Hot or Not 06 May 2011

A look at who is hot and who is not over the past week…(4/29-5/5)

Hot Hitters (Min 10 AB’s)  Brian Gump (.500, 4R 1HR); Carlos Perdomo (.462, 3RBI, 2SB)Mike SPidale (.435, 3SB)Joe Savery (.381, 4RBI) Brian Bocock (.375, 4 RBI)Jeremy Barnes (.357, 4 RBI)Ronnie Belliard (.350, 4R 3RBI); Geancarlo Mendez (.368); Jiwan James (.333, 4R, 4RBI); Darin Ruf (.333, 3R 3RBI), Domonic Brown (.333, 4R) Honorable Mention: Jonathan Singleton, Sebastian Valle.

Not Hot Hitters:Erik Kratz (.071);  Tuffy Gosewisch (.088); Stephen Batts (.091)); Derrick Mitchell (.100); Leandro Castro (.100); Zach Collier (.118); Carlos RIvero (.133); Troy Hanzawa (.143); Fidel Hernandez (.143) Honorable Mention: Cory Sullivan, Cameron Rupp

Hot Starters: Tyler Cloyd (2W, 10IP 6H 1ER 4BB 8K)Brian Gordon (7IP 4H 0ER 2bb 4K)Julio Rodriguez (W, 6.2IP 3H 0ER 4BB 7K); Josh Zeid (5IP 0H 0ER 3BB 2K) Jarred Cosart (W, 6IP 5H 1ER 3BB 3K); Ervis Manzanillo (11IP 8H 3ER 6BB 12K) Honorable mention: Jesse Biddle, David Buchanan, Nate Bump

Hot Relievers: Joe Esposito (6.1IP 3H 0ER 3BB 7K); Mike Cisco (6.1IP 4H 0ER 0BB 5K)Derrick Loop (5.1IP 3H 0ER 4BB 4K, 1SV); Justin Friend (4IP 2H 0ER 0BB 4K, 3SV); Ebelin Lugo (5.2IP 2H 0ER 0BB 5K);  Michael Schwimer (4IP 1H 0ER 3BB 6K)Honorable Mention: Jason Grilli, Mike Zagurski, Phillipe Aumont

Not Hot Pitchers: Jason Johnson (1IP 4ER); Jacob Diekman (1IP 4H 3ER); Juan Sosa (2IP 3H 2ER) Good week for pitchers.

26 thoughts on “Hot or Not 06 May 2011

  1. good article on prospects on csn today:

    my favorite quotes:

    “I saw Aumont this week and his curveball is nasty and his fastball is hitting 94-96,” Noworyta said.

    “He’s [Savery] probably a guy that will get his chance at Reading because you can’t hold him back with what he’s doing. He’s played well to this point and if all goes well, he’ll get that opportunity.”

  2. Great article, although sounds like they aren’t in love with Savery yet but maybe I’m reading too much into that…

  3. Notes: Savery has hits in 24 of 26 games played. Pretty good at any level. Overbeck played LF last night. Dom had 3 hits. I’m excited to see what Bonila can do at LWood and Manzanilla is getting better.

  4. Joe Savery’s xbh% is 23%. That is not good for a 1B or LF prospect in any league.

    1. I said the same thing 3 weeks ago and got hammered. I think AA will be a huge wakeup call for a lot of people regarding him.

      1. I’d rather have someone getting hits than worrying about extra bases. What’s the difference, really?

        I am sure AA will be a huge wakeup call. That’s what AA does. But it’ll do him a world of good to face much better pitching, have a week or two adjusting, and then emerge from it. If he can hit AA pitching, he’ll be a big trade chip.

      2. Nepp, I’m not sure he will be that bad in AA. It’s easier to hit HRs in the Eastern league park.
        I agreed with your comment though, regarding ISO in comparison to average. Hitting a ton of singles, with a ridiculous BABIP, and low(in comparison to avg) ISO, doesn’t tell me much about a 25 year 1B in A ball. I can’t tell if he is a prospect or not.

  5. Friend gotta get promoted to Reading ASAP at this rate, I know its a big numbers crunch there, but he’s been pretty much lights out thus far.

    Also think if Overbeck works out in LF, Savery gets a callup and splits the DH/1B role with Rizzoti, or maybe even Overbeck gets a AAA callup.

  6. Too many minor league vets at Reading right now. Understandable at AAA, where guys are a phone call away from getting shuttled all over the place, but at AA I’d like to see as many pseudo-prospects as possible. Move Overbeck to LF to get Spidale and Miller out of the lineup. Rizzotti needs to field as much as possible. Not much to do at 2B with Garcia and Catwright out and Barnes just too low to promote at this point. Preference would be for Kennelly (at his .140 avg) and Susdorf to be the DH since they might have a glimpse of upside left. With the injuries I guess having the vets to try and field well and win some games is more valuable than hoping on major long shots like Kennelly.

