137 thoughts on “General Phillies chatter, week of August 8th

  1. What ever anybody may think of “the trade,” there can be little doubt that the big club is stronger with their balanced batting order AND with a real defensive outfielder in RF(no, not Brown)…who has an “arm” that brings good commentary from knowledgeable nationwide sports gurus and scouts.

    His effect on the batting lineup is much more than just “protecting” Howard. On his own he continues to put a .300 hitter’s pressure on the pitcher as well as getting some 2-out hits w RISP.

    The team is now able to look beyond ’11’s rush to the playoffs/world series to RF in good hands through ’13. Righty at #5. With some power and good BA.

    Heaven is jealous.

    1. That is a more balanced assessment . I don’t enough to say why he was in such a slump
      with Houston but at least some of his enthusiasm has to be from getting the hell out of there.

    2. BUt…wait…

      Pence SUCKS.

      Mediocre player. Not worth the $$$ he’ll get in arbitration. DEFINITELY not worth giving up anything of value.

      And I KNOW this is true, because one of the regulars here jammed that position down my throat every time I (or anybody else) would bring up his name.

      Could it be that he was…you know…WRONG?


      1. Now, go a bit easy on Mr Larrym—–he does provide some outstanding stats and insight to projectable outcomes. I kind of enjoy reading his analysis, though he can be a little condescending at times.

        1. A “little” condescending?

          That’s like saying the equity markets sold off “a little” last week.

          I have no problem with people disagreeing – that is what forums like this are all about. And we all know that people can use statistical analysis to defend a wide range of opinions, but even with this fundamental flaw, they still serve a valuable need, and I always appreciate when they are used to support an opinion.

          However, people who copy an elitist attitude – and belittle other people’s opinions along the way – are little more than internet forum terrorists, and they should be banned.

          Either post with respect for the opinions of others, or get lost.

      2. I never said he sucked. I said he was a slightly above average corner outfielder. And you know what? If you go by his career performance, that is not only true, but clearly true, unless you give a huge amount of weight to supposed intangibles. (And depending upon how you define slightly.*)

        This year he has been a bit better than that. I’ve argued that, given his career numbers, it’s unwise to assume he will maintain that, especially since it seems mostly BABIP driven. Only time (2 1/2 seasons of time) will ultimately tell us if I’m right about that.

        But I know one thing for sure – 10 games of performance as a Phillie tell us virtually nothing about whether he is merely a little above average, or more than that.

        As for my attitude in my posts, I’m the first to concede that on many issues – including the overall pluses and minuses of the trade – reasonable minds may differ and I could be wrong (though we won’t know for several years). But I refuse to pretend that all opinions are equal. In this case, the trade has brought out a lot of silliness in defense of it (unnecessary silliness, as it is defensible on its merits, even if I don’t buy that defense), and I will continue to call that stuff out when I see it. And that includes the silly notion that ten games of performance as a Phillie somehow proves me wrong.

        *He is about 15 runs per year above average, figuring hitting, base running, fielding, and position.

        1. “But I refuse to pretend that all opinions are equal…”

          On an internet forum like this, they ARE all equal. That’s the point. And people like you – those who believe that somehow you have the RIGHT to be the ultimate arbiter of whose opinions are RIGHT and whose opinions are WRONG – are the most repulsive of internet forum participants.

          I see guys like you on EVERY forum that I participate in…and you fit the mold: reasonably intelligent and informed on the subject matter, you will engage with other regulars with some civility…until they choose to disagree with you. And heaven help those whose opinions or positions you do not respect – the tone and tenor of your posts reflect someone whose sole purpose is to flex your superior wit. Here’s a news flash – your pithy, dismissive posts are a bore and a turnoff. There is a REASON why others responded to my posts the way they did.

  2. Two months ago the notion was laughble, but does MMart make the postseason roster? I thought that Orr would be the second bench infielder – he’s left-handed and can pinch run. But MMart can do the same and now doesn’t look lost at the plate anymore.

      1. only till the end of the season. He doesn’t have to be on the playoff roster but at this point I think he deserves a shot unless they pick up another infielder in August.

            1. A guy doesn’t have to be on the 40 man to be on the playoff roster if someone on the 40 is placed on the 60 day DL. Anyone in the organization as of August 31 is eligible to take a 60 day DL players spot on the playoff roster.
              Tyler Greene could theoretically, be on the playoff roster in place of Joe Blanton, if he is DL’d.

