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  1. Biddle is amazing. At the start of this season, Lamar said that results did not matter. He knew that this was Biddle’s first full professional season and they just wanted him to get used to competing every fifth day. Well, after a rough start, Biddle has been cruising and we’re deep into the season. As a cold weather pitcher, this is amazing, right?- because he hasn’t been pitching year-round.

    I also hope Jack Cust’s signing means that Brown is off the hook for a September callup. Brown could have been used to supply lefthanded power off the bench, but the front office signed Cust instead. Last year Brown got bumped out of the starting lineup by Victorino and they kept him on the bench for two and a half months. This year Brown got bumped out by Pence and now they sent him down so he could play everyday. So the organization has changed its thinking about Brown and the bench and Brown was quoted in the paper as saying that he was glad about this because being on the bench in 2010 was rough. Those of you who have read my previous posts understand how I feel about Brown being on the bench and how much better I think Cust would be for that role.

    1. 2011 MLB:

      Jack Cust: 278 PA, 3 HRs, .673 OPS, .308 wOBA
      Dom Brown: 208 PA, 5 HRs, .735 OPS, .325 wOBA

      Jack Cust, zero (0) career pinch hit HRs.

      1. The zero PH home runs thing is way overblown. 62 plate appearances, 48 at bats. A full third of those in 2002. What does that matter? Virtually nothing. There isn’t a hitter in baseball who doesn’t have homerless stretches in that short a sample.

        1. Pointing out that he has zero pinch hit HRs, was just a response to the statement that “Cust will be much better for that role.” If a point is going to be made, then some proof should be attached. Short sample or not, Cust hasn’t shown he would be better than Brown in that role.

          1. Granted, Cust does not have a pinch-hit homer. Yet he is an established major league player. He’s not someone you worry about in terms of development. His experience should allow him to adapt to being a pinch-hitter. He is not someone who projects as a part of your future. Brown, on the other hand, is someone you worry about in terms of development. Manuel is on record as saying that he needs game experience. He is learning a new position. There is plenty he has to learn at the plate and in the field. Taking away playing time is not going to help him in this process. He has struggled in his brief time in Lehigh Valley since being with the ML team. In my opinion, it would not be right to push him into the role of extra man. This is just another thing on his plate. He has expressed he had trouble with this role. The stats point to this- on this site it was noted that his bb/k was much poorer last year than this year. Playing time had something, if not everything to do, with this. Let Brown work through his growing pains because in 2012 he projects as your everyday leftfielder and Manuel has displayed that if you’re not ready to go, you’re not wanted on his teams. Manuel basically called Brown out before the media. Yes, Cust was awful this year. But if you look at his whole career, you see he has had quite a bit of success. Yes, Brown’s numbers were better than Cust’s this year, but they were accumulated while playing everyday. I don’t think Brown would perform as well while having to perform after a few days off. From a bench player in September, you’re looking for a couple big hits late in a couple tight games that help you win them. Looking at Cust’s career as a whole, knowing that he is an experienced player whose development is over and that he is likely to be gone next year, I see no reason why he can’t settle into a bench role and pop a couple. He could hit .120 and I’d take it over putting Brown in there.

            1. Brown is an interesting case. He has loads of potential, he is fast, he can hit the ball a long way and he has unusually good plate discipline and appears to be a good teammate and hard worker. But, that being said, he is so raw. His fielding is atrocious – at times, he looks like Dave Kingman out there. His swing is not slow, but it is long and it has holes. I think he will not truly be ready for a full-time position in the outfield next spring – a platoon, maybe. But I think he might best be served by spending another couple of months in the minors. Dom Brown may still grow into a great player, but he is a work in progress and the progress will be slow at times and may take several years. I am not sure the Phillies have that type of patience.

