Around the System–OF

Lehigh Valley

Rich Thompson, 31, .261/.342/375 in 161 AB’s; 2HR 7 RBI; 21/23 SB; 13% bb rate, 20% k rate, .250 vs. LH, .266 vs. RH, .250 with RISP, .269 since May 1.  48 games in the OF with 1 error (.989). Thompson is still providing good defense, good speed, and a decent bat at the top of the order.

Brandon Moss, 27, .257/.343/.495 in 202 AB’s; 10 HR 40 RBI; 1/3 SB; 11% bb rate, 25% k rate; .231 vs. LH, .267 vs. RH, .328 with RISP, .267 since May 1. 47 games in the OF with 1 error (.987); 7 OF assists.  Has been hitting for good power and a clutch hitter.

Delwyn Young, 28, .236/.280/.384 in 229 AB’s; 7HR and 26 RBI; 6% bb rate, 27% k rate; .232 vs. RH, .238 vs. LH, .183 with RISP, .273 since May 1.  45 games in the OF without an error , 2 OF assists. Not much Young has done has impressed me.  Horrible BB/K rate and horrible with RISP.

John Mayberry, 27, .212/.271/.327 in 52 AB’s since being sent down, 1 HR 6 RBI; 9% bb rate, 19% k rate.  Has had a few key hits but generally has looked lethargic since coming back down.

Scott Podsednik, 35, .255/.286/.404 in 47 AB’s with Lehigh Valley. 0HR 0RBI; 2/2 SB; 29% k rate. Podsednik will miss another three weeks with a foot issue.  He has not shown enough to suggest he is still major league worthy.


Mike Spidale, 29, .327/.369/.373 in 220 AB’s; 1 HR 17 RBI; 10/14 SB; 5% bb rate, 11% k rate, .295 vs. LH, .340 vs. RH, .362 with RISP, .376 since May 1.  Spidale has simply been on fire since the last update and his stats are definitely promotion worthy.  His age and some defensive deficiencies keep him in Reading.

Steve Susdorf, 25, .321/.404/.489 in 131 AB’s; 5 HR 20 RBI, 4 SB; .263 vs. LH, .330 vs. RH, .323 with RISP, .354 since May 1.37 games in the OF with 1 error (.986); 4 OF assists, Has also played one game at 1B. 58 games in the OF with 1 error (.989); 3 OF assists. Susdorf is another guy that can flat out hit.  His defense limits his playing time.

Derrick Mitchell, 24, .283/.323/.474 in 230 AB’s; 11 HR 44 RBI; 8/11 SB; 6% bb rate, 21% k rate; .224 vs. LH, .307 vs. RH, .339 with RISP; .289 since May 1.  63 games in the OF with 1 error (.993), 1 OF assist. Mitchell has a legitimate shot at 20/20 this year and has placed his name on the prospect radar screen. Very athletic, I would like to see him in lehigh Valley by years end, as the Phils must make a 40 man roster decision on him in the off season.

Terry Evans, 29, Hitting .175 in his first 40 AB’s with Reading.  Signed as an OF body for Reading.

Chris Frey, 27, Has been on the DL with a significant back issue since Week 2 of the season.


Leandro Castro, 22, .277/.304/.481 in 231 AB’s; 10 HR 31 RBI; 10/12 SB; 2% bb rate; 14% k rate; .231 vs. LH, .295 vs. RH, .262 with RISP; .269 since May 1. 51 games in the OF with 3 errors (.975); 1 OF assist.  Has generally impressed but must improve his batting eye.  For someone with plus speed, he must walk to create additional scoring opportunities.

Tyson Gillies, 22, .154 in 13 AB’s (3 games) before another injury (foot). On the bright side, this injury appears unrelated to his hamstring problems, but it has been near impossible to keep Gillies on the field for close to two years now.

Brian Gump, 24, .283/.336/409 in 127 AB’s; 2 HR 15 RBI; 6/11 SB; 6% bb rate, 24% k rate, .278 vs. LH, .284 vs RH, .256 with RISP.  36 games in the OF, 2 errors (.984); 3 OF assists. Marked improvement over last year but playing time should be diminishing because of prospect glut in OF.

Jiwan James, 22, .261/.304/.379 in 253 AB’s; 3 HR 13 RBI; 12/16 SB; 6% bb rate, 25% k rate; .206 vs. LH, .281 vs. RH, .208 with RISP; .260 since May 1. 59 games in the OF with 2 errors (.981), 4 OF assists. Just average thus far with some concerning stats sticking out such as bb/k ratio, RISP and avg. against LH.

D’Arby Myers, 22, .222/.254/.317 in 63 AB’s; 1 HR 4 RBI; 4/4 SB; 20 games in the OF with 1 error (.979), 2 OF assists. Has been receiving extremely limited playing time and is currently on the DL.