            2. That’s right, any player in the organization before 8/31 is eligible to be placed on the playoff roster. They can recall players from the minors or majors who are injured for the season and that would create more 25 man roster space after September 1, and have a couple more spots on the 40.
              As far as Michael Martinez , since they will not need a pitcher or 2 in the playoffs, and given the skills of Martinez, he is one of the last players they will leave off the playoff roster, and the same was true a couple of months previously as well.

  3. yea no doubt the big club is better, if it makes anyone feel better cosart got rocked in his start today

  4. Not too bad for Roy II today.Hopefully he gets stronger and get WS fever.
    Minimart has to maintain he July stats and start hitting lefties
    Tony Bruno vs Bruce Bochy lol

  5. Since we have no idea how long Polly will be out, I sincerely hope that the Phillies are looking for a decent fill-in on the waiver-wire…even if it is very unlikely that any decent players would drop to the Phillies position in the waiver, since any other contenders would probably try to block it from reaching us. Still I really don’t like Mini-Mart playing regularly in the playoffs, and i’m really scared that it may happen if Polly’s out for the season.

    1. Martinez is a better choice than any of the overpaid underacheivers also-rans will try to unload before September 1, especially if the are passed over by all the teams with worse records (all). The same applies to minor league veterans in the high minors.

      1. I par your begging! Casey Blake is playoff experienced and would come cheap if he clears. How soon we forget the impact overlooked vets give you, ie Cody Ross! Who?

      2. Wrong again.
        Casey Blake makes over 7 million. Most teams aren’t going to claim him because it would mean paying 1/4th of his total salary(nearly 2million). If he is released, the team that signs him can pay him less than 200k.

          1. Casey Blake won’t get released. If the Dodgers were serious about shedding salary, they would have traded him already.

            1. How many teams, be it thru trade or waiver deal now, can absorb his contract that are currently in contention AND also need 3rd base help?
              One–Phillies. Giants, Braves, Brewers, Cardinals and D-Backs seem to be satisfied with their third base options. Even RAJ said he was happy with Mini Mart today—if Polanco is out more then 2/3 weeks–things are more fluid.

            2. Phillies aren’t going to look for help at 3b unless they are confident Polanco is done for the season AND the playoffs. Even in that case, it’s unlikely they find anything on the waiver wire that upgrades what they already have and won’t push them over the luxury tax threshold they appear to be avoiding.

  6. Adam Kennedy is the only thridbasement the Phillies might be interested in as insurance (not the answer) for Polanco that I see passing through waiver. He isn’t that good but at least he is a veteran.

  7. The phillies need to start giving more young blood guys an opportunity I think they would be pleasantly surprised , the young guys are much mor hungrier .

    1. The Phillies ARE giving plenty of young guys an opportunity. Stutes, Worley, Martinez, Mayberry, and Brown are 5 rookies who have had significant playing time.That is a whole lot for a World Series favorite Throw in Sardinha, Carpenter, Perez for 8 rookies I count so far, and this is before rosters expand in September. But Anonymous only said young, not rookies, so add in Herndon and Bastardo as sophomores with regular roles and add in Zagurski and Mathieson who have had chances this season.

      The Phillies have not been reluctant to give young players opportunities. Romero and Baez are gone, replaced by Stutes and Worley. Martinez has taken over Valdez’s spot on the depth chart. Mayberry has taken Francisco’s spot. Charlie Manuel is good at sticking with with veterans, like Ibanez, but he is also good at developing younger players. He is good at finding the hot players and putting them in positions to succeed.

      1. Ken injuries and extreme nonperformance forced their hand . On the other hand the rooks have come into the league especially well prepared. Hell all’s well that ends well.

    2. “the young guys are much mor hungrier.”

      This doesn’t explain why a seasoned vet like Pence is always thinking about dinner.

      1. See this type of thing from http://www.philly.com writers all the time. It could be that May bats Left and they don’t bother to get the Bats-Throws column correct, or just a slipshod approach to what goes with their name.

      1. That’s because the author was using that idiotic top 10 that Bob Brookover put together a couple weeks ago.

  8. Ruben’s best move ever was NOT getting Beltran. He is either injured or dogging it or both

    1. He’s playing for a new contract so I doubt he’s dogging. More likely he’s simply a shell of his former self due to age/injuries.

    2. Certain numerate types claimed that Beltran was the prize to trade for, and called for it way back, not looking good so far.

