Hot or Not 15 July 2011

A look at the period between 7/8–7/14….Brody Colvin finally on the Hot list; Michael Nesseth with his first appearance; an awful start by JC Ramirez; Joe Savery putting on the numbers as a reliever; Steve Susdorf with another week on the Hot list; and a miserable week for Brian Pointer are the quick observations of the week.

Hot Starting Pitchers: Vance Worley (W, 6IP 3H 0ER 0BB 3K); Ramon Oviedo (W, 6IP 4H 0ER 1BB 7K); Brody Colvin (W, 8IP 3H 1ER 1BB 9K); Josh Warner (W, 7IP 2H 1ER 0BB 6K); Jesse Biddle (W,6IP 3H 1ER 2BB 8K); Tyler CLoyd (W, 6IP 7H 1ER 0BB 5K); Trevor May (13IP 8H 3ER 3BB 19K)Jon Pettibone (6IP 6H 1ER 1BB 6K); Michael Nesseth (11IP 5H 1ER).

Not Hot Starters: JC Ramirez (3.2IP 9H 7ER 2BB 3K)Luis Gonzalez (L, 3.2Ip 7H 6ER 2BB 2K)Jarred Cosart (L, 3Ip 5H 4ER 1BB 4K); Austin Wright (2IP 6H 2ER 1BB 3K); BJ Rosenberg (3IP 4H 3ER); Ervis Manzanillo (3.2IP 7H 3ER 2BB 2K); Garrett Claypool (L, 5IP 8H 4ER 2BB 4K); Joe Esposito (5IP 5H 4ER 3BB 3K);

Hot Relievers: Joe Savery (5IP 3H 0ER 1BB 8K)Juary Gomez (5Ip 3H 0ER 2BB 3K, 2SV); Ian Durham (4.2IP 2H 0ER 0BB 5K); Jacob Diekman (4.1IP 0H 0ER 2BB 4K, 1SV)Bryan Morgado (4.1IP 3H 0ER 2BB 8K); Colby Shreve (3.2IP 3H 0ER 1BB 4K, 1SV); Andre Kinder (3.1IP 1H 0ER 1BB 4K);  Austin Brough (W, 3IP oH 0ER 2BB 3K);  Derrick Loop (3IP 2H 0ER 0BB 5K); Jason Johnson (3.1Ip 3H 0ER 1BB 4K) Honorable Mention: Michael Schwimer 

Not Hot Relievers: Ebelin Lugo (0.2IP 3H 2ER); Eric Pettis (1.1IP 4H 5ER); Tommy Palica (1IP 2H 3ER 3BB); Mario Hollands (4.1IP 2H 5ER 4BB);Chase Johnson (3.2IP 4H 4ER 3BB); Josh Zeid (4IP 4H 3ER)

Hot Hitters:Min 10 AB’s: Tagg Bozied (.545); Carlos Rivero (.500, 5RBI);Rich Thompson (.471, 5R, 3SB)Delwyn Young (.474);Jiwan James (.438, 5R); Gustavo Gonzalez (.417); Erik Kratz (.412); Harold Martinez (.400); Cody Overbeck (.389); STeve Susdorf (.381);Honorable Mention: Cameron Rupp, Darin Ruf

Not Hot Hitters: Chris Duffy (.071); Brian Pointer (.077); Maikel Franco (.100); Carlos Alonso (.100);Anthony Hewitt (.125);Zach Collier (.136);Patrick Murray (.143); Brian Gump (.154); D’Arby Myers (.158); Freddy Galvis (.167).

30 thoughts on “Hot or Not 15 July 2011

  1. I think it’s pretty much guaranteed That Joe Savery will be a September call up. He’s Rule 5 eligible after this season, correct?

      1. How could he have been Rule 5 last year—he was drafted in 2007—last year would have put him at the 3 year mark, 4 years if July/Aug2007 are counted.?

        1. Yes. 2007 counts. Savery was over 19, therefore he was eligible last year, and nobody drafted him.
          Jiwan James was 18 years old in 2007, so he is eligible this year.

      2. My bad—I stand corrected on Savery’s status.
        Players are eligible for selection in the Rule 5 draft who are not on their major league organization’s 40-man roster and:

        – were signed at age 19 or older and have been in the organization for four years; or
        – were signed at age 18 or younger and have been in the organization for five years.

        1. Savery was eligible last season as the College draftees from ’07 came due last season, and also HS from ’06 also some older HS and JC players from ’07. This season it is the same formula for ’08 draft.

