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Larry Greene Promoted to Lakewood:

As per his twitter account Larry Greene is heading north to join the Blueclaws.  Greene showed up out of shape to play the OF and was held back to work on his conditioning before being sent to full season ball.  Greene’s 2012 was slightly disappointing because his raw power did not show up in games but he did more than hold his own in Williamsport showing good patience at the plate albeit with a high strikeout rate as well.  If he is going to succeed he is going to have to prove that he does not have a slow bat, and that he can identify his pitches to drive.  Even if his long term destination is first base the Phillies are determined to keep him in the OF as long as possible.

Kyrell Hudson Demoted to Extended Spring Training:

I couldn’t find any reason why this occurred other than the fact that he wasn’t hitting or stealing bases.  Hudson has all the defensive tools in the world but the bat means he won’t see the majors.

The bigger impact is on Aaron Altherr who will move to center field for the Threshers.  Altherr is enjoying a good start to his season after ending 2012 well and has the raw tools of every day big leaguer.  That path to the majors is going to be much easier if he can play center field where he won’t have to hit quite as much, if he is relegated to a corner then he is more of tweener 4th OF.

Kenny Giles and Kelly Dugan Promoted to Clearwater:

Both appear to be over their injuries and ready to play everyday.  Giles’ oblique injury shouldn’t affect him going forward but it does but a damper on those of us who thought he might be able to rise quickly to make the majors by the end of the year.  The biggest questions carry over from last year, can he improve the control and how does the secondary pitch develop.

Dugan had a monster 2012 driven by an insane BABIP.  He showed some power and patience but a high strikeout rate.  He will need to cut down on the strikeouts while maintaining other parts of his game.  He will likely be the everyday RFer and will need to show that he is a corner OFer not a first baseman long term.  If he mashes he could make it to Reading where there isn’t a lot blocking him.

Brandon Erbe Promoted to Reading:

He fills Juan Sosa’s roster spot (and gives Giles a place to go in Clearwater).  I profiled Erbe back in spring training, he is a former top prospect whose career was derailed by wildness and injuries, but he throws a good fastball and used to have good secondary pitches.  After a bad first 1.1 IP Erbe has gone 5 IP 3 H 0 BB 5 K with 9/2 groundball to flyball rate.  There are a lot of RH relievers in AA and AAA for the Phillies but Erbe is one of  Joe Jordan’s guys and could make an impact going forward.

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27 thoughts on “News, Notes, and Reactions

  1. I am rooting for Brandon Erbe to get a chance, I still think he has good stuff, he is only like 24 so there is still plenty of time for him.

  2. Hopefully LGJ mashes immediately and makes us all forget the “see food” diet he’s apparently adopted during the offseason.


    1. Personally I think you need to keep your mouth shut, until you know the player. Larry Greene is a great ball player. He will be in the major league. Just watch.

  3. Tom Cochran is replacing Austin Wright. Erbe is replacing Juan Sosa who was also placed on the 7day DL

    1. After a strong first partial season in GCL, Tyler Green is fast becoming a non-prospect.

      1. Yep. K-ratios are insane. 50% over long stretches? I don’t think you necessarily fix that. Sometimes a kid is just over-matched. Still too early to close the book – he’s still young

        1. Wonder if his vision needs to be addressed? LASIK? Be surprised how many of these guys don’t have 20-20.

    2. It was a bad sign for Tyler Greene, when they chose to start Mora (who only played GCL last year) over him.

  4. Yan Olmo was demoted, to make room for Larry Greene and Alejandro Villabos takes Tyler Greene’s spot.

    1. That was a stretch for Olmo to be there. He only played a couple weeks in WIL last year. Makes sense.

  5. I’d really like to see Cozens promoted to Lakewood too. We might win a few more games.

  6. Hopefully, the new guys will inject some offense in LWood where they’ve had a terrible start. Very interesting to see all the early movement, I like it. I think Villalobos, now healthy, could hit himself up to CWater very quickly.

    1. I was informed that when Kyrell Hudson was demoted to extended spring training he decided to leave the organization.

        1. If the Phillies offered him the option of paying for school, the way they have done to some top HS draftees, that would be the smart thing. It’s better than wasting time in extended spring for 1,000 dollars per month.

          1. Every player drafted out of HS with a college commitment will get that value if it doesn’t work out with Baseball. That is a MLB requirement not just for the Phillies and players in ES don’t get payed.

            1. High Schoolers aren’t the only ones, it is not required but I believe Pujols and Grullon’s contracts had about 90,000 put aside for education. But yeah I would like to echo the point that mlb isn’t truly asking you to give up on college, just to give professional baseball a shot first, and then they will help put you through school

            2. For the most part it is a better deal… being that the schooling is guaranteed and 100%… whereas a college baseball scholarship is usually not guaranteed and almost never 100%… the negative is you can’t go back and play college baseball.

      1. That would be a wise decision if he has decided to simply leave baseball and get on with his life. This is his fifth season in the organization and there is no indication that he can learn to hit. Three years in short-season, followed by a dismal offensive year in Lakewood and now a slow start in CLW and the jolt of a demotion all the way back down to XST is a lot of writing on the wall. He gave baseball a shot, but it just isn’t going to work. He has a whole life ahead of him and needs to find a route where he can be successful. His defensive wizardry and speed made him a not unreasonable gamble in the third round.

  7. MLB Network will be airing the LHV April 22nd game at 10:30am. Anyone know who the projected starter is?

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