      1. yes—and have been very quiet and conspicuous by their silence. but I am sure, once Pence has an offer for 2/3 games–they will resurrect.

  9. I was stunned at how the Phils abused Beltran all weekend and made him look like 1/2 the player he was prior to the PED era.??? He can’t run, throw or hit. Pence looks like the right call to me.

    1. Can’t throw? I think he made a few cannon throws to 3rd that stopped most guys at second and should have had Utley dead to rights but the 3rd baseman dropped it.

      1. If you paid close attention, the Phils were sending runners home on Beltran even though he had the ball and they had not reached 3b. They obviously had scouted him to see he is not playing balls aggressivel and not throwing as well as he used to. Let’s remember, this guy was a premier outfielder in the league. He is average at best at this point. I will give you that he may hit in the playoffs, granted 10 games is a sample. But, I will stand firm in that he would not fit as well as Pence in terms of all aspects.

    2. He’s been with the Giants for what, 10 games? Anyone can look good or terrible for a 10 game stretch. He’s still a very good player when he’s not hurt.

      I would not have wanted to try to outbid the Giants for 3 months of Beltran, though. I can understand why they did it, with that offense, but it’s a pretty steep price to pay.

  10. funny comments beltran all of a sudden cant do anything. really funny.lets wait and see who is left standing at the end.giants scare me. we still havent hit cain or linecum in there starts. that worries me.

    1. You think they don’t feel the same about the Phillies on Giants message boards? Lee/Hamels over the past two series with the Giants (SSS caveat):

      25 2/3 innings, 20 hits, 3 runs, 1 walk, 19 Ks.

      Phillies won four of the 7 games despite four of the games being in San Fran, throwing Worley twice, Kendrick once, and one mediocre (but still quality) Oswalt start. The Giants did not face Roy Halladay.

      Explain to me why I’m supposed to be frightened of the Giants again? Unless Cody Ross rediscovers that home run swing, Phillies are still favorites to go to the World Series.

      1. Because Lincecum and Cain could beat Halladay and Lee in low scoring one-run games. Throw in a real good start by Bumgartner and a wild game where their bullpen shuts us down, you’re looking at a possible four-game sweep. I’d rather take my chance with the D-backs.

        1. Well sure, the Giants are a better team; that wasn’t my argument, though. I’m just frustrated by people complaining that this offense can’t consistently hit Lincecum or Cain (Find me an offense that can!) while completely discounting the Phillies’ own shutdown pitching.

          Yes, the playoffs are a crapshoot, but I’ll take the odds of Halladay/Lee/Hamels over anybody else. Call me crazy.

        1. Anything can happen in a 7 game series. The Giants have scored fewer runs than they’ve given up this year. Beltran helps, and some of it is the park, but they’ve got one of the worst offenses in the NL. The Phillies will be the favorites in a postseason series but that doesn’t mean they can’t lose.

        2. Different team. That Giants team had an offense, though they weren’t world-beaters. This Giants team has scored the fewest runs in the NL and wouldn’t be in first place if it weren’t for the efforts of All-star ace Ryan Vogelsong.

          Oh, and the Phillies have Cliff Lee.

          God, the Phillies took 3/4 from the Giants in their home stadium and still people are quaking in their boots. Could they beat the Phillies in the playoffs? Yeah, sure. But the playoffs are a crap-shoot and I don’t think the Giants are any more dangerous than either the Braves or the Brewers.

          1. Agree. Of all the potential teams we could face, I would MUCH rather face the Giants than the Brewers. Aside from the revenge factor, the Brewers are just a more balanced team to me…especially now that Greinke seems to be pitching better. K-Rod helps the back of their bullpen, and their offense is certainly capable of scoring runs.

            The scenario that would get the entire Phillies Nation freaked out is if we face the Brewers in the DS, they find a way to steal one of the first two in Philly (and it’s not like Grienke and Gallardo are chopped liver), and the Phillies have to face Marcum (a guy who has pretty solid numbers against the Phillies and is the kind of backwards-pitching slop-baller that they can struggle against) in a pivotal Game 3 in Milwaukee.

  11. There is no doubt in my mind we are in the WS this year. You might question what happens once we get there if we face the Red Sox. We’d dominate any other team from the AL should they somehow make it past the Sox.

