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Draft Retrospective: “Toolsy” Outfielders

Before really ramping into 2013 draft coverage I am going to look back on some prototypical Phillies draft types.  The goal is to find a pattern of success or failure and see if there is a trend in the developmental process.  I am going to look at the tools that caused them to be drafted and how amateur scouts saw them, how they looked a year later when professional scouts had a chance to look them over, and then how it all ended up.

One of the most common complaints of Phillies drafts have been their drafting of “toolsy” outfielders, that just don’t know how to play baseball.  There have been some disastrous picks such as Greg Golson, which is where this series will begin, with the 2004 draft.  Not all of these players were “toolsy” but it should get a larger picture of the type of players drafted and how it turned out.

Greg Golson  – 1st round 2004

What Got him Drafted: 70+ speed, 60 hit / 60 power projection, 60 arm, 60 defense

A Year Later: While the other tools remained the hit tool projection took a big step back when his pitch recognition was not where scouts thought it was.  He struck out 106 times in 401 PAs.

How’d it end up: The Phillies traded him in 2008 for John Mayberry Jr.  He has bounced around organizations since as a AAAA player who can play CF and steal bases.  The hit tool never materialized. Continue reading Draft Retrospective: “Toolsy” Outfielders