  2. How about a late August call up? Provided he continues well and Perez doesn’t (or any reliever injuries)
    Overbeck or Susdorf contributing this year? The both are progressing.
    Let me throw a new name in the pick up discussion. How about Adrian Cardenas? He seems to be going nowhere with the A’s(?) and he can play anywhere.
    BTW Bonifaco has been volcano hot.

    1. I don’t think the A’s would give up on a good second baseman who is hitting over .300 for most of this season. You will probably see him in their lineup next year — maybe this year. They really need players who can hit. Cardenas always had great tools.

      1. Cheese a guy can try.. Besides who knows what the hell the A’s are thinking. He has played almost everywhere this year. Maybe the price would be right.

        To your point I don’t understand why he isn’t up already.

  3. It has entered my mind that the Phils are thinking about letting Savery join their ML bullpen. They need a second lefty. I think they will continue to experiment with Perez. He has great stuff and can be dominant when he throws strikes. Savery thinks that his increased velocity is due to the fact that he had to shorten his throwing motion to throw as a position player. His problem in the past was that his arm was behind his body. Another guy I’m interested in is Mathieson. I am excited about the reports he has generated with his return to the starting rotation and I think it would be awesome if he got a chance to start for the big Phils in place of Kendrick.

    1. Mathieson has been on the Phillies recently, and was just sent back while Kendrick remains.

    2. I don’t know why you think the Phillies need a second lefty, since we already have Bastardo and Perez. Madson is close to returning, Bastardo will be back in his 8th inning role. Manuel is a trust guy, you earn his trust, you’ll be up there for a bit. Perez has earned his keep so far, he’ll get some leash.

      Mathieson is just starting to get stretched out, I seriously doubt he’ll be making any starts this season in Philly unless the Phillies clinched already. I’m not crazy about Kendrick, but he hasn’t done that poor a job this season, and he has the experience which counts for a lot in Manuel’s eyes.

      1. Mathieson was on a 50 pitch count last night. He needs to get stretched out before any determination is made about his viability as a starter

        1. Double jump to Lehigh? I doubt it, don’t forget he’s still a converted pitcher, and it’s not like he’s torching low A like Mike Trout. He needs the at-bats.

    1. James will have to hit like he did last night for the rest of the year to get to Reading. He may very well start next year in Clearwater.

  4. I think you can put Susdorf on the permanently Hot list. He seems to be able to hit a 100 MPH golf ball.

  5. He’s hardly a young prospect anymore but I’m intrigued with Kevin Frandsen. If you look at his stats over the years, he’s a guy that should be playing in the majors. I remember he has a good glove from his time up with the Giants. He’s just coming back form injuries and was just placed at Reading. he hit at LHV when he played there earlier this year. He would be someone to keep for next year if they can because he can play 2B and SS.
    Anyone notice a pitcher giving up 4 earned runs yesterday on 1 hit? Goota love thsoe minor league box scores.

    1. Frandsen has played in the majors. He has a career .636 OPS in 626 PAs. He does not provide anything that Wilson Valdez does not.

    2. Wait until you see the adventures of Y. Rios and Fritsch today in GCL play. It was not a good game for the GCL Phils, excpt for Pointer who had two hits including a home run.

      1. Yeah, and now he’s back. He did not test positive for PED, he tested positive for Ritalinic Acid (Ritalin) without a prescription, which is a banned substance (stimulant) and not a PED. PED is correctly used for Anabolic Steroids.

  6. Sure like Mathieson last night! 5 ks in 3ip
    left one up for his only hit but was up to 99 and 98

    1. If I’m the Phillies, I would think long and hard before departing with Scott Mathieson. If he can maintain the velocity and continue to improve and better command his off-speed pitches (and they are markedly improved), he would be a fabulous and potentially dangerous #5 starter. I’d like to see where he is after he makes another 4 or 5 starts. I am getting pumped about him again.

  7. I am highly interested in Perez. Did someone tweak him? Too bad we never get the complete story.

    1. I think Perez just had a couple good outings. I’ve seen him pitch this year and he’s the same pitcher his stats indicate. A swing-and-miss pitcher with iffy control.

  8. Ramon Oviedo has the GCL figured out it seems. Whatever hot is, he’s something else after today:

    Turns 21 next Sunday.

    7 IP, 0 H, 0 R, 1 BB and 7 K’s (win)

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