A few loose ends

I wanted to give go over a few important links that have been pointed out to me.

Jim Salisbury, the only beat guy who makes a concerted effort to prep us for the draft, has up a column where he name drops a bunch of guys the Phillies are interested in. Read it here. My thoughts? Nimmo, Fernandez, Chafin, Hedges and possibly Miller will be gone by pick 39. I still expect the Phillies will take RHP Jeff Ames with either their 2nd or 3rd pick. Hes a Pacific Northwest guy, Phillies drafted him a few years ago, and his stuff has improved quite a bit since then. I think he’s rated in the 100-110 range or so, so our 2nd round pick seems like a good bet.

I also wanted to point out a website called Stadium Journey, which does extensive write-ups of lots of minor league parks, complete with pictures and other tidbits. If you can’t get to these places because you live thousands of miles away, its kind of cool to see the confines. You can see the tour of Brighthouse Field here and check out the rest of the site for some of the grounds of our enemies.

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  1. if we payed for Nimmo, I would be all about it. Its going to cost a couple million though.

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