Jonathan Singleton, 19, .247/.366/. .322 in 190 AB’s; 3 HR 21 RBI; 1/4 SB; 16% bb rate, 27% k rate; .148 vs. LH, .287 vs. RH, .224 with RISP; .229 since May 1.  29 games in LF with 2 errors (.958), 3 OF assists, 15 games at 1B with 1 error (.992).Probably still too early for any true concern, but a high k rate and lefties are destroying him just the same.  After a failed experiment in the OF, is now back at 1B.


Miguel Alvarez, 21, .278/.304/.323 in 133 AB’s; 0 HR 11 RBI; 10/10 SB; 3% bb rate, 24% k rate; .273 vs LHP, .281 vs RHP, .263 with RISP; .330 since May 1. 34 games in the OF with 3 errors (.964), 3 OF assists.  Solid early season for Alvarez who I would hope would see more AB’s.

Zach Collier, 20, .266/.347/.383 in 188 AB’s; 1 HR 14 RBI; 20/26 SB; 10% bb rate, 20% k rate; .261 vs. LHP, .268 vs LH, .214 with RISP, .293 since May 1.  49 games in the OF (46 in LF) with 4 errors (.952), 4 OF assists.  Collier has looked good after missing last season injured. Could very well steal 40 bases this year.

Michael Dabbs, 24, .289/.310/.482 in 83 AB’s; 3 HR 11 RBI; 5 SB; 0% bb rate, 11% k rate; .316 vs. LH, .281 vs. RH, .263 with RISP; 19 games in the OF , 2 errors (.935), 2 OF assists. Limited playing time for Dabbs who has hit well when he has played.  No walks in 93 AB’s.

Anthony Hewitt, 22, .248/.280/.428 in 222 AB’s; 7 HR 29 RBI; 18/20 SB; 3% bb rate, 34% k rate; .286 vs. LHP, .235 vs. RHP, .254 with RISP; .252 since May 1.  34 games in RF and 2 games in CF with 4 errors (.953), 4 OF assists. Improved but still going nowhere with his bb/k ratio and a .280 OBP.

Domingo Santana, 18, .265/.323/.445 in 200 AB’s; 6 HR 17 RBI; 1 SB; 6% bb rate, 35% k rate, .200 vs. LHP, .287 vs. RH, .197 with RISP. 26 games in RF with 3 errors ( .936), 3 OF assists. Some obvious areas where improvement is needed buf for an 18 year old is doing just fine.


Aaron Altherr, 20

Luis Amaro, 22

Kelly Dugan, 20

Kyrell Hudson, 20

Witer Jiminez, 22

Brock Stassi, 21

Luis Unda, 21


Luis Beltre, 19

Brian Pointer, 19

Bill Rice, 22

32 thoughts on “Around the System–OF

  1. I love having my season ticket with the Lakewood BlueClaws. It gives me a great opportunity to see the future stars of the game. Right now Buchanan is throwing great games and Murphy is dropping bombs. Lets get it together for the second half of the SAL.

  2. Luis Beltre was released. I’d disregard that GCL roster thing, hoping for the real one before they open the season in a couple of hours..

    Looking at Singleton’s numbers in that form, I can see where some of the recent Nay-Sayers are coming from. Trouble with LHP’s. Strikeout rate of 27%- nearly 3 times out of 10 official AB’s. Just one more in 10 and he is in the area that Hewitt and Santana have hovered around for most of their early careers. Trouble with LHP”S and Striking Out more, have to be more watchful, trouble’s a brewin’.

    1. Big jump to go from Singleton’s 26% K rate this year to the 35% over Santana’s career and 34% over Hewitt’s. Viewing this in terms of official ABs discounts one of Singleton’s key attributes (the ability to draw walks) that has actually improved this year. I do agree that the optimism needs to be muted a bit, but to suggest he’s moving towards Hewitt territory is probably a bit premature, especially in light of him being the youngest player in a pitching-friendly league while switching positions and playing with an injury early on.

    2. Not concerned about the K rate, given age/level/pitcher’s league & his BB rate. Getting a little concerned about lack of power & inability to hit left handers.

      Still IMO highly likely to be at least a decent major league regular at some point & with a good chance to be more than that.

  3. Derrick Mitchell’s future beyond 2011—Rule 5 with another club—-Phillies could possibly rue the day if that happens.

    1. Will likely never be a Rule 5 pick because at the conclusion of the season he will have 6 full seasons after his first, and will be a minor league free agent if lest off the 40 man roster.