    1. Given short series anything can happen. Although the Phillies will be favored in any series, their chances to win two consecutive series (what it would take to get the the WS) are less than 50%. Hypothetically, let’s say their chances of winning the divisional series are .7 and winning the NLCS, .6. This gives them a cumulative chance to win through of ,42

      Consider that if the season were to end today the Phillies would play the Giants in the NLDS. Let’s assume that their chances to win any single game are .6 (after all, they have have won 57.1% of the games against the Giants). The Giants, under these assumptions, have a 6.4% chance of sweeping the Phillies in a 5 game series and an overall chance of .3 (approx) in winning a 5 games series.

  12. This is not the same Giants team. No Posey, Sanches, Burrell, and Torres is not the same guy as last year. The Phils are a better team all around. Slight edge to Giants in pen. Phils get the nod in SP, offense and a huge edge in defense. Having said that, pitching is the key and the Giants could shut us down as easily as we shut them down.

  13. Please please Ruiz back some people off the plate. Other than that you have been great. Get MEAN.
    Vic is on pace for another 25 run month. His OBP is up 60 points . He will surely top his high in runs. Team VIP??

  14. Question: Do the Phillies collect insurance on Blanton for his failure to play this year due to injury? Do the Phils and other clubs insure most players or all players over a certain pay level?

    Just curious if anyone knows.

    1. No, Blanton’s contract is not insured.

      Also, the Phillies (and most clubs) do not insure most players as the cost has become prohibitive to insure high $$ contracts.

  15. Breaking news…. Polanco has sports hernia. I was always a proponent, but not realistically, for an Aramis Ramirez deal. Orr or Pedro Feliz for a 3B platoon?

    1. I was actually think about Feliz myself…hitting .300 with the Riversharks (which isn’t saying much admittedly, but is a lot better than hitting .220 for the Riversharks)…he can probably still play a capable ML-level 3B defense…what would the Phillies have to lose to sign him to play in LV in the event that Polanco is gone for the season?

      I know that he was pretty bad last year, but Feliz was dinged up – yes? And relative to the options out there – Orr, Barfield, Valdez or anybody that we could get through waivers – would Feliz be a credible option against lefty starters in the playoffs?

  16. I think the team needs to think seriously about how long Rollins should be extended. His play in the field, as always, has been exceptional this year. But how long can he keep this pace. Let’s our 3B college draftees will make serious strides next year and serve as a stop gap for long term solution..

  17. I was bored and looking through Baseball America’s old top tens and I came across the Baseball America’s 2009 Phillies top ten:

    1. Dominic Brown, of
    2. Carlos Carrasco, rhp – Gone
    3. Lou Marson, c – Gone
    4. Jason Donald, ss – Gone
    5. Kyle Drabek, rhp – Gone
    6. Michael Taylor, of – Gone
    7. Travis D’Arnaud, c – Gone
    8. Zach Collier, of
    9. J.A. Happ, lhp – Gone
    10. Jason Knapp, rhp – Gone

    Just thought it was interesting. I think after looking at this you realize just how well the Phillies have drafted the last few years.

    1. Didn’t remember that 7 of the top 10 from 2009 were traded for Lee and Oswalt.
      Others from that years’ top 30

      11. Bastardo – Closer/setup
      15. Gose – traded for Oswalt
      16. Worley – 5th starter
      17. Stutes – setup
      23. Cosart – traded for Pence
      24. Mayberry – MLB OF
      28. Trevor May – new #1

      The moral to the story is the Phillies used their farm to become a super power, and in two years there will be different prospects to dream on.

  18. Just saw a picture of Tyler Cloud on the Phillies broadcast and for some odd reason was surprised that he was white. For whatever reason, I just assumed he was black. It is funny, you read all about these guys and picture someone without even seeing them. Like Travis Mattier…I am assuming he is white…but he could be black. Who knows? I know this is a stupid comment and pretty random but I just thought it was interesting. A couple weeks ago when the Eagles signed Jason Babin, I realized he was white too. Always though he was black. maybe because of the tatoos?

      1. Ha. For the record, I do the same thing. When we first drafted him and for the first half year on the team I thought Trevor May was black. I have no idea why.

      2. Society has become too sensitive to color. Mr Thomas said nothing wrong. We are different colors like god made us. One of the Wyman brothers was MCing and referred to the Nelson Twins as the too whitest guys he ever saw. It was funny because they are,
        When we get to that stage with all THEN we will have arrived.

        1. Whether he said something wrong or offensive is not the point. That he thought it was worthy to write down is stupid. What purpose does this serve.

