2011 Phillies DSL Season Starts Today

May 28th is the beginning of the new Dominican Summer League season, bringing to six the number of Phillies minor league affiliates currently playing.  The Phillies play in the Boca Chica South division.  In 2010 the Phillies finished in 3rd place with a 43-29 record.  The team was a little older than the league average so it is hard to tell how many prospects will emerge from that squad.  One note – a couple of players from that team (pitchers Marcos Coca and Daniel De La Cruz) did test positive for banned stimulants and will sit out 50 games this season, the lion’s part of the 72-game Dominican schedule.

The 2011 roster is still very much a work in progress.  The roster transactions do note that several players (Carlos Valenzuela, Gabriel Arias, Carlos Best) have been added to the GCL roster.  In addition it is very possible that Franklyn Vargas, the Phillies most high profile signee from last year in Latin America, will also play at GCL.  For the moment, however, he is listed on the DSL roster.

New players on the roster include the following:

Franklyn Vargas - LHP (6'4", 205) - age 16 (turns 17 in August)
Ulises Joaquin - RHP (5'11", 165) - age 19 in June
Jairo Cardozo - SS (5'11", 160) - age 17 from Colombia
Fernando Rios - 2B (6'0", 175) - age 18 (19 in August) from Panama

Expect several additional new players on the rosters by Monday once the first couple game results have been posted.  We will check in on both the VSL and DSL teams after the first few weeks of games have been played to highlight the players worth watching over the course of the season.  In general the better prospects will be the younger players who get regular playing time.  For instance the early performances of VSL shortstop Jair Morelos and 1B/C Wilson Garcia have been encouraging, both for the good performances and the facts that they are playing regularly at age 17.

The other roster aspect to note is that it looks like the Phillies are being more aggressive in signing players from both Colombia and Panama.  Both the VSL and DSL teams might have starting shortstops from Colombia and each team has also added a Panamanian player in recent weeks (thanks to Chooch?).  Next up – early season VSL update.


8 thoughts on “2011 Phillies DSL Season Starts Today

  1. Andy, as always, nice work.

    I believe Alvaro Bacil and San Lazaro Solano are also suspended for 50 games.

  2. That’s what I got on suspensions- Alvaro Bacil, San Lazaro Solano, Marcos Coca, and Daniel DeLaCruz.

    About the 2 Colombian SS’s- both born in same town, Cartagena, four days apart. Maybe they were long time rivals on the field. Went to different countries.

    Roster yesterday , I think was accurate. Have to check today, and for results. Guys they sent to XST, and now back on roster, have as : Witer Jimenez, Yeisson Morales, Jorge Castillo, Pedro Lora, and Ramon Oviedo. Wonder about if they return for start of GCL, and the promotions of Valenzuela, Arias, and Best seem to point toward no.

    1. Yeisson Morales is definitely back at DSL because he played yesterday. The others may not be. There will probably be another half dozen players added as they move out some of the non-prospects. They did add a 19-year-old catcher to the roster yesterday in Rommel Cepeda. Valenzuela, Best, and Arias look pretty definite to be on the GCL roster.

      The two Colombian SS may be among the best prospects on either team. I am wondering if the Phillies decided to sign them after they lost the two other high priced SS in Venezuela. The fact that the Phillies sent them to seperate countries means they want both of them to play regularly. They are also very young and both seem to be starting.

      1. Hi, anybody knows if Castillo, Jimenez,Lora and Oviedo will stay in GCL for the time or will go back to DSL?thnx

  3. Rommel Cepeda- named after a General. Maybe. They have the roster as 15 position players and 11 pitchers, and got that as 26. Roster limits are 35, so they could add 9 more guys. Supposed to have 15 pitchers , so they should add at least 4, and maybe up to 5 more position players. Usually when minor league season starts rosters are accurate at that point, so I tend to believe guys appearing on the roster are there, for now, a few days should tell.

  4. And Jair Morelos signed on last July 2, first day of period, there was an article in Colombian paper about it, but link goes to current news. Still might be found on Yahoo search under players name.

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