Around the Systen, Starters, Lower Half

Lakewood–David Buchanan, 22, 15 starts, 8-5 with a 3.48 ERA; 93 IP 88H 24BB 59K; 1.20 WHIP; 5 HR allowed, .253 vs. LH, .254 vs. RH, 1.09 GO/AO; .254 opp. avg.,.295 with RISP; 5-5 with a 4.78 ERA since May 1.  After coming out of the gate very strong, Buchanan has settled back down to put up fairly pedestrian numbers over his last 10 starts.

Jesse Biddle, 19, 15 starts, 3-6 with a 3.55 ERA; 78.2IP 66H 42BB 74K; 1.37 WHIP; 4.8BB/9; 8.5K/9; 0.85 GO/AO; .229 opp. avg., 214 vs. LH, .233 vs. RH, .243 with RISP; 3-3 with a 2.60 ERA since May 1.  Has looked very good, however, walks will be a real issue if they continue at this rate.

Garrett CLaypool,22, 17 games (13 starts); 3-3 with a 3.16 ERA; 79.2IP 61H 29BB 93K, 10 HR allowed; 1.13 WHIP; 0.54 GO/AO; .211 opp. avg; 3.2BB/9; 10.5K/9; .223 vs. LH, .201 vs. RH, .170 with RISP; 1-2 with a 3.50 ERA in 11 starts since June 1.  CLaypool has performed well. WHen the opposition hits him however, they hit him hard (10 homers).

Ervis Manzanillo,19, 14 starts, 5-4 with a 4.70 ERA; 69IP 59H 33BB 68K; 1.33 WHIP; 1.10 GO/AO; .232 opp. avg., 4.3BB/9 9.0K/9; .213 vs. LH, .240 vs RH, .258 with RISP; 5-3 with a 4.35 ERA since May 1.  Not great, not bad.  Needs improved control.

Lisalberto Bonilla, 21, 14 games (3 starts); 0-2 with a 1.83 ERA; 39.1IP 26H 11BB 36K; 0.94 WHIP; 1.73 GO/AO; .184 opp. avg., .218 vs. LH, .163 vs. RH, .217 with RISP; 2.5BB/9; 8.2K/9; 3 starts, 0-1 with a 3.21 ERA. Was lights out as a reliever and has now moved into the rotation, looking good early.  Replaced Mario Hollands who moved into the bullpen.

Williamsport –No starter had made more than 3 starts.  Too early for a statistical look.

Lino Martinez,18

Mike Nesseth,23

Leonel Bastidas, 22

Colin Klevan, 20

Austin Wright, 21

Percy Garner, 22 Has started the season on the DL

GCL Each starter had made two starts.  Too early for a statistical analysis.

Josh Warner, 18

Ramon Oviedo,20

Jon Musser, 19

Ethan Stewart, 20

Luis GOnzalez, 19


16 thoughts on “Around the Systen, Starters, Lower Half

  1. I wonder where Claypool and Buchanan will go next year. Sometimes older college pitchers get double jumped but if all of the Clearwater starters move up to Reading next year, there will be no room in the rotation. Maybe they will move to the bull pen.

    1. I could see Colvin repeating Clearwater, especially if he came into camp in bad shape, like is being alleged on this board.

        1. The only thing I heard was that he was injured and it took him awhile to come back. He’s been a little wild within and outside the strike zone. I would think the injury is the cause of that. Once he’s back in the groove, we’ll see. I also noticed that he pitched a ton of inning last year. He threw 138 innings. A high schooler pitching that many innings in his first full season might cause a bit of the Verducci Effect this year.

        2. Bill Conlin inferred it—–the Chair has been down in Clearwater and saw all the FSL and GCL guys.

  2. Double jumping sure didn’t hurt Worley and Stutes. Failure or rather struggle can be a great teach and motivator.

  3. A GUY like lavin in the gcl, do you get excited about him or wait because he is starting low to me for a college kid. or does that not really matter.

    1. No, you can’t get excited about a college kid in GCL. He’s even a college senior, isn’t he?

    2. I don’t really like to get excited over GCL kids at all in the minors. Just too far away, too few games to get a good read on the players. I would rather rely on scouting reports, but of course most of us can’t see them in person.

      1. Lavin is 23 years old and the Phillies assigned him to GCL. Don’t need more of a scouting report than that. Even that over-aged for GCL his OPS is only .768. Just move on, nothing to see here.

  4. The minor league season is about 50-55% finished, so conclusions about next year’s moves up the ladder need to after-season assessment. Things can change quickly when players accept and perform as instructions sink in with more playing time.

    Example: Buchanan. Started out a house afire but his pitching acumen disappeared several weeks ago. Now he looks like a college draftee no better than Carpenter who was also an early draftee. Also: Singleton: was lost at the plate until 2-3 weeks ago; now he’s giving reason for our dreaming of his excellent talents in Philly.

    Mid August will be a time of better assessment. Including MAYBE some efforts by draftees yet to be signed.

    1. i think .250, 15 hr,s, 50 rbi,s solid defense would be an unqualified success for brown this year. i think the reason galvis is not with the big club this year is the age old story of not having a players replacement on the same roster [ rollins]. possible replacement. galvis is growing on me. they better sign l. green, considering they drafted him to be howards replacement in 5-6 years. ashe hopfully will be ready by 2014. h. martinez , who i saw alot of, seemed so-so at miami. ty green i know nothing about. the guy the phillies imo, really missed on was ryan wright 2nd base out of louisville. imo he will be an utley in 2 years for cinncy. saw alot of him. every play 100 % with talent.

      1. Seriously, you actually think Galvis should’ve been on ‘the big club this year’? I am befuddled by that assesment. You are entitled to your opinion however.

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