Daily Archives: May 30, 2010

‘Pigs Weekend Update

Just an awful weekend for Lehigh Valley who were swept by Columbus.  The ‘Pigs continue on the road for a four game series against Toledo.

Friday–Despite 2 homers and 6 RBI’s from Andy Tracy, Lehigh Valley lost again to Columbus, this time 11-7 on Friday evening. ‘Pigs starter Brandon Duckworth (1-1) was hit hard, lasting only three innings having given up 4 runs on five hits.  He walked three as well.  John Mayberry’s 8th homer of the year in the first inning gave Lehigh Valley the early lead against Carlos Carrasco, but the wheels then fell off, and fell off hard. A two run homer in the 6th by Tracy and a Grand Slam in the 7th made it close, but another implosion by reliever Ehren Wasserman put the game out of reach for the ‘Pigs. In addition to Tracy’s big day, John Mayberry had two hits, Cody Ransom was 3-5, and Brian Bocock added two hits as well. Continue reading ‘Pigs Weekend Update

The draft is a few days away

I’ve gotten a number of emails asking when I was going to write about the draft. I’ve tried to incorporate draft talk into my weekly notes column, and I’ve shared some thoughts here and here. I also wrote a lengthy piece on ways to fix the draft, which you can find here, and I shared some initial thoughts on this year’s draft in a longer piece which you can find here. So that’s everything I’ve written about the draft so far. But as we’re getting closer, I figured I should maybe add a bit more. So check below…

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