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  1. Dunno that this Utley guy has a decent skill set at Clearwater. .800 fielding pct at 2nd base shows lack of focus. If he can’t handle second base defensively there’s no other place to use him. Plus he’s blocked by Valdez.

  2. Maybe we should trade him in a salary dump to free up money for next years draft! Just think about it, 15 million added to next years budget and Valdez an all-star second basemen!

  3. Dugan mannnnn! 19 hits in 30 AB’s is hard to do no matter what level. Lakewood is going to have a crowded outfield next year.

  4. Question:

    Is it reasonable to think that one or more minor league pitchers could be brought up to replace Romero, Herndon, and Baez and have noticeably more success? If so, who could be brought up and why isn’t Amaro doing this?

  5. One of those nights it appears for Biddle. I actually like it (sort of) that guys have nights like this, I think learning to shrug off a horrendous start is something that needs to be learned especially when most drafted guys have found easy success previously.

  6. It is not reasonable to think that though many on here do. They have the back end of the bullpen and that’s what they will stick with during the playoffs. As far as the list goes Baez and Romero are veterans and at this time they may be in a slump, but they can strategically be given work and possibly work their way out and be useful in the playoffs. A minor leaguer generally has not proven they can pitch into September , let alone October and if going all the way early November or close to it. Herndon is a promising pitcher who has not done that badly, regardless of some cumulative numbers which look at the season as a whole. As a rule 5 pick Herndon would have to be put up for grabs to be demoted. Regardless in some 2 weeks the roster expands to 40 players, so they may add the relievers they wish, and set the playoff roster as they wish from players in the organiztion prior the August 31, as they wish.

  7. I hesitate to say this, but Derrick Mitchell is absolutely on fire. It has come out of nowhere since his first few months of the season were the same as his previous 5 years in the minors. I know this is one of those “50 ABs of evidence vs. 1,000 previous ABs of evidence” / small sample size observations, but he has always purportedly had lots of athletic ability and just needed to put it all together. Could it be?

  8. Probably unlikely on Mitchell, but it sure would be nice. Also nice to see Cloyd with 10 K’s and no walks. I didn’t know he had that kind of ability. It’s only one game, but still.

  9. Veteran bullpen guys have seen it all and are generally not fazed by the situation. They just need to execute. Less experienced guys will also have nerves to contend with. Let’s put it this way, imagine if you threw out the first pitch of a game in front of 20,000 fans. You would be pretty nervous right? Your hands might get sweaty, you don’t really want to bounce one. Now imagine if you had to get Albert Pujols out, with runners on base, in a close game. That would be asking a lot of a veteran, let alone a rookie.

  10. Mitchell has power potential (12 HRs) and speed (27 SB in 31 attempts). It’s an interesting mix of speed and power. He’s 23 and he’s playing in A+ for his 2nd year. He seems to be an above average outfielder with 12 Assists and only 3 errors in 100 games. He’s capable of playing all OF positions but they like him most in RF. I’d like to see his BA jump and take more walks. If he could get on base more, he could steal a lot of bases.

  11. That’s what I’m talking about, Bellman. Tantalizing, isn’t it? I have to keep talking myself down over here…”small sample size” is my mantra…

  12. I know it’s a very small sample size, but Dugan’s been great so far. His first professional home run last night was a 13th inning walk off. I remember reading a few weeks ago that Dugan wasn’t switch hitting anymore, is he hitting R or L?

  13. Nice outing from Cloyd!! Hopefully he can build off this & string together a couple more. Anything is possible when you’re pitching w/ a little confidence in yourself.

  14. Regarding the back end of the pen – I addressed this a bit in the other thread, but it was getting OT so I’ll move it here. IMO the big issue isn’t so much the issue of “nerves” for the new guys, though it does come into play. The issues: with most of the current pen, it’s not accurate to look JUST at this year’s numbers to project going forward. Romero in particular, Baez to some extent. Herndon, OTOH, is on the team for a very specific reason; question the use of that roster spot, but clearly the Phillies like his potential going forward and don’t want to lose him (and I don’t buy the fake injury thing; the only examples I’ve seen of that being used are when a real injury is exaggerated, and that isn’t the case here). The one guy where I can see the argument is Baez, but again it’s clear that the Phillies aren’t willing to eat the contract, and honestly the chances that replacing him with one of the AAA guys would lead to even one more win is pretty small. Get over it.

  15. Jio, Dugan has interesting R/L splits (26 AB vs RH; 4 AB vs LH) ; his average against LH is .250 (ridiculously small sample size, of course). However the low number of at bats against LH (and the lower BA) might suggest that he is only hitting LH now.

  16. I know Rich Thompson isn’t a prospect at this point, but shouldn’t he be considered for a September call up as a pinch runner type? Looks like every year he steals a ton of bases at a good percentage, seems like it wouldn’t hurt to have him handy late in September games.

  17. LA Phils Phan … there are many that should be considered, but due to limitions on the 40 man roster, there is no way Thompson will be considered

  18. Miguel Nunez continues to own the GCL Tigers in the GCL game today. He’s only pitched against them and the GCL Yankees. The Yankees own him and he owns the Tigers. I think he deserves the opportunity to pitch against someone else.

    In other news, Dugan is 0 for 3…what’s wrong with him??? Send him back to the bench.

  19. Agreed,

    If you want an idea of who will be the Sept call-ups take a look at the 40-man roster and go from there.

  20. They just called up that Utley kid to the show, and DFA’d Dobbs.

    Looks like Brown will hang around until Howard comes back.

