First Person Report: Williamsport

A source of mine was able to recently see a Williamsport series, and he passed along some tidbits on a few of our prospects, so I figured I would share it here. Just a note, the radar readings come from a legit radar gun.

* He thought Aaron Altherr was the best player on the field, noting his athleticism and also his plate coverage.
* Kyrell Hudson was also praised for his athleticism, but he often made mental errors, such as throwing to the wrong base, and it appears to be a persistent issue.
* Harold Martinez is very aggressive at the plate. (note from me. This is an interesting observation, because he’s drawn his share of walks)
* Asche has great control of the strikezone, and this person had seen him before this season and praised him for his approach at the plate.
* Kelly Dugan can crush a mistake, but wasn’t handling the quality offerings quite as well.
* Austin Wright got a fairly nice mention. The gun had him at 90-91 consistently.
* Kleven was throwing 95 in his first inning, then settled in at 91-93.
* Bryan Morgado was consistently 92-93 and very impressive.
* Jesus Pirela was throwing 92-94 but with very little idea where the ball was going.

There ya go. Positive news for the Altherr fans here, and we can only hope Morgado can finish strong and then hop on the fast track.

9 thoughts on “First Person Report: Williamsport

  1. I hope Altherr tears it up and maybe he can go to Clearwater next year. I like an outfield of Collier, Altherr, and Santana. Alvarez and Mendez have been ok but rather see Altherr there.

    1. Thanks for this report, mysterious source!

      Can’t really see Altherr in CLW to start the season considering how he struggled in Lakewood. Unless he totally goes in the tank, I’m guessing Hewitt gets moved up (you can’t really leave him at Lakewood for a third season, can you?) and gets one more season to show some real improvement. I don’t think he’s blocking anybody at that point.

      1. I agree. Altherr is going to have to first show something at LWD before he gets sent to CLR. Maybe he splits the year next year between the two – all depends on how he hits in LWD.

        Is it a reasonable assumption that Dugan will play this fall/ winter to make up for all of his lost AB’s over the past 2 seasons? I don’t think he can spend a 3rd straight season in WPT next year.

  2. Kleven touching 95 is news to me. It might take awhile, but who knows if we have the next Scott Mathieson. We are definitely aggressive in Canada the last few years.

    1. I agree – this portion of the report greatly surprised me. Klevin may have a long way to go developmentally, particularly coming from Canada, but that raw stuff is pretty rare in a late-round pick that didn’t receive top-round money.

  3. Kleven definitely has the body to sit in the mid-90’s. He’s listed at 6’5, 200lbs, but is actually about 6’7″, 230. Had a really nice talk with his dad the other day at the game in Lowell. His parents flew all the way from Western Canada to trail the Cutters for about 2 weeks and catch their son in action. Dad mentioned how Colin has learned a lot from Scott Mathieson and even lives with Mathieson down in FL during training.

    Also, just wanted to chime in on the Pirela thing – the coaching staff completely changed his mechanics a couple weeks ago. He went from a fairly typical over-the-top delivery to more of slinging 3/4 delivery. He’s only made two appearances since debuting his new style, so there’s still not a lot of data. It looks like he IS still trying to get command of his stuff, but appears much less hittable than before. I don’t know how much longer his leash will go though, because he’s a 22-year-old struggling in Short-season league.

    1. Thanks for this first-hand report. Kleven’s late signing and his difficulty getting into actual games leave him a bit behind, but from his last game, he seems to have potential.
      Pirela had trouble getting people out with the former delivery. Let’s hope this new way helps him.

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