            2. Thank you, Catch 22, I think we are in complete agreement. Some have simply asserted that Brown should be called up in September without identifying a reason why. If you’re going to bring Brown up, you have to have a reason. You don’t just do it because he’s on the 40 man and he spent time with the big club this year. Can he contribute off the bench? His rawness, as you aptly described it, would be a big problem for me. Some have asserted that both Cust and Brown should be called up. This seems even more strange to me, since this would truncate Brown’s playing time even more. And I think that Cust was brought in not as insurance should Gload be unable to do anything at all. I think he was brought in because he could bring a lefthanded power hitter off the bench, something which Gload with his injury is not. If the Phils thought Brown could be an extra man, they would have used him in this role- lefthanded power hitter. They did this last year (he could pinch-run, pop one- it didn’t work out) . That they didn’t this year suggests to me that their has been a departure in their approach.

    2. Hmm, I sort of thought Cust was insurance for Gload and his lame hip. It’ll be interesting to see if it actually effects Brown.

  2. Per Jayson Stark:

    The Astros don’t have to choose the Class A prospect to be named later in the Hunter Pence deal for another two-and-a-half weeks. But there are rumblings out of the Phillies’ Florida State League outpost in Clearwater that an injury to one of the minor leaguers believed to be on the Astros’ list — outfielder Leandro Castro — might be complicating that selection. It isn’t clear if Houston has the right to replace Castro with another name. But one Florida State League source said he expects the Astros to attempt to expand their shopping list because of Castro’s injury. That has a chance to be an issue.


    Uh oh.

    1. The Astros can attempt to expand the list, but I gotta believe the Phils must also agree with any changes to the list. And I also believe the Phils would not agree to add a top prospect, such as Biddle.

      1. Exactly. And, as noted elsewhere in this thread, Castro’s injury occurred weeks before the Pence deal culminated, and was hardly a secret. The only thing I can think of is that Castro’s injury may be more serious than first thought. Still, that’s part of doing your homework when you make a trade.

        Bottom line – Like you say, if Houston doesn’t want Castro, Wade and company should stop whining and pick someone else on the list.

  3. Valenzuela on base five times, Pointer with three and a steal. Stewart quite wild.
    Three hits and two steals for Altherr- that’s great. Kleven possibly wilder than Stewart- that’s not.
    Biddle had a very fine start. Really like that he only walked one. Good relief appearance by Duke.
    Decent start for Julio Rodriguez. Don’t like all the fly balls but 7 Ks to 2 BB is pretty good.
    Overbeck with a double and a walk. Galvis hits.

    I don’t get all this Castro crap. The guy hasn’t played since halfway through June- surely the Astros had to realize he was injured and could’ve requested somebody else for the PTBNL list. Also, I thought the second PTBNL was supposed to be from Lakewood?

    1. Yeah if the Astros had Castro on the list and they are just realizing he has been hurt for 2 months then Ed Wade really is the worst GM. The Phils shouldn’t have to expand their list. I don’t want to lose Castro either because I think he can be a good propsect.

      1. I also like Castro, but he won’t be an AS or even starting OF. Extra OF with decent bat. There are a lot of other guys I’d hate to see more, Biddle shouldn’t even be in this conversation. He would be nowhere near that list. I’m encouraged Castro is on it. At that level, who really cares a whole lot. Now if Jiwan James or J-Rod, or Wright were on it, I’d be peeved.

  4. Aaron Altherr nice recovery from a sorta down July. Power and naturally RBIs impressive. Runs,hits for average, hits for power but can he cook.

    1. He (Altherr) was definitely the one guy that stood out to me in the 5 innings i saw Friday night. Hoping to go again today. Kleven stood out for all the wrong reasons…maybe he just didnt have it that night but i dont think anyone knew where the ball was going to go. Add to that the fact that he was throwing 89-93 per the stadium gun…

  5. Damn i was excited to see what Rivero could do in AAA, oh well back to checking Reading boxes something i havent been doing much of lately.

  6. I’m doing preliminary work for the offseason top 30. Who are guys from the Gulf Coast League, International signees, etc. to watch?

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