  21. Alex,

    This is actually in resposne to your post from the other thread regarding examples of teams following your suggested bullpen strategy. The A’s and Padres don’t really help your case; the fact that small market teams, usually not contenders, make a virtue of of necessity regarding their pens – sometimes successfully, sometimes not – isn’t terribly relevant for a big market contender. The Texas example does help your case, but:
    (1) It’s only one data point, and Texas after all hasn’t won anything yet, and
    (2) Looking at Texas, they seem to be benefitting from considerable good fortune this year. That is, they have multiple RP pitching way over their heads & above their prior performance levels. I don’t think that signing cheap FA relievers and hoping they outperform their prior numbers is a strategy that is designed for long term success.

    None of which entirely invalidates the example, of course. But to put all this in context, excepting Lidge (and that’s an issue of it’s own, but a different issue), the amount that the Phillies spend on RPs is not that high in the context of their total payroll. And even smaller if one excludes Madson, who as I said is a IMO a bargain. So AT BEST we’re talking about a fairly small problem of resource allocation.

  22. This is the 2nd time in a week I’ll mention Geancarlo Mendez. He’s hot right now. He had 5 RBIs with a 2B and 3B today. He’s hit in 11 straight (14 – 43 ; .307). Better yet, he has 4 dbls, 2 trips, 3 HRs and 15 RBIs in that span. He’s 21 in the GCL and I’m not recommending him for top 30 consideration. I’m just saying he’s hot right now.

  23. Got to watch Biddle yesterday at the complex. Those errors he committed were soft tosses on bunts and come backers. Just bad plays. Mostly his pitches were up and got raked.
    Was very impressed with Dugan and Gilles the two days I was there. Only saw Dugan swing a one bad pitch the whole time, tough with two strikes, works the count. Gilles looks to be ready to resume his prospect status. Gets a great jump on fly balls.

  24. Roster for players from GCL selected for Instructional League (from a very reliable source):


  25. Boston Phan, Has Mitchell started to turn you? Here is your comment from the 22nd of July.
    “Finally, I asked once before but I don’t think anyone answered – what’s the deal with Derrick Mitchell? This is his sixth year, he’s 23, he hasn’t shown much in previous years, but he’s hitting in the middle of the Threshers’ lineup. Any reason the Phils continue to like him? One has to think he is nearing the end of his time with all the young OFs coming down the pike.”

  26. Someone posted on the Utley thread that Biddle has been promoted to Williamsport. I like this news as it invades the chance he starts at Lakewood nextyear

  27. Miguel Alvarez tearing it up with a homer and single in the NYPL all star game. Sleeper alert?

  28. Owais,

    Colvin took a line drive off his right thigh in the top of the 3rd. He was in pain but did get up on his own power. The Lakewood commentators are assuming it was more of a precautionary removal but nothing definitive yet.

  29. where did you find out that Biddle is going to be promoted he’s not on williamsport’s roster yet

  30. I’m assuming that Biddle’s not on the roster yet because the NY Penn league is in it’s All-Star break.

  31. RLW, he has not turned me yet, but I would like him to. Thanks for reading, by the way 😉

    At that time, as I said, he hadn’t shown much. Hence it seemed unlikely he would get a bump up to AA next year, while at the same time another year in A+ seemed unlikely with all the young OFs in Lakewood and W’port. So where did that leave him? That’s why I said it looked like he was nearing the end of his time.

    However, his place in the batting order either meant that: 1) the Phils still had faith in him; or 2) the more likely candidates for hitting 3rd or 4th had already been promoted.

    Since I didn’t hear much about him from other posters, I did a Google search and came across reports that said generally what I expected – great athlete, needs time to refine baseball skills.

    Has he suddenly put it all together? I hope so. Is it an anomaly? That seems more likely at this point, considering the body of evidence pointing the other way. But the combination of his physical ability and a .302/.362/.604 line in August is definitely worth a mention in my book. I think tantalizing is the right word. Here’s hoping that my July 22 post was the turning point for Derrick Mitchell (ha ha).

  32. Dugan- since Dugan has played every game in GCL, since eligible to play there, the fact that he has only 4 AB’s against a Left Handed Pitcher, is suggestive that he has only faced one Left Handed Pitcher since being activated.

  33. GCL-FIL list, if accurate it raises questions. No 3B from the younger group , they usually have a complete team from a younger group, so if they don’t bring Maikel Franco , and they have Malcolm plus, it seems the 2 new Venezuelan signings at SS, maybe they slide one of those guys over. Maybe they try Chris Duffy there. Maybe they try Dugan there, as I am sure they have lots of OF’s to bring. Maybe they bring players at 3B from Latin America ( Willians Astudillo, Carlos Valenzuela, or Yeisson Morales. Don’t see bringing any of the 3B guys from Williamsport. Catchers- though they bring 3 , don’t see the top performer by my view, Francisco Diaz. Pitchers- Don’t see two players who did well so far, Lendy Castillo or Juary Gomez. Also have to wonder about some of the Pitchers on the GCL roster still listed as injured: Ryan Sasaki, Steven Inch, Michael Nesseth.

  34. @Boston Phan…If I remember correctly, Mitchell had a similar hot streak toward the end of last season. Maybe he’s just a slow starter?

  35. Understand the 40 man issue, but our roster currently sits at 38 I believe. If the team would deem Thompson to be a valid September addition, he could be added and then dropped in Oct/Nov so that the appropriate prospects can be protected. Guessing they may want to use those two spots on a third catcher and a reliever, but hypothetically speaking?

  36. One spot will definately be filled by a 3rd catcher, probably Sardihna(sp?). For the other spot think that they are going to trade for a veteran FA reliever (probably a lefty) who clears waivers kind of like Eyre a couple of seasons ago.

  37. Agree with you LA, that’s why I said Thomson won’t get a shot. we all wanted them to bring up Berry last year for the same reason and they chose not to.

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