  7. I see no reason to retain Baez one more minute. There are too many young pitchers who need a look see. Bring up a batter or a fisherman or a outofwork person just get Baez out.

    1. Like who? Nobody in Lehigh is forcing the issue right now. Stutes was the only guy really deserving of a callup and he’s already above Baez on the depth chart as he’s pitching meaningful late game innings while Baez gets garbage time innings in losses.

    1. Utley, Lidge, Contreras, Blanton, Oswalt are on the DL. Chooch is not available and Brown is working his way back. That’s seven out of what should have been the opening day 25-man roster.

  8. I’ve seen Mitchell play in four games so far this year including tonight’s game in Harrisburg and he has a homer, two doubles and two singles in those games. All of those hits were squared up and hit hard on the line. In addition to his double and single tonight he almost had another double down the third base line in his final at bat but the third baseman laid out and made a great diving stop and then throw to get him at first.

    Cody Overbeck is still in a hitting funk. Popping every thing up. He was involved in only one play tonight in left when he fielded a ball that was hit to the base of the wall down the left field line and he threw about 15ft. wide to the third base side of second base on the double.

    Unlike his last start when he struck out the side in the first inning tonight Hyatt gave up a long three run homer in the first and then settled down to pitch his typical six innings to get a quality start. Aumont was not sharp but relied on his curve to end the game with a strike out with two on and the tying run at the plate.

    1. In my humble opinion Derrick Mitchell is going to be a great asset towards the latter part of the season for the R Phills. Mitchell is adjusting very quickly to the AA level, especially only having played in 24 games. My prediction is that Derrick will gain more confidence in his ability at the plate, and with that confidence the stats will skyrocket. In watching him I was very impressed with his speed on the base path, as well as his hand speed with the stick. The R Phills have many solid players but when watching them Derrick is the only one in my opinion to have that pro quality.

      1. Michell just missed hitting for the cycle tonight in Harrisburg. His two run homer was a long shot high over the 350 ft. sign in left that landed over 400 ft from home plate before being retrieved outside the park according to folks watching from the Boardwalk area behind the left field seats. After a two run double down the left field line he singled setting the stage for a possible cycle but in his last at bat he lined out to center in his attempt for a triple. After his double tonight he is now leading the R-Phils hitting .385 with runners in scoring position.

  9. This one for the record . Knocking a .400 hitter. Savery can’t move himself to Reading.
    The Riz has no business in AA. There it too much overage in the system.
    Thank god, Worley is safe for now. The thought of him going back was making me POed.
    As a former back pain sufferer I hope the best for Roy and hold out little hope for Ruiz.

  10. Just what the hell is a medical impingement? For that matter what is a non-medical impingement?

  11. I attended the Reading game on Thursday. Dallas Green was in the house with full parka regalia. It was cool but the sun was warm.

    It was an ugly game and it went far beyond the 10-5 loss. A couple of errors by Fidel Hernandez really hurt Ramirez and the RPhils. Rizzotti also had a ball go right through the wickets. In fact Rizz didn’t look like a fielder in any way, shape or form. Ramirez was far from impressive but his pitching line is most interesting. 2.2 IP, 2 hits, 6 runs, 3 ERs, 3 BBs, 0 Ks, and a huge HR given up. The HR was a 3 run shot in the 1st inning. The game started with Hernandez error on a routine ground out by Gose. He just fumbled it. Putting Gose on 1st is a recipe for disaster. A SB then a BB and then a cannon shot. The error really hurt him. At one point he’s given up 5 runs and the HR was the only hit. Overbeck looked terrible in each of his ABs. I was talking up to an Air Guardsman sitting next to me and he really made me look stupid. DeFratus was hitting 92 and 93 on the Reading gun but another error by Fidel started a bad inning for him. He snapped one curve ball that jelly-legged one hitter.

    On the plus side, Rizzotti hit a HR. Cisco was impressive in relief. He was far from overpowering but he kept hitters uncomfortable. They couldn’t get anything going against him. Ramirez was reliably at 90 on the Reading Radar gun and he touched 91 once or twice. The opposing pitcher was in the mid-80s. The scouts had radar guns on Ramirez but I couldn’t see the readings. I should have asked between innings but my son and I were enjoying the day and the game.

    Al in all it was just plain ugly. There were scouts galore there and Dallas Green himself. It could be the players were pressing a little too much. Ramirez looked like it. Overbeck looked the same.

  12. Reading’s gun is consistently 2-3 mph slow every time I walk past the scouts I see that difference, it’s usually 2

  13. Why didn’t they try Savery in the OF rather than 1B? Wouldn’t it make more sense to have a strong arm in the OF, I guess he just must not be able to run at all? We have Howard locked in for years and we have another prospect that can’t play anything but 1B (Matt R.) so why have another?

  14. It just keeps seeming we are jammed in AA & AAA with filler and nothing to be hopeful about. Why has Rizzotti been held in Reading? At least be foder in Lehigh. Galvis has fallen out of topic even with his slightly improved bat and solid D.

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