        2. I agree. If you got your panties in a bunch over Thomas’s post – that says a lot more about you than it does him. This P/C everyone-is-a-victim bullshit has just gotten out of control. There was no malice in what he said. If you agree or disagree with him, just move on. Save the rest of the none sense for Al Sharpton or someone who gives a toss.

      1. I have a friend named Jessen. He’s a first generation Chinese-American. I doubt JDT is Chinese considering that last name but that’s where my mind goes.

    1. Reminds of an old story from the early 80’s—–Von Hayes was traded to the Phillies for a bunch of prospects—-and when he showed up in the locker room for the first time, Pete Rose told him , ‘man I heard your name in the trade I thought you were a black dude’.

  19. Zach Collier…I have always been picturing a black guy. Is he white?
    Matt Way….always pictured a white guy? Is he?
    Garret Claypool…I am assuming he is white. Could be black though?
    Mario Hollands…not that is tough…I picture Al Holland…and I’m not even sure if he is black or white. The beard throw me off.

    I don’t know why I find this fascinating but I do. I think it is interesting to try to analyze why I assume players look like is it based off scouting reports or their name?

    Like the new draftie, Tyler Greene. I am picturing Khalil Greene so I assume he is a long haired punk HS shortstop. I have no idea what he looks like. He might not even be white.

    1. boone’s farm, I assume? just strikes me as about right. And I don’t think you’re 17. I just imagine you like the stuff.

    2. Not much difference from the closet cases that realized Derrick Mitchell was white, which suddenly made him a good prospect.

    3. Hint: On http://www.milb.com on the team pages they link to rosters, on the roster click on the player name. With some of their career record , they usually have a picture attached. Same with Eagles Message Board on the team roster page the link to the players name usually includes pictures also. These may give a clue.

  20. nepp where do we find out who is insured and who isnt. utley is insured and i believe you said the philllies dont insure anyone. so they do insure players,is it a fact blanton has no insure or heresay?

  21. I would like to address the assertion by the usual gang of know-it-alls on here that there is no insurance on Phillies players contracts. It appears this is assumed due to the claim that the team carries no insurance on their players, itself.That may or may not be true in and of itself. I would strongly believe that MLB would carry a collective insurance shared by all teams. If a player becomes injured and remains so for an extended period, say 60 days, as in the 60 day Disabled list, then that collective insurance would kick in to pay 80% of said players salary. That is usually the way it works. The National Hockey League had such a plan agreed to, and was described in a CBA. I would somewhat believe MLB could indeed also swing such a plan, and it is agreed to somewhere in the current CBA. For now, let’s call it indeterminate.

    1. HCC Specialty Underwriters, Inc. President Marc Idelson said that most MLB teams “insure their long-term deals, even though premiums can be as high as 10% of the contract’s annual value,” according to Jon Paul Morosi of the DETROIT FREE PRESS. Most insurance policies “cover three-year intervals and are renewable.” Policy premiums are “linked to the comprehensiveness of the coverage,” and Idelson said that “most policies cover between [50-80%] of a player’s salary.” The NBA and NHL have “league-wide plans for their clubs,” and while MLB does not, most MLB teams “obtain some form of coverage for their stars.” MLB teams are “only able to collect on a policy” if a player is on the DL. And while policies “generally require players to remain on the [DL] for 60 or 90 days before the payments begin,” the deductible period — like the amount of coverage — “can be adjusted depending on what the club is willing to pay.” But MLB and insurance industry sources indicated that policies “often exclude areas of the body that have been seriously injured before.” Also, position players are “less expensive to insure than pitchers.” ESPN’s Steve Phillips said that two events in ’01 “changed the baseball insurance” marketplace: the Orioles received a reported $27.3M claim on the remaining $39M of injured LF Albert Belle’s contract, and the World Trade Center attacks on September 11 “precipitated large payouts throughout the insurance industry at large” (DETROIT FREE PRESS, 5/11).

    2. It is odd to call people know-it-alls then make a strongly worded guess about the way it actually works. Maybe you should refrain from criticizing others and check yourself before you post.

  22. Why all the negativity towards people who posted. only asked a question if you know the answer great, if not why call people know it all and such? I just found it hard to believe they wouldnt insure contracts,sorry i came up as anymous by mistake

  23. Was thinking of some possible waiver claims at 3B and wondering which may have a chance to make it through to us and then what it would take to make a deal.

