league extra man at least once for two springs in a row, so he’s on their radar, but he’s been in the pen for his entire career, (save 1 start in the DSL in 2012). Was a late signing, (20 at the time), and so he’ll need a 40-man spot this off-season. Historically has good K numbers and good BB numbers. We shall see.

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Hot or Not

A look at the time period from April 18-24.  Quick Thoughts…I had the opportunity to watch Jesse Biddle live for the first time on Monday evening, and having seen thousands of baseball games, his performance ranks right near the top.  Keep in mind it is one outing, but a pitcher that has the ability to do what he did, is worth being very excited about….Aaron Altherr has been showing all the tools, and its worth starting to follow him every day…After quick starts, Hewitt and Quinn land on the “Not Hot” list this week….There was a good deal of excitement last year about Tyler Knigge who has struggled out of the gate this year, with another difficult week.

Hot Hitters:Cody Asche (.478); Aaron ALtherr (.444, 6R, 4RBI, 2SB);  Carlos Alonso (.417, 5R 5RBI)Jermaine Mitchell (.417, 4R 3RBI, 2SB); Jim Murphy (.400, 4R, HR, 4RBI); Derrick Mitchell (.400); Art Charles (.391, 5RBI) Cesar Hernandez (.391, 3R, SB);Jon Roof (.375); ALbert Cartwright (.360, 6R);  Honorable Mention:Mojica,  Gillies, Perkins, Numata, Mora Continue reading Hot or Not