  4. Easy to forget that most of Brown’s contemporaries are in AA right now.

    I am not finding a whole lotta stuff to get excited about. Maybe I’m too pessimistic, but 4th outfielder seems the upside for everyone but maybe Santana, only because he’s too young to tell. Ah, well, we still have RHP…

    1. Collier is certainly worth getting cautiously excited about – he’s a bit behind because of injuries issues, but is still age-appropriate for Lakewood. I see a Michael Bourn ceiling for him, although Collier may have less speed (as does pretty much everyone else – Bourn is among the fastest runners I’ve ever seen) and hopefully a bit more pop.

      Other than Collier though – there are a fair amount of outfielders that are playing mediocre (and thus could be classified as a disappointment)

      – Jeff

    2. I think you’re selling Singleton way short by saying “4th Outfielder”. He’s still very young and has dealt with injuries all year. Hitting on a bum ankle isn’t easy and its sapped him considerably. Also, he hit LHP really well last year so it could just be a blip on his development curve. His prospect ratings are still elite by scouts so we should just be patient.

      Its important to understand that prospects go through ups and downs and its a very long path to the Majors with lots of roadblocks to overcome.

      Odds are, he’ll be fine.

    3. Santana, Collier and of course Singleton (I’m assuming you left him out because of doubts about him making it as an OF?)If you want to add a 4th name, I still see Gillies as a guy who is potentially more than a 4th OF, though obviously losing a year and half development time doesn’t help.

  5. I’m still a Jiwan James booster. He’s one of the best defensive players in the system but for some reason that’s not talked up even close to the level of Galvis’ defense. The pitching on James’ teams is extremely good, and I honestly think part of that is team defense.

    1. once again overbeck is overlooked by playing him at dh. he is an outfielder..he just hit his 1st hr. it looks like he,s going to have to prove the naysayers wrong. it,s a shame the kid mitchell ie a lefthanded bat. young 24 getting it done.nobody else excites me. what is it with the phillies and left handed bats.

    2. I think that’s in part because center field, while a premium defensive position, isn’t quite the offensive hole that shortstop is. I also think that James is a bit of a victim of his own talent: people saw potential for his bat, whereas anything Galvis has done with the bat is a surprise.

      I agree with you, though. He’s the kind of guy who could be a good player even with an OPS in the low 700 range, just because his defense is that good. I hope that one of the upper level CF prospects catches fire in the next year or two, just to give the club some options.

  6. Think the difference between Galvis and James in regards to defensive comments is that the bar for defense at SS is higher and conversely, the offensive bar for an OF is much higher.

    James can be a terrific defensive OF but he will needs to produce offensively to a much greater degree.

    1. 3up: Good comment. That really defines the diff between Galvis and James. Easier to find a top fielding CF than a top fielding SS, and you need more bat in CF. That said, James is still an open question, though the clock is ticking for him to flash his offensive potential. I see him as a classic Garry Maddox :Secretary of Defense: guy who might hit .290, decent OBP, 15 HRs. To me that’s his upside, but he will have to have a year or two in the minors a little better than that, IMO.

      1. I also am not ready to give up on James. But for some perspective, as long as we are going with the Galvis comp: James is a year older/level behind, and not hitting as well (granted in a tougher hitting context). And he is an OF versus a SS.

        But I still think he has enough positives that he could turn it around. IMO he doesn’t have that much more time to start to show it.

  7. Would like to see Thompson get a call-up n Sept. Do some pinch running, pinch hitting when we need a man on.

  8. It would of been interesting to see Steve Susdorf at DH instead of guys we know can’t hit,

    1. if mitchell is a righthanded bat that changes quite a bit. another of,er to take a closer look at.

      1. mitchell is indeed pight handed. strange that he hits right handers better than left handers.

    2. Did not see boxscore because it wasn’t up last time I looked , but game is over, team stats say Castillo played LF and 3 other OF played whole game: Pointer, Lavin and Jortge Miranda. They had Duffy as DH and no 1B listed. So who Knows.

  9. Well, looking through the numbers; I think it’s worth pointing out Steve Susdorf appears to be improving his numbers at Reading the second time around. The guy definitely can hit. He is older and a lefty; but if Derrick Mitchell is worth talking about, then this guy is as well. I understand Susdorf’s defensive tools may be less than MItchell’s, but Susdorf still has some assists, and a good fielding percentage.

    I wondered what people’s thoughts were on Susdorf; anyone who has actually seen him for example.

    1. He can play right field, but not all that well. His range is pretty limited. Good bat, though, I liked his swing (not really an expert on that). I wouldn’t be completely shocked if he ended up as a Gload type one day.

  10. Mitchell really grows on you after a while. He might be turning the corner here. He just keeps getting better and better with athleticism suggesting further growth is possible.

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