    A. Ramirez-Highly unlikely but could you imagine
    O. Infante-Possible
    Wigginton-Possible as well
    E. Encarnacion-I like him but he is an FA after this season so he may not be the type of player to get put on waivers.

    In the end I have to believe we are looking at the same options. No way Ruben is comfortable making a WS run with MM or Valdez as his every day 3B options.

  24. I am not sure is this has been discussed, but I have noticed that the Phillies’ broadcast on CSN non-HD is in Spanish and the HD is in English. Unfortunately, not all of my TV’s have the HD channels because I do not have the cable box on them. Am I missing something? Could it be that I am only able to get the Spanish broadcast version on tv’s with out the box? I find that hard to believe but have not found the solution yet.


        1. I am watching the Phils game and was wondering what you guys have heard about any relationship issues that Ruiz and Worley might have. I do recall one small spat earlier in the year when Worley was pitching and Ruiz was catching. It seems like Worley has pitched only or mostly to Schneider since then.

          P.S. Nice to see Pence with a 2R HR and RBI single in consecutive innings. He might or might not help Howard, but Pence appears to be aided by being in a real lineup.

          1. Ruiz needs a break now and then and it seems that Worley is more comfortable pitching to Schneider. So yes, it looks like Schneider is Worley’s personal catcher. But the again, Ruiz always catches Halladay.

  25. As much as I dislike him, I’ve got no problem with KK pitching 3 scoreless innings here and getting a W.

  26. sorry to ask this pp but do you know where we can find out if players contracts are insured? it is nuts to me to pay millions and not insure the player,like nepp has said

    1. Concerning Joe Blanton—-according to Baseball Prospectus in an article a few months ago stated that covers insurance policies and how it works, and no way does Blanton qualify. Basically, to get a payout on a baseball policy, the player’s contract must first be insured, which isn’t a given because the premiums for baseball contracts are astronomical and represent a material added cost on top of the contract amount. If he WAS insured, then the team may only have covered the final year of the deal (max coverage is 3 yrs, not every player is insured all of those 3 yrs due to the premiums). Then, there’s the issue that, to get a payout, the insured player cannot play AT ALL during the year. And given the deductible period of three months, the team would only recover approx half of the player’s salary if all of the aforementioned factors are met. So long story short, insurance will not play into this at all. Some people have mentioned insurance as a way to make moves, but according to much research on this matter, it ain’t gonna’ happen for big Joe.

  27. any update on negotiations with roman quinn and larry greene? i’m very surprised they haven’t signed yet.

  28. You guys catch Stark’s latest espn article?

    “The Astros don’t have to choose the Class A prospect to be named later in the Hunter Pence deal for another two-and-a-half weeks. But there are rumblings out of the Phillies’ Florida State League outpost in Clearwater that an injury to one of the minor leaguers believed to be on the Astros’ list — outfielder Leandro Castro — might be complicating that selection. It isn’t clear if Houston has the right to replace Castro with another name. But one Florida State League source said he expects the Astros to attempt to expand their shopping list because of Castro’s injury. That has a chance to be an issue.”

    I would think there is language in these agreements for injury contingencies, wouldn’t there?

  29. The Phillies signing Cust is an awesome move. His raw power will look great off the bench once September rolls around. Plus his willingness to take pitches runs counter to the batch of free swingers the Phillies usually carry.

    1. JImmy Rollins tied the MLB record for pitch-count taken in the lead-off position during Wednesday’s game at LA—15 pitch-count.

  30. Ross Gload needs to be put on the DL. He’s been terrible since the break. .143/.200/.286

    Hideki Matsui cleared waivers … Would be a perfect lefty bat/DH in the playoffs

  31. I’ll take Matsui every single time. He can still play some awful outfield, pinch hit, and DH in AL stadium games. And we know he doesn’t wilt under pressure. Don’t know what it’ll take to get him, and doubt they’re willing to pay him, but getting Miguel Cairo to replace Valdez, and getting Matsui and DL’ing Gload would be my two favorite position player pickups. And another reliever if possible.

  32. After the season, I wonder if the Dodgers would be willing to give up Matt Kemp for Dom Brown, Vance Worley and Trevor May? Can you imagine an OF of Kemp, Vic and Pence!

  33. Citizens Bank Park—ranked 8th in Bleacher Reports “Best of the Parks’.
    First is Fenway, secondTarget Field, third Wrigley, fourth PNC(Pittsburgh), Camden Yards , Petco. and I forget the 7th.

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