First Person Scouting Report: Reading (7/27) and LHV (7/28)

I wanted to thank loyal reader Dave for providing two more first person reports. I held these back because I didn’t want them to get lost in the trade shuffle. But here they are, take a look. The first report is from the Reading game on July 27th and the second report is the Lehigh Valley game on July 28th. Enjoy

Reading (7/27)

Pitching: Brummett did ok- he didn’t get much help from his defense. After he hit the 1st batter on a 2-2 pitch (which may have hit the bat), Fidel at 2B was playing in and a chopper went over his head for a single- no idea why he was so far in but it could’ve been a DP ball (or at least a force at 2nd). Rivero then booted another possible DP and a run scored. They did finally get out of the inning with of all things a DP (3rd time lucky). In the 2nd, Brummett gave up a 2B off the wall, the runner tagged up on a fly to right and then scored on a 6-3. So after two, Reading was down 2-0. In the 3rd, Rivero charged a slow roller but made a poor throw- it went as a hit but the play could’ve been made. That runner was erased on a DP and the 3rd man went out 4-3. Altoona scored again in the 5th with an infield single (Galvis almost threw him out), BB and a line single to right-center. Overall, Brummett went 6 innings and gave up 3 runs ( only 2 were deserved). He topped out at 89 on the notoriously slow Reading gun and was able to strike out 3 against 2 BB’s and 2 HBP’s (though both HBP hit the batter’s hand/bat).

Rosenberg- threw 2 perfect innings- topped out at 92 (Reading gun). Got K’s on an 80 mph and 83 mph pitch that I assume was a slider. Also a K on a 92 mph fastball.

Friend- also looked good: Pitches varied between 91 and 78. Did give up a rocket single to RF, but he was erased on a DP.

On offense, I tracked the only 3 we would be interested in:

Galvis: Was hoping to see him have a big game as he has certainly improved this year but…here are his at-bats 1) blown away with high heat for a K, 2) tried to bunt for a hit- gunned out 5-3 on a nice play by 3B, 3) Lined hard to CF, 4) Lined out to 2B- hit hard again. Interesting to note the last 3 results all happened on the 1st pitch. He did make 2 hard outs.

Rizz: 1) Weak grounder off end-of-bat that went for a DP due to his blazing speed, 2) K looking, 3) weak 6-3, 4) Intimidation walk in 9th inning- the Altoona reliever (Krol) was a side arm righty who wanted no part of Rizz (wanted to take his chances with Rivero– a RHB). It was actually a lenghty AB- with Rizzotti battling at 0-2 and 1-2 for a while- I would estimate he fouled off 5-6. On one of the pitches, it got by the catcher and Spidale went to 3rd.

Mitchell: Again, have been to 2 Reading games and Mitchell hasn’t done much, but he has put himself on the map this year. 1) Lazy Fly to CF, 2) Ditto, 3) K’d on a nice curveball (swinging)

The only runs came on HR’s by Spidale and Rivero in the 7th. Rivero followed Rizz’s 9th inning walk with a deep fly ball but it was caught at the track. The hitting star was clearly Spidale. He had a great game- 3 for 4 with a HR and a SB. He always seems to produce but is never taken seriously. I assume by now he and his family have purchased a home in Reading (kidding- don’t even know if he is married).

Lehigh Valley (7/28)


Mathieson was able to get through 6 innings which is pretty impressive considering he is just getting stretched out and he walked 4 guys. He was hitting 96-97 on the gun and seemed to be doing a bit better with his offspeed offerings- what we all feel he needs to work on. He threw what must have been a change-up that was clocked at as low as 76 which is quite a bit lower than the fastball. Most of the 5 hits he gave up were hard-hit shots.

Heilman threw 1 strong inning- he didn’t throw very hard but he did set them down 1-2-3 with ease.

DeFratus ended up losing the game with a shaky 8th but he could have escaped if it wasn’t for a 2 out WP that the goat of the game (our old buddy Sardinha) could have blocked. The hitter did single anyway so the run would have scored. DeFrat was hitting 92-93 on the gun and did have a strong 9th inning.

There really aren’t any hitters that PP nation would be tracking but Brandon Moss did hit HR #19 in the 7th. The game ended with the winning run on 1st base (Barfield couldn’t get a bunt down with no one out) on a long fly to the fence by Bozied. It looked like it might be out off the bat.

Polanco grounded out hard to 2B twice before walking and exiting the game for a pinch-runner.

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  1. Again, I hope the Phillies do not release Scott Mathieson or leave him exposed. He has had an odd, injury-plagued career, but he still has a tantalizing upside. I have seen him pitch and his breaking stuff has improved enormously. He needs innings and needs to improve his command, but I think that is within his grasp. He could easily become an excellent pitcher – he is really not that far off and I don’t need to remind anyone how unusual it is to throw 96 or 97 MPH. One thing is for sure – you can’t teach that kind of velocity.

    1. Ditto catch22….Mathieson could be a very reliable low end of the rotation guy—can you imagine a 5th starter with his velo—just improve his command and hopefully the org can regain confidence in him.

  2. I would love to get some report from Clearwater! Most of us travel around up here but FL is kinda far to catch a game. Any one down there?

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