Utley Activated, Dobbs DFA

In what can be described as a mild surprise, it is Greg Dobbs and not Domonic Brown losing their spot on the Phils 25 man roster with the activation of Chase Utley.  The fact that Dobbs continues to hit under .190 with next to no success pinch-hitting makes this a decision that is very difficult to argue with.  Brown, hitting .229 with a homer and 11 RBI’s since his call up will continue being used in his role as a pinch hitter and will give the Ibanez/Victorino/Werth combination a break against certain right-handed starters.  Dobbs must clear waivers before deciding whether he will accept this late season assignment to AAA Lehigh Valley.

29 thoughts on “Utley Activated, Dobbs DFA

  1. I’m ok with this. I don’t know if Brown will make the Howard/Gload cut, however.

  2. From a player development standpoint, why would you want Brown to play every fourth or fifth day against a RHP. That sucks

  3. Speaking of moving up to williamsport, wonder why dugan isnt yet. Its not crowded an outfield there is it?

  4. Matt, they’re finishing a suspended game tonight in Reading that was originally played on July 25th, so technically Rizzotti is still in the game, but they’ll just have to sub him out, he’s still on the LV roster.

  5. Mild surprise but Brown has ability as a pinch runner and I suppose maybe Dobbs can find his stroke playing more at LHV. Pinch hitter is tough and not sure whether Dobbs or Brown would be better. Brown is at least an unknown so he may surprise some pitchers. Brown should be sent down when Howard returns.

  6. Dom is only still there because Gload is not healthy enough to play the OF yet. He’ll go down in a couple of days when Howard is activated. Not a big deal. Biddle up now is a mild surprise but maybe they want to get the two new signees a few starts in GCL.

  7. Geancarlo Mendez is having a break out ten day period in the GCL as he moves up the league’s offensive stat sheet. In the league he is now second in rbi’s, tied for second in home runs and third in total bases. He has driven in 14 runs in his last 5 games helped by a couple of two out, three run homers in the two games to start his hot streak and a solo shot yesterday. Today he drove in five runs on a two out, two run double and triple plus a sac. fly. Gotta like the 10 clutch two out rbi’s over his five game rbi streak .

  8. They started Colvin in Lakewood the year after his draft from high school and he didn’t even play in williamsport. Would think Biddle would start in Lakewood as well. Guess how he did in FIL will be the final determining factor. I sure how he does, I love challenging young talented players. Not with in season jumps, but with starting assignments.

  9. Colvin only pitched 2moro innings tonight. Have up 6 hits and one run. Hopefully its just a pitch count thing

  10. Colvin was injured after pitching to one batter in the 3rd. He took a ball off his right thigh and was in obvious pain. He did get up on his own power but gingerly walked off. Listening to the radio feed, the commentators are still awaiting status on his condition.

  11. Well he was going to get shut down for innings soon anyway, hopefully it’s not broken and hopefully he’s okay in the long run.

  12. Jim,

    Thanks for the update. I was listening to the radio feed but I never heard anything about his condition.

  13. Just got back from the game. The ball that hit Colvin was an absolute shot. It hit off his leg, bounced about 20 feet in the air and landed back near home plate. Colvin was on the ground for a long time. When he walked off, he was limping noticeably.

    This was my first Lakewood game. Beautiful ball park. I would encourage every fan to get there for a game. It was very nice.

    I was disappointed in the number of Lakewood batters called out on strikes. I wasn’t keeping score but it seemed like 8 or 10. And they only had 3 hits (one of them a swinging bunt) through 8 innings. The defense looked good while turning 3 DP’s.

  14. I think that Charlie made a tactical error in pinch hitting Gload instead of Brown last night. It doesn’t sound like Gload is able to run and he could have been put on the DL dated back to August 12. However, by using him in last night’s game, if they have to DL Gload, he will have to be on the DL a week longer.

  15. I agree that pinch-hitting Gload was a mistake unless he’s actually at a point where he can be used for more than just swinging the bat and limping to first.

  16. I would want Gload up in that spot. Not a rookie with 35 AB’s, against the Giants bullpen, which is actually very good. Brown should be back at LV getting some more AB’s, and then being brought back Sept 1. Brown could use the work at LV.

  17. Under normal conditions I agree that Gload over Brown would be a good call but if Gload is still unable to play the field, that one at-bat may leave the short on the bench for another week.

  18. Well since Gload Played 1b last night and looked to be moving ok I have no problem with him pinch-hitting in that spot the day before. Oh, and how about that drive by Brown last night!!!

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